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3.51 of 5 stars 3.51  ·  rating details  ·  119 ratings  ·  44 reviews
Evil sisters, chores, and fairy godmothers may never change - but Cinderella does! When today's girl wants to find Prince Charming, she may need the help of a trash can, a copy machine, or even a glass sneaker. Will she still live happily ever after?
Paperback, 32 pages
Published April 1st 1997 by Puffin Books (first published January 1st 1994)
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Katie Carson
I really liked the modern application of the Cinderella story in this book. Minters did a nice job of characterizing Cinder-Elly into a modern day girl in New York City. Winning tickets to a basketball game rather than a ball, wearing a red miniskirt rather than a gown and turning a trash can into a bike rather than a pumpkin into a carriage all make this story relatable to current readers. I felt that the modernizations were done well without stereotypes or prejudices.
I particularly liked that
Cinder-elly is a cute and contemporary adaptation of the ageless classic, Cinderella. In this creative and urban post-modern rendition, Cinder-elly lives in New York with her parents and two mean sisters. The situation is as follows; there's a basketball game that Cinder-elly's mother permits only two sisters to attend. The entire rest of the plot is essentially true to the original including: a fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and a glass "sneaker". You can guess that this version ends with a ...more
Taylor Ford
Cinder-Elly by Frances Minters is an amazing modern take on the well known classic fairy tale Cinderella. In this version of the fairy tale, some qualities remain the same such mean sisters, and the excessive amounts of chores that need to be done. But instead of going to a ball in a gown with glass slippers, Cinder-Elly goes to a basketball game, in a red mini skirt and sneakers. She also turns a garbage can into a bike! Once she gets to the basketball game the rest of the story unfolds. I beli ...more
Rigoberto Gamez
The adaptation to this story is pretty nice. The story has basically the same plot, but there are differences. There is no ball in this story, instead there is a Basketball game. Also Cinder-Elly wear a mini skirt and sneakers instead of a fancy dress and slippers.

This story is a good way to get students to write variations of stories that they know. maybe some stories they don't like because they are too cheesy or predictable. Well with this book they can be inspired to recreate those stories.
(NS) Lisa
This is a wonderful up-to-date, city version of the classic Cinderella. It is written in poetry-style, in a humorous way. It is very funny and a really fresh view of the classic.
The story begins, Once upon a time, or so they tell me, there was a girl, called Cider-Elly. Cinder-Elly, or Elly lived with her parents and two sisters, Sue and Nelly, in New York City. Elly's sisters were very mean to her, and never included her in anything fun that they did. One day a note comes to the house inviting
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Cinder-elly is an updated version of Cinderella. Elly lives in New York City with her mother, father, and two mean sisters. One day all three sisters received free tickets to a basketball game. The two older sisters went and told Elly she could not go because she was too young and had nothing to wear. The mother agreed and said they only had enough money for two of the girls to go. After her sisters left Elly was visited by her godmother. Her godmother changed her clothes into hip clothes, chang ...more
Genre: Children’s, Folktale


In this slightly altered retelling of the Cinderella tale, Cinder-Elly is the main character suffering at the hands of her two sisters. Set in a modern time, Cinder-Elly wishes to attend a basketball game rather than the ball. All of her accoutrement match the current setting, a house in the city, a glass sneaker, and the “prince” as a star basketball player.

Using rhyme to tell the tale, each page moves with a cadence that is familiar and conducive to reading.
"Cinder-Elly" is the New York City version of the classic fairy tale. The story setting is urban and is told in a rhythmic poem format. Each page is filled with four line stanzas that rhyme. For the most part the story follows a similar plot as the original, but instead of a ball the girls go to a basketball game. Elly's godmother gives her glass sneakers for the game instead of slippers. She also turns a garbage can into a bike, rather than the carriage. One important difference to note is that ...more
Michelle Melchin
Cinder-Elly starts with the end pages. We see New York City and crowns. It gives an introduction to Cinder-Elly's story. Just from this we can conclude that the story takes place in New York City. All of the text is aligned on the left side of the page and the illustrations cover the right side and half of the left side. The borders in the book make the reader feel like they are looking in through a window, which makes you feel like a spectator in the story instead of being in the story. Mixed i ...more
Stephanie Jeanneret
This book is the tale of Cinderella with a more modern twist. Instead of going to a ball, Cinder-elly meets the prince at a basketball game. Her sisters are mean to her, just like in the classic, but they play video games and go shopping. It is basically a more up to date Cinderella story. At the end the sisters try to put the glass sneaker on, bit it doesn’t fit. Then Cinder-elly puts the show on and the prince takes her out. With a few changes the classic story is told very cute.
Lindsi Dawn
Could be one of the worst children's books I've read with my children, in the top 10 for sure. I think one of the worst parts about the book is her sisters are sisters and not step-sisters. They treat Cinder-Elly quite poorly, as well as the mother does. What is that teaching our children!? Aside from that the story was odd and felt like it was lacking overall.
Honah Miller
This is a more modern take on the fairy tale Cinderella, substituting the prince's ball, for a basketball game, and having it set in New York City. The structure of the illustrations alternate between full bleed images with no text and text on the left hand side in a poem like structure with bordered images on the right. Also on these pages there are floating images of different characters that appear to be in the "audience" with text of their own comments on the story, and other enhancing image ...more
A modern-day, urban version of Cinderella, complete with a poem that reads like a rap. The story was pretty good, but I wasn't sold on the illustrations.
Michelle Cropper
This is a modern day version of the Cinderella story. It's a cute story and my daughter liked it.
Katie Clark
This a fun remake of the classic Cinderella story that is set in modern day Manhattan. Elly is lives with her abusive sisters and rarely sees her mother. She meets Prince Charming who is basketball player and along with her sisters is invited to his game. With the help of her godmother she is able to go to the game and while there she falls for Prince Charming but she has to leave suddenly to make curfew. This is an interesting books for students to read to connect a story that was originally se ...more
 (NS) Maria
This story is about a girl name Cinder-Elly who is not treated fairly. Her sisters give her lots of work. One day, they all get invited to a basketball game, but Cinder-Elly doesn't get to go because she is too little. Cinder-Elly's godmother comes and and gives her nice clothes and a bike to go to the game. The Prince begins to have interest in Cinder-Ella after she catches the ball. Some problems begin to happen because Cinder-Ella needs to be home for her curfew. The prince begins to finds th ...more
This was a cute interpretation of Cinderella.

