Razgovor s anđelom
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Razgovor s anđelom

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Često se govori kako su zbirke pripovijedaka poput kompilacijskih albuma. Rijetko naiđete na neku koja sadrži više od nekoliko dobrih priča. Pa ako se povedemo za dobro poznatom tvrdnjom da dobra zbirka sadrži tri dobre priče, izuzetno dobra zbirka njih pet do sedam, Razgovor s anđelom odudara od uobičajenih normi.

Naime, pod uredničkom palicom Nicka Hornbyja nudi nam se ni...more
Paperback, 240 pages
Published 2002 by Algoritam (first published 2000)
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Bryce Wilson
I usually don't buy Anthologies as at best they're like Mix Tapes with a few bum tracks, this one went for a good cause though and was put together by Nick Hornby so I figured hey why not it's got a few bum tracks but it's still pretty strong. A Bit of a Breakdown.

-PMQ, Robert Harris: Very funny very British FPS Account of a Prime Minister having a nervous breakdown, a bit dry but I dug it.

-The Wonder Spot: Mellisa Banks- Look I know Chick Lit is an unseemly putdown that dismisses the work with...more
It's not that this book is bad (honestly I think GoodReads should add an 'eh it was whatever' rating to their scale so that we could correctly classify books that just sort of 'exist') ...it's just that I'm not entirely confident that anyone put their best foot forward with this collection. At times it almost feels like the authors sat around a table with a hat full of topic ideas and drew slips of paper.... Marber will write the "lose your virginity" story, Smith writes the humanizing prisoner...more
Dedicated to editor Hornby’s son Danny, $2 of the cover price of this collection will be donated to Treehouse, a school for autistic children. Hornby’s explanation of why this collection came about in the introduction is in itself a heart-felt piece of writing. And then he’s topped it with NippleJesus, a story about a nightclub bouncer turned art gallery security guard and his reactions to a controversial work called, you guessed it, NippleJesus.

My other favorite was PMQ by Robert Harris whereby...more
I like short stories. In fact one of best stories I've ever read, including comics and full length novels, is 'The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains', a short by Neil Gaiman. A good short story is like a fling. You meet, smile at each other, embrace, kiss and kiss and kiss some more and all the happy chemicals explode in your head and just when you're beginning to catch your breath, it ends. It's a little supernova in a few thousand words and it impregnates the mind with endless worlds.

David Egger's short story "After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned" is included in this collection. It's one of my favorites--it's written from a dog's POV and he captures the dog's rhythms and (what a human might guess to be) the dog's mindset so so well. It's storytelling that leaves me awestruck. And, truthfully, it's the one (and only) story that stuck with me long after I read this collection. So, really, I need to just pick up more of Egger's short story collections and novels...more
I love this book, perhaps a little too much. I bought it on a whim and it introduced me to Helen Fielding and Zadie Smith, gave me more from Hornby and Welsh and instructed me to steer clear of Eggers in the future (I know many love him, I'm just not there yet.) But I became smitten w/it when I read "Peter Shelley" by Patrick Marber, so much so that I attempted to hunt down his other works which only consist of plays (and I'm not one for plays).
An overall entertaining collection of contemporary short stories by mostly British authors such as Nick Hornby, Roddy Doyle, Giles Smith and Helen Fielding. I mean, come on, one of the stories is titled "NippleJesus", how can you resist that?
pensavo che il tema dei racconti fosse l'autismo, invece no. l'autismo è stato lo spunto per raccogliere 12 autori inglesi contemporanei e chiedergli di scrivere un racconto, o meglio un monologo (qui l'unico contatto con l'autismo), e raccogliere fondi per una scuola speciale. come in tutte le raccolte, alcune storie piacciono di più, altre meno. ma il sapore generale è leggero, avvolgente, protettivo. non invita a uscire dal guscio, ma fa capire quanto benessere può esserci, dentro.
grazie, ama...more
So let me make sure to point out, this is EDITED by Nick Hornby, though he does contribute 1 story himself. It's 12 different authors putting out short stories. Some are good, some are OK, and some are awful.

PMQ - Robert Harris - Hornby's brother-in-law, this is actually one of the funnier ones, about the British PM getting into a big misunderstanding with a reporter, a 15yr old girl, and reads like a Monty Python skit.

The Wonder Spot - Melissa Bank - If I were a feminist, I would be insulted by...more
Speaking With the Angel is a collection of short stories edited by Nick Hornby. Since I'm a big Hornby fan I had to pick this up.

