In Too Deep (Arcane Society, #10) (Looking Glass Trilogy, #1)
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In Too Deep (Arcane Society, #10) (Looking Glass Trilogy #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  4,633 ratings  ·  333 reviews
The "New York Times" bestselling author begins a new trilogy set in a secluded coastal town in Northern California-a mysterious place where danger and passion run deep...
ebook, 352 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Not Available (first published December 2010)
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Jane Stewart
Multiple mysteries are investigated. Some felt incomplete. Not enough relationship interaction and development.

Fallon Jones’ continuing enemy is Nightshade. When one Nightshade leader is killed, another replaces him. Nightshade consists of several independent groups that make drugs to enhance psychic abilities. Fallon and his partners/buddies had some success against Nightshade groups in prior books with more to come in future books. This book is about other bad guys...more

I didn't know whether to round up or down with this one. I know my ratings have gotten more lenient in the past year so I thought about it and decided, based on my earlier criteria for a 3 star read, this is closer to that than a four star. 3 star = average, enjoyable, worth the time, but nothing to make it unique. That fits this book fairly well.

I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and the set-up for the next book(s). I thought the mystery and the characters in this book were interesting, al...more
Comfort food. I like the Arcane series. When I was deciding which book to bring home from work yesterday, I chose this one exactly because I knew what I would be getting. No having to figure out a new mythos, no wondering what the heck was going on. No wondering if the book was going to be a total dud. JAK is a solid writer and her stories all have a similar feel. I like the mechanics of her writing. I like the way the stories evolve.

I do like the contemporary ones in the Arcane series best. I...more
The Arcane Society books are such comfort reads for me. This one was no different. They are like watching a favorite movie on a rainy day; you may know what's coming but that doesn't diminish your enjoyment of it. Like many, I've been waiting for Fallon's story. I was a bit disappointed that he and Isabella just fell into a relationship so quickly. I was expecting a little more fight from Fallon. But in the end I liked them as a couple and I loved that Isabella is the perfect counterpoint for Fa...more
Ann Noell
I love my Jayne Ann Krentz and all the other names she writes under! In Too Deep was a fantastic ride as always! Murder, mystery, and a little psychic madness and of course a hot romance had me up all night. As always with her books I just can't put them down!

She has talked a lot about Fallon Jones in he other books, so I was very happy that it was finely his turn to fall in love and be saved by the love of a good woman!
Looking Glass Trilogy Book One (but still part of Arcane Society series): Fallon Jones has set up shop in Scargill Cove, Northern California, a place that seems to attract those with paranormal abilities, probably because of its location as a convergence of multiple powerful forces. He has been content in his isolation and rejection from his peers until his life is turned upside down by an organizational whirlwind who is using the name Isabella Valdez and has considerable talents of her own. The...more
I have a problem lately with the contemporaries in this series. I don't know why, there seems to be something missing. Don't ask me what, it's just a feeling. That doesn't mean I don't like books written by JAK, and that especially doesn't mean I didn't like this book. Because I did. A lot, I just wish it was written by her alter ego, I think it would've worked better as a historical.

Why? Because it had a rather Old World feel to me. First with Fallon's impeccable manners, his being a little of...more
This is Fallon Jones' story. It was nice to get a glimpse into Fallon's life beyond his gruff and moody exterior.

In the first book of this new trilogy, we meet Isabella Valdez - the perfect counterpart to Fallon's abrupt nature. Her personality brings a light quality to the story line that adds the perfect balance when fleshing out Fallon's history.

