No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome, #3)
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No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome #3)

4.43 of 5 stars 4.43  ·  rating details  ·  336 ratings  ·  62 reviews
Third part in the Stockholm Syndrome trilogy:

Settling back into a normal life is more difficult than anticipated.

Also available in paperback:
ebook, 217 pages
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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
4.5 stars. I decided to add another half star. I don't want to be stingy.****Review posted January 29, 2013

 photo tumblr_mj7lxuJBH91qbq764o1_500_zps12229fee.gif

Pip and Lindsay are back in London…
 photo tumblr_msz6ufCwyp1qc7c8bo1_500_zps33292f9d.gif

"Hello, Lindsay."
"Hey. What's funny?"
"I set my ringtone for you to Marilyn Monroe. I'm Arthur Miller."
"Get lost. I'm Arthur Miller."
"What do you want?"
"Shall I give you a list?"
"You're a dirty old man."

"I don't want a million little girly boys, I'm not a pedophile."
"You ain't a pedophile no more, you mean."
"Shut up, Graverobber."
"I do, most of the time
This insane trilogy is over, and I am depressed. Not because of the ending; no, the HEA is there and well earned.

I'm depressed because it's over. This is one of those series that I will be envious of when people read for the first time because the surprises they'll have that I already know about. That feeling of discovery, both wonderful and heartbeaking, is something that I wish I could have again.

The trilogy is best thought of, for me, like this:

Book I is a slow motion car wreck. You can see...more
No beginning No End is absolutely perfect finale to the series. Pip and Lindsay have come full circle and they are still totally insane but it suits them.

They struggle to get over their jealousies, and accept that you can't change the past.
Richard Rider offers up the most hilarious classic Pip - Lindsay scene ever! This is belly clutching laughter that had me snorting and chuckling under the covers in the wee hours.

I advise you to listen to some of Pips favourite music mentioned here he has g...more
I've read all three books pretty much back to back and have loved them all. This is a fantastic series and not what I expected at all and I'm really excited to learn there may be another book on the way. Can't get enough of the delightful Pip and Lindsay!

Just one of my favourite quotes from the series.

"Can you see a bright white light?"
"Oh fuck. Fuck! Okay, listen to me, don't go near it okay?"
"Stay away from the light."
"What are you talking about?"
"That's death, innit? Don't go nea
Finally, it's over! After a much needed break following the first book, I read books 2 and 3 back-to-back almost non-stop in the past two days. And boy, was that the wrong thing to do, considering I was supposed to be studying for a test instead. But that's the thing with these books, they are unputdownable. Even when I knew that it's still pretty much a train wreck and the characters keep flirting with the status quo again and again, I couldn't stop.

Even though the humour and tone are as Britis...more
Perfect ending to a trilogy I will treasure forever. Lindsay and Pip have taken residence in my heart and mind, sharing space with many other special couples I've read about throughout the years. This, to me, pretty much summarizes this book, and the story as a whole:

"He'd almost forgotten all the madness of the night, until Valentine's voice suddenly cuts through the darkness in a searching, hopeful whisper: "Lindsay? Are me and you okay?"

"I think so."

"I know we're fucked up."


"And there'
Vivian Archer
A fantastic conclusion to the trilogy of Lindsay and Pip's off-kilter love affair with all the ups and downs. The crazy tilt-a-wheel they spin on is an amazing ride. It's long journey there and back again, but so worth it. The title gives a clue as to the nature of their love and their affair.

The dialogue is still stellar with bright, sharp exchanges that pounce and roll you flat onto your back. Love is never easy with these two:

"You're a rose, you're a pearl, you're the spin on my world. Now AN
This is honestly the craziest trilogy I have ever read, there is no other competition. But I loved every single freaking moment of it all.

"There ain't much we ain't already done, hey?"
"You warped me. I was perfectly normal-"
"-drug addicted bisexual hooker-fucking criminal."
"-perfectly normal sensible man with normal sensible urges before you."
"As if you was ever normal. You was just repressed."

Pip is the oddest, most fantastic character I have ever read about and I know I could never forge...more
Amazing! This book is the perfect ending for Pip and Lindsay story! Finally they talk, they understand each other, and they realize that one can't live without the other... even being crazy as they are! That's something that will never change, they are insane and I love them!

""How could I forget? Talk about being forcibly hauled out of

the closet."

