Murder is Binding (A Booktown Mystery, #1)
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Murder is Binding (Booktown Mystery #1)

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The streets of Stoneham, New Hampshire are lined with bookstores...and paved with murder.

Stoneham, New Hampshire, was a dying town until community leaders invited booksellers to open shop. Now, its streets are lined with bookstores - and paved with murder…

When she moved to Stoneham, city-slicker Tricia Miles was met with friendly faces. And when she opened her mystery boo...more
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Published August 3rd 2010 by Penguin Group USA, Inc (first published April 1st 2008)
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Meg ♥
Murder is Binding is a great cozy mystery book filled with excitement, twists, and interesting adventures. I certainly look forward to continuing the Booktown Mystery series over the winter, because winter just feels like the perfect time to read cozy books like this one.

Trisha moved to a town in New Hampshire that is considered one of the safest, friendliest places in the U.S. She opened her mystery bookstore named "Haven't Got A Clue" in an area where all bookstores are grouped together and ca...more
First of a new series, for once! Every now and then I read a book and put it down thinking, "That author put a lot of work into coming up with that gimmick." I'm not knocking these gimmick-based mystery series - some of them are quite good, and anyway, what is Miss Marple if not a gimmick transformed into an icon through sheer venerableness? And her author's talent. Anyway - the "Booktown" series features not one but two winning gimmicks - Tricia MIles is owner of a mystery bookstore (in a small...more
An Odd1
"Murder is Binding" (1) by Lorna Barrett. Despite my dislike of the heroine's Attitude and the main plot device, twins, the choice of murderers hooks me to the end. I'll try the authors on the back page (Laura Childs - Charleston Tea Shop, Kate Kingsbury - Pennyfoot Hotel) before more Barrett. I feel a familiarity, that I read this before; maybe rating higher for first-time read?

Tricia Miles used last year's divorce alimony from handsome rich despicable Chris for five-months on-track exclusive "...more
Jobiska (Cindy)
The book was okay. I didn't really connect with the protagonist, especially since she was unpleasantly snooty about her sister (although that seems to change over the course of the book). I get that the author is building up backstory and conflict to spice up the relationship, but the conflict is not really clear, just that the protagonist dislikes and judges her sister (there's a lot about her sister's size, and how the protagonist's robe is "a few sizes too small for her" or something like tha...more
Very good first book in a series. I love the idea of a town with its major tourist attraction different kinds of bookstores. The main character in this one owns the mystery shop (big surprise).

This is one of those series where the sleuth DOESN'T sets out to get involved in a murder mystery, in fact she has to be dragged into the whole thing when it becomes obvious that someone is trying to frame her for the murder.

The whole family dynamics aspect of this is interesting, as in, there is dysfuncti...more
Diane  Morasco
Murder Is Binding is a definite must for cozy mystery fans.

Lorna Barrett is the pseudonym of author Lorraine Bartlett aka L.L. Bartlett who pens psychological suspense & the Jeff Resnick mystery series.

Let me say, I'd love to visit the charming town of Stoneham, New Hampshire. I mean after all, I'd be living in Kate Borden's incredible Cobbs's Landing so a day trip by bus or a stay @ The Brookside Inn for a four-day weekend would be sheer paradise.

Stoneham is known as "Booktown" & consis...more
The first in a series about a woman who owns a mystery bookstore in a small bookstore-filled town in New Hampshire (recursive much?). This got a lot of positive ratings on Amazon, but I was not impressed - very superficial both in terms of character development and plot.
Quit this book 1/3 of the way through. Did not like the main character and did not like the author's writing style at all.
"All those years in Manhattan without a problem, and you move to a small town in New England to find chaos," says Tricia Miles' ex-husband to her when she 'phones to update him on what was happening. Incidentally they made no further contact thereafter.

No wonder he made the comment for Tricia opened a mystery bookstore 'Haven't Got a Clue' in Shoreham, which was the New England equivalent of Hay-on-Wye; bookshops everywhere! Heaven.

And heaven is where a neighbouring bookshop owner went rather my...more
Cheryl Landmark
This was a fun, light read as these cozy mysteries usually are. I love murders that take place in small town settings. The characters and mysteries are generally pretty interesting and this book was no exception. The fact that the main character, Tricia Miles, owned a bookstore ramped up the entertainment value for me.

