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I draghi degli abissi dei nani
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I draghi degli abissi dei nani (Dragonlance: The Lost Chronicles #1)

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  3,716 ratings  ·  123 reviews
Gli Eroi delle Lance sono tornati in un ciclo che getta finalmente luce su quegli episodi, appena accennati e mai narrati, avvenuti durante la Guerra delle Lance, le cui vicende sono descritte nelle "Cronache". Dopo il salvataggio dei profughi dalla Fortezza di Pax Tharkas, Tanis e Flint cercano di portare ordine a Thorbardin, Sturm si mette alla ricerca del leggendario Ma ...more
Paperback, 508 pages
Published January 1st 2006 by Armenia
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Alicia Ham
Jun 09, 2008 Alicia Ham rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fantasy Fans
Shelves: dragonlance, fantasy
Once in a while you come across a world that pulls you in and never lets you go. Dragonlance was just such a place for me. A world where I could immerse myself and never get tired of the places and the people that I found there.

I know that many would put this series in the world of guilty pleasure or something similar, but for me this was a series that made me fall in love with reading. Characters that I wanted to know more about and that I fell in love with, places that I wanted to visit and ex
I read this book after The War of Souls trilogy. This book is a disappointment for me. The characters and the plot is not good enough to like.

I just read whole book and it does not impress me.

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote a sub story for the Heroes of the Lance. We know all of the characters from the main books of Dragonlance, the base of the characters are ok, they are well known, they have their uniqueness but the book does not add anything to these characters.

The plot and sub-plots lo
It's a good job that my expctations for this book were not high, because my very low ones weren't really met.

Like most people reading this book (why would you choose this as your first Dragonlance book? Just a small amount of research explains that this really isn't the best place to start!!) I have an unhealthy amount of nostalgia when it comes to Dragonlance, being hooked on the Chronicles - most notably being a Raistlin devotee - in my early teens to such an extent that thinking about Dragon
I'm so glad that the passage of the time did not diminish my enjoyment of this book. If anything, it was really really nostalgic and a very satisfying read.

All of the Companions are back again - it's like going back in time and remembering the time I was reading the Chronicles again. You find yourself falling in love with all the wonderful characters again.

The story tells of the events after their escape from Pax Tharkas at the end of book 1 of the Chronicles. It tells the story of how the refug
This was a fun book for me =) I'll preface this review by saying I'm a huge Dragonlance fan. A book pretty much automatically gets 3 stars from me by having the word "Dragonlance" on the cover. The closest thing I could compare this to (with a movie analogy) would be a special bonus DVD from a Director's Cut of a film. It is a nice little tale that fills in some of the glaring gaps missing from the Chronicles (hence the name of this series, the Lost Chronicles).

I'd been putting off reading these
As someone who originally read most of the (good) books of the series about a decade ago, reading these newer ones is almost the equivalent of someone remaking one of the awesome PSOne RPGs. I spent a good portion of the book pretty much reveling in having something more to read, and recalling the awesome times spent reading the earlier books. Oh, and loving Raistlin; that happens a lot.

One thing I liked about this book, that really only would appeal to veterans such as myself, is that it goes
Returning to the world of Dragonlance, always get me bit sentimental and excited. Dragonlance was my first real fantasy experience and is still my favourite overall. And I love getting to hang out with Tanis, Tas, Caramon & Raistlin, Flint, Sturm, Goldmoon & Riverwind, Tika and Laurana.
This book is a return to the time of the Chronciles and fill out some of the holes left from that trilogy. We follow our heroes after they've resuced the prisoners from Pax Tharkas and how they struggle to
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

I've always liked Fantasy novels and especially ones about D&D. This story doesn't disappoint, It's not my favorite D&D novel, but I like the characters especially Tanis, Flynt, and Caramon. If you like D&D novels or sword and sorcery fantasy I would suggest you read this. Dragons of Dwarven depths gives you plenty of action, magic and character interaction. This is a great adventure. This is not really a book for you if you don't like fantasy, or hig
Jamie Belanger
I always loved this world and the characters within. I grew up with the Chronicles, and I've read the Chronicles and Legends series countless times. I love those books. I've ventured into other books in the Dragonlance series (Tales, War of Souls, and some other random ones). Loving the Dragonlance world and the companions in the original series as much as I do makes it very hard to write something disparaging.

