Effetti personali (Tom Thorne, #5)
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Effetti personali (Tom Thorne #5)

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In un vicolo nel centro di Londra vengono scoperti tre corpi senza vita. Sono tre vagabondi uccisi a calci. Le vittime hanno un biglietto da venti sterline appuntato sul petto e un identico tatuaggio sulla spalla. Il detective Tom Thorne, dopo mesi passati a riempire scartoffie, un inizio di depressione e uno stato di permanente malinconia causato dalla morte del padre, vi...more
Hardcover, Maestri del Thriller, 381 pages
Published 2008 by Piemme (first published 2005)
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Daniel Cann
Put simply, this is an excellent DI Tom Thorne novel, after the disappointment of ‘The Burning Girl’ Billingham’s detective series has hit its stride again.

This is both brutal and harrowing. London’s streets have never been meaner. With believable characters like Spike and Caz, together with its social commentary, Lifeless is a thought-provoking novel without ever getting preachy.

I was worried that the series was running out of steam, but this one hits like a sledgehammer and attacks your cons...more
This is the fifth Tom Thorne novel and it sees him struggling both at work and in his personal life. After the death of his father, Thorne has been struggling to come to terms with his loss and finds himself shunted into a miserable desk job for which he has no interest in or patience with. When a colleague sounds him out about a string of violent murders of homeless men, on the streets of London, Thorne rashly suggests that he go undercover.

Once on the streets, Thorne begins to search for a li...more
Ian Mapp
This series of books takes a turn for the really interesting with this one.

After the nonsense of the last story, this one has a theme - homelessness - which the author paints with a sympathetic viewpoint - we are all two pay checks from the gutter is the sobering message.

This is a constant in the book and some fairly decent characterisation as Thorne sort of goes under cover after a breakdown following his fathers attack in the last book and joins the down and outs as three of their members have...more
Tracey Walsh
The fifth in the Tom Thorne series.
"Three men, sleeping rough on London's mean streets, have been found brutally murdered...Tom Thorne is posted to those same streets - working undercover, disguised as a homeless man."
I've thoroughly enjoyed the earlier books in this series but I found it hard to get into this one. I think the main reason was that I found it hard to believe that Thorne's undercover assignment could have gone ahead. Consequently I spent most of the time muttering 'That wouldn't h...more
Someone's killing homeless men on the streets of London so Thorne goes undercover as a 'rough sleeper'. I've realised that what I love about this series is that while Thorne is flawed, his flaws are pretty normal to the everyman unlike other crime fiction heroes and their curious peccadilloes. The other re-occurring characters in the novels have grown on me as well. This particular story had plenty of mystery to keep me entertained although I did figure out a few things before our intrepid detec...more
A little bit preachy/'researchy' in places, (the main character is undercover as a homeless person and plucks stats regarding the issue out of the air with no explanation about where this information has come from during his stint on the streets), too many characters who play half a role and aren't distinguished enough from each other to be of any interest, a plot that drifts along in places, with some obstacles seemingly put in the way just so there are some, prose that is severely lacking in p...more
"c2005. I ordered this as the author had given a very favourable blurb on one of the books that I have recently read (I think The Snowman). Not having read previous books with the protagonist, I didn't really get the character at all. Although the writing style could be describe as pithy - I did not like it. It seemed, well, contrived but perhaps I am being less than fair not having read anything by Mr Billingham before. And I managed to guess the evil doer way to early in the story... Amazon.co...more

Le corps d'un sans-abri a été retrouvé à Londres, un billet de 20 £ épinglé sur sa poitrine. Pas mort de froid, assassiné. Puis trois autres crimes identiques sont commis. Se faisant passer pour un sans-abri, l'inspecteur Thorne enquête en sous-marin ; seuls deux autres policiers sont au courant. La thèse du tueur en série n'est pas bien solide. Et Thorne, secoué par la mort de son père et les remous provoqués par son comportement lors de sa dernière enquête, joue son rôle avec une conviction dé...more
Gary from Maid Marian!

Okay, I am referring to where I recognise Mark Billingham from (late 80s/early 90s kids tv show, in the same vein as Blackadder).

Anyway, I didn't know he had turned his hand to crime-writing until fairly recently so I'd never read any of his books until now. And I must say, I'm definitely going to be reading a lot more!

