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Acquainted with the Night
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Acquainted with the Night

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  1,130 ratings  ·  256 reviews
Dale despised the Terran military. He was drafted, not a volunteer. He never expected to get captured by the Algonquans and sold as a breeder pet, either. He only prays his new owner is kind and doesn't eat him. Then he meets fellow pet, Mark, who informs him getting captured was the luckiest day of their lives. Mark also hated the military and now spends his days in a lif ...more
Paperback, 224 pages
Published November 3rd 2010 by Siren Publishing, Inc. (first published August 20th 2010)
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Dec 21, 2014 EXHIBIT A rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to EXHIBIT A by: everyone
an accurate representation of my face and nether regions throughout the reading of this book:


shockingly free of self-consciousness, typographical errors, irony, plot, or restraint.

luckily, the whole MPREG-hormones-turn-military-dudes-into-screeching-old-women thing didn't happen until after a good 90 pages of some decent fapmatter.

—wait. fuck misogyny; if the golden girls ran into these dudes in an alley, only one group would make it out alive.

the one with orthopedic shoes.

....a story of mixed s
First up, there is some weird-ass shit in this book. No lie.

✓ humans as sex pets
✓ collars and ear tags
✓ dick milking machines
✓ eggs implanted in asses
✓ multiple... erhm... egg laying


This is a story with such an emotional punch it knocked me right off my feet.Is it for everyone? No, probably not. There is a lot of weirdness to digest to be able to get to the good stuff. But, for me, the weird stuff was more fascinating than off-putting. I love

I DNF after getting about half way through this book, and I feel guilty about it.. but I can't force myself to guilt read.
I also can't rate this book because... I can't even tell if I'd rate it a 2 or a 4.5. I have no idea.

Where to start.. Oh, by telling you there are SPOILERS afoot here... yes.

Was this the weirdest book I've ever read? I think so, yes. I've read a lot of books. Ones more fucked up, but this was by far the wei
MsMiz (Tina)
Bawled. Bawled. Bawled. Sniveled. Bawled some more. What a roller coaster this book was.

Some notes for those potential readers:

Do not read if you have a problem with:

1. Men as pets
2. Men as breeders
3. Men as breeders to aliens
4. Men with lots and I mean lots of sex with men (multiple partners does not even begin to describe some of the scenes)

Read if you like:

1. a story where the main theme is love. If a person is safe, loved, cared for, not lied to they can adapt (as well as overcome and thriv

Super solid 5-brilliant-stars!

Really loving this one so much. It sorta have everything in it yet it doesn't upset the story and the flow. This book pushes all the right buttons for me.

Angst = CHECK
Mpreg = CHECK - It does not shy away from conceiving and birthing parts too. Wow. One of a kind.
Breeding = CHECK - Aliens breeding humans non-consensual and consensual.
Menage = CHECK
Orgy/Group sex = CHECK
Slavery = CHECK
Pet/Master = CHECK
Loving Masters = CHECK
Pampered Pets = CHECK
Dubcon/Noncon = CHECK
Nothing is impossible...

This is an erotic book?

Yes and No.

Ok, let me start with why I think it's a VERY erotic book.
4 men and 1 alien.
Get it?
Oh yes... it's veeeeeery hot, and don't think twice if you are searching a menage book.

Now, why it's not. Simple: I cry, more than one time. My question is: how many times did you cry reading a erotic book? (sobbing, not just a little tear, huge sobbing scene, with someone asking if something is wrong).

So it's an erotic book, but it's also MUCH more than
Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
There were so so many things wrong with this book. The milking, the almost insta-love, the sex overload. But god. I didn't care. Not after I reached a certain point.

The way the story was told, in this reminiscent, almost wistful story telling tone-- as if, when he was telling this story, he was already dead and was just recounting the past-- made the book all the more sadder. Even the happiest part had this-- not detachment, but this feeling that something was going to come. I don't know, the fe
Quick one because I have to go to bed, because I am getting up at 3.45 am to go catch a plane.

This book sucked. It sucked like an iCum machine pulling 50+ orgasms a day out of a bunch of human breeders on horny-juice potion with deplorable cow-like-mentality (when they're not throwing tantrums like 4 year olds at the wrong people). The way these men are infantilized, or rather, insist on infantilizing themselves is beyond annoying. The way pregnancy and breeding and staying home, (barefoot and p
*****5 out of my mind stars*****

I promise you, you have never read a book like this before, and probably never will either, because what Tymber Dalton does in this book is just E-P-I-C.

