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El gran día de la señorita Pettigrew
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El gran día de la señorita Pettigrew

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  6,281 ratings  ·  1,037 reviews
El título de esta encantadora novela alude a las veinticuatro horas más inolvidables en la vida de la señorita Pettigrew, una solterona pobre y sin nadie a quien recurrir. Su vida empezará a cambiar cuando, por un error de la agencia de contratación, empieza a trabajar para Delysia Lafosse, una glamurosa cabaretera que no hace más que meterse en líos. Contra todo pronóstic ...more
Paperback, 263 pages
Published 2008 by Espasa (first published 1938)
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I bought this book after having seen the movie and, as is so often the case, the book is much, much better than the film. While I enjoyed the movie very much, I loved this book and flew through it.

Miss Pettigrew has been repressed and oppressed and one day, after meeting Delysia LaFosse, throws her convictions to the wind and decides to enjoy herself. She has the best time of her life, makes tons of new friends, becomes a sort of "fixer" for Delysia and her degenerate crowd, earns the admiratio
This sweet little cute little naughty little novel from 1938, with its nudity, its cocaine and its multiple sexual partners (all before page 20) unfortunately throws me into the old quandary which goes – what if you're in the middle of a grand evening with some of your best pals and you're as happy as Larry, whoever he was, having a great time, and then one of them out of the blue makes a racist remark?
What do you do? Stop the party? Denounce your friend? Turn a lovely evening into a memorable h
Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

This is a seriously old fashioned and charming adult fairy tale, and I mean that in the best way. Reading it is much like being transported into one of those classic black and white comedies starring Myrna Loy or Cary Grant; very stylish, slapdash and engaging, but with little substance. I feel that the recent movie adaptation added that much needed substance perfectly, which is why I'll classify the book version of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day much like I do for
Jan 03, 2015 Mo rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Highly Recommended

My Favorite Book read in 2014

Did you ever get 15 – 20 pages into a book, and your whole body starts to quiver slightly, because it starts to dawn on you that you MAY just be reading a 5 star book? And you glance at the clock, and do the math (it will take you x number of hours to read this book) and decide you’d better clear your calendar for the next day. And then a truly horrible thought leaps into your mind - that if you were a widow you would not have to stop reading this book in order to ma
I was supposed to be doing homework, but I chose to spend an hour finishing Miss Pettigrew instead. I regret nothing.
The book is charming, and so is the movie. See and read both versions for full appreciation - read the book because it's fun, silly, and just a nice read overall. This was chick lit before chick lit was even a real genre. If that makes sense at all. See the movie because Frances McDormand is Miss Pettigrew, and it is perfect. The film also features Lee Pace, aka Clive Owen's Hott
I hesitated over giving this book five stars. "It's fluff," I told myself. "This is not a Literary Masterpiece. It's a fun novel. It's frivolous. How can I give something so frivolous five stars?" I summed up the plot in my head to see if some Serious, Important aspect of the novel had slipped past my notice. It hadn't. The book was exactly as promised (in some review, somewhere, I'll find it later): a champagne comedy. Sweet, bubbly, light.

It was then that I recalled a similar description had b
I feel elated! All I wanted from life was a book about people whom I liked, people with whom I could possibly identify with. I wanted to look at a character and see their admirable qualities reflected in me. This is that book.
The movie is beautiful, sweet and romantic, ao I doubted the source material, especially given my recent experences. But oh, I was wrong! I should have trusted this author and this book.
This story is by a woman, about women and for women. It's empowering, and it lifted the
Elli (The Bibliophile)
This was such a cute, charming read! I really enjoyed reading this novel. I found it clever and funny and just very pleasant! I especially enjoyed the illustrations peppered throughout the story, I found they really added to the charm of the novel.