A brief outline of the story - homeless men of London are being killed and Thorne, our protagonist - a detective with the Met - goes undercover on the street...more
Thank God this was much better than The Burning Girl. I had loved all of Billingham's Thorne books up til the last book and I was a more than a tad disappointed with it I will admit. It felt disjointed and there was too much going on at times.

However Lifeless is back to his best. It's gripping from the beginning and I just loved the insight that we get into life on the streets of London. In the beginning I wasn't all too sure about Thorne being pushed to the side slightly by his superiors as he...more
Has DI Thorne sunk as low as he possible can sink? Not sure... but here, his father's dead, there's no love interest, and he's sent to do really boring, unnecessary work for Scotland Yard. To cheer himself up, or give himself something to do, he's volunteered to "live rough" to help find whomever is killing homeless people. The sad thing is, he finds it easy to fall into the life, finding a few friends to pass the time with and guide him to the best spots for free meals. Of course, he's not comp...more
Kathleen Hagen
Lifeless, by Mark Billingham. A. This is actually my first Billingham book. It was produced by clipper audio. I got it from Judy Watford, and I think she bought it from UK Audio Books.

In this book, Tom Thorn has been put on “gardening leave” for things that occurred in the preceding book which I haven’t read. Then, homeless men on the street start showing up dead, with their heads kicked in. Tom Thorn convinces the brass to let him live on the streets as a homeless person to figure out what is...more
Michelle Douglas
Oh,I do miss Tom Thorne's dad with his constant question asking about trivia for his quizzes so I am glad that he was mentioned several times throughout this book-even showed up once too!!
Another great read from the pen of Mark Billingham.
DCI Tom Thorne is a character,even with all his flaws and demons, that you cannot help but empathise with.
I hope Spike and Caroline finally manage to get off the streets and make a life for themselves.
Another good read by Mark Billingham, and this one I enjoyed more than the last, possibly because I could engage better with the subject matter (the gang wars of the previous novel not really being my thing). There was some interesting development of Thorne's character, with each book he seems more like a real person, with real reactions and inner conflicts that make him stand out from other leads in formulaic detective novels. I've already bought the next in the series.
I liked this a lot. Brilliantly evocative - set in the streets of the West End amongst the homeless. This is part of a series and while the story stands on it's own, there is a subtext that clearly carries over from the preceding book. The story centres around the violent bashing deaths of homeless men, sleeping rough on the streets. The police don't have a lot of leads, and the protagonist DI Tom Thorne goes undercover, living amongst the down & outs, with his ears to the ground trying to f...more
I'm off to a good start for 2014 - 2 books read and both 4 star rated! I don't know why it's taken me so long to read a Mark Billingham book - well I do really, it's called a backlog of books! - and Lifeless was my first pick even though it's number 5 in the series. Even so I found it wasn't a problem to read it at all as a stand alone novel, even though I didn't know any background info about the main character, DI Tom Thorne. I found myself quite attached to some of the characters, especially...more
The book is interesting for highlighting the life of the homeless , how vulnerable they are to the cruelties of the society , the life they lead, habits , dreams , addiction , love , hate , violence , death ( probably the most cruel way to die is to die nameless unloved unwanted in some corner of the street or underground :( )
To add to the horror if you have someone beating them to death the horror is unimaginable, we who live in cozy homes cannot fathom the pain and misery that they go through...more
Steve Horsfall
Lifeless is very gritty and bleak thriller that really encapsulates the life of the homeless on the streets of London through the eyes of Tom Thorne going undercover to try and track down a ruthless serial killer targeting the rough sleepers. A military link is quickly established as the main motive, drawing on a very topical subject of the time with the abuse of prisoners by the military. Billingham ensures that well know landmarks serve as a backdrop to the plot and therefore ensures an even g...more
SERIES: #5 of 5
RATING: 2.75
WHY: Tom Thorne returns to the force after the death of his father, but it's too soon. He is soon asked to go on a "gardening leave" (leave of absence) so that he can get his act together. Meanwhile, someone is killing homeless people ("rough sleepers"). Tom feels like he can infiltrate the rough sleepers and figure out who the perp is. TAhe whole book just didn't add up to me. He spends more than a month sleeping rough. Arguably, he u...more
The fifth book in the Tom Thorne series by Mark Billingham.
The more I read of this series the more I like it. Each book adds depth to the characters and only adds to the enjoyment. This novel is fast paced and gripped me so for me it was a very quick read.
I am really enjoying this clever series by Mark Billingham. His protagonist, Tom Thorne, is a flawed, cantankerous but highly likeable London Detective Inspector. The author creates great characters, and really builds believable chemistry between them. And in true thriller style, it is hard to put down these books once you have started. However, this was not my favorite of the ones that I have so far read. Maybe because it is set amongst the homeless doss houses and shelters of London, which is...more
I really, really could not get into this book. The only reason I managed to get as far as I did was because I love the Thorne character and I wanted to know about him, his life and the developments to him as a character for the sake of the series. The murders were sporadic and seemingly placed just to fill out huge chapters which just seemed concerned with telling me where Thorne was eating or sleeping. There was barely any real invesitigation which wouldn't have been too bad if we were getting...more
I like Tom. He’s rough and tough, abrasive, a rebel. And in this book he’s homeless and living on the streets of London trying to find out who is targeting the down-and-out. Mark Billingham writes solid mysteries. As with all the series I read, I enjoy the development of returning characters. And I like that Billingham keeps me guessing until the latter half of the book instead of thrusting too many obvious clues to me before while I’m deep into the plot. I would have to say that these Thorne bo...more
I'm torn on this one: the book has an interesting premise, homeless men are being kicked to death by someone. There's a wider agenda, and detective Tom Thorne goes undercover to try and find the culprit.
The red herrings thrown in still don't make it difficult to spot the real offender.
It felt like the author wanted to shoe horn a story about the homeless into this, without having a clear narrative or direction.
It's a shame because I've enjoyed other Mark Billingham books in the past. I hope ther...more
Not my usual cup'o tea, but I heard an interview with the author on NPR and my interest was piqued. It starts off with a bang, so to speak and I wondered if it was going to be too gruesome for me, but as I read I grew more intrigued. The graphic detail of the few terribly violent scenes were not gratuitous. As I read on I found that they were necessary to bring home the inhumanity of the villain. I thought it was a fascinating mystery, full of twists and "ah-ha!" moments and thoroughly enjoyed t...more
M. Jones
Not a terrible read, but not the best in the genre, either. I found the constant shifting of points of view between officers confusing, mostly because many of Tom Thorne's peers weren't as clearly defined characters as his own or even the homeless he found himself relying on were. The plot itself was easy enough to follow, however, but I did figure out who the baddie was before the end of the book.

