Lady of Avalon
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Lady of Avalon (Avalon #3)

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A new age is coming...The King will come...and he will rule forever in Avalon.

Through the generations the women of Avalon prepare for the coming of the Defender, the sacred king who will guard the old ways of the Britons and save their land from destruction. On the holy isle of Avalon, hidden in the mists between the world of Faerie and the world of men, they wait.

For Hi...more
Audio CD, Abridged, 0 pages
Published October 20th 2010 by Tantor Media (first published 1996)
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Although Bradley set up much of Avalon and Britannia in The Mists of Avalon, the stories in Lady of Avalon actually take place beforehand, and Bradley spends the first third of the book describing Avalon as it was before it was closed off in mists, and Britannia before Christianity had really taken hold. Because there are actually three stories told within the context of one novel, Bradley must introduce the reader to the changes that have taken place over time at the beginning of each new tale....more
Ronda  Tutt
More great stories by MZB. I enjoyed reading the three parts in this book. However, I have to say that this book along with Priestess of Avalon should of been one book but in chronological order so the reader can enjoy and understand the story instead of going back and forth between the books.

Part I of this book is the direct sequel to "The Forest House" and I really enjoyed reading about Caillean's foster son (Eilan & Gaius Macellius son) Gawan and the Fairy Queens daughter Sienna's trials...more
Things heat up. The plot gets more intense. Gwenwyhfar is an illogical, self-righteous little twat. Her theology is so propagandized and not really actually reasoned. I keep getting mad and wondering why somebody doesn’t just say, “You’re a bigot. Why are you so afraid and hating? The Roman Christians violently invaded this land, came and started a war, murdered the original inhabits into submission, and then have the audacity to say our culture and religion is evil????” And the way she judges...more
Robin Taylor
Lady of Avalon, continues Caillean's story from where we last see her in 'The Forest House'. With her vivid descriptive narrative and masterful story teller's art Marion Zimmer Bradley shows us a world as it may have been but touched by Magic. We see Avalon become the home of the priestesses of the great Goddess. Through the cycles of the year and the lives of three of Avalon's high priestesses, Caillean, Dierna and Viviane we see Avalon come to the destiny which is fulfilled in 'The Mists of Av...more
Following where The Forest House left off, Caillean flees with the young Gawen and establishes a life on the isle of Avalon. After that story comes to its end we follow Dierna and her young priestess Teleri. Then in the third part of the book, we get to watch the young Viviane (from the incredible Mists of Avalon) grow and we finally get a bit of insight into how she became what she was.

Perhaps the most slow-moving of the Avalon books I have read thus far... at times boring... at times leaving y...more
Estou satisfeita com este livro, gostei de o ler e consegui gostar de facto de uma personagem: Viviane.

Marion Zimmer Bradley não é de todo uma escritora de eleição para mim, pelo menos ainda não se revelou até à data. Felizmente tenho vindo a apreciar melhor as suas obras e a adaptar-me melhor a elas. Contudo, há algo demasiado frio, soturno e distante na escrita da autora que continua a afastar-me um pouco e são várias as vezes que dou por mim a divagar.

Este livro está dividido em três partes,...more
I didn’t love this half as much as I loved The Mists of Avalon and maybe that’s to be expected. Mists is as legendary as the subject of Arthurian legends itself and coming as a prequel, Lady of Avalon has plenty to live up to. Nevertheless, Marion Zimmer Bradley's talent for creating some of fantasy’s most powerful women is as formidable as ever in Caillean, Sianna and of course, Viviane. Her characters are complex, layered with the sublime and hence, prove to be all the more human when events t...more
Sofia Teixeira
Como sabem, antes deste livro já tinha lido os Corvos de Avalon e A Casa da Floresta. A curiosidade desperta em mim era tanta que fui a correr aproveitar o desconto de 25% no Jumbo e comprei este livro. Não estou nada arrependida. Apesar de não ser um livro muito muito apaixonante, foi um livro que mostrou imenso, explicou ainda mais e um livro da MZB é sempre um livro dela, principalmente nesta grande saga que é a de Avalon.
Uma das razões pela qual o livro não é excelente, e acredito que seja p...more
Drew Patrick Smith
Review from the PFS Book Club

What I Liked: This book, unlike the more popular The Mists of Avalon, is swift and uncomplicated. The characters are still interesting - it was especially nice to see Viviane's backstory, since she was one of the characters that made Mists so great, and the plot zings along at a breakneck speed.