There's a reason why Dalton is my favorite author. Only she can write a story like this, with all the crazy shit that's in this book and make it so... I don't know, natural? The setting and story is made so believable, so familiar. It's so profound, so beautiful, so scary, so aching, so sweet and so much love. Yes
According to Carlos Castaneda, Mexican shamans (among numerous other religious teachers and philosophers) teach that the most important fact in our lives is our inevitable death. Death is the single most unifying and motivating factor that exists. I know that one day, I will die. So will every single person that I love. And that has to be, and is, my motivation to get through life, to be strong in the face of a million self-doubts, to say yes to the things that scare me shitless.

By God, I should
Smith Barney
Never have I encountered such a curiously-imaginative story. A rather steady-flowing plot..slowly building in delicate finally a tender-hearted sentimental ending worthy of many bittersweet tears.

It's a poly-man-love sci-fi tale that primarily starts as a primary ménage later evolving into a quatre romantic love story. Interestingly it is not at all as one would expect given the rather garish-porno-looking cover and even goofier title. Obviously, very little thought was given to ma
Cole Riann
Second Read (8.26.12) - Still 5 stars!

After reading a book that was truly a chore to finish, I needed something safe to read that I knew I already loved. I've been meaning to read this book again since I first finished it last year. In fact, I suspect that I'll read this book many times in the future; I might even invest in a paperback. :)

Most of my feelings are the very same as the first time I read it. I did notice some places where this probably could have used a little work (mostly in the e
Holy balls. That was not what I was expecting at all. Seriously. Ignore the blurb. Don't worry about the whole MPREG thing. Don't focus on the multiple partner aspect. A fantastic love story. Talk about tears, man. That ending was so, so good.
Nov 21, 2013 Heather rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Heather by: Shannon
Oh my word. I was sobbing so hard I couldn't even read the epilogue.

I honestly thought this book was gonna be one of those books you just read because well, let's face it. Aliens, sex and Mpreg. You read it because of the outrageousness of the book, you don't expect to be caught up in a emotional whiplash!

Okay. So this book is weird. It's like way out in left field, twirling around and doing its own thing.
Mark and Dale. Epic love. They loved each other hard.

My only real issue was the language
Valentina Heart
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I have to admit I was bit skeptical about this book to begin with. I am very picky about my menage stories. However, I was amazingly and fantastically surprised with how good this book was. Dalton is a wonderful story teller and does a thorough and convincing job of world building. More importantly, she gets you to fall in love with her characters from the get go. Furthermore, I do not think I have cried this much when reading a book in ages.
"Love at the lips was touch
As sweet as I could bear;
And once that seemed too much
I lived on air..."

I wasn't expecting this book to be so emotional and I was reduced to a sobbing mess by the end of it. Its brilliantly imaginative and the best Sci-fi Fantasy I've read by a long shot.

And my god does it tick a lot of boxes!
Kat is a Glitter Pirate ☠
4 Good Boy Stars!

"Holy crap, were they part anteater?"

"Love Master, love his pets."

Well I wasn't expecting that.

I only started reading this because I wanted to be cheered up and as it sounded so ridiculous I thought/hoped it would do the trick.

It did. And them some.

This was batshit crazy and utterly absurd. But it was still oh so enjoyable.
I spent my time grinning, laughing, dry heaving, tearing up and being so turned on like you wouldn't believe. Seriously, I was in a perpetual state of horni
Lilia Ford
I found it pretty difficult to shake my skepticism for most of the story. It's structured to leave the plot feeling episodic--all sex occasionally interrupted by events--and there were aspects that felt thrown in there. (view spoiler) ...more
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Oh bloody hell! Miscalculated my friends' willingness to read about anal eggs and milking machines a bit... :/

Buddy read takers so far:
* Rachel
* Katie
* Jenn
* Angelica
* Christina
* Alice (reluctantly)
* Jenni (has potential :p)

*cough* DISCLAIMER: I will only read this in 2014 when I can find at least 5 friends who like to read along with me.. har har har! >:)

Why thank you for tirelessly reccing this book over and over to me, my friends. I vomited 3 times from reading the reviews
This had such an interesting twist on mpreg. I'm laughing because I'm comparing it to the more mainstream mpreg that I've read. Yanno, because mpreg is such a mainstream trope in and of itself. ;)

Lots and lots of sex here. I mean lots, so if you're looking to get your menage on with a side of alien then pick this one up. It was very relationship and personality driven with less of an emphasize on plot but I found the characters endearing and the master/pet dynamic worked very well.