The book started really strong. It had some good, funny and memorable stories. One of my favorites is the first one - PMQ by Robert Harris. It's about an English politician who goes on a wild romp through England and then has to justify his actions to the court. It's funny - a bit of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for adults. Another favorite was Last Requests by Giles Smith. Th...more
Megan Anderson
A collection of short stories from some of the best contemporary authors from America and Britain. Bonus: Proceeds benefit schools for children with autism.

I was really excited to stumble on this collection of short stories that included not only Hornby’s work, but also stories from Dave Eggers (I loved What is the What and Wild Things) and Zadie Smith (White Teeth is a must read). I would have bought the book if it only contained three short stories, one by each of these authors, but it also i...more
Jennifer Barbee
Like most short story collections, whether multi-writer anthologies or single author collections, I instantly forgot over half of the tales, but will likely remember a few forever. I have a hard time with short stories for this reason, because I feel like so many pages are wasted on me in order to mine for those few gold nuggets that hide between the covers. And memorable or not, those nuggets usually scarcely balance out the time spent reading those stories that will be forgotten before the las...more
Lisa Cole
I finished the short story collection Speaking With the Angel edited by Nick Hornby.... Not only is Colin Firth hot as heck, but he can write too! I picked up the collection mainly because I saw Firth's name on the author list, and because I saw Helen Fielding's name on the author list as well. I had not read anything by Nick Hornby or the other writers before reading this collection. All of the stories were first-person narratives (which I almost always enjoy) and almost all (if not all) of the...more
A collection of short stories by various writers, edited by Nick Hornby. The proceeds from this book go to schools that specialize in educating students with autism, a good cause important to Hornby, whose son is severely autistic. I liked most of the stories, especially the following.

The best of the lot was Nick Hornby's 'Nipple Jesus'. The title refers to an art exhibit featuring a collage of pictures of breasts cut from magazines that form a picture of Jesus. It is narrated by a club bouncer...more
Speaking with the Angel, a compilation of short stories by various authors, is occasionally enjoyable, occasionally painful, and thoroughly disjointed. All of the stories are told in the first-person, but aside from that they are all completely different and do not seem to belong in the same book at all. They do not even seem to appeal in any way to the same readers.
The first story, "PMQ" is excellent. In the form of a press conference, a Prime Minister tries to explain some personal incident -...more
Jag visste i princip inget om boken innan jag köpte den förutom att det var en novellsamling. Det var först när jag skulle börja läsa den för någon vecka sedan (typ två) som jag upptäckte att Hornby bara är redaktör. Förvisso har han bidragit med introduktionen och en egen novell men majoriteten av samlingen är skriven av andra författare och kända människor. Inte för att jag klagar – det var mycket intressant att ta del av flera författare som jag tidigare inte läst något av.

Det är en mycket in...more
A collection of short stories written by friends of Nick Hornby at his request to raise money for an autism education program in England (and in the US if you buy the published in America version). The only requirement Honby gave his friends was that the stories be told in first person. With that broad of a brief, you're bound to get a variety of tone, plot, and of as in any anthology, quality. Colin Firth, for one, should never quit his day job. And Dave Eggars reminded me that writing as an an...more
Suad Shamma
I am usually very wary when buying anthologies, because more often than not, you always get at least one or two fantastic stories, while the rest are mediocre, or terrible even. And after my experience with Nick Hornby's "About a Boy" - my first for him - I really didn't know what to expect, and I was looking forward to his story the least (yes, you must have deduced by now that I hated About a Boy).

However, this book pulled me in from page 1, with Hornby's very moving introduction. Hornby dedic...more
John Brooks
Nov 14, 2007 John Brooks rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone who likes anything
Without question, this is my favorite collection of contemporary short stories. The cast of writers is drool-worthy:
Roddy Doyle, who makes gold from paper and ink; "Closer" playwright Patrick Marber; Mr. Darcy himself, Colin Firth; Nick Hornby, who edited; Zadie Smith; Helen Fielding; Irvine Welsh; Zadie Smith; Dave Eggers; Melissa Bank, who wrote the terrific "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" (which is also a great great great GREAT book); Giles Smith; John O'Farrell; and Robert Harris...more
i honestly picked up this book because i was fascinated by the cover. Those little plastic doll heads really spoke to me. But enough about my particular psychosis.