But I feel I must.

This novel is, by far, one of the worst editing jobs I've ever seen
Marco Vaca
This was a journey into my fond Krynn memories...

It was fun to travel again with The Companions. The book itself is good, though not as good as the original two trilogies (you should know the "Legends" trilogy is still one of my favorite books ever). The story seems plausible, though to be honest I don't remember the exact details of the sojourn to Pax Tharkas.

Should you read this book? Well, it depends on two things: Do you like the Dragonlance setting? If so, you should DEFINITELY read the two
i finished it quite a while ago...just haven't been back the web page to update...was an excellent book...i highly recommend if you are a Dragonlance fan!
Que bueno que se completaron los nudos pendientes. Fue genial volver a leer sobre esos personajes y vivir aventuras con ellos.
Ayame Sohma
Having won a small skirmish in the War of the Lance, the companions (with several hundred newly-freed slaves-turned-refugees), are holed up in a valley, hopefully to wait out the bitter, unforgiving winter and proceed to safety with the first thaws. Resourceful and streetsmart, they are aware that defeating a single commander is hardly sufficient to topple a cohesive military unit and throw the remaining draconian and human troops into chaos.

Their fears prove true after their nemesis, Verminaard
George Worroll
Finished "Dragons of Dwarven Depths". It's not horrible. I'm not sure if my tastes have changed over the years, though, or if Weis and Hickman had some off days working on this one, but it wasn't as good as I remember Chronicles, Legends, Second Chronicles, or any of the other Dragonlance novels I've read in the past. Not a waste of money or time, but still, not quite as good.

One thing that was interesting was the way it seemed to explore the characters a bit. Not quite a character study masquer
Geddy Israel
Weis and Hickman pull it off again. Our Heros of the Lance have triumphed time and time again against insurmountable odds, but those odds aren't growing any more favourable, and now the politics are thickening. Tanis finds himself responsible for the lives of hundreds of refugees. Flint is given the opportunity to seek the Hammer of Kharas which would restore dwarves to their former glory, and make him, a simple hill dwarf, a hero amongst his own kind. Strum wants the hammer also, but he's think ...more
Niki Hawkes
Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at

Even though the Lost Chronicles are the latest in publication, they actually fall in the middle of the Dragonlance saga chronologically. It is an expansion of some events that happened that didn’t quite make it into the original series. Happy to have anything new from these authors, I was thrilled when it was released, and found it to be an incredibly nostalgic read.

I don’t think the original manuscript was a full trilogy, and so the authors h
Carl Alves
Not being familiar with other installments of the Dragonlance Chronicles, I took this on and am evaluating on a standalone book. I thought the storyline was straight forward. A group of refugees from a draconian prison have escaped and have to flee their caves to the dwarven stronghold in the mountains. Their draconian pursuers chase them to the mountains. When they reach it, there is treachery afoot with some of the dwarves. The main plotline that breaks out of this is the dwarf Flint must fin ...more
Shawn Towner
I haven't read any Dragonlance novels since high school, so I'm going to assume that my memory of them is probably skewed by my love for D&D and the fact that Dragonlance novels were some of the few fiction books that I actually enjoyed reading (the others mostly being Star Wars novels or the novelization of Spaceballs (High school me did not have the best taste in literature)). I doubt the Chronicles and Legends books are as good as I remember them being, so I wasn't expecting much out of D ...more
Louis Vigo
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had been awhile since I read a Dragonlance novel and it was quit refreshing to do so again. Its not heavy reading, but being thought out it has just enough to chew on intellectually to satisfy the desire for a fun read.