Although Tricia was smart and likeable for the most part, she did have her faults as well. There were times when she seemed a little too whiny, sarcastic and snooty. But, I admired...more
Glenda Bixler

"Frannie's handshake was as strong as any man's though not crushing. 'How's the book business? Doin' real well, are ya? I read romances myself. Love that Nora Roberts--but not those J.D. Robb ones she writes.' Frannie leaned closer, lowered her voice confidentially. 'They're set in the future, ya know, and that's just plain weird.

"Can't say as I've ever read any of her work." (p. 32)

I chuckled upon reading the above from Murder is Binding, the first book in a new Booktown Mystery series.

The seco...more
Hunger For Knowledge
I wanted to read something light between my heavier readings, and what would have been more suitable for that than a good old fashioned cozy mystery? Lucky me, I had Lorna Barrett's Murder in Three Volumes (contains books 1-3 of A Booktown Mystery series) on my shelf.

Now, what I adore about the cozy mysteries is the innocence and simplicity of them. There usually isn't anything that would require lots of brain usage or anything that would be heavy on the heart. There hardly ever is cruelty, eve...more
The book was a slow starter that never really grabbed me. I tried to read the book earlier in the summer and I just never could connect with that mysterious something that draws us into a fictional world. I wasn’t as much left cold by the book as much as having a strong sense of just plodding along until the end but I thought maybe it was my mood and picked it up again this week for a future Group Read. The setting is a great one that I imagine appeals to all readers and though I’d never want to...more
Jane C.
A cozy enough mystery, but the ending was more violent than I'd expect from the genre. I think it would have been more interesting if the author had delved into books more, perhaps the history of the antique cookbook and why it is so special. As a resident of New Hampshire, I didn't read enough sense of place. A minor character remarks during the conclusion that the mystery was so convoluted her head was spinning - mine too! I had trouble following which twin, which beneficiary etc. The sheriff'...more
Lisa Kay
★★★½✩ to ★★★★✩ Pretty entertaining for a start of a cozy series and I was looking to fulfill my owing a small town bookstore fantasy. I couldn’t figure out why the female sheriff was so hostile, but that was answered by the end. I’d be willing to read the next in the series.
Love the idea of a downtown full of bookshops. How fabulous is that? There is a cookbook shop, a mystery shop and a historical shop to name a few. This is the first mystery in the booktown series.

Tricia runs Haven't Got a Clue, the mystery bookstore in the quaint New Hampshire town of Shoreham. Tricia's store is successful but her neighbor at the Cookery claims to be having money issues. After dinner with her sister, Tricia heads back to her store but on the way she sees smoke. Running into the...more
Michelle Randall
Set in a small New Hampshire, a dying town has been revitalized by the day-tourist trade when a quick thinking real estate business man decides to court and attract unquie and rare booksellers to fill the vacant store fronts.

Housed at number 221 is the bookstore "Haven't Got a Clue", and mystery book store selling recent novels as well as rare and collectiable older books. Next door is "The Cookery", which has cooking demostrations and sells new and collectible cookbooks.

Trish owns "Haven't Got...more
Book Concierge
A small New Hampshire town has reinvented itself as “booktown” – setting up a variety of used book stores and specialty shops on the formerly decaying Main Street. One of these is “Haven’t Got a Clue,” owned and operated by newcomer Tricia Miles, and specializing in mystery books. When Tricia finds a neighboring shop’s owner murdered, she quickly finds herself the chief suspect. Now she has to find who really committed the murder in order to clear her name.

It’s a promising set up for a cozy mys...more
If this first book is any indication, this mystery series seems promising. I believe only two books have been published so far, so ufortunately I won't have the fun of reading a whole bunch of them in a row, but will rather have to wait patiently for the books to come out.

I like the setting of a small town in New Hampshire filled with used book stores. I am currently reading two other mystery series: The Needlecraft Mysteries, which feature a single woman who owns a needlework shop in a small to...more
Kat Chan
Tricia is a niche bookseller in Stoneham, MA- a village that collects niche bookstores. As hers is inevitable a mystery store, she becomes the protagonist in a cozy mystery where she must figure out the true killer to clear her good name.

[Spoilers onwards]
This is the first in it's series- and it definitely shows. The book has some blatant mistypes- perhaps the fault of an editor over the actual author. It also repeatedly emphasizes its "type"-iness with the names of the other book stores and re...more
Basic premise: Stoneham is a small, touristy town in southern NH about an hour or so from the coast. It is well known to tourists and booklovers alike because much of the downtown consists of specialty bookstores. The main character, Tricia, runs a mystery bookshop called "Haven't Got a Clue." In this first book, another bookshop proprietor is found murdered and a rare book is missing from her shop. Tricia inadvertently gets herself involved in the crime and comes under suspicion from local law...more
Well, folks, I wasn't thrilled with this one, but am willing to try the next one -- really should be a 2.5 rating.

