Why I Love Singlehood: A Novel
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Why I Love Singlehood: A Novel

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Eva Perino is single and proud of it. So proud, in fact, that she regularly boasts about it in her blog, ?Why I Love Singlehood.? But upon learning of her ex-boyfriend's engagement, Eva discovers her foundation is weaker than her fa?ade. So begins a clumsy (and occasionally uproarious) search for love as she secretly joins an online dating site, tries her hand at speed dat...more
Paperback, 294 pages
Published May 31st 2011 by AmazonEncore (first published November 29th 2010)
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Laura Gurrin
I think if this book had ended the first time I thought it was going to end, somewhere around chapter 25, I would have given it three stars as a relatively entertaining light story about a single woman running a stereotypically cute coffee shop in an arty college town, looking (sort-of) for love. However, starting at about that chapter, each one felt to me like the closing chapter, in that 'life is messy and there are no clear resolutions' kind of way. Closure with the ex? Check! Resolution of r...more
I loved this book. The title caught my eye in one of the emails I get about books for my kindle. I went to get more info and could not resist buying it. Definitely did not disappoint. I admit, as a single girl it would have been hard not to try this book. The main character, Eva isn't against being in a relationship, but she also enjoys being single and doesn't like dating. There were so many ways that I identified with her. Her blog about why she loves being single might have been my favorite p...more
Why I Love Singlehood is about Eva, a College professor turned coffee shop owner who seems to go to work in her coffee shop everyday, complete with a large group of friends, sitting in the name seats each day and having debate's and discussions on various topics not unlike the FRIENDS TV show. Eva is single ever since her live-in relationship of 3 years with ex Shaun, and likes to claim she loves being single, but inside she doesn't really. She starts up a blog called Why I Love Singlehood, refe...more
This is a self-help book for single women disguised as a chicklit romance. Probably good for those who need it, but seeing as I am neither single nor incapable of loving myself, this was no book for me. I found the main character quite annoying, but since I rather liked some of the supporting charcters this wasn't completely wasted.
Fyreball Reed
WILS is way better than I expected. It's smartly written chick lit with real-world characters (none of the men are possessive alpha-males and no one is over the top beautiful, for example). Eva (pronounced Ayvah, not Eevah, this is a part of her dating stories) is going through a very early mid-life crisis: Her live-in boyfriend has moved out, she's changed careers (successfully, but still) and she's sworn off of coupledom. The dialogue is snappy, the story line flows well and the editor has don...more
This book had me from the first sentence. How can you go wrong with baked goodies and coffee. I often thought it would be great to find a place just like The Grounds. Someplace where you go just for a warm drink and pastry and end up finding a family of friends in the process.

This isn't a book with a single plot line, it's more of just a story unfolding. Yes there is a main theme going on but in reality it was more like watching a movie. I found myself drawn to all of the characters and their li...more
I have now read all of Elisa Lorello's books and I can honestly say that I love her style and stories. I haven't been single for over 25 years, but I decided to read "Why I Love Singlehood"due to the fact I enjoyed all of her other books. This one did not disappoint. For all my married friends this is a great self discovery book that you will enjoy. For my single friends; I believe you will discover the same, but maybe have a greater appreciation for the choices that are offered to you.
This was an easy read, it was extremely enjoyable for me though because I could relate to the main character so much that it was like reading something that I had written about my life, there were so many things we had in common. I also enjoyed the ending in that it was not stereotypical and gushy like the end of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Even though to some people this novel might not seem like anything special, it's "true to life" in that it's realistic but still nice to read.
I found the writing forced, trivial, and downright cheesy. I actually groaned out loud a couple times. However, after reading some heavier books in recent weeks, this light read was a welcome reprieve. This is the second book of Elisa's I've read. I enjoyed Adulation- it was quite as forced, though the story was still predictable and cheesy. After reading this one, I don't think I will read another of this author's work.
It was pretty much awful. The writing was all right but not enough to make me want to read another book by this author
I loved the first AmazonEncore novel I read. I'll admit to being nervous when I started Andrew Xia Fukuda's CROSSING. I've wanted to rewrite the review of CROSSING, as I don't think I captured the novel well. I felt it exemplified the AmazonEncore statement of "exceptional yet overlooked books." I could see why it would be overlooked - the protagonist is often unlikeable and there is no happy ending. WHY I LOVE SINGLEHOOD had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, I felt like the novel fit "overloo...more
Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)
A wonderful bright and easy chick lit read. I completely consumed this book in two sittings each by the pool! The book centers around a women in her early thirties who owns a coffee shop in a small college town. Within her coffee shop are regular customers who had some spice to the story, each of them have their own plotline that adds to the overall story. Eva is stuck in a relationship rut when she finds out that her ex is now engaged.