The three-part book, basically a trilogy of novellas, is smart and different from most books on the shelves these days, so it was a nice change from the usual. And, in general...more
Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)
Mar 25, 2011 Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Readers who like historical novels of this period and the Arthur legend
I thought this would be the story of the Lady of Avalon, but it is much more than that. It is the story of the very essence of the legend of Avalon, not one Priestess but three of them, and of more than one incarnation of the mighty King that will come to save Britain. It is, like the previous book, a prequel to Arthur. The beliefs of the Druids and the worshippers of the Goddess come to life, the presence throughout centuries of the Faerie Queen who watches, and at times has a hand in history a...more
Lei é una sacerdotessa di Avalon: la più brava, ovviamente, e la più bella, ovviamente. E' anche la cocca della Somma Sacerdotessa, e nonostante la libertà sessuale di cui goda ha sempre un'idea dell'amore casta e pura, da educanda timorata di Dio (o della Dea). Vive ad Avalon, felice nonostante le terribili vicende capitate in passato, fino a che non arriva lui. Lui può essere condottiero, figlio della Somma Sacerdotessa, netturbino: tanto non ce ne importa nulla. Si divide equamente tra l'amor...more
wish i could give it 3 1/2 stars. better than "forest house" but not as good as "mists." does a good job of setting up "mists", though... I almost want to read "mists" again now (but then I remember how miserable I was reading it this last time just a couple of months ago).
Terry Calafato
Nonostante questa sia l'ennesima rilettura, questo libro continua ad emozionarmi, ancora, sempre negli stessi momenti della narrazione, che ovviamente ormai conosco e attendo con gioia o paura. Emozioni contrastanti perché ognuno degli episodi che compone questo capitolo del Ciclo di Avalon, contiene in sè gli stessi elementi di tragedia e speranza che permeano l'intera saga, ma stavolta - essendo la narrazione più coincisa, divisa com'è in 3 macrosequenze - tutto sembra essere più forte, più im...more

Entrada en el diario 1 de Faedyl desde City Bell, Buenos Aires Province Argentina en lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010
8 de 10

La historia de Arturo y por ende, la de Avalón, es un ciclo contado a través de eras y eras, de distintas formas.

Esta no es una más. Este es un relato contado desde las mujeres protagonistas. Una hermosa mirada de esta historia en donde la brujería es sólo una cuestión de ángulos. Donde la religión es vivida desde su forma más mítica y donde la tradición tiene un papel esencia...more
Lady of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley is a compilation of three novellas, each set in a different time period, and each with a different High Priestess or "Lady" of Avalon. Part one is a direct sequel to The Forest House and tells the story of how the protective mists that separate Avalon from the surrounding land were put in place by Caillean. Part two is about a priestess named Teleri who is compelled to marry a man she does not love in order to tie him to Avalon to ensure the safety of Brit...more
Laurie Saunders
I bought this one years ago but didn't touch it for a while. I came to it after re-reading the chapter about Mordred's birth in The Mists. The book was interesting but the whole cyclic theme quickly became a bit boring. I liked that MZB seems to tell the reader more about what the 'magic' is, but she doesn't always give the info in the best order. For example, she finally describes the summoning of the powers by the priestess towards the end of the book when it would have made more sense (to me)...more
Of the three Avalon books I have read ("Mists of Avalon", "Forest House," and "Lady of Avalon,") I have to say this ranked third in terms of my enjoyment.

This was the second prequel to "Mists of Avalon," the best in the series and one of the best things I've ever read. Of course Marion Zimmer Bradley's vivid imagery continues to shine, but I think the reason "Lady" was less enjoyable, was that far less happened in this book than in either of its predecessors. Often years (or hundreds of years)...more
The Arthurian legends have captivated us for centuries, with tales told of Camelot and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table that have captured your heart and imagination. Authors such as Bernard Cornwell (with his Warlord series), current writer MK Hume and TH White have all created their own interpretations on the historical legends and myths, that is distinctly separate from Marion Z Bradley’s work that is totally original. Distinctively unique the lady of Avalon follows on from a sp...more
After reading "Forests of Avalon", I just couldn't get enough and moved on to the next one in the series which I found I liked even better! If you haven't read "Forests of Avalon" yet, this review will contain spoilers!

With a time frame of hundreds of years, this books covers the time of three Ladies of Avalon. Picking up right where the former book left off, the story starts with Caillean and the beginnings of the Priestesses of Avalon, with Eilan's son Gawen as another important character. We...more
Sofia Wren
I cannot finish this book, which I have in audiobook form.

Three stories make up this book. The first I found unremarkable. I gave up halfway into the second.

I really wanted to read this book, because I loved the Mists of Avalon and Zimmer Bradley is very well renowned as an author.

