The Girl For Me
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The Girl For Me

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  1,060 ratings  ·  153 reviews
Straight jockboy Kevin thinks he has gay, cross-dressing Danny under his thumb. Kevin only likes girls.

So... why does he keep thinking about her?

Or him.

Free online read, 268 pages
Published February 2007 (first published November 27th 2006)

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Nov 18, 2013 Nancy rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Nancy by: Darkm
Reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews

This is a free story available at Fictionpress. It is not professionally written or edited, so I won’t take off points for poor formatting, abrupt scene changes, and constantly switching POVs.

Daniel/Dani is a transgendered high school student and “I only like girls” Kevin is the jock and failing student who eventually falls in love with her/him. They meet at a party, where Dani is out in public for the first time in drag. Kevin is instantly attracted to her and...more
♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
A Discussion Between Laddie And Her Inner Voice ( a.k.a. IV)

Laddie: What to write, what to write, what to write?
IV: You tryin' to figure out what to write?
Laddie: Is that not obvious...
IV: Okay, Captain of the S.S. Sarcasm. Try giving them an overview.

This is the story of Dani and Kev. Dani is a junior in high school. He's a young gay man who, on his first night cross dressing, runs into Kev a senior at a party. Dani and Kev make a deal. Kev stays silent about Dani's cross dressing as long as Da...more
I can't understand how this book is not published.

It was beautiful and sweet, and made me think a lot.

Dani and Kev are teenagers. Kev is a jock who 'only likes girls" and Dani/Danny is boy in his football team that likes other boys, and to dress like a girl.

They reluctantly begin a friendship after Kev sees Dani at a party in drag and makes him agree to tutor him as a trade for not revealing his secret. Slowly Kev realizes Dani is a lot more than what he thought.

This book is fun and the voices o...more
MsMiz (Tina)
It is 3:00am in the morning - I love this book and gave up good sleep for it.
Valentina Heart
Mar 29, 2011 Valentina Heart rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone but really;)
Shelves: glbt, best-m-m
I would feel bad if I skipped on the review, but then again, I don't really know what to write.
In my eyes this book was pretty much brilliant and I don't understand why it isn't published yet.

It starts off funny and rather interesting. I mean you have Dani the firecracker in drag for the first time, and who sees her? A jock from her team. Of course she knows nothing good can come of it, but Kevin does surprise her. That ends up being just the first of many surprises yet to come for them. But al...more
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
I absolutely adored this book. No surprise there, huh? Lol. But I really did love this one. I was hooked right from the beginning and I couldn't put it down once I started.

The relationship between Kevin and Danny/Dani while at first is based on blackmail, it soon becomes friendship then progresses into an intimate relationship. Kevin, in my opinion, was the first to truly accept Danny's desire to dress as a woman and soon not only loved it when he was Danny but also when he was Dani. He loved t...more
Isa K.
OH THIS BOOK .... WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS #@$*ING BOOK!?!?!?!?! Or rather... do I lead with the good stuff or the bad? How about this, I'll put both behind spoiler cuts and that way you can decide what to read first ;)

The Good:
(view spoiler)...more
Feb 27, 2013 Cindi added it
Shelves: 2013, m-m, fanfiction, dnf, free
I only made it to 44% so I won't be rating this one. I understand it's online fiction so I did not expect an edited version of a great novel. I have, however, read some pretty outstanding fan fiction so I went into it with an open mind.

I had several issues with this story. There's Dani/Danny, a cross dressing gay teen. Then there's Kevin, the straight jock football player. Kevin sees Dani out in drag one night and then blackmails him/her to keep it secret.

I really tried to get into this but I c...more
3.5 stars

A funny, poignant love story with very well drawn main characters. The side characters are important and quite believable too, but the boys(?) were clearly the stars of this show. Kevin and Danny/Dani are very easy to like, even though they are, well, teens. The Girl For Me is one of the best stories I've read featuring a teenager with gender identity issues.