About the end
Incredibly imaginative erotic m/m sci-fi from Tymber Dalton. Made me laugh and cry equally. Dog lovers beware (although no actual dogs are involved), this book will break your heart. I was reduced to a wrecked, snotty mess by the end of this novel. Highly recommended to fellow masochists!

'I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his bea
***D. KING*** Alvin

I'm utterly floored with this one. I need time to recover. Maybe lots of it.


After eating my lunch, I still haven't quite recover from this. XD

I enjoyed this immensely. And, it's not only hot and a romantic read. It made me also think. It f**ked my mind!
I mean, the Terran captives have 2 choices for them:
Be a sex pet or fight for life?
But for our hero (Dale) took the easy? route and acc
Tami (synchro from BL)
Contains spoilers!

This was the strangest mix: a M/M/M/M/Alien/Alien(father and son Alien!)-Kinkfest with literary aspirations and so much crying and sobbing and screaming and declarations of never ending love and drama/angst, that it count as one of the sappiest books I read in a long time.
A real strange mix. Add to that that the humans were hold as sex pets and breeders (m-preg).

For me it didn't work. I liked the 1st person narrators voice in the beginning, but the story didn't go anywhere, wh
Serena Yates
This is a great book which took me totally by surprise. I admit that I found it very hard to get into, most of the first half of it felt like a set-up for the rest. A very essential set-up, but I can only say that with the benefit of hindsight. I must admit that it didn't feel like it at the time of first reading it.

The whole situation the main character, Dale, finds himself in is just too weird for words. I think that may be why the author spent a lot of time and effort on explaining the detail
Writing was good. Biggest minus are characters.

Firstly, stereotyping. All muscled guys are brutes, aggressive and 100% straight. All smaller guys can be turned gay. Most (if not all, can't remember exactly) characters were straight and they all become gay or there was like an unbelievable coincidence that they all were actually gay. I imagine a reverse situation - all muscled gay men can be turned into straight sex & breeding machines. It doesn't work that way.

I hate the milking machine. M
Adrian Anderson
I have found Siren to be the publisher that tends to publish the crappiest books in the genre out there. And this pile of horse manure was no exception. Aside from the small text and LARGE margins in the PDF to swell the page count, what was there was hardly worth perusing, let alone reading. I agree with other reviewers - it is a hard book to read. Especially when in a 227 page book (well, less when you subtract the cover page etc.) there was mention of "milking" over 103 times.

Whoever wrote th

3.5 stars

You know it’s going to be over the top, right? Right? I mean, Dale, a young military tech, is captured by aliens and forced into non-stop breeding with lots of alien sex. And with the help of 24/7 cock milking machines, vibrating anal plugs… endless orgasms… (view spoiler)

Dale thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

Yeah. So many titillating tidbits, and others (fisting, stuffing, double penetration, whew). All that sans any humiliation factor
Kaje Harper
3.5 stars This book was MPreg done right in a technical sense. These were normal human guys and in the context of the alien biology and physiology, the preg was very well done. And it is a book about love and relationships, more than anything else, with an imaginative Sci Fi context. Human men, captured from the Terran military, find a home, love and sexual bliss (non-stop, pretty much) with each other and their alien Master.

The mechanics of control and stimulation of the human males were a bit
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Tymber Dalton lives in southwest Florida with her husband (aka “The World’s Best Husband™”) and too many animals. The two-time EPIC award winner is the author of over 65 books and active in the BDSM lifestyle she frequently writes about.

When she’s not writing or out shooting skeet with friends, she can be found doing line edits or reading or thinking up something else to write. You can drop her a
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“You wake up one morning to realize life has, literally, passed you by. Even though the living felt long and filled with happiness beyond measure, the reliving brings to mind how fleeting time is compared to the stars in the sky above us.” 3 likes
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