Angels Fall
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Angels Fall

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  29,407 ratings  ·  813 reviews
The sole survivor of a brutal crime, Reece Gilmore has been on the run, desperately fighting the nightmares and panic attacks that haunt her. She doesn't intend to stay in the sleepy town of Angels Fist one second longer than she needs to, despite its friendly inhabitants, and the irresistible attraction of local writer Brody.
Paperback, 480 pages
Published October 1st 2008 by Piatkus Books (first published July 11th 2006)
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*Buddy read with Blacky <3<3<3*

*4,5 stars*

Another great romantic suspense by Nora Roberts. I loved everything, the characters, the build up and the general plot.

The characters:
Reece is the only survivor of a traumatic event, she's roaming the country doing small jobs trying to find her way back to a "normal" life. Before that she was a successful chef. Because of what happened to her she's fragile, but mostly she's strong and I loved her temper tantrum.
Brody is a reclusive writer. He's...more
It seems fitting to conclude Nothing But Nora Week with my absolute favourite Nora book of all time. Why do I like Angels Fall so much? Maybe because it is inspired by my two favourite psychological thrillers, Gaslight and Rear Window. I've watched both movies a million times, but I still get that goosebump-ey feeling as the dénouement approaches.

Reece Gilmore lands up in the little Wyoming town of Angels Fist while she's running away from the ghosts of her past. She finds a job as a short-orde...more
3 Stars! Not bad, but after listening to The Witness and being blown away by the narrator, plot and characters, this one didn't quite measure up. It took me a while to get used to the "voice" that was narrating this story, and I wonder if I had "read" the book, would I have enjoyed it more...I'm not sure.

The plot was intriguing, but at mid-point I guessed who the killer was. Nora Roberts tried so hard to direct your attention to another character and make it obvious it was him, that it was obvi...more
Nicola O.
I'm a bit undecided about a 3 vs. 4 for this one. I have a certain devotion to Nora Roberts that some might find irrational, but generally I find her characters interesting & distinguishable, and their conflict/relationships satisfying. My 3.5 rating rationale would go something like this:

*Never saw the 'whodunit' coming-- that's good!--4 stars!
*Plot holes that would enable the culprit to do what was done-- uh, 3 stars.

In the end, I'm giving it 4 because I like NR. If you are picky about my...more
3.75 stars. From the perspective of a murder mystery, the plot was fairly gripping, but the killer was a bit obvious, and remained my most constant suspect throughout the book, even though I considered others, since it seemed too obvious.

I felt for heroine Reece, and all the harrowing terror she had been through in Boston, and now murder and malice here in Angels Fall, Wyoming, at the foot of the Grand Tetons. My heart went out to her when the killer tried to drive her loco. Well done!

I never expected much from Nora Roberts. After I was coerced convinced to try one by a friend, I picked up the unremarkable Time and Again and was, shall we say, less than impressed. Cordina's Crown Jewel (Cordina, #4) was an improvement; Morrigan's Cross was a misery. After four books, I had only a slightly better understanding of why people liked them so much. I never expected to give one of her novels five stars.

Well, Angels Fall deserved every one of them. Everything I disliked about the oth...more
Lisa Kay

Five full stars! ★★★★★ I love books about chefs! Whether they are romances or mysteries; I just love the culinary theme (guess this explains my fascination with the Food Network!). Put the three together, and Wow! I’ve never been a huge Nora Roberts fan (though I do like her writing as J.D. Robb); nevertheless, I’ve picked up one or two of her books over the years and enjoyed them.

However, I’ve always liked Heather Locklear (I swear my sister-in-law could be her twin). Ms. Locklear starred in t...more
Turned out that, despite all the various Nora Roberts recommendations folks kindly gave me, the first non-J.D. Robb of hers that I read was Angels Fall, her latest paperback. Turned out to be pretty good, overall. A talented young chef, after being the only survivor of a violent crime back East, travels across the country and winds up in a small town in the mountains--where she is the only witness to a murder. Only did she really see what she thought she did? Most of the town is dubious, except...more
Nora Roberts is usually a slightly above middle of the road read for me. This one she hit out of the park. Reece is the only survivor of a shooting spree in Boston. At her new place in Wyoming she witnesses a murder but because of her history of a breakdown after the first shooting no one believes her.

