Pet prijatelja u cirkusu
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Pet prijatelja u cirkusu (Famous Five #5)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  5,830 ratings  ·  86 reviews
Djeca mogu izabrati kamo će na odmor. Upoznaju dječaka Nobbyja te odlučuju iznajmiti kamper i krenuti za cirkusom. U cirkusu rade Dan i Lou koji su jako neprijateljski raspoloženi prema njima. Odluče otići u planine, ali ni tamo nisu sigurno od opasnog para...
Hardcover, 193 pages
Published 1990 by Mladinska knjiga (first published 1946)
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Eustacia Tan
It's official. At heart, I am a big fan of the cozy mystery. While deciding what books I should read for this challenge, I quickly decided on a trip down memory lane, reading what was my favourite childhood mystery series (and my favourite childhood author) - Five Go Off in a Caravan.

The Famous Five (Julian, Dick, Anne, George and faithful Timmy) are on yet another summer holiday (They're always having holidays). This time, they decide to go on a caravan trip and follow the Circus. Of course, it...more
D.M. Dutcher (Sword Cross Rocket)
Five kids with incredibly lax parents are allowed to take a horse-drawn motor home and enjoy a vacation on the lake by themselves. No seriously. I thought at first the caravan would be more like a vardo-a gypsy wagon-but no, it's a regular airstream-style thing with electricity. Anyways, they run into a traveling circus, make friends with a scrappy lower-class sidekick, and get involved in a mystery.

Highlights include the sidekick's pet chimpanzee trying to violently murder in the face the two a...more
Jake Collins
Standard Famous Five fare with some surly circus folk and a cache of stolen goods.
Dani Noviandi
Berkelana. Itulah judul buku Lima Sekawan nomer lima ini. Sebenarnya judul asli buku ini ialah Go Off In A Caravan. Entah mengapa unsur “karavan” di judul aslinya dihilangkan dan diganti dengan judul Berkelana, yang sama sekali kurang mencerminkan apa dan bagaimana Lima Sekawan kita ini berpetualang.

Ada yang baru di buku ini, Lima Sekawan kali ini berlibur musim panas di kediaman Julian, Dick dan Anne. Ini adalah liburan musim panas ketiga anak-anak tersebut setelah pertama kalinya mereka dipert...more
David Sarkies
This is the first Famous Five book where they do not begin their adventure at or near Kirrin Cottage and Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny do not make an appearance. In fact, this is the first book where the children's mother and father make an appearance, though it is only a short appearance at the beginning. They don't actually have names, despite George not actually needing to refer to them, though I notice she does not address them by any title (and in a way does not need to).
In this one the fi...more
Big Book Little Book
Helen for Big Book Little Book

I devoured the Famous Five books when I was a child, so when I spotted this in Oxfam I felt a trip down memory lane was in order. It was very much how I remembered it and I still enjoyed it. Of course my adult eyes do read things a little differently it’s not all as perfect as I used to think, I mean who would let four kids (at least if they are supposed to be between 10 and 14 years old) go off alone in a caravan these days?!

In this story the Five go off on hols i...more
"Five go off in a caravan" was my absolute favorite Five book. I mean, the kids get to go off on their own in horse drawn caravans, and spend time with a chimpanzee and see all the animals in the circus! They get delicious food from a farm, and go swimming whenever they want! To me, it sounded like the best adventure ever, and I longed to join them.

I always felt so sorry for Nobby, getting beaten by his Uncle Lou. Reading it now, it seems a horrible case of child abuse, but reading it as a child...more
Emily Smith
The Famous Five:
Five Go off in a Caravan

The famous five is made out of Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy. Julian is the eldest out of all the children, being twelve in the beginning of the series. He’s usually the leader in all of the five’s activities and adventures. Dick is Julian’s younger brother, who’s eleven at the start of the series. He’s very cheeky and is protective of his younger sister Anne. Anne is the youngest out of all of them, being a year younger than Dick and George. She us...more

“ The Famous Five: five go off in a caravan” Book review

The famous five is a series of books written by Enid Blyton about four children and a dog, who go on really awesome adventures. In this series of the famous five, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy. They go on a caravans to a circus camp that was recomended by a boy called Ned. In the camp, they stumble across two mean circus people; an acrobat and a clown, who were hiding a very big secret! I would recommend this book to either parents...more
Back in the days when kids could wander around unsupervised with a dog. And two horses. Which nowadays would cost more than the caravans...
It's the summer hols and the four cousins and Timmy are bored, then along comes a circus and they hire caravans and decide to follow them to camp.... Of course there a villainous goings on and the five end up smack bang in the middle of all the drama, drinking lots of gingerbeer.
Horribly old fashioned now, but fun to re-read.
I've always wanted to read these books. My mum read them when she was younger and my grandma before her. So when my grandma bought me the box set of 10 for Christmas I couldn't believe my luck!
As always, Julian, Dick, George and Anne go on a holiday in summer. I'm so jealous of what those kids get up to and how mouth-watering their food is! In this book the food isn't described in detail like the previous books but they still sound amazing!
In this book the group of five (including Timmy of cou...more
Matt Linzey
One of my favourites! Thought I would get in the right mind-set for the upcoming PGCE year by spending a couple of lazy Summer days reading one of my childhood favs! 'Five go off in a caravan' sees the gang spend their holidays on a trip in a caravan when they meet up with a circus. All is not what it seems, especially with a few particular individuals from the circus group, and so begins the gang's adventure!