It’s a tomb on my shelf sitting unread so I hoped an audiobook would make it more accessible. It wasn’t

The reading is by a well spoken woman who follows the steady tone of the book faithfully. This is a problem with t...more
This book was an unexpected find while I was browsing in the library, unaware there was a prequel to The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The book is split into three parts, three generations of the Priestesses of Avalon, and the Romans and soldiers who defended what was then called Britannia. I was put off at first because there is a long, three page list of characters who take part in the stories of each book. But I quickly found the author explains them so well in the plotlines, the...more
This novel takes us in leaps and bounds up to the beginningish of Mists Of Avalon. There are three parts which cover three timeperiods (quite separated) all falling between 96 AD - 452 AD. The first centres on Caillean who starts a new Sacred community out of the ashes of the old. But she is able to revert the customs to reflect more of the original plan, without the Roman influence. The next part is centered on Dierna. This part is so classic Bradley as the plans made to work the intentions of...more
Natacha Martins
Regressar à escrita encantada de Marion Zimmer Bradley é sempre bom, principalmente quando o tema é Avalon e toda a magia envolvida. E, mais uma vez, ao ler Marion Zimmer Bradley, sinto vontade de reler As Brumas de Avalon, que já li não sei quantas vezes. :) E esta vontade surge mesmo que, na minha opinião, A Senhora de Avalon, não seja o livro mais inspirado da autora. E a questão é mesmo essa, mesmo menos inspirado, o livro não deixa de ser muito bom! :)

Em A Senhora de Avalon, como muito bem...more
3 estrelas e meia por ser quase impossível não o compararmos com as "Brumas de Avalon" e perder pontos a favor deste.

Um pós-"Casa da Floresta" e pré-"Brumas de Avalon" e uma leitura obrigatória para os fãs. Constituído por três diferentes histórias e momentos distintos pelas gerações, unidos pela crença que essas vidas se reencarnam e pelos sentimentos e obrigações que daí fluem. Com a inspiração nas personagens históricas e na fantasia histórica da Inglaterra lendária ao qual MZB nos habituou t...more
Dec 20, 2007 Summer rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: die-hard Avalon fans
Forced out of Vernemeton (The Forest House), refugee Briton priestesses form a colony with a group of Christians to avoid persecution. But when the Christian leader Joseph of Arimathea dies, to be succeeded by the hard-liner Paulus, the priestesses are forced to push Avalon into a parallel existence to separate themselves from their new prosecutors.

The book contains three rather disjointed units, following Arthur's bloodline through the years. Most interesting to me is watching the people's rath...more
After reading two super depressing books, I was really eager to read Lady of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This is the book that ties together the stories in The Forest House and Mists of Avalon. I really liked it a lot. This story is broken up into three parts, each telling of the lives of three different High Priestesses of Avalon. I think my favorites were the first and third parts. The first part begins right after The Forest House ends, and the third part is all about Viviane - the Lady...more
Jessica Blanco
As most, I believe, I was attracted to this book because I am a huge fan of the Mists of Avalon series. As I had read already some of the reviews, I was not expecting it to be as good as the Mists, so I did not really raise my expectations. The book is divided in three stories. While reading the first one, I started to get a little bored with the extended descriptions of the not so exciting life at Avalon and all the pagan rituals performed. I felt that the rhythm of the first story was a little...more
I found in this book what I had been looking for in MZB's other works: an authentic expression of sisterhood, of women working together in their power instead of manipulating and destroying. There's plenty of shenanigans and scheming, to be certain, but there's a pleasant counterpoint in some of the most moving and beautiful writing of childbirth I've ever encountered. MZB doesn't shy away from the unpleasant aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, but she finds a way to capture so eloquently the w...more
Feb 07, 2009 Cassandre marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy
Quatrième de couverture
L'inoubliable saga des Dames du Lac, prolongée dans Les Brumes d'Avalon, nous faisait revivre l'histoire du roi Arthur, depuis sa naissance sous l'égide de Merlin jusqu'à la mort du roi-héros et à sa mystérieuse translation dans l'île d'Avalon. A la fois finale et prologue de cette vaste épopée, ce volume nous ramène aux sources de la légende. En ce temps-là, les légions de Rome prennent pied sur le sol de Grande-Bretagne. Face à elles, un peuple farouche et désuni va se f...more
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Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.

Born on a farm in Albany, New York, during the Great Depression, she began writing in 1949 and sold her first story to Vortex magazine in 1952. In 1965 Bradley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Te...more
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The Mists of Avalon (Avalon, #1) The Forest House (Avalon, #2) Priestess of Avalon (Avalon, #4) The Firebrand Darkover Landfall (Darkover, #1)

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