Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night
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Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night

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Featuring North America's foremost thriller authors, Thriller is the first collection of pure thriller stories ever published. Offering up heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises are thirty-two of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning names in the business. From the signature characters that made such authors as David Morrell and John Lescroart famous,...more
Paperback, 664 pages
Published June 1st 2007 by Mira (first published January 1st 2006)
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William Herschel
A book of thrilling short stories, what could go wrong? Choosing James Patterson as an editor is one answer.

My edition features a typo in the introduction page THANKING the editor to start the book. The stories are not even that interesting and feature characters that, if not familiar with the authors in the first place, render them rather pointless.

The only reason this (and it's sequel) are going to sell is because of who's name's are on the book. To be fair, one of my favorite authors has a st...more
I thought this product would be a good way to broaden my horizon of thriller writers, especially since I drive a lot and get sick of the radio. It certainly includes a lot of stories from a lot of writers, many of them famous. But I was disappointed. The stories are weak, compared to the novels of those writers I've read. One of the best stories is the first, by Lee Child, who is probably my current favorite thriller writer. Beyond that I would say there are three stories that really work out of...more
I find myself enjoying short story anthologies more and more these days so I was looking forward to reading this one.
I actually read this while reading the third anthology in the series and I found the commentary from James Patterson before each story to be so long and tedious. I much preferred Sandra Brown’s in Thriller. I read this book for the short stories and while I find a little bit of commentary interesting, I don’t need another short story telling me about the short story before I start...more
I was hesitant about reading this one as James Patterson's name is on the front but once I realized it was a collection of short stories by various authors I decided to try it out. Like most books with a variety of authors sharing a short story you will find some you read just to get through the book and some you read where you wish the story would just go on. This is a good way to get introduced to some authors you have probably never even heard of. Go ahead and try it but do not be fooled by t...more
Преди около месец издателство “Enthusiast” ни представи първия том на новия си сборник с криминални разкази - “Трилър”. В моето семейство почти всички имаме слабост към криминалния жанр и веднага купихме книгата. Мина още около седмица докато и аз успея да се добера до томчето. Когато най-накрая то се озова в ръцете ми вече знаех, че ще го изгълтам на един дъх. Затова не бързах да започна.
Насладих се на оформлението(поздравявам дизайнерите на корицата- Вихра Стоева и Лиляна Карагьозова), мириса...more
Chad Schimke
THRILLER - How can I get a snapshot of thirty established—and, rising writers--in the thriller genre? I love to read but don’t always have as much time as I would like. That’s the phenomenal thing about Thriller, edited by James Patterson, something not seen often in publication. Sure, there are anthologies focused on single authors, examples like the Norton Anthology or the Best-of-the-Year compilations. It’s awesome to have these short stories compiled. I read one when I have time and take lon...more
Jennifer Crawford
I'll be brief: This is a 500+ book with a LOT of stories. Some of them are good, others are pretty boring, and some I had to FORCE myself to finish. If you're the type that can pick up a book of short stories and ONLY read the ones that interest you . . . . go right ahead! If you're the annoyingly anal type that has to read a book cover to cover . . . . you may want to plunge needles deep into your eyes to make it stop. There are a lot of spy/espionage thriller stories that just aren't my favori...more
Monica Willyard
Most of the stories in this anthology are excellent. I have discovered several new authors whose novels I'm eager to explore. Some of the stories have really stuck with me, making me think and ask new questions.
I read a lot of short stories when my children were young and I couldn't have finished anything else and have since gotten out of the habit. "Thriller" short stories were authored by some of my favorites, Lescroart, Child, Konrath, Berry, just to name a few, which I enjoyed. I was also introduced to many authors I haven't read before, Denise Hamilton, Gregg Hurwitz, David Morrell, James Siegel, just to name a few, and will be adding to my TBR list because of it! A definite win/win situation.
I think I read this for the same reason a lot of other people read this. There was one, maybe two, recognizable authors in this anthology, and as dedicated fans, we wanted to treat ourselves to more of the same writing we love and follow. Like other reviewers have commented on, however, the main negative anti-attraction to this book is the fact James Patterson has written his name right across the front of it. I've never read any of his adult thrillers, but I have read some of his "young adult"...more
Billy Maise
A fast, entertaining collection of stories.
Well, most of them.
Inconsistency is the main flaw.
Some of the stories were tasty little morsels.
Others were little piles of poop.
I have not ventured often into anthologies. I enjoy short stories, but I consider myself a less than enthusiastic fan of the form. I enjoy anthologies, though, because variety of authors and their styles provides an exciting template to be introduced to new writers and new niche areas of the genre I have not otherwise been exposed to yet.

