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Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn
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Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn (Midvale Academy #1)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  1,097 ratings  ·  101 reviews
What if you could get inside the head of the boy you love? Hear his every thought...? Know his every dream...? Listen in on his every fantasy...?

The narrator of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn can, and she tells us the story of her beloved Gid, an adorably clueless boy who flukes his way into one of the fanciest New England prep schools. Gideon's more than a little out o

Audiobook, 0 pages
Published May 9th 2006 by Random House Audio (first published January 1st 2006)
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Jul 17, 2011 EMi rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teen wannabes
If I’m not mistaken, the review on the front cover of this book reads something like, “Being inside Gideon’s mind is like reading the diary of a boy you have a huge crush on.”

Number one, I would never have a crush on a boy who keeps a diary. Enough said.

Number TWO, this cannot possibly be like reading the diary of the boy you have a huge crush on because the book is written by a woman. Is anybody else ever annoyed about “guide to boys”-like books that are written by women? I know this is an all-
Kate (VerbVixen)
nside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn- Sarah Miller

Characters: Gideon Rayburn-newbie at prep school and overall nice guy. Unknown female narrator who sees what Gid sees and hears what he thinks, remains anonymous until the end of the book. Molly McGarry-the girl that Gid is supposed to sleep with to win “the bet”. I really got into Gideon and Molly’s story. I rooted for them. I wanted to hit him when he got distracted by other girls and say, “No you moron you’re supposed to be with her!”.

Plot: While
It's interesting to read "Carter Finally Gets It" and "Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn" within the same time span. Both novels attempt to get inside the mind of a teenage boy and find out what makes him tick. I imagine this is a valid concern for many teenage girls, trying to figure out what makes certain guys tick and why we act that we do. And while each novel concludes that guys are driven by one thing, it's interesting to see how differently each novel approaches that driving factor.

With "
I don't really know what to say about this one. I read the first fifty pages and trust me, that was really hard to do. I don't really understand the premise: A girl, a real person who is somewhere in the story, can be inside this guy's mind (hear what he's thinking, see what he's seeing etc.) all the time, yet also function and live her life normally. I don't know...I mean, I love using my imagination while reading, but this just doesn't make any sense.

I think another part of the reason I didn'
Krista (One Love) (Critical)
I MIGHT have been able to get past the fact that all the male characters in this book are actually female...and then it hits me that the main female character? Is more like a man than the actual guys.

She actually claims that girls HATE IT when men apologize to them. Okay, whatever you say. Plus, she refers to everything as "gay," which was so freaking annoying. I really wanted her to die. I mean, her idea of showing affection for a boy is insulting him, sneering at him, and acting all superior.
I really enjoyed reading this one. Being a girl, I understood and related to the plot. It was an interesting interpretation of the 'inside' of Gideon's mind.
I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a simplier read. It brings alot to the table; love triangles, mystery, and humor. The surprise ending is just a bonus.
Pretty stupid and I'm not sure anyone should be inside the mind of a teenage boy (certainly not me who will someday have a teenage boy - yikes!)
Yes, I knew it's a YA novel, but these days people are reading YA and children's books all the time, right? I read a really funny article by the author about cooking (funniest commentary since Nora Ephron), and well, this (and its sequel) are the only books the author wrote. In a way it's a masterful rendering of a teenager's mind (namely the straight-teen's-obsession with the opposite sex to the exclusion of everything else). Whether it accurately represents a teenage *boy*'s mind, I don't know ...more
Katie Herring
This was really good when I read this at 12 (maybe not 12, but around that age), and really good when I read it at 19.

Of course, the reason for the mind reading got to me, but ignoring that, it's a good, entertaining novel. I rolled my eyes at parts (see the sex talk below), but the eye rolling parts didn't take away from the novel, which, as I said, I really liked.