A big plus for a gay for you- theme that was done so well I could actually buy it. And hey, it's free so one can forgive some err...more
Kaje Harper
I read this book online at . There were some formatting issues, and the time jumps and POV changes were frequent and unheralded. Aside from that it was a fascinating and well written story of two highschool boys discovering their sexual identities, one as bi, one as transgendered. There was some rose-tinting to this story, especially in the reactions of the classmates (I'm sorry, but in my experience high school kids run far more self-absorbed and less ac...more
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
This was another free book read for me. I have mixed emotions about this book. On one hand, I loved that the author wrote about the trans community. I have only read one or two books dealing with this topic so it felt refreshing to me. I liked the range of emotions it dealt with. On the other hand, I struggled with the writing style. The POV switched constantly, the formatting was terrible, and the phrasing was painful at times. I got really tired of reading "gawd" and "hawt." I also thought the...more
Dee Wy
It was so much fun to watch Daniel/Dani and Kevin develop their relationship. There was a great deal of humor and angst for this teen couple, not to mention fear, not only of being accepted for being gay but for Dani's love of dressing as a girl. This entire story was a great experience to read.
Great read! This books starts with a jock, Kevin, as he discovers Danny, a fellow football teammate in drag at a party. Subsecuently he blackmails him(her) into tutoring...thus a romance begins.

Kevin slowly realizes that he is falling for Danny in all of his incarnations... as a witty male friend, and a beautiful classy girl. There is a lot of internal conflict for both MC as they realize that their relationship, and themselves are complicated and has many layers. Kevin goes from a straight joc...more
Oh wow, this story is its own special brand of amazing. It’s my very first in-depth delve into the subject of transsexuality, and that may be one of the reasons for why this tale was so special to me – it’s all new and therefore extra emotional. Really an experience!

Kevin is a jock that is by everyone around him seen as pretty dumb. That he’s only dating cheerleaders and is almost failing all his classes doesn’t help that image. When he at a party stumbles upon one of his football team mates, in...more
I really liked this story. I wasn't sure I was going to being that it is very rich high school kids but they are dealing with very adult life issues and the author deals with it so well. Kevin is definitely a good character to watch grow and find himself throughout the story. Dani,Danny, Daniel which ever it is, is a very sweet, strong (even though he doesn't figure it out right away) and smart character. The love story between the two is very well written and shows what it is like for a young m...more
~♥*Marianna*♥~ (what stays is dry bones)
I'm not really enjoying it.

The situation was interesting at the beginning and at times funny but the dialogue is often ridiculous and unbelievable. Come on! Is this really the way a teenage boy would talk to his father?
(view spoiler)...more
Vivian Archer
A thoughtful and measured exploration of a misunderstood sexuality in this coming of age story.

Dani/Daniel and Kevin make an unlikely couple, but isn't that where some of the best surprises of synergy come from? On opposite sides, they quickly find that they are not as far apart as they think. In fact, where the truly important things count--they're perfectly aligned. Neither is completely at ease with their respective discoveries, but Dani's struggle to understand and find peace with the conste...more
En general el libro me ha gustado, pero me crea un problema que no soy capaz de superar (view spoiler)...more
It was a good story. I really enjoyed reading it in the beginning because the banter between Daniel (Danni) and Kevin was just so hilarious. Luaghed for about 5 straight minutes after reading "I eat parabolas and shit obtuse angles". Makes me smile even now.

However, the story could have used a beta reader as the scenes leapt from one thing to another without any notice. And I understood the need to include other people's thoughts to better portray Danni and Kevin but it seemed out of place, when...more
An excellent free read full of humour and thoughtfulness. Two boys Kevin and new kid Daniel attend a fancy private high school and are part of the football team. Then Kevin notices a hot girl at a party and realizes that 'Dani' is none other than Daniel in drag.

'..this is who I am. Ridiculous or not. This is it. It's not a fetish. It's not erotic. I don't get turned-on because I'm wearing girl's clothes... I just... LIKE it! Maybe it IS ridiculous - but it's not my fault!

