Taken at the Flood: Hercule Poirot Series, Book 27
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Taken at the Flood: Hercule Poirot Series, Book 27 (Hercule Poirot #27)

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A full-cast dramatisation of Agatha Christie's novel featuring Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot.

Gordon Cloade is killed in a London air raid, and his vast fortune passes to his young wife Rosaleen. Five of his relatives are desperate to get their hands on Cloade's money, and Rosaleen begins to fear for her life. The prospects for the Cloades improve when they discover that Ro

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Published September 10th 2010 by AudioGO (first published 1948)
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mark monday
Choose Your Own Adventure!

Your name is Lynn Marchmont, and you have come home from the war. Home to your predictable village of Warmsley Vale, your predictable fiancé David, your predictable little life all laid out in front of you. Once upon a time, you loved it all.

You secretly long for the war: the excitement, the medical emergencies, the thrills and the danger. Instead you must contend with your tiresome upper crust family, their sudden loss of fortune, the scheming, that strange feeling of...more

Then came a change, as all things human change.
--Tennyson, "Enoch Arden"

Interesting way to construct a mystery -- all the characters are plausible as the murderer! Great twist(s).

Point off for having one of the worst of generally-weak classic mystery romances. (view spoiler)...more
Diana Cahill
This is a pretty good Christie mystery, but the character development at the end was such a betrayal. I felt personally offended. I should probably not get so involved in the characters, but still, I'm taking away a star out of spite.

Suggestion: don't read the last 3 pages. You'll be a happier person, and still know the end of the mystery.


The thing that was different and that ought not to be different was herself. P14

Was that really and truly what people were secretly feeling everywhere? W...more
"When you caught hold of me by the throat and said if I wasn't for you, no one should have me - well - I knew then that I was your woman!"

Be still my wife-beating heart.
On my second tour with Agatha Christie -- in middle age as opposed to high school -- I find that I am preferring Miss Marple's psychology to Poirot's little grey cells. The mystery itself was interesting, but the female characters appalled me. I could not believe a woman would write such an ending!
Laurel Young
(I think I can do this without spoilers, but there might be one or two mild ones). I have no idea why the title was changed from "There is a Tide..." to "Taken at the Flood" for the American edition; both are lines from the same haunting quotation from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and provide a motif throughout this fine post-WWII mystery. An English village seething with homicidal impulses plus Poirot equals a classic Christie. I felt thoroughly outfoxed at the end, for surely this novel takes t...more
عبَّاد ديرانية
أفضل ما يمكن قوله أنها رواية لم تنل ما تستحقّ من الشهرة.. فقد تكون جميع أعمال أغاثا كريستي معروفةً على ناطقٍ واسعٍ بطبيعة الحال، إلا أن ركوب التيار تحديداً لم تلقى تقديراً خاصاً من النقاد. ربما يكون ذوقي في الروايات غير اعتياديٍّ إلى حد ما، لكن بالنسبة لي... فإن هذه الرواية هي أفضل أعمال أغاثا كريستي على الإطلاق.

أروع ما في الرواية ليس جانب الجريمة، إنَّما الجانب الإنساني، وطريقة الصّراع "من تحت الطاولة" الجاري بين أفراد العائلة. تتميز الرواية بجوّ مثيرٍ للغاية لا مثيل له، خصوصاً في النزاع المتصا...more
Sean Kennedy
I was really enjoying this - in fact, I was thinking it was the best Poirot I had read - but then there was a three page epilogue which was COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT which undid every bit of characterisation and plot that had preceded it.

Christie had her 'heroine' go back to the man who had tried to murder her, with the immortal lines "When you caught hold of me by the throat and said if I wasn't for you, no one should have me - well - I knew then that I was your woman!"


I know,...more
Nikki Nielsen
Gordon Cloade marries a beautiful young widow, and several weeks later is dead. He is killed in the London Blitz and the now twice-widowed Mrs. Underhay finds herself in soul posession of the incredible Cloade family fortune. His death, however, is not the mystery.