Characterization is wonderful. Reece grows over the course of the book. She starts out fragile and very damaged and grows stronger in what she is mentally able to accomplish and she doesn't give up...more
Giving this a 4 star cause I am rereading it. That's my cut off for 4 stars. I don't reread a lot of books. I just can't most times. Even if the book was good or even okay. There has to be something more to make me want to crack it open again. My brain works weird that way. I dunno. Sometimes I can remember scenes from books from years and years ago and rereading a book makes me unhappy. Othertimes, I can't wait for enough time to pass for me to be able to open it back up. Angels Fall is a book...more
Wow. I was on a pretty good roll there for a bit. "No more TV!" I said. "I'll read instead!" I was finishing books at a respectable pace for a graduate student! Then school ended and you'd think I would be reading up a storm. Instead I got the world's cutest, smartest puppy and I have been working on a fluff book, a Nora Roberts re-read for THREE WEEKS. How embarrassing is that? I used to read in the morning during breakfast and at night before bed. Now on the rare occasions I am sitting down wi...more
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
"God, I annoy myself," she muttered. "What-ifs are for tomorrow. The moment's what maters. And at this moment, I want to live." There was sweetness in the world, she reminded herself. and love, and kindness. it was good to be part of that again, to feel that again.

Reece has been struggling for years to get her life back on track after a horrifying incident that took place in her past. Moving from place to place, never planting roots, is how she copes with the trauma that nearly destroyed her lif...more
Kara Jorges
Once again, Nora Roberts has penned a mystery about people in a small town living at the foot of spectacular mountains.

Reece Gilmore is the sole survivor of a murder spree in a restaurant in Boston, where she had been a chef. After months of therapy and hospitalization, Reece is trying to put herself back together. She’s meandering across the country in her old car, stopping from time to time to work long enough to make enough money to move on. Afraid of the dark and obsessive about locking doo...more
Jacob Proffitt
This book was a light, but entertaining mystery/romance and about what you'd expect from Nora Roberts--i.e. well-written, with interesting characters, and a firm sense of place and people.

I really like Reece as someone recovering from a truly awful, traumatic experience. She's been nomadic for a while and settles in a small Wyoming town when her car breaks down there. It isn't long before she finds herself integrating into the town, making friends, and setting down the beginnings of roots.

I'm le...more
Mary Taitt
Book Review Angel’s Fist

I really liked Angels Fall, by Nora Roberts. A lot. As long as one considers the author and genre. It’s a murder mystery romance novel set in Angel’s Fist Wyoming, an apparently fictitious town near the Grand Tetons. (I had a few terrifying adventures in that area myself!) When Reece Gilmore arrives in Angel’s Fist, she’s been on the run from a terrifying mass murder in Boston where she was the only survivor. She has scars on her chest from the bullet wounds, scars on her...more
ANGELS FALL (Romantic Suspense-Wyoming-Cont) – VG
Roberts, Nora – Standalone
Putnam, 2006- Hardcover
*** Reece Gilmore is trying to put herself back together, mentally and physically, after being the only survivor to a thrill killing in Boston. When car trouble stops her in Angel Fist, Wyoming, she finds a job, a tough but caring boss, a place to live, new friends, a man…and a murder that only she saw. There is no evidence of the crime and, as people learn more of her history and she begins finding...more
Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
Expecting fluff, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of suspense in this novel. I’m giving it 4 stars because I didn’t see the who-done-it coming. You can’t help but root for the heroine, she’s strong & weak at the same time literally clinging to her sanity by a thread, loved her. Supporting characters fun as well, particularly her boss Joanie at the greasy spoon, put me in mind of Yoda. The dialog is clever, they talk like real people. – I put this is up there with my favorite Nora Robe...more
I never saw myself as a Nora Roberts fan but I guess it took about four books before I finally decided I like Nora Roberts.

I didn't fall for the male lead but I never have in any of her other books. While he obviously cared about Reece he certainly wouldn't have won me over with his gruff manner.

I was pulled in by the who done it part of the book though. No spoiler here and once again I didn't realize the book had been made into a made for TV movie.
A tense psychological thriller based on the premise of the films 'Rear Window' and 'Gaslight'. Traumatised and emotionally disturbed Reese Gilmour witnesses a murder on a remote hiking trail in Wyoming, but with no evidence of anyone having been there, let alone murdered, the authorities do not believe her, putting it down to her reliving past experiences. And when strange things keep happening in her apartment, Reece starts to believe herself that she is going mad.

I found it generally entertain...more
Reece Gilmore has to be Roberts' quirkiest heroine yet, especially if you count only her big titles, and not the category romances.

On the run from her memories, in search of herself, she lands in a small Wyoming town for car repairs, takes a short-term job, and ends up staying longer than she expects. The people there come to accept her odd neuroses, especially when they learn about the traumatic event in her past.

Even so, no one's quite sure what to believe when Reece is the only witness to a m...more
Jane Stewart
4.5 stars. Good story. Very enjoyable.

