Bad Chili: A Hap and Leonard Novel (4)
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Bad Chili: A Hap and Leonard Novel (Hap and Leonard #4)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  1,358 ratings  ·  81 reviews
With his trademark knack for gut-busting laughter and head-splitting action, Joe R. Lansdale serves up a bubbling cauldron of murder and mayhem that only he could create.

Hap Collins has just returned home from a gig working on an off shore oil rig. With a new perspective on life, Hap wants to change the way he's living, and shoot the straight and narrow. That is until the...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published October 27th 2010 by Vintage (first published 1997)
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Hap returns home from working a gig on an oil rig and is promptly attacked by a rabid squirrel. Thanks to crappy insurance and a grumpy doctor, he has to stay in the hospital in order to get his rabies shots paid for. While Hap is left to the mercy of the American healthy care system his best friend Leonard has been having problems with his boyfriend, Raul. Raul has been two-timing him with a biker, and it’s made Leonard so angry that he’s doing crazy things like beating the biker with a broom h...more
Barks & Bites
This is another politically uncorrect wacky mystery featuring best friends Hap and Leonard. Hap is an everyman sort of slacker guy and Leonard is a big, tough black guy who happens to like men. Hap and Leonard love each other like brothers and are the unlikeliest of friends and their friendship has survived longer than any of their previous relationships. They are hilarious together, especially in this book which, thankfully, isn’t quite as dark as “Two Bear Mambo, though it has its dark moments...more
Charles Dee Mitchell
A attack by a rabid squirrel sets the tone for this fourth escapade of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine in the humid, make that fetid, world of East Texas. You don't read these books for their tightly plotted mystery, although this one has a better mystery to be solved than the other two I have read. The attraction is just how outrageous Lansdale will make the action. This time out we have murder, torture, grease stealing (you'll have to read the book), rape videos, gay bikers, sadistic ex-wrestlers...more
I'm starting to think Lansdale's "Hap and Leonard" will attack (and prevail over) any subject matter. In "Bad Chili" there were times I wasn't even sure what the 'mystery' was~but I knew Hap & Leonard would make it worth the ride.
There are enough reviews that give you a synopsis of the plot, and everyone tries their best to describe Hap and Leonard, so I'll spare you.

"Bad Chili" begins with a rabid squirrel attack and ends with a tornado, and --as always with these guys-- I find myself quest...more
I am somewhat relieved that this fourth book of the Hap and Leonard series returns to the hilarious wit of the first two books. That isn't to say Lansdale lets go of the blood and grit that is liberally splattered through the other novels. And the author keeps his realistic if cynical outlook on life intact as relayed by the idealistic Hap and the pessimistic Leonard. But after all that, Bad Chili is mainly side-splitting funny. Just read the first 15 pages regarding a berserk squirrel and its a...more
Joel Neff
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Daniel Drago
Another amazing Hap and Leonard Novel. The opening scene alone was enough to make me laugh out loud non-stop. Great plot, a lot of action and best of all amazing characters. I had no idea and was so incredibly excited when Jim Bob Luke is a major character in the book. Cold In July is one of my favorites and Jim Bob is an amazing character as well. I just found out he also is in Captain Outrageous so I am really excited to read that one soon.

Any Lansdale is mandatory reading and I can't believe...more
Joanne Parkington
What to say about this book ..... it's crass and coarse and full of dirty word's and dirtier people ... in short, it's bloody wonderful !! Hap Collin's is a great character ... flat broke & without a pot to piss in, hurtling toward's middle age with only the clothes on his back and even those have seen better day's .... the scrap's Hap & Leonard get into are as brilliantly funny as they are violently bloody and the addition of foul-mouthed, husband burning, gun-toting Brett just add's to...more
Trailer trash crime masterpiece about a chili king's extortion by bikers for stealing grease from restaurants. Lansdale throws in a sado-masochistic has-been wrestler, another pair of Afro-black twins (see "Freezer Burn")and wraps it up with a Texas twister as the big finish just to raise the Warner Bros cartoon dementia.
"Bad Chili" should be read simply for the hilarious security job interview sequence alone. "Dancing Baptists". Lansdale does it again.
Heath Lowrance
This one starts with one of the funnier sequences in the Hap and Leonard series, as the boys are attacked out of nowhere by a rabid squirrel; it's a seemingly random beginning that actually becomes relevant at the end. But even if it wasn't, it works as a purely comic scene.