After reading this compilation of thriller short stories, I have my eyes set on reading a few more authors' works in the future, including Gayle Lynds, J. A. K...more
Michelle Plass
What a great collection of short thrillers! I loved the concept behind the book: Thriller writers taking a character (or more!) from their stories and creating stand-alone stories about them! Just fabulous!

My favorites:

The Face in the Window by Heathe Graham: A nice little who-dun it!

The Hunt for Dmitri by Gayle Lynds: I loved the characters in this one! I need to read more by her.

Disfigured by Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer: Creepy, twisted, and a great all-around thriller

The Abelard Sanctio...more
Yordan Eftimov
Какво е важно за трилъра? Най-малкото – познание за живота. Или чудовищно владеене на езика. Дрън-дрън. Трилърът не е литература. Очаквам веднага някой да се обиди. Някой читател на кримки, който гледа на себе си като на културен човек. Човек, който ще бъде моментално уязвен от признаването на простата истина, че има изкуство за забавление, в което всичко е не само клиширано, ами живее от и заради клишето. Но при този тип четива има майсторски увлекателни и не толкова успешни в увличането. Както...more

James Penny’s New Identity tells the story of war veteran James Penny, who is laid off from his job after 17 years. Penny acts out on his anger at being fired and is now on the run from the cops. He meets a precarious army police officer that befriends him, and helps him, yet has an even more mysterious past than his own.
At the beginning of the story, Child sets up an apathetic mood by describing the setting using short, descriptive sentences. “There was one industry in...more
Mark Soone
Based upon my ratings I go with a 3.1....I would probably call it 3.5 just because I love short story anthologies and found this fun. I enjoyed the chance to get to read some stories by authors whom I have heard but not really read, as well as to meet characters from their mostly reknowned series. Through this collection I found some authors I will certainly check out in the future, while others I will continue to ignore. I am not sure that the title thriller is appropriate as close to half of t...more
Mike Kazmierczak
This book was given to me by my mom who tends to read more mystery and suspense than the horror that I read. I have nothing against the thriller genre and in fact after my first love of horror, it battles with science fiction for second place. With all the well-known author names on the cover, I was looking forward to reading the collection. Unfortunately I wasn't too pleased with it.

While I thought the "gimmick" behind the book was simply a bunch of good thriller authors, there turned out to be...more
Gevera Bert
I really didn't like this anthology. Every story in it was related to a book series and most of the series I haven't read. At the end of some stories I was left scratching my head. Maybe for a longtime reader of those series, these stories were interesting, but I was left cold. The story about Greece was unreadably boring and I skipped most of it.
Also, why are so many characters called JACK?
I picked up this book to read only the story Kowalski in Love by James Rollins because I wanted to see how Kowalski encountered and became part of SIGMA Force. I liked the story and give it 4 stars.

I also read the story The Devil's Due by Steve Berry which I liked. It was an interesting story about Cotton Malone going after Osama Bin Laden. I give this story 3 stars.