"It's good for you. The closet's rubbish. People need to stop

wasting the space and fill it with clothes instead."

"Speaking of. Honeymoon in Topshop?"

Angela Bee Bee
Nov 11, 2013 Angela Bee Bee rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Angela Bee Bee by: Em
These boys are frustrating as hell, and totally insane, totally lovable. They are volatile, mean, sarcastic. Not sure if there is enough sweet to balance all the sour.

Pip has the charm of Darian Glitterland but is as annoying as Jory A Matter of Time.

I dunno, part of me wants all the random shit put in order, but the other knows the bizarre pace is the uniqueness here. It's difficult for me to embrace the crazy. It's an uncomfortable, stupid, brilliant ride.
This one will be hard to do justice in the review. It is one of my favorite series and I just finally finished it. I was savoring it and a little afraid of the ending because after the way the first book ended I didn't know how much torture I wanted to endure.

I have to use spoilers in this review because it is too hard not to being that it is the third book. So! Pip and Lindsay are back together. Finally. It took forever. They have both changed over the years and have to come back together on t...more
4.5 Stars

This one is the last statement of an amazing, frustrating, funny, crazy,surreal and original trilogy that I loved it and enjoy it a lot.
Lindsay and Valentine finally settle in this last book, they finally talk about the big elephant in the room, that was bothering me too, and in the end they took the middle path.

"I know we're fucked up."
"And there's things that will never go away."
"But there's more good than bad, ain't there?"
"You know pillowtalk makes me homicidal.
These two, Pip and Lindsey, what a bizarrely beautiful thing they have. In the first book their dysfunctional dynamic was like watching a spectacular train wreck. I was mesmerized and couldn't look away. And somehow*, through the miracle of time, love and a bit of self-reflection, they were able to evolve in a good way. They managed to keep their compelling chemistry while actually developing something that resembles a healthy relationship. I guess there is hope for just about anyone.

*Really, it...more
Feb 03, 2014 Julia rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m
I've got to keep coming back to the writing. I just really think the writing and storytelling is incredible. One of the highest compliments I can pay is that I refused to read this unless I was able to give it my full attention. (no kids, no husband, no background noise) I just wanted to be able to ignore the world and fully sink myself into this book. It's been a while since I enjoyed a series this much.

I finished the book a few days ago and keep trying to figure out what to write. In my head,...more
Stacey Jo
The third and of the Stockholm Syndrom Trilogy. No more heists here. Lindsay and Valentine have settled down into a domestic and "regular" life in London. They seem to have trouble finding a balance between their new life and their old one. It's been five years since they were last together and although Lindsay didn't seem to have changed a great deal, Valentine is a whole differnet person if you ask me. He has changed in so many ways. So the "games" that they played with each other, even out of...more
The whole series is kinda crazy and not at all what I expected. It's really well written. In this last book I could almost hear the accents. Pip and Lindsay are settling back into a relationship. They are having to reform it all since they have both changed. Gone is the adrenaline rush of performing heists and the dangers associated with it and so too is the boy who had his every action controlled by Lindsay. They are learning to talk and deal with their issues and with family. Still it is like...more
Limor moyal
Amazing ending ! it's not the perfect fairy tale HEA , it's the real deal , the hard work you have to put in order to get your HEA . And they done it , and it couldn't be done before cause they needed to grow up and learn how to live with out each other in order to be together . It's sounds absurd but it's actually the reasonable thing to do in order to make sure your relationship will last . And I have no doubt that Lindsey and pip will be together forever.

I have to be honest and say that all...more
OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I swear I cannot stop cracking up (pun intended) over that scene in the car between Lindsay and Pip and the two pervy voyeurs! Richard Rider you are a genius! Hahahaha!
Ok, ahem, now I give my review! I love these three books Stockholm SyndromeNo Beginning, No End17 Black and 29 Red! Mr. Rider did an excellent job of fleshing out all of his characters. I adored Lindsay (with all of his hangups) and Valentine (with all of his hangups but no inhibitions)! These two were complet...more
So instead of writing a review for this series (which was great by the way) I'm going to add some of my favourite lines from these books, which are all based around Valentine - one of the most interesting and original characters I've ever read. Valentine is needy, annoying, shameless and childish. He is also loyal, loving and vulnerable. Through Lindsay's eyes we fall in love with Valentine, with all of him, the good, the bad and everything in between.