She rolled her eyes to t
Ornella (Nyx)
This was definitely something new for me. I have read my fair share of M/M books, both YA and Adult, but I hadn't found any F/F books that have really caught my attention till now. I actually just added a few to my pile. The Girl For Me was my first foray into Transgenderism in books.

I liked it. It was different and it was new to me. Kevin was a hard character to like. I liked that he was so honest and blunt, but some of the things he did as well were just...


Dani was a bit easier than Kevin, bu...more
*4.5 Stars* but worth rounding up!

Written in a simple style which belies the complex subject matter. The characters are well developed and show a steady progression in growth. I loved that! This book has everything - humour, romance, angst, sweetness and substance.

A definite recommended read!
A wonderful story which surprisingly was a free download. I really loved the protags and their journey to love kept me engaged throughout. Recommended!
Shelby P
This is my second book about a transgender character. I was surprised that the characters were in high school. The story started off well enough. I really liked Dani/Danny. Kevin took some getting used to being a stereotypical jock. I was drawn into the story. I really liked Uncle Keith, he was the most interesting character in the book for me.

The story started going downhill for me when (view spoiler)...more
Wendy (wluvsbooks)
A completely unique and interesting story that deserves to be a published book!

I thought the author did a brilliant job of portraying what I can only imagine as the confusion and angst someone must experience when they don’t feel quite right in their own skin. Daniel/Dani was a very witty and brave soul who really showed us the struggle between not liking their external parts because they don’t mesh with the internal feelings, the struggle over the use of labels (he/she, gay/transgender, etc.),...more
At first, I didn't like the story nor the characters much.
Kevin "I only like girls" was an idiot, to put it bluntly. He wasn't stupid literally speaking, he just never seemed yo think think about anything (what he said, what he do, what he think himself bizarrely) and that's what make him an idiot.
Dani was a smart-ass and her/his personality was a little unbelievable. I mean when Kevin first saw Dani cross-dressing, Dani's reaction was way too matter-of-factly for a seventeen yo kid.
So I felt k...more
Anna Tulley
Nov 20, 2011 Anna Tulley rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Open-minded people
Shelves: transgender, ya
I was searching for books in Goodreads, and i came across this one. The cover caught my attention and all of the sudden i had the urge to read it and so i did.

It's the first transgender story i've ever read and i must say i liked it.
This was a beautiful sometimes funny story, that dealt with some heavy stuff. I got inside the mind of a transexual and saw how tough it can be to try and understand/accept what you are, especially when you are a teenager, when everything tends to get out of proport...more
So, this book... I really don't know what to say... I loved the idea... Cross dress, TG, TS...
At the beginning it was funny and I liked it a lot.
But some things just felt not right.
The POV - half the time I didn't know in which head the writer was... Danny, Dani, Kevin or some other relative?
And what ruined the book for me...
The rape scene... When you have sex with your boyfriend, it hurts and you say "no" and "Kevin stop please you hurt me" and your BF just holds you down and goes on...
♥J ♥ - LoveMeSomethingYu(MM)y
This is a hard book to rate. Firstly it's free and a very interesting storyline. So huge kudos for that. I was really looking forward to this cross dressing story and elements of it were great. Dani/Danny was definitely complex and her/his journey was definitely one I enjoyed. I liked how it showed the courage it took for Dani to be herself in front of others.
Kevin on the other hand, was not believable as a character. There is one scene in particular that I felt ruined the reader's opinion of K...more
A wonderful story that should have been published. Dani is cross dressing for the first time in his new town when who happens to spot him but Kevin a "jock" from his school. Kevin notices this cute girl at a party and is attracted to her only to discover the her is Daniel the backup quarterback on his high school football team. What to do? Kevin takes advantage of Dani not wanting to be outed and blackmails her into helping Kevin with school. Spending so much time together leads to friendship to...more
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