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Cinta Sang Duchess (Duchess In Love) - Duchess Quartet Series Book 1
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Cinta Sang Duchess (Duchess In Love) - Duchess Quartet Series Book 1 (Duchess Quartet #1)

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  3,759 ratings  ·  186 reviews
Ambrogina, Duchess of Girton, masih perawan walaupun ia sudah menikah selama dua belas tahun. Gina menikah dengan sepupunya yang bernama Camden Serrard yang saat itu berusia delapan belas tahun. Tepat setelah pernikahan mereka, Cam melarikan diri melalui jendela dan pergi ke Yunani. Sekarang Cam kembali ke Inggris untuk membatalkan pernikahannya atas permintaan Gina.

Paperback, 508 pages
Published 2010 by Dastan Books (first published 2002)
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Anna D.
More like 2.5 stars

This is my first EL book. I was not thrilled about it because I was didn’t like how the book ended. I won’t, however, judge her other books by this and decided to give her the benefit of the doubt since she’s so highly recommended by GR members and Julia Quinn. I’ve already read some synopsis of her other books and I still have high hopes.

There are three stories in this book. 1) Camden & Gina, 2) Tuppy & Carola, and 3) Esme’s story. The only couple without a trace of i
Suzie Quint
3.5 stars. This would have been 4 stars but for a couple of things. At the very end there's a scene between Gina & Cam on the staircase that became a confused jumble in my mind. I tried reading and rereading it but it seemed like the author got shy and only wanted to infer what was happening and so the characters seemed to be lying down one minute (on the steps no less) and the next they were standing and then . . . but you get the idea. There's also the scene on the ship where the Gina sudd ...more
Mary B.
I don't even know what to say. This should have been an introductory novella to this series. Instead, it was a full length novel with a serious identity crisis. The supposed main characters - Gina and Cam - were uninteresting at best, and often quite annoying. With Gina's constant blithering back and forth about whether she wanted to stay married to her husband (Cam) or have her marriage annulled and marry Sebastian (who practically recoils at her slightest touch). But this only when the reader ...more
The only time this book caught my interest was when I read the Author's Introduction at the end. I didn't know Ms James was a Professor of English Literature and found it difficult to reconcile her academic expertise with this lack-lustre historical romance.

The main story was cute: a reluctant Duke forced to marry an 11-yr-old girl whom he thought was his cousin. Within hours of the marriage he flees to Greece, where he enjoys an idyllic life sculpting nude statues of Greek goddesses.

He returns
Oh dear me what a mess this book was!

A more fitting title would have been Desperate Housewives of the Ton!

The flow was very jumbled and I found myself going back and rereading sentences a lot. The excessive dialogue between numerous characters got very tedious. Somehow James lost my connection to these characters.

The one and only character that I believe had some depth and interest was that of Esme. Her and Miles story left me so sad.

I would give James a 2nd chance and perhaps Esme has a book!
This was a decent book, not as good as the Essex sisters or The Ugly Duchess, but really, somewhere between 3 and 4 stars.

The plot: We have Gina, the abandoned wife of the Duke of Girton, who has managed the estate for nearly 12 years alone, from the time she was 11 years old, and forced to marry Cam. Cam fled, leaving their marriage uncomsumated. The story begins with Cam returning to England to file for an annulment so that Gina can marry Sebastian.

While the love story of Gina and Cam was roma
Lori McD
Fun book - not much unexpected, but lots of laughs, comedies of errors, and pure fun as we get to the happily-ever-afters. (Or do we?)

The book focuses on three Duchesses (Gina, Esme, and Carola) and their antics at a month-long country house party.

