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Blood of Eden (Sloane Skye, #1)
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Blood of Eden (Sloane Skye #1)

3.3 of 5 stars 3.30  ·  rating details  ·  450 ratings  ·  67 reviews
Tami Dane's mind-blowing new paranormal series featuring heroine Sloan Skye, an ambitious intern at the FBI's paranormal unit, reaches beyond the normal vampire fare - and will draw in readers with its complex characterizations and creative paranormal villains.
Paperback, 1st Edition, 344 pages
Published December 6th 2011 by Kensington (first published January 1st 2011)
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Christina Williams
Have you ever read something and you're not sure why you like it because there's a ton of stuff that should bother you but you just like it anyway? That's kind of how I felt about this book. I know a lot of folks compared it unfavorably to the TV show Criminal Minds but I've never really seen the show so that wasn't a problem for me.

There was so much about this book that was wrong. There is no way in heaven or hell that an intern would do all that stuff. It just didn't make sense. Just make her
Oh No, this woman did NOT just rip off my favorite tv show and use it to further her career. But oh, she did. I could tell within the first few pages, she most certainly did. She probably thought, "Hmm. This is a good show, but you know what it needs? Vampires." (Because real people aren't scary enough) "I bet if I rewrite this series but add the paranormal stuff to ride on the woo-woo wave, I could cash in on the market." You really think we're too dumb to notice that this is Criminal Minds wit ...more
Would it be really offensive if I confessed Blood of Eden doesn't deserve even one star? This book is bad. Period. No saving grace. I'm wondering how it got published.

Characters: outside the Mary Sue leading the story (all guys fall for her even if she doesn't recognize how good she is...), there are no characters even vaguely two-dimensional (let's not talk about three). The heroine is a fifteen yo in the body of a 20-something. Stupid doesn't even cover it. (She gags in her mouth for G's sake
Megan (Book Brats)
When I was offered the chance to review BLOOD OF EDEN, I jumped on the opportunity. I love urban fantasy, forensic psychology, the FBI, vampires - and this start to a new series promises just that. We are introduced to our narrator, Sloan Skye, as she begins her internship with the FBI - or so she thinks. A strange series of events ensues, after which Sloan is shoved into the new (and somewhat kooky) Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit, or the PBAU. Their first case appears to be a serial killer ...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
There are those exciting moments in life when you hit it off with someone right off the bat. You’re cracking up, you love the way their mind works, and time flies by in conversation. Reading BLOOD OF EDEN gave me one of those great moments with the heroine, Sloan Skye. Sloan's mix of enthusiasm and nerdiness clicked with me right from the get go, but instead of telling anecdotes over finger foods I had the excitement of riding along with her first days as an FBI intern.

It was more than just Slo
I was really looking forward to reading this book, because I’ve wanted to explore the UF sub-genre for a while now—not in small part due to the fact that I felt like I was ready for a (don’t kill me) romance mini-break. *GASP* I know. Just a small one! A change of pace now and then in order to make me appreciate the romances all the more. Honestly. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Blood of Eden is about a young woman who has just begun a summer internship with the newly-formed PBAU—Parano
I am not sure why I kept reading this one. There was so much that I found hard to believe. First off Sloane is hired as an intern at the FBI, but they loose her spot and no one contacts her until she shows up that day, the job goes to her nemesis. I know the government doesn't move quickly, but that is ridiculous. Then another department swoops in to pick her up and she immediately goes out into the field working along side the normal agents. Again, I can't see it. Then a few days later the guy ...more
Victoria (nocturnalintimacy)
Ugh. I downloaded this from the library because it was a new UF/PNR. This was painful. Lots of telling, no showing.

I don't understand how old the main character is. Supposedly she's a genius that started college at 15, but nothing about her character feels young. She jumps back and forth between sounding 15 and then 35. Also, Sloan is so oblivious that it's annoying and doesn't feel natural. For example, if my car was broken into and then later that night I was confronted with someone in my apa
Dark Faerie Tales
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: A slow paced murder mystery/police procedural than an Urban Fantasy. It has a bizarre plot and the paranormal takes a back seat until the end.

Opening Sentence: Rotten eggs and sulfur. Oh, the sweet stench of home.