Overall, a fairly good read, but I'm not sure I'll pick up anything by this author again.
Vicky Thomasson
And Tom Thorne is well and truly back! Lifeless was just as brilliant as the first three Thorne books and although I did enjoy The Burning Girl, it didn't really have the same edge as the others. This book however did have the same edge and kept me guessing right up until the end. I thought Tom Thorne the Tramp was absolutely brilliant and I almost felt sad for him when he had to leave the streets! Looking forward to reading the next in the series as Tom Thorne is still my favourite DI...
Another good one in this interesting series
"I love this British police procedural series featuring DI Tom Thorne, but his one missed the mark for me. THe story about London's homeless community and veterans of the Gulf War failed to keep my interest. However, the character of Tom Thorne and his fellow policeman are very well developed and Billingham's writing brings London to life for me. He writes very well, and, although the previous installment was also somewhat disappointing, I plan to continue reading the series.
Aug 29, 2008 Cecilia rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: mystery lovers
Starts off strong but gets a little too political for me as the book goes on. Billingham is a great, gritty crime writer and without all of the overly complicated military politics, this would have been a great read. But, it is still a good mystery -- with a series of killings occurring on the streets of London with the homeless being targeted. Tom Thorne, a London detective, goes undercover as a "rough sleeper" to catch the killer. All in all, a solid mystery.
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Also writes as Will Peterson with Peter Cocks.

Mark Billingham was born and brought up in Birmingham. Having worked for some years as an actor and more recently as a TV writer and stand-up comedian his first crime novel was published in 2001. Mark lives in North London with his wife and two children.
More about Mark Billingham...
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