With three men vying for her attention, it was pure joy to...more
Following my reading of Les Mis, I have decided to read books that are a little bit lighter for my next few reads. Why I Love Singlehood is a book that I think I downloaded onto my Kindle for a very low cost. It is also the first complete book I have ever read on my Kindle.

Eva Perino (pronounced AY-vah not EE-vah) is a thirty-something single woman living in Wilmington, North Carolina. (As an aside, I LOVE Wilmington.) She wrote a novel and was a creative writing professor, but gave it up becaus...more
Elisa Lorello has easily become one of my favorite authors. She writes novels exceptionally well. She even makes me want to take an English refresher course (evidently needed, I say). Anyway, "Why I Love Singlehood" is a likeable story that reminds me a classic Meg Ryan movie. I kept thinking of "You've Got Mail" [and "Waitress", albeit not a Meg Ryan movie] throughout the entire book (which made me giggle out loud when Lorello made the movie reference in the novel). The storyline is far from "Y...more
Angela Risner

Eva Perino was a professor at a local university when her world was turned upside down by her boyfriend dumping her. She thought he was The One, he thought he didn't love her that way.

She decides to leave academia for the life of a coffee shop owner, even though she doesn't like coffee herself. She opens up a store called The Grounds and enjoys baking for her regular customers.

She learns that her ex has become engaged to his new love and decides to start a blog about why she loves being single....more
Why I Love Singlehood by Elisa Lorello and Sarah Girrell
Release Date: May 31st, 2011
Publisher: AmazonEncore
Page Count: 356
Source: Received ARC from Little Bird Publicity for review

Eva Perino is single and proud of it. So proud, in fact, that she regularly boasts about it in her blog, "Why I Love Singlehood". But upon learning of her ex-boyfriend's engagement, Eva discovers her foundation is weaker than her façade. So begins a clumsy (and occasionally uproarious) search for love as she secretly...more
I LOVED this book! If you are single and dating and wondering why you aren't finding the one, etc., you will totally relate to this. It is a very true to life story. I think a lot of women have probably gone through the very same issues that the protagonist Eva has. It's hard to believe this is fiction. It's more like a self help book actually!

The protagonist Eva is trying to embrace and enjoy singlehood and is wondering why she cannot do so. Then she thinks maybe she really does want someone in...more
I hate it when authors collaborate. Not that I'm jealous because I will never work with anyone, but only because I can't tell who did what and it's hard to compare to the previous work I've read by one of those authors. I really want to compare this work to other books by Elisa Lorello I've read, but out of respect and self-confusion for Sarah Girrell, I won't.