One of the ideas that popped out at me was how non-pagan the gods of Krynn seem to be (other than their multiplicity). I wonder if that is in part to Hickman being Mormon? The gods of Krynn produce a setting quite different from Forgotten Realms
Published a ways after the Chronicles books, but threaded through them -- and, happily, written by Weis and Hickman unlike the bulk of so-called Dragonlance books out there -- this book is read directly after Chronicles Book 1, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It tells the tale of what happened after Pax Tharkas but before Tarsis, and explains how the refugees and the Companions got to Thorbardin, which had been explained away by a few brief expositional paragraphs in the beginning of Chronicles Book ...more
Modern Girl
I liked that this book took us back to the War of the Lance. However, it didn't really succeed in taking us "back there." I expected the writing to be a similar style to that of Autumn Twilight and Winter Night. The characters were different, the lens of the authors was different. Instead of getting a story that seemed like it was written back then, and happened back then, it was a story that was bandaged together 20 years after the AT and WN and tried to fill in what happened between these two ...more
Okay, this wasn't total junk. This was my first Dragonlance book, and although it did keep me awake while I was driving for the first 3 hours, it failed after that and I had to grab a Louis L'Amour book for the remaining 17 hours--it was not gripping. My main complaint was the insulting way it treats race. We are supposed to accept that because one character is a dwarf, certain characteristics are givens, and that if someone else is a kender (sort of like a hobbit with small feet, long ears, and ...more
Jun 04, 2008 Henrik rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone enjoying Dragonlance books, especially the original stories
Recommended to Henrik by: Christina Stind Rosendahl
Shelves: fantasy
It's been a while since I was in the world of Krynn... I'm about 60 pages in right now, and so far, so good. Hanging out with good old friends:-)

I'll write a review when I've read all the pages;-)



It was wonderful to be back--back with old friends in a cozy old world one remembers with fondness.

This book is the first in a proposed new series filling out the "missing blanks" in the original Chronicles Trilogy. It deals with what happened when the Heroes of the (not yet) Lance arrived
Set between the first and second book of the original trilogy, this book details who the companions and the refugees travel to the city of the dwarfs and the adventures they have there.

The story is excellent and very full considering it covers what is a relatively short amount of time in the series. It gives a good amount of reminders so if it has been a while since you have read the original trilogy you won't have a problem diving back into the story.

The characters are excellent with the dynami
So, it turns out I've already read this one! This series came recommended by a student, and when I picked the first one up this weekend, I remembered walking this particular path once before. These books are good fun and a real blast from the past for me. The original Dragonlance chronicles were the first 'big kid' books I ever read, the first ones I checked out from the YA section in the old Bel Air library. Every once in a great while, I go back to them. This newer series takes place during th ...more
This was a good story. A dungeon delve told from 3 different angles... until the end when they just hand waved over the Riverwind/Refugee group's progress. The book mostly focuses on Flint, which I very much enjoyed. I love dwarves and Flint is different then the hard charging, drunk, Gimli-esque trope you see in most fantasy novels. I thought Weis did an excellent job scaling back the characters to make them read like the young, novice adventurers that they were at the end of Dragons of Autumn ...more
Michael Tildsley
It has been a long time since I've read anything in the Dragonlance series of Weis and Hickman. In fact, I've owned this book for a long time, but put off reading it because the trilogy wasn't finished at the time of purchase. Suffice it to say, the series is reborn in my mind through this book, though I'm not entirely sure of the chronology of the Lost Chronicles series just yet. I think this first falls somewhere after the first book in the original series, but after that I'll have to check. I ...more
You can feel that book is written by original authors of Dragonlance saga and elaborates on many details which are references by other books as historic events. This time Raistlin's brother Caramon is depicted almost as moron and it really reduces connection to other books and disturbs reading/listening.
It's been a long time since I have read the original books and I almost put this one down as it seemed to start slowly. About half way through it finally took me and I wanted to finish it and continue with the series. It has also made me think I should go back and read the original series as well.
Rebecca Stayman
Really liked this book. It would be best to read it between the books, 'dragons of autumn twilight' and 'Dragons of winter's night' from the Dragonlance Chronicles. If you really like the Dragonlance Chronicles then this series is fun to pair with it. I wouldn't recommend reading this book without first meeting all the characters in 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' though.
This is my favorite of the Lost Chronicles. Mostly because it touches on all the companions and tells the story of what happened
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