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Consequences (Torchwood #15)

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Saving the planet, watching over the Rift, preparing the human race for the twenty-first century… Torchwood has been keeping Cardiff safe since the late 1800s. Small teams of heroes, working 24/7, encountering and containing the alien, the bizarre and the inexplicable.

But Torchwood do not always see the effects of their actions. What links the Rules and Regulations for rep...more
ebook, 256 pages
Published June 30th 2010 by BBC Digital (first published October 15th 2009)
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I am biased because I love Torchwood so not liking this book would have been a huge surprise... I wasn't surprised, I really enjoyed the read. The book is composed of 5 short-stories. My favorite was Virus by James Moran, Ianto is in full action mode in this one and that's how I like my favorite character to be. I liked how the stories involved more than one combination of Torchwood's operatives. It was really interesting to see every short-story having repercussions in the ones following it and...more
Amy Hirschman
Hmm, my book cover for this is different than the one shown. Oh, I guess it's 'cause I have the UK edition.
Anyway, I absolutely loved this collection of short Torchwood stories. There's at least one that takes place in between the events of Series 1 and 2. This book has a special place in my heart because of James Moran, a great writer and a great guy.
I like how the last 3 stories had elements that connected them to each other. I enjoy reading these official novelizations. I consider them canon,...more
Daniel Kukwa
I should really give this 4.5 stars, as former "Doctor Who" script editor Andrew Cartmel's contribution to this anthology starts out in rather clunky fashion. But once he gets warmed up, he's on the same exciting-yet-twisted page as everyone else...and the result is like experiencing a perfect little mini-season of "Torchwood". I burned through this book in 24 hours -- it's utterly compelling, borderline insane, and equal parts hilarious, horrific, and poignant. Everything that is wonderful abou...more
Chent Higson
The Baby Farmers by David Llewellyn
It's not very common to find a Torchwood story set from before the TV show without it somehow being intricately connected to the present, even with Captain Jack.
The idea was good and well executed too, and Llewellyn slyly incorporated a lesbian couple just to balance out the lack of Janto.

Kaleidoscope by Sarah Pinborough
(view spoiler)...more
A series of interconnected short stories demonstrating how actions have consequences -- this book also demonstrates in dark and sometimes not-so-subtle ways just how much "Torchwood" should never have been shoehorned into the "Doctor Who" universe.

I enjoy Torchwood, and I have since it was first broadcast -- but "Torchwood" is a universe of darkness, of loss, of hopelessness, despair, and sorrow. This is the exact opposite of its parent show, as "Doctor Who" has always been about happiness and...more
Kayne Beauglehole
TorchWood being my favorite TV show I expected this to a great book and I was right. Made up of 5 mini novels TorchWood Consequences was definitely one of the best books I've read in a while. I liked most of the stories equally but found the first one hard to read because I didn't know the background story of any of the characters. My favorite was virus because was finally Ianto's time to shine in the fourth Novel in this book.
Rebecca Honeycutt
A generally lackluster collection of short stories about Torchwood. Notable for me because one of the stories, "Virus," focuses heavily on Ianto. And I love me some Ianto.
Jo Bennie
Five interlinked Torchwood stories on the theme of consequences of actions, my favourite Torchwood book / play to date

In the first book: 'The Baby Farm' we are in Victorian England. A desperate mother is driven to give up her baby to the deliciously spooky Ms Blight and one of Torchwood's founding memebers: Emily Holyroyd places a mysterious book in Cardiff University Library. The Torchwood team follow the fate of the babies to a Ragged School. These were real historical institutions set up by...more
The book consists of sereval short stories, therefore I am going to comment on each of them:

1) Set in the Torchwood times when none of other heroes - except for Jack - was even born yet. The plot wasn't very exciting, I didn't care for the characters at all and the author used too many unnecessary unusual adjectives. ;-)

2) This one was better. It's set after the end of season 1 and showed how the team dealt with the situation which they found themselves in. (I'm trying to stay vage here, even th...more
Nicholas Whyte[return][return]This was the first, and I think only, book of short stories about Torchwood, and a fine collection it is too. We start with "The Baby Farmers" by David Llewellyn, set in the Victorian Torchwood era which generated so much fanfic from just a few mentions on screen, a lovely canonification of this setting; and then there's what will presumably be the last ever Tosh/Owen story, "Kaleidoscope" by Sarah Pinborough, set in the Jack-less interva...more
I love how all the stories are linked. When I started reading this I thought they were all separate, but it turned out they were connected, which was awesome! I'm surprised that Nina Rogers doesn't appear in the show, though, since she makes appearances in so many of the books. It would have been cool to have a younger character in the show.
This is an interesting book, but it did take me the longest time to get into it. The Baby Farmers is based in Victorian times, which was dull to me, as it didn't include any of the characters I loved the most, so I found myself not caring. But the great thing is how all the stories link together to bring you to the eventual ending, where you realise that though these are all separate stories, they all play a part in a much larger one.