i found this collection of contemporary short stories surprisingly enjoyable. The voices all seemed fresh and original and some of the stories have really stuck with me. That's the way it goes with short fiction collections i think. For example, i find most of Bradbury's sci/fi short stories forgettable but each of his well known colle...more
A few hits, many misses. This is kind of like the movie Grown Ups, where you get all these comedic geniuses together and you think it's going to be an uber-comedy and it just ends up falling flat because everyone's trying way too hard. I have read writing by nearly all of the authors in this collection of short stories, which are by an all-star cast of (mostly British) modern writers, including Nick Hornby, Zadie Smith, Melissa Bank, Helen Fielding, Patrick Marber, Dave Eggers, Irvine Welsh, and...more
When I saw the line-up of authors on the cover of this book, I was expecting to be blown away. There were a few stories that stood out from the rest, but I felt like the majority of them were stories I would have seen in a fiction class, not a published collection of stories. NippleJesus by Nick Hornby, was probably my favorite, along with PMQ by Robert Harris. Colin Firth's The Department of Nothing struck a sentimental chord, but I'd say the rest were about average, not leaving too much...more
I'm always a little wary of collections of short stories - particularly those that include contributions from multiple authors, because you're never really sure what you're going to get. However, when I started this book it was the end of March and with only four books down for the year, I needed something I could digest pretty quickly. I actually enjoyed most of the stories found in Speaking With the Angel - particularly Nick Hornby's own contribution, "NippleJesus," along with Zadie Smith's "I...more
Overall, I appreciate that there was a theme holding the book together, and that the book was put together and put out for a good and noble cause. I love Nick Hornby -- his stories, his writing style -- so I figured I shouldn't miss out on any of his books, even if this was not the usual.

But, as in most anthologies, there were some forgettable ones, some that took me forever to finish because they sort of dragged, and some that I just had to take since they were part of the collection. Most were...more
A collection of 12 short stories from an incestuous gang of hip, young, mostly-British authors, edited by Nick Hornby. There are a few misses here, but they are outweighed by the hits, some of which are quite good.

The Good: Hornby's "NippleJesus" was the best of the lot, and I also liked the stories by Patrick Marber, Melissa Bank and Roddy Doyle.

The Mixed: Irvine Welsh's contribution was a fascinating mess - I don't think it quite worked in the end, but it was a fun ride. I wasn't quite sure wh...more
I have mixed feelings about this collection of short stories.

I think Hornby's reason for compiling this collection is honorable. He did so in the hopes of raising money for schools specifically for autistic children. It has been 13 years since this collection was initially published, and I do hope that in those 13 years, he has been successful in his specific goals concerning that.

It's the execution of some of the specific stories that were bothersome to me.

The collection started off well, at...more
Short stories are great fun, and this collection contains my favorite of all short stories, "Nipple Jesus," by Nick Hornby. I enjoy them all, though, and have read most of them twice.

All but two of the stories are from British authors, the most surprising contribution being perhaps from the English actor, Colin Firth. His "Department of Nothing" is quality.

In Eggers' (one of the Americans) story, "After I was Thrown into the River and Before I Drowned," the protagonist is a dog who is proud of...more
Nov 06, 2007 Billy rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anglophiles in summer 2001
Nick Hornby brings together a bunch of his friends to do short stories in a book intended to raise money and awareness for a school in the UK (and a counterpart in NY) for autistic children (like his son). I feel like an anti-autistic jerk for only giving this two stars, but there were definitely some low points here -- Melissa Bank's contribution was right awful, and for some reason Colin Firth writes a long piece which was kind of weird and bumpy, albeit touching in its own way. Nick Hornby's...more
Really, a pretty smashing mixtape featuring the leading literary lights from both sides of the Atlantic (circa the year 2000.) Highlights include "The Slave" (Doyle), "NippleJesus" (Hornby), "Catholic Guilt" (Welsh) and "Walking into the Wind" (O'Farrell) and, surprisingly, "The Department of Nothing" - a lengthier piece (30 pages +/-) from Colin Firth. Eggers ("After I Was Thrown Into the River and Before I Drowned" or AIWTITRABID for short, for the initiated), Fielding ("Luckybitch"), Bank ("T...more
Patrick Flanigan
The oddest thing about this book is that the best story is written by the only non-author in the bunch. Colin Firth's "The Department of Nothing" is now one of my top ten stories ever. There were a few other gems in her as well. "Slave" by Roddy Doyle was fantastic. Definitely worth your time if you enjoy short fiction.
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Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch. He is also the author of Songbook, a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and The Polysyllabic Spree, as well as the editor of the short-story collection Speaking with the Angel. He is a recipient of the American Acade...more
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