In this story, Cinder-Elly is supposed to be the urban version of Cinderella. Instead of going to a ball, she wants to go to a basketball game at school - but her sisters don't let her go.

It follows the story of Cinderella pretty closely. It's written as a rhyming book, so that is sort of fun. I would have liked to see more urban-ness in the book. Maybe she could have taken the subway or lived in a big apartment or something.
This tale was a modern day retelling of Cinderella. The story takes place in New York City. A sing-song rhyming pattern adds to the whimsical nature of this endearing tale. Instead of a ball, the sisters and Elly (with help from her godmother) go to a school basketball game. Just guess who charms the star player? First and second grade students will connect with this modern day setting. Students will have fun comparing and contrasting from the original Cinderella story.
Erica Roberson
This book was a very cute twist on the same-old Cinderella story. The book was written in a rhyming format, but I somehow felt the need to read it like a rap. The illustratoins were very good, and the words on the side included smaller pictures and small pictures of children. These children would say things like "poor Cinder-elly." This showed the thought in a stream-of-consciousness manner of how a child would read this book. These were a nice addition to the book.
Kelly Fulcher
As much as the story line was cute, the pictures were a jumbled mess. I liked the modern twist they added to Cinderella's story, where it's a girl meeting a boy at a basketball game. I liked that the Godmother gave her glass sneakers to wear to the game as well; it was a nice touch. However, the pictures were not as good. They looked like a bunch of watercolors just kind of slapped together. It was very distracting and did not make for a very good read.
Lisa Schwartz
Cinder-elly is a Cinderella version set in modern-day NYC. I think that it's rhyming format and changed Cinderella elements will really keep children interested. The ball is a basketball game, the prince is a basketball player, and Cinder-elly is not as helpless as the original. I found this book to be very entertaining and enjoyable. I liked how this version of Cinderella is very modernized and more relatable than the original version.
Read it to 2nd grade students and they really enjoyed it.
Allison Melowsky
An adorable modern-day version of Cinderella with Ciner-Elly, a girl in New York City. From royal ball to basketball game, this story is updated and fun. It's poetic nature makes it a potential poetry unit story, or a great comparison to the classic Cinderella story, a contrast that could be used at any grade level. For the younger ones, this would make a great read-aloud!
Fun and snappy urban update to Cinderella. I wish it didn't still focus on Elly getting the guy.
Lynette Wells
I liked how this gave a modern version of Cinderella. It brought it down to earth and it is something that can actually happen to kids now instead of the fairy godmother. I wasn't to fond of the illustrations of the story. I felt they could have been a little more elaborate. All of the pictures were framed with the text on the side of the picture.
Rll520a_Christina Coleman
Cinder-Elly lived in New York with her parents and sisters. Instead of a ball, there was a basketball game with Prince Charming playing on the team. Instead of having to return at midnight, her curfew was 9 P.M. Instead of a carraige, she rode a bike made from a garbage can. The Cinderella story in that she lost her glass boot and it only fit her.
Cinder-Elly is an amazing read! This books contains multicultural characters, and it also contains rhyming verses. This book is a fun read for children because the rhyming helps them to figure out the words easier! I would recommend this book to anyone child who is interested in princesses and princes! A overall fun read!
Yahya Han
This book is an updated version of Cinderella. Our main character lives in Manhattan and she still has a problem with her stepmother and stepsisters. In this story, she is going to a basketball game instead of a ball. She wears a glass sneakers instead of glass shoe and she is going there with a bicycle.
Anna Keegan
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought it was so interesting that it was a modern take on a classic story. It was cute and clever and easy to understand, for all ages. I think that Minters did an excellent job combining illustrations and text to tell a story that seemed to come alive.
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