Written in 1935 and originally published in 1937, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is set in a between-the-wars London that is a mixture of 1930's unemployment and a 1920's glamorous and free-wheeling lifestyle. Poor Miss Pettigrew, a "very bad" governess who is getting on in years, has one last chance to secure employment for herself before she loses her home and must rely on the workhouse to keep her alive. Chance brings her to the door of Miss Delysia LaFoss, a nightclub singer and 1920's style ...more
A charming bit of fluff, a period piece with the class blinders might one expect, utterly, utterly beguiling.
Arme Miss Pettigrew, als Gouvernante im London der 30er Jahre ist sie nicht wirklich zu gebrauchen und wenn sie bis zum nächsten Tag keine feste Anstellung hat, setzt ihre Vermieterin sie vor die Tür. Da führt sie das Schicksal, zu der lebensfrohen und verruchten Delysia LaFlosse und wie durch Zauberei wächst Miss Pettigrew über sich selbst hinaus und startet in den aufregendsten Tag ihres Lebens.
Wer sich nicht in Miss Pettigrew und ihre neue Freundin Miss LaFlosse verliebt hat das Träumen verle
L'ho comprato per il titolo.. e perché la Beat aveva il 25% di sconto.
Mai mai mai mi sarei aspettata di trovarmi di fronte ad un romanzo del 1937 e di amarlo così profondamente, tanto da sentirne la mancanza appena finito.. E' per questo che il libro gravita sulla scrivania da qualche giorno e non è tornato al suo posto.. Mi piace che mentre sto facendo altro lo vedo, mi scappa un sorriso e mi rileggo alcune parti :))
Già a metà lettura ho cominciato a consigliarlo a destra e a manca e sono anche
Maya Siu
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, written in the 1930's, has the feeling of a great old movie: nostalgic, retro, and classic. The book follows Miss Pettigrew, a middle-aged London governess, as she is send by her governess agency to the wrong address to the home of night club singer/actress Delysia LaFosse, who is having some troubles keeping her head on straight and managing her three relationships. As the story unfolds, Miss Pettigrew fends off Delysia's many boyfriends, smokes cigars, gets a ma ...more
This is another rare book where I prefer the movie. The prose is fun and easy to read, but I am glad that in the movie we don't get to hear Miss Pettigrew's thoughts, because I didn't like her character as much in the book. I do feel sorry for her because of her downtrodden existence, but she comes across as a sort of Forrest Gump character who manages to solve all sorts of problems by sheer accident, or by simply saying something when she isn't really sure what is going on. Also, the book is ti ...more
Lydia Presley
My first thought when I finished this novel was: I'm going to buy this book.

My second thought was: I want to live in this book.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a very simple, very neat, very dialog-heavy book spanning a little over 200 pages. There are several characters you get to know throughout the book, but the most prominent are Miss LaFosse and Miss Guinevere Pettigrew.

There are no two characters more different. Miss LaFosse is everything you picture a young, careful actress living in 193
A charming novel written in 1938 about a frumpy, down on her luck governess who’s sent by mistake to apply for a job as a lady's maid for a singer. The singer immediately takes her into her confidence and Miss Pettigrew spends the next 24 hours helping the lovely artiste and her friends with their love lives, being made over and being surprised at her own attractiveness, going to a party and night club, and emerging with a new life. The original pen and ink drawings add to the appeal.
There's a p
Any review I write will inevitably spoil the freshness of this book. "Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day" is the Cinderella story of a dowdy British governess who, by a chance appointment, discovers the glamorous dazzling nightlife of London in the 1930s, and in the process, herself. I wish I could hug Guinevere Pettigrew, and doubt that the 2008 movie will stand up to the endearing characterizations Watson sketches.
Linda C
Governess Guinevere Pettigrew is about out of luck, steps from going to the workhouse, when the employment agency gives her the address for a possible position. When she arrives she finds an elegant apartment, no sign of a child, and a lady just arisen and frantic to get her lover out the door. Miss Pettigrew gets him to leave by some tricky verbal maneuvering and so begins a day that changes her life. Before Miss Pettigrew can explain why she is there, Miss Delysia LaFosse, nightclub singer, ex ...more
Rachel Crooks
"'Such a day!'" said Miss LaFosse. 'Everything went wrong and everything went right. But I daren't think what would have happened if you hadn't come.'"

Three stars because this book is like treating yourself with a cappucino. It is all froth and adventure...

...but there is a part of me that is wondering whether to agree with all of it. Miss Pettigrew has spent her life as a nursery governess, shut in, supposedly by the principles of virtue. Then one day, as she ventures out to seek a new post wit
Miss Pettigrew has spent her life serving other people’s children. She has been starved of both nourishment and love, and now has lost another position. She’s down to her last hope when divine intervention sends her to Miss LaFosse. Miss Delysia LaFosse is a singer with the unfortunate problem of having too many suitors and not enough willpower. From the moment of Miss Pettigrew’s arrival, she begins to aid Miss LaFosse in getting her life straightened out. In return, Miss LaFosse introduces her ...more
Miss Pettigrew approaches middle age as a failed governess, position after position has ended in failure and she goes to the employment agency in fear and trembling of being turned away. She is desperate for a new position; a new position is, she fears, the one thing which stands between her and the workhouse. When the lady at the agency mixes up two possible positions, and sends nursery governess Miss Pettigrew after a position as a ladies maid to a glamorous nightclub singer, she inadvertently ...more
This charmingly written story follows the life of a down-and-out governess over the course of a single 24-hour period as she learns about kindness and friendship.