The mystery begins when Mr. Cloade's sister-in-law pays a visit to Hercule Poirot. She insists she has been warned by 'spirits unknown' that Mrs. Underhay's first husband is in fact still alive. Poirot finds himself more mystefied by...more
Ivonne Rovira
Jan 28, 2014 Ivonne Rovira rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Ivonne by: Mark Monday
Demobilized W.R.N. Lynn Marchmont returns to her home village Warmsley Vale. Lynn has been much changed by World War II, somewhat missing the adrenaline of the war, and she returns to a much-changed prospects for the future. Her millionaire uncle, Gordon Cloade, died in London during the Blitz shortly after marrying a 25-year-old Irish widow, the erstwhile Rosaleen Underhay. At her irascible brother’s direction, the new Mrs. Cloade begins to cut off the many Cloade relatives who were long encour...more
Erin Bartos
I really liked this book, it was written in non-typical Agatha Christie style. It didn't start by someone showing up to Poirot, telling their story, and then he does all his investigating. You get to see the background of all the characters, and once again, she caught me off guard. I was kept guessing till the end and it wasn't the way I thought it would be.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Nancy Oakes
In 1944, as the German bombs are falling, Hercule Poirot is safely ensconced in the Coronation Club, when he first hears of the Cloade family. It seems the family patriarch & millionaire, Gordon, was killed when a bomb hit his London home, but his young wife was spared. As it turns out, the wife had previously been married to a Robert Underhay, who had mysteriously disappeared in Africa and was presumed dead. Two years later, Poirot receives a strange visit from one of the Cloade family of...more
I like almost everything "Hercule Poirot" but this one has to be one of my favorites. I listened to the audio book read by Hugh Frasier, and it was well done. Hugh Frasier is actually the actor who played Hastings in the PBS mystery Poirot series starring David Suchet. And I have to say, he does a pretty decent Poirot as well.

Ms. Christie, once again, weaves an intricate tale, starting with little tidbits of background information regarding the mystery and the characters. There is considerable...more
Before writing this review, I realized that I was facing some inner conflict on Taken at the Flood. Because when I compare it to the typical Poirot mystery which I am so fond of, it pales. But it only pales as a Poirot mystery (because he's barely in it). Forget about Belgian detectives. Forget even about Agatha Christie. Step back to see the larger picture, and you'll be surprised to find an excellent book on its own. Christie reminds the reader that she can write other books in addition to chu...more
قال بوارو : ان الدنيا اصبحت مكاناً صعباً لا يعيش فيه الا الأغبياء!

رواية بوليسيه ، ذكرتني بحلقات كونان ^^ ممتعه جدا واحداثها متشبكة
تتكلم عن : السيده روزالين ترث كل ثروة زوجها جوردن كلود بعد وفاته فى الحرب لأنه لم يترك وصيه وهذا يؤثر فى أقاربه
الذين فى أشد احتياج للمال . فتُرتكب جريمة قتل من أجل ذلك

تتشابك فيها خصال البشر ، من حب المال الشديد الذي يدفع للقتل احياناً كثيرة
(رغم محاولاتي لتخمين القاتل ومعرفة الاحداث النهائية فلم انجح في ذلك

رواية جميلة بقاتل غير متوقع كعادة أغاثا فيما تكتبه .

جمل أعجبتني :
* في حياة الناس تيار ، إذا استغل قاد إلى الحظ و الغنى ، فإذا ما أهدرة الفرصة ستكون رحلة الحياة كلها محكومة بالشقاء و العيش في الظلال ، و في مثل هذا البحر الزاخر نبحر الآن ، فإما أن نركب التيار حين يخدمنا المد ، أو نخسر الرهان .

*نعم ، المد يجرف و لكن مقابل المد جزرا ربما جرف المرء إلى أعماق البحار

* لكن ذلك لم يكن بالطبع الجواب الذي تريده ، فالحقيقة أن سؤالها كالكثير من الأسئلة غيره كان مجرد عبارة بيانية ص15

