Midnight: A Gangster Love Story
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Midnight: A Gangster Love Story (Midnight #2)

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A fierce fighter with heart and a powerful mind, Midnight is willing to do anything to defend his family, the women he loves, and his business and property. In this riveting prequel to her urban classic, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sister Souljah reintroduces readers to Ricky Santiago’s strong, humble, and dangerously attractive lieutenant. The intricate storytellin...more
ebook, 512 pages
Published November 30th 2010 by Washington Square Press (first published 2007)
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Wavered really hard on how to rate this book, what I wanted to say and how I felt about it..I must say I found myself reading it but not really enjoying it--Honestly I found myself annoyed and appalled at the stereotypes, the cultural and religious bias, the arrogance and unbelivable aspect of the main character: the oh so worldly and mature "Midnight" and the lack of positive African Americans throughout the entire novel..I too claim roots in New York, not Brooklyn but close enough to major act...more
I spent most of Midnight: A Gangster Love Story like, really? This character didn’t seem to do the things the Midnight character in Winter did. I kept waiting for things to go awry like in the other book, but there’s a huge gap in the stories. There’s no real drama; we need quasi-happy endings once in a while. I suppose there’s more intrigue that way, but both books read like commercials with all of the details about the material things. I wanted to get to the end so I’d know how the stories mat...more
Sister Souljah is a talented writer and the idea of writing a novel based on a character (Midnight)from her best-seller The Coldest Winter Ever sounds like a great idea. However, there are a few things that prevent this novel from being great. One thing is that it's just too long. There are lots of really great books that are hundreds and hundreds of pages long, but what makes this book different is that the ending is incredibly unsatisfying. A book of this length should take readers right up...more
Jaree Francis
This was a daring attempt from Sister Souljah, but it worked in my eyes. How she tapped into the psyche of a young man from another country making his way in America(NY) I find remarkable. This isn't your typical urban fiction; I must say it is a cut above. This tale was well researched putting authenticity at a high. The con of this novel is that at some points it bordered on 3 and 4 stars...Edging on, towards the last 10-15 percent, it earned it's 5th star. I've had this novel since it origina...more
Mar 24, 2009 Johnathan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone Male looking for a positive message about what being a Man is all about
Recommended to Johnathan by: Mom Dukes
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I read this because I wanted to understand urban fiction just a little better. As it turns out, this book is very hard on the audience for urban fiction, so I doubt it will do much but disappoint the people who have chosen The Coldest Winter Ever as an iconic book. But it's still an interesting book in many ways.

Written from the perspective of a 14-year-old Sudanese immigrant to the US, this is the story of a young Islamic man trying to navigate American, particularly African-American, culture w...more
I've read and heard so many negative reviews and this is why it's taken me so long to get this one. Majority of the reviews that I was reading or hearing were all saying it had nothing to do with "The Coldest Winter Ever" until someone finally told me it was about Midnight and his transition into America. Today on Goodreads I read a lot of negative reviews stating that Souljah portrayed black women in a negative light and how "unrealisitic" this was and the stigmas etc etc. I feel like this: The...more
Jama Jack
Know that feeling when a book is so good that you take your time, savoring its contents and digesting the many messages woven in its pages? Remember that feeling of satisfying a midnight craving, feeling satiated and sane(in my case)? That is exactly what I felt with this book. Midnight:A Gangster Love Story seems like the book I've been waiting to read all my life.

Midnight is a young Sudanese immigrant in the United States. He moved to New York with his pregnant mother at the age of 7. The aut...more
Ugh i just wrote a long review but oh well ha ha. I LOVED this book it was so good it gave me a chance to get to know nd understand another culture. I learned things that i would have to be there in person to learn. Their Believes were beautiful although there were somethings i did not agree with but i did agree with most of it. I loved the view on intimacy before sex. I feel the same way toward it but from reading this book it makes me want to hold on to mine even tighter then before, Although...more
The author wants you to believe:

A) All American-born black women are amoral, undignified, greedy, and insolent. Furthermore, they are whores, crazy, and/or both. Mostly both.
B) Americans in general are a bunch of ignorant fools.
C) A fourteen year-old boy can spot an ostrich-skin bag and pumps at ten feet, plus ID the retailer of said items. And, um, do a bunch of other stuff not fourteen-ish.
D) Patriarchy or bust.