I've enjoyed the author's series featuring reluctant psychic Buffalo sleuth Jeff Resnick (written as L L Bartlett), so thought I'd try the Booktown ones. From her other books, I knew she can write well, and tell a decent story. And, she does do a good job with setting and description here, which is fortunate, because there's a fair amount of it. As others have mentioned, I was left w...more
This was really 2.5 stars, maybe 3 - for a cozy mystery. It was enjoyable but closely followed the cozy mystery formula: recently divorced woman (because who else has time to solve mysteries) who runs her own business (a mystery book store!) in atmospheric location stumbles on a dead body.

While there was some character development, such as a relationship with her sister, some thoughts about her divorce, etc., there are some things you cannot skip in a book. The only mention of her appearance wa...more
Barbara ★
New mystery bookstore owner, Tricia Miles is having a bad month. First off, her estranged sister Angelica has decided to visit and tries to horn in on her new business. Then a fellow bookstore owner is found murdered in her shop...just one door down from Tricia's place. And for some unknown reason, the local sheriff is convinced that Tricia did it, even when her own store is vandalized. Poor Tricia is trying to dissuade her sister from moving to town, trying to fend off an amorous neighbor, tryi...more
Narrator's voice on audiobook was annoyingly grating at times and affected my enjoyment of this otherwise light, entertaining amateur sleuth mystery set in Stoneham, New Hampshire where the tourist trap is bookstores of all kinds. Tricia, owner of Haven't Got a Clue (mystery bookshop) discovers the body of the the owner of the cookbook bookstore and becomes the number one suspect. Her sister Angelica visits and stays, ostensibly, to help Tricia beat the charges. Hopefully, in the rest of the ser...more
I rather want to live in this little town of Stoneham, New Hampshire, where tourists are attracted by a main street full of themed bookstores, specializing in one genre apiece. Trisha Miles owns the mystery bookstore, called Haven't Got a Clue, and finds herself the lead suspect when her neighbor, owner of the cookbook store, turns up with a knife in her back.

This is a cute little novel, though sometimes I wanted to holler, "Hurry it up, already!" I figured out the whodunit probably the second t...more
This book's failings could all have been resolved had the editor simply been more on the ball. Great convoluted plot, decently deep characters, but I kept getting pulled out of the book with annoyance; continuity errors, or the protagonist suddenly failed to recognize the sheriff's deputy who had been in her shop mere hours before, or one of the characters has an abrupt change of personality. I like the protagonist, and the tension built up between her and her sister is great- hopefully it'll be...more
I thought this book was slow in the beginning, reading it as I did in bits and starts. But once I got more than two minutes together to read I realized the problem was with me, not the story.

I ended up very much enjoying this cozy mystery. I loved the atmosphere the author created in the small fictional town. The characters had alot of personality and my favorites were Angelica and Mr. Everett. I look forward to reading further about them in the next installment.

I would heartily recommend this b...more
I found the first of the Booktown Mystery's engaging and fun. It takes a bit of time for the new characters to get acquainted in any new series (although introduced well and quickly in the story) so they haven't grown on me quite yet. But this is the bookstore I would have Loved to run back in my bookstore days. Too bad my regular customer who came in everyday and didn't move wasn't as resourceful as this one. I will be reading #2 when it arrives. No, I'm not going into the's a mystery...more
Carolyn Crawford
I think this is a WONDERFUL start to a new series!!! The story takes place in Stoneham, NH where Tricia and her cat Miss. Marple open up a bookstore in a town that has recently encouraged an entourage of people to open up unique bookstores.

The characters are very well developed for a first in a cozy series. I like the relationship between Tricia and her sister Angela. Tricia's "Haven't Got a Clue" bookstore also has wonderful characters; Mr. Edmunds the older gentleman who reads there every day,...more
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The immensely popular Booktown Mystery series is what put Lorna Barrett’s name on the New York Times Bestseller list, but it’s her talent -- whether writing as Lorna, or L.L. Bartlett, or Lorraine Bartlett -- that keeps her there. This multi-published, Agatha-nominated author pens the exciting Jeff Resnick Mysteries as well as the acclaimed Victoria Square Mystery series and has many short stories...more
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