The Hunt for Dmitri by Gayle Lynds was another story I read. The story was interesting and held my interest enough to finish it. Th...more
Not being a fan of short stories, I will still try them at times. This one had some good ones, some lousy ones but most were just so so. I had not read most of the authors featured [and don't plan to]. However, I did really enjoy the story by Heather Graham and may read some of her books.
I am new to reading novels, well I have read in the past but not that much, basically I love books now, and this book is excellent, the stories in this book are exciting and thrilling. I took this book to school and I didn't take my eyes off it all day. I think another thing about this book is to find a new author you like, for example I found James Patterson and J.A. konrath. The stories didn't keep me up all night by the horror but by the fact that i just couldn't stop thinking what was going...more
Katherine Marie
A collection of thirty-two tales of suspense features contributions from Heather Graham, Lincoln Child, Denise Hamilton, Michael Palmer, Douglas Preston, Alex Kava, Michael Palmer, and John Lescroart.
I only got this book because of the short story 'Kowalski's in Love' by James Rollins. I may go back and read the rest later, we'll see.
This short story is packed with a wealth of information about this loveable brut. If you are enthralled with Rollins' Sigma Force series, take a little time and read this. You will not be sorry.
We find Kowalski on what appears to be a deserted island with nothing but his boxer shorts. Hanging by the leg from a tree, surrounded by 'apes'. When out of the trees st...more
Does not live up to the name Thriller. I liked some. Lee Child's contribution was good. Christopher Reich's was cute although not a surprise ending. (Don't let this example keep up from reading Reich's books. They are good. Start with Numbered Account.) Brad Thor's was good. I was dissapointee in Steve Berry's, but maybe if I had read it befor the end of Bin Laden in full view of the world I would have appreciated it more. I do like his books. Preston & Child's contribution was more in line...more
Chris Schick
I enjoyed this book a lot more than most. I am a big fan of anthologies because I'll almost always come away wanting to read more by a few authors.

With Thriller, I was in luck because I'd read very little of any of these people. The Good: Discovering Lee Child and Jack Reacher (yes, this was my first), Grant Blackwood, Alex Kava, James Grippando. Brad Thor's entry here is decent, but I didn't care for the two novels of his that I later read. There is one story, in particular, set in Chinatown. I...more
This book has really disapointed me. One reason for this is the big number of spy stories. I'm not a fan of spy stories, and I have a great disconciderance for books of this kind. Movies go, but books... not really. The reason why I liked the book, and didn't mark it one star were the few stories that weren't about cops, spies and world conspirations, stories that talk about simple things, normal life and things that can really happen. A disapointment, but not a regret. These stories make the bo...more
Yvonne Mendez
I like the concept of short stories by seasoned writers using recurring characters from their works. I've read other short story collections similar to this one and through them I've met new authors. In this case, there were no characters that I recognized or that I want to get to know better. There were too many spy thrillers for my taste so I skipped those and in some cases the authors had no concept of what a short story is, so they read more like Chapter One than a story with a beginning and...more
This book is BIG. I'm not much of a thriller reader so this book intrigued me as I got to read samples of everyone's work.

Half seems to have made up new, short stories, that are effective in various degrees, while others seem to have written short stories based on their own, pre-existing characters..which kinda takes the fun away.

Or maybe I'm just confusing suspense or thriller. =/

Either way, I found a couple of authors I'd never heard of, whose work I liked and plan to check out...which is th...more
I love thrillers and knew that when James Patterson had put his name on something that it must be worth reading. I was right. This book was a great mix of thrillers from all sub-genres and it opened my eyes to some great authors. Most of the stories were great, there were a couple that didn't really interest me, but thats to be expected in an anthology. I found it was best to read the stories one at a time though, as reading them one after the other made them a little confusing because they were...more
Be prepared to be thrilled as you’ve never been before!

Yeah. But actually - Not really. A book of thrilling short stories -in each collection of stories this is what happens: some you will love, some you will hate and some will be just boring. And boring is not thrilling, as we all know. So, out of 14, I loved 3 and I really would like reading some books by these authors. But most of the stories weren’t that thrilling and interesting as I’ve expected. That’s why I don’t think I’m gonna buy the s...more
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