I hate to quit on a book, but Souljah's self-righteous muse is making me find...more
This was a terrible disappointment, do not buy this book, borrow it from someone and when your done advise them to take it back! This book is good if your interested in young, interracial, muslim love but other than that there was no real "Gangsta Love Story" like the title says!
I just finished this book. I have been reading it non stop a little each day. Everytime I put it down it was because I had to but I didn't want to. I wanted more of Midnight and his story. I found myself thinking at a much deeper level about topics the author weaves into the plot. I also kept forgetting that Midnight was only 14. I was so enthralled with this story and each of the characters. This is the first book I've read by Souljah and I'm so glad I've found her talented writing. I have pre-...more
Imani J
The book starts off slow, with to much details, but like i said earlier while reading it, i understood why she did it and the main reason is to teach us while we read. I guess sometime when your are reading for enjoyment you dont want to be taught, BUT im actually glad she went in great details about somethings, it help me to understand alot of things throughout the book. I totally enjoyed this book, it a book that has a great message. Me being a women that grew up in the street of brooklyn with...more
I felt so many ways when I read this book. For one thing, I felt S.S. was using this book to educate the readers on the customs and lifestyles of Midnight's country and religion. Learning something by chance where you don't expect it is great, but the force-feeding of Muslim and Sudanese ideals were an over-bearing subject in this book. The next thing that stood out to me was the fact that once the "mystery" of Midnight from TCWE was revealed, I really didn't like him that much. So arrogant! So...more
Now, if I could just get paid for Reading...
It is 3:10 in the morning and I just finished the novel. I have a lot of unanswered questions! There has to be a sequel to this one. Does he get his wife back (at the age of 14)? Is he still 14 at the end of the book? What happened to his Father? Or did I miss it? Are they going to move into the house? Is Umma and her Sudanese friends going to open up their school? Ameer seems like a hot head is he and Midnight going to get into it? Is Midnight going to hook up with Bangs and make her a second w...more
Ryan Johnson
I loved this book! I really got into it, mainly for the same reasons most people didn't like it. It was not what I was expecting. Everybody thought this was going to be the follow up to Coldest Winter Ever, I stated reading it for that reason. I wanted to check back in with Winter but there was no Winter. lol. What I found instead was a character that I thought I knew, I actually didn't. Midnight this sexy thugish black man, in Winter eyes. Turned out to be a strong, intelligent, family oriented...more
I felt duped when I bought "Midnight." Sister Soulja is a damn conartist. She advertised "Midnight" as a sequel to her great novel, "The Coldest Winter Ever," but I'm telling you it is NOT A SEQUEL! If anything "Midnight" is a prequel to Midnight's life. Sister Soulja used the entire novel to degrade African Americans and question their Christianity. Heads up Sister Soulja: Not everyone is a Muslim or lover of Islam. Sister Soulja is a pseudo-intellectual hypocrite who uses the capitalist regime...more
Barbara O'Neal
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sistah Souljah starts off speaking about Midnight's family--Umma (mom) and dad sending his family off to U.S. from Africa (what ever happened to Midnight's father afterwards). Midnight's manhood arose at the age of fourteen, after discovering the hard-knock life in NY and few rumbles at the early age of seven.

In this book, normally do not see photos or images of people while reading the content especially in a fiction book. It brings the story more to life, feels more lifelike, and surreal.

This book is difficult for me to assess. I enjoyed reading it. Sister Souljah is an impressive figure. She's done a lot of work for her community, and is so opinionated and well-spoken she can shut down a room of dissenters (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Dzei...). She can sometimes boil down an idea in such a simple manner, that you're left wondering why you never saw it that way before. For example, my favorite quote from her is on the idea of "Street Lit": "I think that when European author...more

Here it is over two years after its release and I'm just getting around to reading MIDNIGHT. I won't even front, I let all the negative feedback push this practically to the bottom of my TBR pile.