The whole book is pretty funny, really. There's more emphasis on comedy than in the previous books, and that's probably why I like it maybe just a little less. But a LOT happens in this one-- Leonard's boyfriend Raul disappea...more
Noah Soudrette
Another great adventure of Hap and Leonard. In this one, we meet Hap's awesome new girlfriend, and we get a cameo from a character last seen in "Cold in July".
Paul Eckert
I've been wanting to read Lansdale's work for years, and finding this audiobook at the library was the perfect excuse to finally dive in.

The thing to love about Lansdale is that he takes familiar premises and turns them on their head. There's a mystery in this book, but it's not tackled by big city super sleuths. Instead there's Hap and Leonard, a couple of guys living in East Texas. And instead of stereotype Texan cowboys with six shooters and a mouthful of snuff, we have Hap Collins, a blue c...more
Io posseggo l'edizione del 2003, sempre Einaudi, nessuna voglia né tempo di fare un inserimento manuale della scheda del libro, quindi o così o pomì. Se penso che ho ancora almeno altri 2000 libri da inserire, mi vien male, chissà prima della pensione magari ci riesco...
Comunque il commento é quello originale:)
Il racconto dell'incontro/scontro con uno scoiattolo rabbioso delle prime pagine da solo vale la ri-lettura, si sghignazza alla grande, anche se dispiace per l'atroce fine della bestiola.
Andrew Neal
*This review has spoilers for the first three books in the series, plus one spoiler for this book, which is hidden. Beware.*

Yet another book about rednecks whooping asses and getting their asses whooped.

It's a really good book, and I enjoyed it as much as the others in the series which I gave four stars, with one exception: Life comes cheap in this series, but this one took that to a new level in a couple of ways.

First, Hap gets involved with a new girlfriend, but doesn't ever see fit to mentio...more
Al Young

There used to be a phenomenon about a decade ago -the outlet book store. I suspect you all know about outlet malls. In a 500 mile radius, there used to be a half a dozen of these outlet book stores, where you could find relatively recent hardback novels for four and five dollars.

Though, the internet shows that these are still in existent, all of those around my usual routes have been closed for some time. I don't know what the reason would be. Perhaps the rise of Amazon or the expansion of mega-...more
A. Bowdoin Van Riper
Bad Chili, the fourth installment in the continuing saga of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, is nominally a mystery story. People are murdered, for reasons initially unclear, and the heroes -- determined to figure out why -- encounter further deaths, further mysteries, and threats to their own lives along the way. Eventually the mysteries are unravelled, justice is served, and life in the dusty, sun-beaten world of East Texas goes on.

The mystery is briskly handled -- an unusual plot played out in...more
Leonard is telling Hap that his boy friend Raul had left him for a biker when a rapid squirrel attacks, biting Hap's arm. While he's in the hospital getting that taken care of, Leonard raids the biker bar with a shotgun, shooting up a few bikes and beating the offending biker with a broom handle. He lights out with bikers in hot pursuit.

The biker turns up dead, head blown off with a shotgun, and Leonard is missing.

All this while Hap is in the hospital. He knows Leonard wouldn't kill anyone so se...more
Jonathan Franklin
Big fan of Lansdale's style. He creates memorable characters and does dialogue as well as Tarantino And Elmore Leonard.

This is my first sample of his Hap and Leonard series and Lansdale pulls no punches. This will not be for everyone. It's very non PC, grisly, gritty, and full of dark humor. If you enjoy that sort if thing then hop on for a wild ride with a couple of good guys with rough attitudes. I can't wait to read more of Hap and Leonard.
John Copeland
Fourth in the Hap and Leonard series and so far the weakest, in my opinion. I'm a big Lansdale fan but I can't help feeling that his Hap and Leonard series is a tad overrated by fans.

By this fourth novel, Hap Collins has become and incredibly dull and irritating narrator. He started drinking non alcoholic beer in the 3rd book and continues to do so. Not only that, he also makes a point of informing the reader that he does not drive after taking cold medicine. The guy is a real riot!