The Review:

Sloan Skye’s dream job is to work for the FBI, so when she gets a summer internship with the FBI she is excited. When she shows up for her first day only to be told her internship was given to someone else, she is devasta
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I didn't read any reviews for this book and I was a little surprised when I started reading it since it was a dead ringer for the TV show Criminal Minds. Sloane Skye is the main character, evidently a child genius type who has a schizophrenic Mom (just like Reed on the show). She scores an intern position at the BAU of the FBI, but is transferred to the Paranormal BAU her first day. The inconsistencies tended to stack up after that. She shows little signs of genius in the book other than a few, ...more
As a previous reviewer has pointed out, this read like a supernatural spoof of Criminal Minds. In my opinion a very bad, bad episode of Criminal Minds.

Things that bothered me about this book:

Predictability. The author taunts you at the beginning at most of what is going to happen later on in the book.

Even though, the character is working for the PBAU (Paranormal Behavior Analysis Unit) their isn't much profiling going on. Until the main character Sloan Skye delivers the profile, but it's just
I expect genre fiction books to still be able to stand on their merits if the trappings of the genre are stripped away, rather than using the genre to cover otherwise-unbelievable scenarios, and this book is written in the latter style.

I was unable to suspend my disbelief for long enough to finish this book, although not because of poor application of fantastical elements. I didn't have trouble with the paranormal plot, but rather with the implausible premise and characters. I failed to believe
The heroine in BLOOD OF EDEN stole the show. Sloan's mix of enthusiasm and nerdiness clicked with me right from the get go. I also love that rather than the stereotypical "new job angst", Sloan is a natural fit for the FBI, and her attraction for JT was sexy and fun. Of course, every character needs an Achilles heel, and for Sloan that is her family and personal life. As adept as she organizes information for a case, she has obvious blind spots in her romantic history. Dane did a wonderful job w ...more
harlequin {Stephanie}
This book had not an original idea in the bunch. It paranormal-ed criminal minds down to the classic figure quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It had a few good traits with the mother & Katie, they made me laugh, & the subtle building romance between the Skye and JT.

In usual fashion the killer comes to light by the end. Wasn't that impressed with this conclusion.

I'm not sure what to say about that ending since I can't believe the writer wrote it in all seriousness.
This wasn't so much positively awful as apathetically awful. It might have been a good read at one third the length and before it seemed to descend completely into la la land at the end.

It shows when an author knows what they are talking about and but this novel was so amateurish with a summer intern at the FBI seemingly taking over an investigation as well as being the lure for a supposed serial killer. Authority figures seemed to be little in evidence. The seemingly mundane heroine of course t
Wicked Lil Pixie (Natasha)
Review coming closer to review day, but Blood of Eden is NOT TO BE MISSED
I enjoyed the storyline thoroughly, would have gave it five stars if I had not had to stop and re-read sentences to understand where the typo or a wrong word placement made a sentence confusing.

I liked the characters a lot. Each one of the main characters was quite interesting. I liked that there is mystery to be sought out about Sloane in the up coming issues, I hope. However, the ending to this book was rushed and incomplete in my opinion. And at $5.38 + tax for the next two installments for e
Description per

Sloan has a sky-high IQ, a chaotic personal life, and a dream: to work for the FBI. Her goal is within reach until an error lands her with the FBI's ugly stepchild: the new Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. She'll get to profile criminals, but the pool of suspects is a little more...diverse. Yet even as Sloan tackles her first case--a string of victims, all with puncture wounds to the neck--she can't silence her inner para-skeptic.

To catch the killer she'll have to
Paranormal Haven
Sloan Skye has always wanted to work for the FBI. She finally has her chance as an intern. She just didn’t know it would be with the PBAU. The ‘P,’ she soon finds out stands for ‘Paranormal.’ Women around the same age end up killed by deadly diseases, and bite marks on their necks. It is up to Sloan to find out who the murder is, with the help of the PBAU. During the investigation strange things happen to Sloan.