There's so much to say, I'll try to keep this review on track...

Like very few, I was happy to learn that this was not, in fact, a sequel. Really, what would have been the point? Aren't there already enough unnecessary sequels?!? I remember the buzz when it was announced Sister Souljah was...more
Mocha Girl
I will forego a synopsis of the novel because Amazon provides a fairly detailed description for Sister Souljah's latest offering, Midnight: A Gangster Love Story, the prequel featuring a character of the same name featured in her bestselling, The Coldest Winter Ever. Set in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the author revisits the Brooklyn landscape with Midnight coming of age against the backdrop of a tough urban setting. He navigates the streets and survives largely because of his faith, devotion to...more
Apr 21, 2009 4ciarah rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone who read "The Coldest Winter Ever" and any other Sister Souljah books
Recommended to 4ciarah by: my mother
You can’t help but to love a book that has every thing you want to read. In “Midnight” I was able to relate and remember the occurrences in each book. My general idea of a great book is to captivate wonderful character, a versital settings and relatable relations. Though Midnight was different intellectually- I found my self reading it again.

The characteristics of people like Midnight, Umma and Akemi are interesting. Midnight is a type of person I never really heard of because of the place we ll...more
Joshunda Sanders
I exaggerated when I complained that this book was 600 pages long. I finished it last night, though, and when I did, I realized what made it feel so long. Too much description, not enough detail. I expected to dislike this book a lot, though, because I had a range of weird feelings after I read "The Coldest Winter Ever," Sistah Souljah's first novel. I thought she inserted herself too much into that book, and she went overboard at the end of it, basically processing the issues she had with folks...more
This is Sister Souljah's book, who is about one of the characters in the Coldest Winter Ever, Midnight. Considering, a common denominator in both books, I thought in someway the books would cross paths, disappointingly that never happened. This book is much more laid back and closely resembles a biography as it traces the roots and upbringing of the character. He's age 7 and he's age 14, through an entire 500 pages. I didn't see the point. Overall their alot of great things in the book, as far a...more
I enjoyed this but had a hard time getting into it in the beginning, it was a little slow to me. Then it got better. But not as exciting of a read as Coldest Winter Ever and not really as relevant to Coldest Winter Ever as it was advertised to be, I guess. It's not a sequel, it's more of a somewhat related pre-quel that took a really long time to be writeen. So you know, I expected it to be really really awesome.

It's a situation of dissapointment not dissimilar to that new Guns N Roses album. Al...more
truly disappointed! the story was disjointed and simply did not make sense at parts. I put down the book about 50 pages in. I read The Coldest Winter Ever many years ago, and really enjoyed it. And I was hoping for a similiar experience. However, this was not it. In fact, I wonder if The Coldest Winter Ever was as good as I remembered...
An Unrealistic Love Story

Basically the story chronicles Midnight from the ages 7-14 years. When Midnight arrives in America, he is 7 years old with his pregnant Sudanese mother, Umma, whom only speaks Arabic. Umma relies on young Midnight to do all her talking for her since he can speak English. They came to America with the understanding that a friend of Midnight’s father would get them set up when they arrived. But they are sadly let down when this does not occur. Young Midnight finds a real e...more
Desera Favors
I finished this Book (5) days ago and I am so pissed! The book is amazing, I never read a book that was so offensive yet I was unable to put the book down. I was also disappointed because I felt my beautiful Sistah didn't make a connection with "The Coldest Winter Ever",(this is the book Midnight was introduced in) She made him into this supposed perfect Black Man instead. I felt hated and completely worthless after reading this book. I am used to my Sistah's books being uplifting, but this book...more
I guess I can understand how someone could read it and like it. But me, myself was extremely pissed. When you are expecting a sequel and you wait years for it to come out your expectations are high and when they do not exceed your expectations you're pissed. The Coldest Winder Ever was my favorite book from the time i was a teenager until recently (i stepped my reading game up! no shade towards ss). If you are a fan of TCWE then you probably wont like Midnight because its nothing like it. In TCW...more
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Sister Souljah is an American hip hop-generation author, activist, recording artist, and film producer.
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