Virus was my favourite, and though I liked The Wrong Hands, I...more
A collection of five Torchwood stories. Some are better than others (much like the first season of Torchwood, come to think of it.)

Okay, let's be honest here. Virus was good. Ianto saved the day, and who doesn't love it when the coffee boy kicks some ass?

The other four though? Ranged from kind of meh to stunningly boring. And, unlike the show, I don't have John Barrowman's ridiculously handsome face to get me through the boring bits. Most of them were very banter-heavy and plotty, without a lo...more
A collection of semi-interrelated short stories of Torchwood. Mostly very enjoyable, occasionally quite dark, and surprisingly well-written for Torchwood. The Baby Farmers reaches into Torchwood's past. In Kaleidoscope, the team faces life without Jack. The Wrong Hands is a pretty decent post-series 2 Torchwood story. Virus is completely stupid, but worth it for Bad-Ass Ianto. Consequences, from the point of view of one of Torchwood's innocent bystanders, touches on previous stories as well as e...more
Mark Jones
Nice enough collection of short stories. The 'consequences' of the title are a little predictable but each story is well written and a good way to pass the time.
So I was super excited to read all of the Torchwood books and the one I started with was really good...this one, not so much. It was written by a lot of different authors, first of all, and you could really tell. There was no consistency and in fact the book was kind of confusing. It was almost like short stories but they were sort of connected...I found myself confused more than amused...ah well. Hopefully the next ones will be better as I ordered 4 more from Amazon!
I chose the short story anthology to begin my dive into the Torchwood novels, hoping to find a Torchwood author I liked. None of the authors particularly stood out to me, but I enjoyed the exposure to Gwen, Jake, and Ianto. The writers of the these stories also helped write the scripts of the TV series, so the dialogue and characteristics of the three team members were spot on. I also enjoyed the alien artifacts and minor characters introduced in these stories.
a collection of short stories, all tied together. some where better than others.
Paola Valera
Consequences actually is a group of short stories (five to be exact) written by different authors. It's easier to see who is comfortable with certain characters and who is not to the point where there are minor discrepancies about characterization. (For example Virus by James Moran has Ianto kicking ass and taking names which, while fun, doesn't seem to be a common feature in the Torchwood universe). Still it is one of the best of the Torchwood novels.
Anne Barwell
Reading this collection of short stories reminded me of why I enjoyed Torchwood as a series. All the character interaction and banter was there, and the weird alien encounters. There's one story in particular where Ianto totally kicks arse and saves the day. It was wonderful. I also liked the fact that there was one set back in the early days of Torchwood at the end of the 19th century - great interaction and chemistry between those characters too.

Stephen Osborne
An interesting idea, having 5 short stories sort of connecting to each other. However, a few of the stories fell flat, especially the last one by Joseph Lidster. The best was Sarah Pinborough's tragic story Kaleidoscope. I didn't see THAT ending coming! I'll have to check out more of her stuff.
I was going to give it three stars only because the other Torchwood book I read was so terrible that anything would look good next to it, but it really only warrants two. Harmless and not actively annoying, as "Pack Animals" was.

Also the little Victorian-era adventure was kind of neat.
This just made me miss Ianto, Tosh, and even Owen even more. If you're a fan of classic, original, real Torchwood you'll probably love this. None of that Miracle Day rubbish, some lovely moments with Jack and Ianto, and proper alien-hunting fun.
Andy Nieradko
Great stories and a great idea to have several authors write different tales that intersect at the end. As a big fan of the 7th incarnation of Doctor Who, I really enjoyed Andrew Cartmel's contribution.
Thoroughly enjoyable. A glimpse into all the things we missed in the series, and filling in a couple of gaps. Well written, fits well with the series, overall an excellent book.
I love short stories-and short stories, used to tell one giant story is always difficult, yet so satisfying when pulled off so well by these 5 authors.
A series of loosely-connected short stories that follow Torchwood in chronological order from the early 1900s or so to 2009. Rather good.
This was okay, some of the stories worked better than others, but I was left disappointed at the end of the book.
Gabriel Mero
A great collection of Torcwhood short-stories. My favorite was "Virus," it was very touching and poignant.
Enjoyed reading these stories. Think my favourites were "Kaleidoscope", "Virus" and "Consequences".
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