Anyhow, I'm not afraid to say I love chick-lit even though I'm a dude. I can relate to a lot of it's themes. However, my life doesn't end...more
I fell in love with Elisa Lorello's writing talents in her novel Faking It and ever since I wait with bated breath for anything new she writes. This book, her newest writing efforts certainly did not dissapoint. It was funny as all heck, believeable and graspable wonderously developed characters, poingant storyline, WOW! Please Ms. Lorello, please continue to gift us with your amazing talent. I literally can not wait for your next book. I will read anything you write, and I mean anything and eve...more
Kathleen Whalen
This is a really fun book to read. As a single woman who has been traveling the gauntlet that is online dating and speed dating I found it really amusing. Although I think I had more fun with it and have more memorable experiences from it than Eva did and far more pictures of strange men's penises than she ended up with. I also like the characters. Especially the couple Spencer & Tracy. Was that combo on purpose? I love the name Minerva. Once she started blogging I expected to see more entri...more
Claire Dawn
I love it when a book deals with the concept that a woman should not be happy single. Eva is a succesful woman. She's given up her university teaching to run a cafe she love. She's got her dream house. But everyone seems to think, it won't be perfect until her dream man is at her side. To combat this, Eva starts a blog: Why I Love Singlehood. But as soon as she does, she finds out her ex is engaged and has to deal with the fact that she may not be as happy in her singlehood as she thought.

I rea...more


Budget Jones Diary meets Julie and Julia.... sprinkled with a little Eat, Pray, Love.
If you are looking for a lighthearted beach read -this is your perfect match. I loved every minute of it!!!
I loved this book! It was a great little read... it hit somewhere around "chick-flick with a little more gristle." The whole book from start to finish was entertaining and they authors did a really good job keeping the story interesting and moving along at a reasonable pace. I laughed out loud at several parts :) It didn't have huge shocking moments or too much drama - it was a great mid-winter book to curl up by the fire with :) Also, the self-discovery in the story seemed very real.... Eva (ma...more
I fell in love with Elisa Lorello after reading Faking It and Ordinary World. I was not nearly as impressed with this book as I was with the first two. I honestly couldn't believe that Lorello had written this book, as it didn't seem at all like her other two novels.

The story and the characters were there for me in this novel, but the writing and flow of events seemed unpolished. She had great character development and a great premise, but something always felt off when I was reading the book. I...more
This started rather slow for my tastes, but I really started to get into it about halfway through. From there, it was a much quicker and easier read. I think it was Eva's development as a character that made things kind of drag for me at first; when she started to make things happen (instead of just letting things happen to her and then sulking all the time), the story became a great deal more engaging.

The writing itself was great, and some of the word choices just made me stop for a second to s...more
Catrice Gilbert
The book wasn't bad.. Quirky and long winded though. I didn't like the way it ended.. I wanted more.
Linda Fausnet
This is not your typical chick lit book. It contains surprising insight into life as a single woman and for once does not propose the idea that a woman is nothing without a man. I like chick lit books only because I prefer books that aren't heavy and serious, but I really do get tired of them all saying that happily ever after is only possible if you have a man. The characters and situation in this book were entertaining, yet realistic, and the book proposes some interesting and thought-provokin...more
Absoutely loved this book. Definitely one I will read, time and time again.
this was just a fun book....woman who owns a coffee shop (previously a professor) breaks up with a long-term relationship and starts a blog about being single...it's amusing with several good "platitudes"....consistent with these kinds of books she also has to enter into a # of inappropriate relationships as she finds herself....but in the meantime has some fun learning about her friends and relationships along the way. What I would definitely call a "chick" book but if you're single you'd enjoy...more
This could have ended three times. But, I still really enjoyed it.
This is the second book I've read by this author. I have really become a fan of her characters. There are times when the story will drag for me, or I will lose interest in a plot point. But, Elisa writes characters that I can't get enough of.....I want to hang out with these people. I feel like I know some of these people. I believe her characters.
I hope I will feel the same after I read more of her work.... :D
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Elisa Lorello was born and raised on Long Island, the youngest of seven children. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and launched a career teaching rhetoric and composition. She has been teaching first-year writing to university students since 2000, but went on sabbatical in fall 2012. Elisa spent six years in North Carolina, where she spl...more
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“You can be, if you want to. And sometimes you should be. But you never have to be afraid.’ I liked that. It meant I had a choice.” 2 likes
“Just remember that love comes in many forms. Never settle, and know that what one has torn, another can mend. Most of all, the love you really want is in you, Eva. Don’t go chasing rainbows. Just open your eyes and admire their ever-present beauty.” 0 likes
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