*( روعها عزوف عقلها عن تح...more
Taken at the flood is my first Agatha book and if this is like any of her other work then it may become my last. Why? Oh man! I have read few crime driven novels. Have watched many detective series and have a flair for mysteries myself but this book robbed me off my chance for a great read. I completed this book based on two whole reason. One I had to finish it for a challenge and second I wanted to know what motives and means would be provided later at the end of story. The End ! By God ! I kus...more
Perry Whitford
When wealthy Gordon Cloade is killed in an air raid near the end WWII his extended family are left in turmoil. Childless himself, Gordon had always financed the ventures and future dreams of his siblings and made them dependent of his largesse, but now they will all have to fend for themselves.
For just before he died he had married a young woman named Rosaleen who survived the blast, alongside her brother, David. All Gordan's money goes to his widow and the contemptuous David, leaving the Cloade...more
Aya Ammar
The mystery is well-constructed and interesting. I liked the novel in general, but the last chapter was very problematic. Lynn returns to someone who has tried to kill her just a few days ago and says it's the reason she wants to marry him. That was really messed up, and the fact that Poirot didn't tell the police about this behavior is even more upsetting. The attempted murder was treated as something normal and the author wanted us to sympathize with him since the action was out of love. This...more
Michael A
A short review for a short book.

It's a typical Christie set-up: relatives fighting over will money, love triangles, actors playing roles. She has done all this in better books, to much greater effect and with more innovation. Also, this time the book spends way too much time setting up the puzzle -- half of it is entirely devoted to getting a murder to take place. The less Poirot is in the book, the less enjoyment I generally get out of it. It isn't nearly as twisty or suspenseful, either, as h...more
This one started out a little slow for me. I don't love it when an author takes forever getting to the actual murder. However, the ending fitted together so nicely that it completely redeemed the opening pages.

You really don't need to read further...

It's odd, the last Poirot book I read was exactly opposite... I loved the build-up, the setting and all of the characters so much and then the ending felt so tacked on. Very disappointing. That one (Mrs. McGinty's Dead) got 3 stars but I would say 6...more
James Swenson
I like the Poirot mysteries, but in this one, it took much too long for Poirot to enter the action, Hastings is absent entirely, and I found the other characters hard to distinguish. Oh -- and the romantic epilogue is appalling -- absolutely the opposite of the happy ending Dame Christie seems to have meant it to be.
Não é para menos que Agatha Christie é considerada a Dama do Crime.

Mais uma boa história e desta vez o final surpreendeu-me. Não estava mesmo nada à espera da reviravolta final.

Embora seja um dos mistérios de Poirot, este só surge no meio da história e o seu papel não é (para mim) um dos melhores.
Kagura Chan
Agatha Christie, je ne m'en lasse pas,"Le flux et le reflux" n'est certes pas le plus astucieux de notre grande dame du crime, mais il reste un bon roman; ordinaire un peu.
Et comme un ordinaire roman d'Agatha Christie, qui dit Hercule Poirot dit meurtre, qui dit meurtre dit coupable et qui dit coupable dit Amour/argent et une belle jeune veuve.
Une belle veuve, une famille lésée, un chantage : tous les ingrédients d'une bonne intrigue classique.
Au début, on se retrouve face à un vrai fouilli de...more
Taken at the Flood - Agatha Christie
audio version performed by Hugh Fraser

3 stars
At first I was very attracted to this post WWII, Poirot mystery. I liked that Christie worked details of the war and it’s aftermath into her story. The plot is complicated with many characters and the usual red herrings. I liked the literary introduction of an ‘Enoch Arden’ character with its resulting complications. There were some surprises and a satisfying conclusion for at least one of the evil doers.

Taken at the Flood is somewhat different than usual Christie mysteries because it has so many characters in the story and story is complex compared to her usual books. One has to pay attention to get to know what's going on with all the characters in the book and I guess that might be the reason many readers found this book weird because it is difficult to keep track of everything that goes on in the story almost until the very end. Unlike Christie's few other books with vast characters (And The...more
گوردون کلود با یک بیوه جوان و زیبا ازدواج میکند، و او چند هفته بعد میمیرد، ... بقیه داستان
Gail Jaitin
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Trudy Pomerantz
Agatha Christie Lovers' Book of the Month (August 2014) As a lover of Agatha Christie, there are very few of her novels that I don't enjoy. However, this was one that I particularly enjoyed. I felt that there were enough clues given throughout the book to be able to solve the mystery which is not always the case. Although, I remembered having read the verse (There is a tide in the the affairs of man) many many years ago (35?), it has been so many years that I remembered nothing else about the my...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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