He' funny looking, he's too pointy and he'...more
★★★★½ - Great, would highly recommend.
(view spoiler)...more
John Fuller
Jul 22, 2012 John Fuller rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Readers who like to work hard for their happy endings
The final part in an incredibly strong trilogy, this book will not disappoint you. The Stockholm Syndrome trilogy is really just one very long volume split up into digestible parts, as the three books are best enjoyed chronologically - but enjoy them I guarantee you will.
I wouldn't just recommend these books to fans of erotica or m/m romance - I'd recommend them to fans of good writing. The best part about this series for me is the characterisation.
In book three, after many slightly-unsatisifed...more
Crys Harris
I didn't want this to end. Hurray for character development and moving a story along that is a celebration of life's mundane insecurities and banalities, juxtaposed against some colossal choices. The sex in these books isn't for everyone. The third book is much more mundane than the first in that regard. But I dont see what there is not to love the two main characters.
Feb 24, 2014 LauraZu rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: m-m
Third part in the Stockholm Syndrome trilogy

OMG! I just loved this so much!
Lindsay and Pip just made it to my favorite couples list. They're just so darn perfect together!!

So... Lindsay and Pip are back together, and in London. But this time, Pip is trying to be the better man and decides he wants to be properly wined and dined, he's determined he and Lynds 'date' and it was totally exasperating but completely adorable at the same time, it was a really nice...more
Love, love, love!
Pip is the perfect Yang to Lindsay's Yin.
Beautiful story brilliantly narrated. Not your usual "love story".
Very difficult to explain, but I will surely miss this couple!
I don't quite know how to review this. There are a million different reviews bouncing about in my brain... I feel slightly schizophrenic.

What started off as total confusion turned into something surprising for me - I began to enjoy this crazy series and its mental characters. (Yeah, I know... What the actual fuck?)

It's a tough series to get your teeth into but I listened to those wise 'voices' (KatieMc, Jenna) and stuck to this loyally and steadily and it turns out they were right... This is ac...more
The sex scene in the car was hilarious. One of my favourite scenes ever. I couldn't stop laughing.
I will never, ever, get enough Lindsay and Pip.
I think I might cry a little. I didn’t shed a single tear while reading…but I should have, because it was just perfect. I don’t have an ounce of critical thinking left in me…I’m just so full of love for this book, an epic ending to a crazy intense and wild but oh-so-wonderful series; or perhaps rather the perfect ending to this single three-part story.

I generally can’t stand text speak, but for the sake of authenticity it’s wonderful. And like everything else in this novel, I’m bound to swear by...more
In the last book of the series we see Valentine and Lindsay trying to get back to what their relationship once was. But to much time as passed and they're simply not the same people they were when they first met.

Valentine has grown and matured so much, I was so happy to see that change in him. He even tells Lindsay he doesn't Need him anymore the way he used to. Now he just wants him but not like before.
It gets A little difficult for Lindsay because he now realizes how much he misses valentine...more
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Richard Rider's name autocorrects as Richard Ridiculous in OpenOffice, which kind of says it all.

After somehow managing to spend several years making gold and copper crowns for a living in the Narnian wilds of North Wales, a move back to English suburbia in an attempt to grow up brought with it a job in art publishing, an Open University English degree, a socially-acceptable hair colour, and an un...more
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“He's beautiful because he's not and he doesn't care.” 19 likes
“He tries again, swallowing hard to ease away the painful lump in his throat. "It's just important. I love you. I'm yours. I need people to know."

"Alright," Lindsay says suddenly. He leans down to grab at Pip's bag, throwing stuff out onto the carpet, his iPod and phone and wallet and gloves and Attitude magazine until he finds what he's looking for, a green marker pen, and holds it between his teeth while he starts tugging at the hem of Pip's t-shirt. Pip's too surprised to do anything but submit, he lets Lindsay peel off his t-shirt and throw that on top of all the things from his bag then just watches as Lindsay pulls the pen out of the cap in his mouth and signs his name in big green letters on the side of Pip's stomach. He holds his breath, trying not to suck in the belly fat everybody else keeps telling him is imaginary. "There, you're mine, are you fucking happy now?" Lindsay snaps, and throws the recapped pen across the room to get lost in the bookcase somewhere.”
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