Gina was married at the age of 11 to Cam (Duke of Girton) who was 18. Until almost the day they were forced to be married by Cam's father, Gina and Cam thought they were first cousins. They'd grown up together, laughed and played together, and both wer
Duchess in Love is advertised as classic historical romance, but I must admit that it delivered more than I expected. We get not only the romance between duchess Gina and her not-quite-husband Camden but also we get a glimpse into a structure of a society in historical England and it's attitude towards marriage and relationships.
The plot revolves around Gina and her circle of friends - and surprise surprise none of them has a conventional marriage. Although the focus is on a development (and of
This is the first book in yet another Eloisa James series about duchesses, and I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I have the others I've read, in the other two series I'm working on right now. I think there was more sex than sexual tension in this book, and I think characterization might have taken a bit of a back seat to the sex, too. Once they get down to it, the lead couple shags like rabbits, and in some highly imaginative places, too. I wearied of Gina's hyper-reactions to the slightest pro ...more
I was so disappointed in this book. The first few chapters hd such promise and then blew a tire and I quickly lost interest.

The side characters and plots were overwhelming. They added nothing to the story for me and took up so many pages. Frankly, I couldn't keep any of them straight. It was like trying to watch a long running soap opera for the first time. Bah.

Gina lost much of my respect by even considering marrying her dull and insipid fiance. He was so one-dimensional and wasn't
Jane Night
I really liked the Cam and Gina story line but this book just had too much going on.

Aside from Cam and Gina there are about 5 other relationships that are presented and either are solved or crumble. Add to that a mystery and it is just too much to cram into one book. The reader spends time in so many characters heads and it gets to be a bit much.

I didn't love the Esme/Sebastian story line. I also thought Esme and her constant whining about Miles being a fat guy was inappropriate (even though ou
There were a few confusing elements to this novel. I really enjoyed the plot between Cam and Gina - I would disagree with other reviews and say that there was a developed aspect to their relationship and an attraction. Their playful banter was lovely because you could see them as friends and equals, even though reluctant spouses. Unfortunately I didn't really like them as characters.
I thought that Gina dilly dallied over Sebastian far too much, and that grew annoying, I wanted either Sebastian t
Duchess in Love by Eloisa James is a historical romance that is first in the Duchess Quartet series. We are introduced to 4 duchesses who are unhappily married. Reminds me a bit of the Desperate Duchess series, just a different time period.
Our main characters are Gina and Camden who are forced to marry by Camden’s father when Gina is 11 and Camden is 18. Camden jumps from the bedroom window on their marriage night and flees the country rather than be forced to consummate the marriage.
What follo
Mein zweites Eloisa James Anlauf ...

Zum Buch:

Gina ist seit vielen Jahren mit Cam verheiratet, doch wurde die Ehe niemals vollzogen, da er noch in der Hochzeitsnacht flüchtete. Es sei gesagt, dass sein Vater ihn überredet hatte, die damals 12-Jährige zu heiraten, mit der er zuvor viel Zeit, seine gesamte Kindheit verbracht hatte. Sie waren beste Freunde. Doch nach der Eheschließung und Cams Flucht lebte Gina ein bescheidenes Leben und blieb brav und züchtig, lud keine fremden Männer in ihr Bett
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Wicked Incognito Now
Eloisa James is a dependable romance writer. I can always count on her to write a well-crafted novel that holds my attention...and characters that surprise me.

James' novels always have an underlying Shakepearean theme, and I love that. She also always has an excellent sense of humor, character relationships, and pacing.

The storyline of this particular novel develops some complications near the end, the pacing falls off, and it becomes a bit madcap like a 70s sitcom.
Andrea Jackson
Too many storylines and everybody acted childish and horny.
Duchess In Love, the first book in Eloisa James' Duchess quartet, is pure fun from the moment you turn to the first page. Light hearted and witty, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. I love James' observation on society, "Young men flocked to hunt Troubridge's grouse rich forests, and to flirt with unprincipled matrons. Where unmarried men went, there went matchmaking mamas, daughters trotting at their sides like beribboned spaniels." Duchess In Love is also a touching love story, th ...more
Gebby agatha
sebenernya suka yah sama ceritanya cam-gina, cuma agak males baca kalo ada banyak tokoh utama, jadi jesannya numpuk gimana gtu, jd kalo bukan tokoh utama skip aja daripada tumpang tindih ceritanya, ga suka sama si tokoh esme yang agak "murahan" apalagi main sama tunangan sahabatnya sendiri, tapi ceritanya cam-gina lumayan bagus walaupun awalnya agak bosan
3.5 stars.