Some of the d...more
Callie S.
E' destino che io non riesca a leggere in ordine questa saga meravigliosa, ma potrebbe anche darsi che lo stia facendo di proposito, per ritagliarmi una scusa per rileggerla poi tutta dal principio.
Importa? No, perché Hap e Leonard sono pancia, non cervello: dopo due righe ti pare già di conoscerli da una vita e ogni avventura è un nuovo capitolo di un mito collettivo, di una storia di famiglia.
Se Rumble Tumble mi aveva divertita, questo, che ne è il prequel diretto, mi ha stesa del tutto: dallo...more
Tim Niland
When I saw that Lansdale had dedicated this book to one of my favorite authors, Andrew Vachss, I knew it was going to be a good one. This is another book in the fascinating Hap and Leonard series, where the two friends stumble into a series of misadventures. In this case, Leonard's heartsickness leads him to breakup a biker bar with a baseball bat and shotgun, and in the aftermath the boys find themselves on the up to their eyeballs in black market smut and oil which the bikers were scheming. Th...more
The happy feeling that wrestled with the dread was due to the fact that I was home, free of the offshore drilling job where I had for months served as a heavy oiler, which is a glorified title for an idiot who pours oil onto machinery. I hated the work and vowed never to do it again. I also vowed, for the umpteenth time, to change my life. To find something better, to finally prepare for the future. Which considering half my life was over, might not be a bad idea. Perhaps, if I had real plans, I...more
Daniel Sevitt
Wonderfully brisk, unrelentingly dark humoured and satisfyingly violent. Also the first chapter genuinely made me chuckle out loud. Proper funny writing... with rabies.
I don't know about Joe R. Lansdale. This book is not one you could describe to anyone without sounding like it's just plain silly. It starts off with an attack by a rabid squirrel that was howlingly funny and moves into a very dark and nasty murder/gay bashing/cover up. But at the same time introduces a romantic interest for the main character. Throw in a very odd private detective who is actually a hog farmer and a tornado and... well you see what I'm talking about.

Somehow Lansdale makes it al...more
Ben Jackson
I am not sure that a book has ever made me laugh harder than the first 15 pages of this book.

While clearly not for the easily offended, the Hap Collins books are fantastic for the rest of us who are too hung over/whored up to go to church on Sunday morning.

Perpetually down-on-their-luck Texans Hap and Leonard get into trouble again, hilarity ensues would be how the tv guide sums up Bad Chili. This is why I don't subscribe to tv guide.

See Hap Collins fight bad guys. See Leonard burn down a crack...more
This is a great entry in the Hap Collins/Leonard Pine series with Lansdale at the top of his witty game. I laughed out loud throughout this story, which included Hap being assaulted by a rabid squirrel and Leonard being "troubled" by a tick lodged in the most delicate of places.

Hap and Leonard, looking to clear Leonard from a possible murder charge, investigate a blackmail scheme gone wrong and meet up with one of the baddest dudes they've tackled yet. Lansdale provides a healthy supporting cast...more
Action, budding romance, guns, and a homicidal squirrel are just a few of the awesome things you'll find in this installment of Hap and Leonard. At this point I kind of just want to say, read my other reviews and apply them to this cause the series only gets better as does Mr. Lansdale's writting. These books make me laugh, they put me on the edge of my seat, and they move like well oiled literary machines. If you're not reading this series go out and start, I'll wait till you get back.
First Leonard and Hap novel. Not that impressed. The story is okay. The characters are endearing, exasperating, and annoying in turn. The element that keeps the reader engaged is the Lansdale humor - this is also what bumped the book up to three stars.

There's also the depiction of most southerners as racists and homophobes. I see this a lot and it has grown tiresome for me.

Still a Lansdale fan, but I won't be reading a Leonard and Hap any time soon.
Hap and Leonard in action, two of my favourite ever characters. Their dynamic is totally unique to me. The dialogue is wonderful and captures their friendship perfectly.

The action always feels realistic, with the requisite damage being inflicted and received according to the odds in play.

The peripheral characters are always absorbing too, but never outshining the dynamic duo.

A terrific ending to this one too, one which I wouldn't want to spoil.
True confession: I hadn't read a Hap and Leonard story before. Now that I have I want to read more. I'm so tickled to hear that there are other stories with these characters in them. I highly enjoyed this story. It is a wild ride of Hap and Leonard's adventures while investigating the disappearance of Leonard's lover. It is violent and graphic and has rabid animals in it. What more can a girl ask for in a book?!
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Joe R. Lansdale is the winner of the British Fantasy Award, the American Horror Award, the Edgar Award, and six Bram Stoker Awards. He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas.
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