Other than the paranormal detective plot it has two smaller plots. Sloan has been hav
Good effort for first book. But it didn't merit 272 pages. This is more of a 225 type book. It took 150 pages before any of the big dark secret began to filter out. And I have a problem with these "Blood" titles. This is really light paranormal and isn't dark- LKH, Stacia Kane's Downside series, Lili St Crow's Hunter series, Mike Carey's Felix Caster? THOSE are dark. This is about as dark as a slightly overcast day. So I think the series name is somewhat misleading and as such will lead to her h ...more
Beth Dawkins
Sloan Skye has always wanted to work for the FBI. She finally has her chance as an intern. She just didn’t know it would be with the PBAU. The ‘P,’ she soon finds out stands for ‘Paranormal.’ Women around the same age end up killed by deadly diseases, and bite marks on their necks. It is up to Sloan to find out who the murder is, with the help of the PBAU. During the investigation strange things happen to Sloan.

Other than the paranormal detective plot it has two smaller plots. Sloan has been hav
A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
Sloan Skye is super intelligent and has just started an internship at her dream job, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) at the FBI when, before she can even get a cup of coffee for her boss, she’s told there’s been a mistake and her spot has been filled. Not just filled, but filled by a nemesis from her school days. Before she leaves though she is told she can intern for a brand-new unit, the PBAU. She doesn’t know what PBAU stands for, but she wants the job and agrees to take the spot. Then the ...more
Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..

Sloan is incredibly smart, and her dreams of working for the FBI are finally about come true, only things don't go quite as she planned. She's tasked to work with a new paranormal unit whose job is to find criminals that aren't quite of the human variety. Of course she is more than a little skeptic, but the bills need paid, so she reluctantly accepts the position and starts on a case that involves victims with puncture wounds on their necks
Blood of Eden
By: Tami Dane
Copyright: December 2011
Publisher: Kensington Urban Fantasy

Sloan has a sky-high IQ, a chaotic personal life, and a dream: to work for the FBI. Her goal is within reach until an error lands her with the FBI’s ugly stepchild: the new Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. She’ll get to profile criminals, but the pool of suspects is a little more… diverse. Yet even as Sloan tackles her first case, a string of victims, all with puncture wounds to the neck, she can’t slience h
Today is the beginning of Sloan Skye’s dreams coming true. She is starting her first day as an intern for the FBI. Well that is what she thought when she left the chaos of her apartment this morning. Now she is shattered, there has been a mistake and her position has just been stolen by her old high school crush turned frenemy, Gabe Wagner.

Total desperation and the desire to not have a repeat performance of last summer’s job, she jumps at the change to work for the FBI in any way shape or form.
I really enjoyed the slightly off quirky main character, Sloane is really intelligent but has a big problem seeing whats right in front of her. She gets her dream internship at the beginning of the book but not quite for the department that she wanted, this lands her in a series of unusual situations and cases. She works with FBI agent JT, who she thinks is smoking hot and is trying to keep things professional but JT is making it difficult. I hate to give away anymore of the story. I read this i ...more
I'm not really sure how I felt about this book. To me it felt like I was reading a paranormal spoof episode of Criminal Minds.

Sloan Skye is a genius FBI Intern, who lives with a genius chemist student roommate. Her mother is also extremely intelligent and very, very quirky (the mother may or may not have Schizophrenia, I’m banking that she doesn’t). Her father was also extremely intelligent but is no longer in the picture.

Skye seems to have only one other friend that may or may not actually be
When Sloan finds out that her dream job of being an intern at the FBI doesn't work out the way she thought it would, she just can't believe her luck! But when she is approached to join a new unit within the FBI she jumps at the opportunity. Then she finds out that the unit specializes in dealing with cases that have paranormal elements to it. Sloan has been told all her life that vamps and things that go bump in the night don't exist. Now that she knows that they do exist she uses her intelligen ...more
Elements of this book reminded me a lot of the tv show Criminal Minds. Because of that it didn't feel very original to me. I'm not sure if it was just me, but the book felt like it was written in a hurry. Scenes & characters weren't fleshed out in too much detail. Sloan keeps hinting at sensing something off about JT but as far as I could see there wasn't anything off about him. The people who were off in this book for me was Sloan, her mom & her roommate. I didn't like Sloan. She was to ...more
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Tami Dane, Tawny Taylor's alter ego, is rarely seen in anything but black sweatpants and hoodies, unless she's in historical garb. And when she's not stomping around in mud, pretending to be someone else, or working on her latest sewing project, she has her head buried in a book or eyes glued to her computer monitor. Not only does she love sewing. She also loves writing. If you’d like to read her ...more
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