I see that there's a sequel, and I'm quite excited, but I don't know if I'll actually read it. Some stories are better not continue
This is closer to a 2.5 stars.
As I was reading this book I had to wonder if this is really what goes on in the mind of a teenage boy. I know the stereotype is that they constantly think about sex but I seriously thought I was going to go crazy reading his thoughts about getting laid, where a good place to have sex is, how beautiful the girls all around him were. Geez, it's amazing guys are able to function if that is what their minds are like. I did like the concept of this book though. It was s
Where do I start? Where do I even start? - I saw this book in a bookshop and the fact that it was on sale should have told me that there is a REASON they couldn't sell this for the actual price. But I was intrigued by the idea of a girl hearing the thoughts of a guy. Before reading Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn I thought this was an interesting idea. It might have been - but not in the way it was done in this book.

I don't even know where to start explaining why this is not a good book. I di
Jessica Lawlor
Ever wonder what it would be like to be inside the mind of your crush? The narrator of Inside The Mind Of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller (her identity is a secret until the end of the book) knows just what it’s like. When Gideon Rayburn is in the car on the way to his first day at Midvale Academy, our narrator hears a voice inside her head that’s definitely not hers. She isn’t sure why, but she has just entered the mind of Gideon Rayburn.

Throughout the book, our narrator begins to have a crush o
Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex was thinking? Well in this book, a nameless girl (you have to figure out who she is throughout the book) gets inside Gideon Rayburn's head, she can hear and see what Gid is thinking and see what hes doing. Gideon's new at a Connecticut Prep School called Midvale Academy, where he meets his two roommates and friends, Cullen and Nicholas. Cullen and Nicholas are popular, handsome, and wealthy-everything Gideon is not. To help Gid "fit in", they make a b ...more
Okay, inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn. Yep, we were definitely inside it, kinda, sorta, maybe.

Im not sure if there's a purpose to this book or not but if the purpose is to help girls understand boys then this book has failed at its job. Everything written in this book I knew already, I don't know if its just because I'm best friends with a few boys and I have a boyfriend so I talk to boys a lot or if it was just a pants book and didn't serve its purpose but I learnt nothing.

Another thing, it
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Amanda Dissinger for

Ever wondered what exactly is going on in the mind of a teenage boy? Then INSIDE THE MIND OF GIDEON RAYBURN by Sarah Miller is the perfect book for you.