This is my third Nora Robert's book. The first two I read were written in 1995 and 1998 and I didn't like them much. Because this is more recent, 2006, I'm wondering if her later work is better than her earlier work. I may try another of her more recent novels. This book ”Angels Fall” is about a talented woman chef who has been terribly wounded by surviving a gunshot massacre. She moves away, is in the process of healing and witnesses another murder. It’s a...more
There's a reason why Roberts' is my fave author of all time. She has this way of sucking you right in with the first chapter and not letting go until the last sentence of the last chapter.

I loved Reece as the main character. Complex, vulnerable, troubled because of a past tragedy, I loved watching her overcome her fears, no matter what size.

Brody is a character that, no matter how selfish, sarcastic and rude he may be, you can't help but love him. I loved watching him fall for Reece.

I adored the...more
I've read all of Nora's books and, until now, found her to be a fascinating writer, easy with words, great with descriptions. She could make you FEEL the story better than anyone else (passion, excitement, suspense) and I just couldn't wait to read the next book. Until this one. What a lame, lame, boring, predictable book. Can I say lame again? I suspect she let an assistant write the bulk of the book for her because I found none of her magic in there. Her heroin is pitiful (as in you can't poss...more
This was a terrific book! I didn't think I was going to enjoy it in the beginning. I wasn't finding much sympathetic about Reece, the heroine. Her intense phobias, though very understandable given her past, grated on my nerves. I was feeling it was overkill, a total manipulation on the author's part to gain the reader's sympathy. But somewhere around chapter 4, she really began to grow on me. Under all those fears and phobias, she actually had some backbone. Coincidence that it began to show its...more
Katie Fitzgerald
I am pretty new to romance novels for adults, though they were my main YA genre when I was in high school. This one is a romantic suspense novel about a woman, Reece Gilmore, who is the sole survivor of a violent crime. On the run from her painful past in Boston, she ends up in Angel's Fist, Wyoming, where she takes a job as a short-order cook. While hiking one day, she is the only witness to what she is sure is a murder, but no one, except Brody, an author of murder mysteries believes her. As s...more
Jill Dunlop
Something terrible happened to Reece Gilmore back in Boston, terrible enough to cause her panic attacks and doubt her own sanity. Trying to make a new life for herself she hits the road and is not sure where she will end up. She is just living in the moment trying to survive each minute, each hour. Her radiator in her car finally gives up in the quant town of Angel’s Fist, Wyoming. As she is walking down the street waiting for her car to get fixed she notices the sign in a diner window proclaimi...more
Betzacosta Fiction
Este libro lo compre hace dos meses aproximadamente
y por fin tuve la oportunidad de abrirlo y leerlo.

Era el primero que leía de Nora Roberts.

Me gusto el personaje de Reece, me parecía complejo, fuerte en todas sus fobias porque evidentemente lo que había pasado en el pasado no había sido nada fácil. Sin embargo, se ve en el trayecto del libro como va mejorando.

Brodyn: Ese hombre es uno de los personajes más hombres que he leído en los libros
nada de romanticismo
nada de enrollarse
era simplemente u...more
Marija Atanasova
Кога ќе доживееш некоја длабока траума и ќе заработиш анксиозност проследена со панични напади, најлогичното нешто што можеш да го направиш е да ја напуштиш сигурноста на сопствениот дом, да свртиш нов лист и да започнеш road trip низ околните места со цел да се пронајдеш самиот себе. И се разбира, твоето „вистинско јас“ дреме во некоја зафрлена крчма со строга, но праведна сопственичка, која ја плениш со „Jamie Oliver“ рецепти, исто како и локалниот, мистериозен мачо-мен, со кого наоѓаш љубов i...more
Un buon posto per morire

Chi sceglierebbe un autentico paradiso naturale per farsi ammazzare? Il paesaggio, nel quale Nora Roberts ambienta la sua storia ricca di suspense e romanticismo, è un posto incantevole, il paesino di Angel’s Fist, nel Wyoming.
La protagonista, Reece Gilmore, è una donna fortemente traumatizzata da un evento terribile che ha sconvolto la sua vita e l’ha portata a fuggire dal suo passato doloroso, fino ad approdare nell’incantevole cittadina, circondata dai monti e sulle ri...more
4.5 stars, but for a Nora Roberts, I'm rounding up!

I hadn't read Roberts in years, but it's easy to see why she's still the queen of romantic fiction. Her books are just reliable entertainment. Nothing fancy, just a good formula, fun characters and solid writing with a few special twists.

While I thought this was a little long at 450 pages, I really enjoyed it. Reece, a talented chef, has suffered from a horrible physical and emotional tragedy in Boston, and leaves to find herself in Angels Fist...more
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Eleanor Marie Robertson was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. She was the youngest of five children, also the only girl, of a marriage with Irish ancestors. Her family were avid readers, so books were always important in her life. She attended a Catholic school and credits the nuns with instilling in her a sense of discipline. During her...more
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