This was actually a re-read for me. I remembered liking this one more the first time around. Gina and Cam are both mostly light-hearted and while there is some drama toward the end, she doesn't seem to resent him for leaving her for so long and he doesn't really seem to resent her for his father's scheming them into marriage. It was a nice, refreshing change from the normal romance tropes.

I know a lot of people are squicked out by the cheating aspect in this book and while I agree tha
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749959494

Genre? - Historical Fiction / Romance

Characters? - Gina Serrard Duchess of Girton / Cam Serrard Duke of Girton / Helene / Esme Rawlings / Mr Wapping / Sebastian Marquess of Bonnington / Carola / Tuppy / Miles Rawlings

Setting? - East Cliff (England)

Series? - Duchess Quartet #1

Title? - The Duchess of Girton gets a surprise when she falls in love with her errant husband.

Character Analysis? - I really loved Gina and her confusion over her errant husband and the state of her marr
Patricia Kate
When I read a romance, I am drawn in by the tension between the H/h. In Duchess in Love, that tension was muddled by all of the bed-hopping or potential bed-hopping between the characters. Should I root for the Duchess and her fiancé? Should I root for the Duchess and her husband? It sometimes wasn't clear initially. And that was true for the supporting characters and their relationships as well.

I did finish this book but I could easily put it down. I like Eloisa James usually but I think she wa
Christina T
I wrote this review back in 2008 so please keep that in mind when reading it. I'd like to think my reviews have evolved into something better now.

This was my first Eloisa James book and was a little unsure if I liked her writting style or not. I thought it was interesting that instead of just dancing at a ball she was specific as to what type of dances that were done and even mentioned a few steps involved in one. I didn't know what any of the dances were (except the waltz) so the names read lik
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Christina Fashant
At an age when she should have still been in a school room, Gina was married off to Camden Serrard, a boy not much older than she was herself. Much to her indignation Cam does not stick around after the wedding, setting of directly for the Continent and vowing to never return. In the mean time Gina manages the estate and becomes the most vibrant woman in all of society; flirting with scandal, but never quite stepping over the line.

Twelve years later Cam, now the Duke of Girton, has returned, bu

This is the first book that I read by Eloisa James and it is the one that made me fall in love with her work. Ever since I read this Eloisa has been in the top 5 for historical romance authors in my book.

How can you not love these wonderful women who has each others backs no matter what? It is the first book that I read where woman of the ton flaunt convention.

Gina and Cam had the best relationship that I have ever encountered between a H/h. I believe that is because they were friends
Erster Satz: "Nun, wie sieht er aus?"

Natürlich war klar das ich mir das neue Genre des Egmont Lyx Verlages anschauen würde und ich muss sagen, ich bin begeistert. Schon allein die Cover des neuen Genres sind für historische Liebesromane absolut außergewöhnlich und erstaunlicherweise schön anzusehen. So auch das Cover zu Ein unerhörter Ehemann, das sehr gut zum Inhalt passt.

Die Herzogin von Girton ist seit ihrem 11ten Lebensjahr verheiratet und hat ihren Ehemann seitdem nicht mehr gesehen. Noch
Yenny toh
walaupun sudah menikah selama 12 tahun,gina masih virgin sebab suaminya,cam kabur setelah hari pernikahan mereka...

Camden uda hidup selama 12tahun diyunani,hidup sesuai keinginannya,hidup sebagai seniman,pemahat lebih uda melupakan semua yang hal yang berbau inggris,satu2ny hal yang mengingatkanny akan inggris adalah surat2 dari istrinya,Ambrogina

Gina meminta Cam pulang,gina menginginkan surat cerai dari Cam sebab tunangan gina,marquess of bonnington ingin menikahi gina...

betapa t
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New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeat ...more
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