This is a captivating story about a girl at a prep school in Massachusetts who suddenly finds herself experiencing all of the thoughts, feelings, and sights of Gideon Rayburn, a new student at the school. She faces all of the problems Gid faces, from the embarrassing to the sweet to the sexual to
Although the premise here tries to make it more, ultimately, this book is really just a boy's coming of age story. The whole told-from-the-perspective-of-the-girl-inside-his-brain thing? Eh, it didn't really work for me. For one thing, despite the endorsements from a couple of (female) authors, who claim that reading this book is just like actually being in a guy's head!, I'm not sure I buy that. Leaving aside the fact that even if you could get into one guy's head, that's not necessarily an acc ...more
Wow. 1. Her male characters were totally jerks 2. Gideon was sex obsessed and sallow 3. The fact that "the girl" inside his head found his awful personality attractive is sad 4. Their "first time" wasn't romantic and I find it quite disgusting that her little brother was downstairs 5. I get she was trying to convey teenage thoughts but her using "gay" as a negative term was disrespectful. And sadly I ordered the sequel .. Fingers crossed it's better
Peyton Staroscik
"Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn" is a contemporary romance/comedy style of book. It's different from others of its kind though in the sense that it goes through the perspective of the boy involved. It shows what a boy truly thinks, while other books like this show the story through the girl and what the girl thinks. It's about a boy, Gideon Rayburn, and the girl who happens to end up inside his head at all times. She sees what he sees and feels what he feels, but he has no idea she is there. ...more
I actual liked this book a lot. I thought it was so funny especially with the boy and girl thoughts. I didn't like the second part as much as the beginning part.
I though Gideon was hilarious and so was the mystery girl. I thought it was funny and just a book to be read just because.
I liked Gideon and his friends. I thought that it was stupid of Gideon to start smoking weed though, but that one scene (view spoiler)! H
Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn is such a good read, it makes your heart throb with every page you turn thinking how Gideon is going to survive his new boarding school with so many beautiful girls, and guys theres no way he can compete with. Gideon is confused about who he should be, who he should like, and who his real friends are. Through this whole book, a girl is in his mind. (Eventually you'll figure out who it is, i did). But in the middle somewhere, through Gideon trying to figure out w ...more
Erynn Baker
I bought this book at a second-hand bookstore without knowing anything about it and found it to be a very light and super fun read! I have since read a lot of negative comments about it but don't agree with most of them. It didn't steal my breath but it was a great buffer in between series. Definitely a quick read.
The book tells the story of Gideon Rayburn's first few months at prep school. Gideon falls in with his two roommates, who are the cool kids on campus, and struggles with love. The story would be completely uninteresting, except for the narrator. The narrator is some unnamed girl who magically knows Gideon's every thought and comments on many of them. The narrator is also a character in the story and it adds a compelling element of mystery to try and figure out who the narrator is by the end of t ...more
Miranda Kelley
I thought this book was pretty weird at first. I mean, how many girls get to know what exactly is going on in guy's head. However, I do love the fact how the girl in his head starts to fall in love with him. Despite the fact that he is not the brightest or the most good-looking. I also think it is pretty cool that we get to know and idea of what goes through an male teenager's mind. This story really reflects on how teenagers act and how they get in trouble and also how they get out of trouble. ...more
Kelly Hager
A girl accidentally is able to read the mind of a boy at her prep school. Gideon Rayburn is kind of a dork and he’s also the new kid. His roommates are two of the most popular boys at the school and they decide to help him lose his virginity. There’s a bet involved. It’s basically like every teen movie you’ve seen since the late 90s. There’s a lot of American Pie and some She’s All That thrown in for good measure.

I really wasn’t a huge fan. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t think Gideon was
I read this book in my first year of college, and the story line has stuck with me through the many years since. I've always worried about someone being in my head, knowing the things I think.
Kelly Oram
I just read this one and though the premiss was clever, I was disappointed that it actually had nothing to do with the story. I liked that it kept you guessing which girl was telling the story, but in the end the reveal was predictable and somewhat anti-climactic. And it just frustrated me that the twist was never explained. BUT Gid was a very charming character, and it was fun to hear the narrators thoughts about his thoughts. And Gids roommates were both very strong characters who you couldn't ...more
I absolutely hated this book. If I could have given it 0 stars, I would.

The whole plot of the book is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason the guy ends up liking her is because she's being someone she isn't. She's simply playing out the ideals and fantasies of one guy and disregarding the fact that he doesn't love her for who she actually is. She's coming across as manipulative and desperate rather than sweet, which I will assume Sarah Miller wanted the reader to think.

I probably would have gi
Sarah Snyder
I read this book a few months ago after I read about it on amazon. I read the beginning of the book on google books and then ordered myself a copy offline, because most bookstores don't carry it in store. I concept of the book sounded unique and the format of the book was very entertaining. The story is laid out as a mystery, where the reader has to try and determine who the narrator is. For the most part, I really enjoyed this book. Some parts were a bit predictable - especially who the narrato ...more
I love it. I guess I can see why some people don't LOVE this book, it's about a mystery girl who is, well, inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn. And some people think it doesn't portray what a guy really thinks. But that's not really what I paid attention to. I paid attention to the story and tried figuring out who the girl was. Of course, this was a reread but I still liked reading it KNOWING who the girl was. I didn't realize how much I missed Cullen and Nicholas. And Pilar, I love Pilar. And Gid ...more
i liked this book! it was cute but realer than most contemporaries are. the only thing that bugged me a bit, i would say, was the whole "this is the true thinking of boys" tone when it was written by a woman. i did really like it though! the characters were actually full, they had flaws but they remained lovable. definitely in a whole other league from the typical contemporary!
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