I found the initial few chapters quite slow, something I remembered from when I was you...more
Saya suka banget petualangan 5 sekawan, mengingatkan masa kecil saya dan kemarin saya membaca ulang petualangan mereka. Berkelana salah satu favorit saya. Rasanya menyenangkan berlibur sambil berkaravan. Membaca buku ini membuat saya berfikir masa kecil saya dulu lebih seru dan lebih menyenangkan daripada anak-anak sekarang.
Book I loved and since children and grandchildren adore, everyone of Blyton's books are enjoyable readable and loved by all
As with all Famous Five books, this is of the same trusted and successful formula.

I loved these books as a child and I am delighted that my girls loved them as children too.

The stories are adventures of a byegone age, yet still hold the attention of children, around the world...... they have stood the test of time well - and for a great reason.

The stories are plausible, fun, adventurous and contain an excellent mix of young characters... with a little bit of everyone in each of them - something...more
Filipe Heath
Another amazing Enid Blyton book :)
I did not like this famous five a lot and i think that Enid Blyton did not give his best in this book.

The five hire a caravan and go to some fields where they live some other caravaners who are from a circus but the caravaners are unfriendly but soon They become friendly as they come to know that they are good and bot bad as all the rich children because of some girls who was there in their previous mysteries.But they think that there is something fishy going on in a museum nearby as they see a...more
My history trip into my youth continues! In this one, the Five meet up with circus folk, and of course two of them are master theives! In fairness, this goes out of it's way to portray most of the Circus people as normal and only two are theives, but there are some moments of pure Blyton elitism, such as the way the Circus folk are practically all described as dirty, and their caravans smelly, none of them can write and most can't read. A fun book though, nonetheless!
Jureshka Naidoo
This was even better than the 1st and 2nd book in this series.
Deirdre Keating
This is why I love goodreads---stumble upon something I haven't read or seen in ages. I received a set of these as a gift when I visited my grandmother in Ireland at age 10. Whenever people tell me about the Boxcar Children I always mention the famous five and get a blank stare. So happy to have found them and the author again. Hopefully rereading them with my boys won't be a disillusionment. I remember wishing for the characters' freedom.
Sheila Beaumont
In this mystery, the Famous Five hire two caravans, pulled by horses, for a summer holiday trip, and run into some circus folk, a couple of whom (an evil clown and a wicked acrobat) are up to no good. With the help of the likable, abused circus boy Nobby and the funny, heroic chimp Pongo, the Five (Julian, George, Dick, Anne, and that clever dog, Timmy) thwart the bad guys. As usual with Enid Blyton's stories, a good, fun read.
Di kisah kali ini Lima Sekawan menghabiskan liburannya jauh dari Pondok Kirin, tidak seperti petualangan sebelumnya. Kali ini mereka berkelana menggunakan caravan ditemani dua teman baru, Dobby dan Trotter. Lalu berkenalan dengan Noddy, si anak sirkus. Tak disangka2 kisah petualangan yang berhubungan dengan pencurian kelas kakap pun menanti. :)
We really enjoyed reading this book together. But it took a while for the story to get going. There were several chapters about the circus animals which were a bit yawn-worthy. But the last half of the book made up for it with classic Blyton mystery and adventure - prisoners, secret tunnels and caves, etc. :)
This time, Famous Five were on caravan. You can sensed adventures wherever they went. The best thing I love in this book were the fun that they had while camping and their accidental meeting with the circus troops, which later prolonged their allready-adventurous life.
Horse-drawn caravans this time and some bad experiences with circus types. Enid Blyton really had it in for the travelling community as stereotypical baddies. I suppose it comforted my generation growing up to know who your enemies were. It was a time of certainties.
(the following review, as well as the stars, is the same as most of my other Famous Five series review)

Bacaan masa kanak-kanak, di periode tahun 80an. Sampulnya tentu saja bukan yang bisa dilihat di GoodReads ini... One of my all-time favorites!
I love how these kids were just allowed to go off on their own for a week or more! My mother pointed out that times were much safer then; I pointed out how many robbers/smugglers/kidnappers etc seemed to always be within cooee of the Five. ;)
Nadia Fadhillah
Enid Blyton selalu menjadi penulis cerita petualangan anak-anak yang paling aku suka. Aku mau punya semua bukunya. Di buku ini, mereka berpetualang melawan dua orang jahat yang tidak segan-segan melukai mereka. Mengerikan.
Duncan Whitehead
Do not be fooled by the title of this book - it is NOT about a terrorist cell making bombs while masquerading as holidaymakers, only for their explosives to ignite killing them all.

This book is about a group of nosey kids.
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Born in 1897 in South London, Enid Mary Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had tw...more
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“I do love the beginning of the summer hols,' said Julian. They always seem to stretch out ahead for ages and ages.'
'They go so nice and slowly at first,' said Anne, his little sister. 'Then they start to gallop.”
“Soon they were all sitting on the rocky ledge, which was still warm, watching the sun go down into the lake. It was the most beautiful evening, with the lake as blue as a cornflower and the sky flecked with rosy clouds. They held their hard-boiled eggs in one hand and a piece of bread and butter in the other, munching happily. There was a dish of salt for everyone to dip their eggs into.

‘I don’t know why, but the meals we have on picnics always taste so much nicer than the ones we have indoors,’ said George.”
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