The book opens with the lovable but dowdy Miss Pettigrew at the unemployment office, looking for work. It follows her as her life collides with that of Miss LaFosse, a kind but childish nightclub singer. Miss LaFosse’s life is a tangle of love knots and a source of constant drama. Over the course of the day, Miss Pettigrew and Miss LaF
Naughty but sweet as pie, this book was an incredibly pleasant surprise. This wasn't on my radar at all; I've never seen the movie, and didn't even know it was based on a book at all. I picked it up completely at random, because I thought the cover was cute. But I ended up being totally captivated, to the extent where I'm considering putting this in my favorites list now. The (unbelievably implausible) plot involves a virginal, drab and ultra-proper middle aged British governess, circa the 30s, ...more
(I'll admit it: I saw the movie first. Sometimes these things can't be helped.)

Everything about this book was delightful and frothy. My copy has a lovely painting on the cover, a brief history of the novel and its reprinting on the back, the original illustrations throughout, a glowing introduction from a long time-fan... and the novel itself.

Miss Pettigrew is described as living a Cinderella story, and that's pretty much dead on. She's a dowdy, cowed governess who isn't good with children who f
What a delight this book was. I knew it would be lighthearted and fun. I was right. I love all the details that only women understand, like the clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup and shoes. These are delivered in abundance in Miss Pettigrew. All the characters are endearing, especially Miss Pettigrew herself who is so sweet and has had such a long, dull, miserable life untill the day she accidentally met Miss LaFosse. She has a wonderful exciting day handling the man problems of Miss LaFosse a ...more
Jane Stewart
4 ½ stars. Charming, feel good, sweet, uplifting story with a touch of romance. This is for women.

Set in London around 1938. The first half is surprising and delightful. I loved the way shy, reserved, down on her luck governess pretends to be confident and slightly arrogant in order to creatively solve some problems for two other women. There is a girl power element. There are friendships forming. And transformation. The Daily Mail comment sums it up well “everyone, no matter how poor or prim or
People have commented that this book is light, or “lite,” and indeed, it’s basically a romantic comedy. But the life of gay frivolity that it depicts is well balanced by allusions to the life of hardship Miss Pettigrew endured before she met Miss LaFosse. And those hardships were real for so many women of her class, especially spinsters and widows, who were often forced to live in genteel poverty because of lack of choice and opportunity in education and career. I loved watching Miss Pettigrew a ...more
Probably more like 4.5 stars because there are some racist slurs tossed around casually (and also it's a very pre-feminism novel in that there's a lot of emphasis on how men improve women's lives. But I do have to counteract that with saying that Miss Pettigrew is one of the best female characters I've encountered. She is very sheltered and repressed but makes a point to put aside her fear and try new things and she emerges all the better for it.) It's also lacking the WW2 subplot that is presen ...more
What a treasure of a book. My dearest friend bought me this book for birthday a year ago, and though I have only now got round to reading it.
Miss Pettigrew is such a wonderful character and she sets the tone of the book beautifully. Her way of seeing and bringing about events made her a very powerful lady. In the beginning she was a most unhappy lady, but meeting Miss LaFosse brings about such a chance to insight change in both the ladies lives.
The book was amusing, charming and had some glori
Ok, here I am, 70% into the book, which I was finding mostly delightful. And there comes this "I wouldn't advise marrying him. I don't like to jump to conclusions but I think there was a little Jew in him. He wasn't quite English. And well, I do think when it comes to marriage, it's safer to stick to your own nationality."
Shall I ignore this and finish the book?

I finished it and mostly liked it. If it weren't for words like "dago" or such, I would have given it four stars. An enjoyable cozy stor
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Winifred Eileen Watson (20 October 1906 - 5 August 2002) was an English writer. She is best known for her novel, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which was adapted into a major motion picture of the same name (released in 2008).


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Odd Shoes (1936)
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (1938)
Upyonder (1938)
Hop, Step, Jump (1939)
Leave and Bequeath (1943)

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“Odd, said Miss Pettigrew conversationally, 'the undermining effect of flowers on a woman's common sense.” 16 likes
“All the men send you orchids because they're expensive and they know that you know they are. But I always kind of think they're cheap, don't you, just because they're expensive. Like telling someone how much you paid for something to show off.” 3 likes
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