Isabella has lived life totally off the grid. She was born to conspiracy theorists who have raised her to trust nothing. With no records of her birt...more
Jun 27, 2012 Julie rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Fallon Jones, a known recluse and investigator of the paranormal, operates his own agency known as J&J with his prime client the mysterious Arcane Society. Mr. Jones is not only directly related to the family who has historically controlled the Arcane Society, but is also well-known for his own paranormal gift of finding the patterns within the chaos of the universe around him. The only problem is that this "gift" which has passed down patriarchly through the Jones' has also led each of his...more
Isabella, conspiracy theorist on the run, meets Fallon of J&J, who helps her protect the world from paranormal weapons. Happening upon a Krentz/Quick book published after approximately 1998 is the most efficient method to make me hate myself for half a day. I know- I KNOW- that the hero and heroine will be identical to the last book. I KNOW that the paranormal world will become even more complicated and even less interesting than the previous book. I KNOW that the writing will be more tell a...more
Jacqueline Seewald
I just finished reading IN TOO DEEP by Jayne Ann Krentz, Book One of the Looking Glass Trilogy. If you follow the Arcane Society romantic suspense/mystery series as I do, you know that the novels have been set in the past, present and future. They all have one thing in common: each book is a great reading experience. IN TOO DEEP is no exception. Fallon Jones is a gumshoe with heightened paranormal abilities. Jones & Jones Investigations is located in Scargill Cove, a small Northern Californi...more
Willow Brook
Well-crafted entry in Krentz's contemporary PNR series (as opposed to her historical PNR and off world PNR series). I really wish she'd just write non-PNR, but I've been reading her since the mid 80's and PNR is what she has liked to write for many years, so I read it. Not that I dislike it, I just prefer her non-PNR. Anyway, the story of conspiracy minded Fallon Jones and Isabella whose own conspiracy theory mind makes him look like a cheery optimist was nicely done. There are conspiracies a-pl...more
Enjoyable fluff. This one has a bunch of extremely scattered mini-plots. I always like her characters, although sex at page 67 doesn't seem very romantic to me (no build-up). But the paranormal silliness doesn't do much for me, and since that is how all the Arcane Society books are set up, I can take or leave them. (They're pretty much inter-changeable anyway). (2.5 stars)

Wow! This is an incredibly ugly cover! I had to put a post-it note over it while reading just too save on cringes when I acci...more
Kathy Martin
Typical Krentz! Quirky characters, crisp dialog, paranormal romantic suspense. Isabella is on the run; Fallon Jones is overworked. She makes herself his assistant at J&J - paranormal investigators for the Arcane Society. They investigate to find out who is trying to kill her, who is selling paranormal weapons, and who is trying to oust the Jones family from control of the Arcane Society. Fallon's talent is seeing connections. Former Jones who had the same talent often went crazy. Fallon is r...more
Cozy and fun. I've been looking forward to Fallon's story for a while now, and it didn't disappoint. I particularly liked the townspeople and their conspiracy theories.

One thing I have decided is that these stories aren't romance. Even though each one has a couple hooking up, and some of the earlier books in the series did qualify, the whole psychic-love thing where they ahve this intense energy when they come together kind of spoils any romantic tension. So as long as you expect a paranormal s...more
Well, i think i liked it...back in the distant year of 2011 O_O

So distant, that i forgotten all about it!! Up until the day a friend showed me a copy, and i was like: Wait a minute, i know that cover!
Runs back into the house and checks bookshelf:

Yes, i have it!!

Oh My God!! All that cheese is killing my brain cells!

Regarding the story...
yeah, i have to re-read it!
I want to know how a desk jockey like Fallon Jones can exhibit the abs of the guy on the cover. Still, Fallon is one of my favorite characters in the contemp Arcane Society series so I was really looking forward to this one. Is Isabella worthy of him? I think so, even though she comes from a family even more prone to conspiracy theories than Fallon himself. I think I like Scargill Cove even more (could almost be Bolinas for the population of eccentrics). I also can't believe the author mentions...more
While I have usually been entertained by Jayne Ann Krentz'a novels, I am starting to feel they are becoming tiresome. I miss the old Jayne Anne Krentz. I miss the plain romance without elements of the paranormal. The characters had more depth and you actually believed they were in love with each other. In the paranormal romances the characters never have a chance to fall in love or actually develop as characters because the plot is so focused on the paranormal world Krentz has created. Please Ms...more
I don't know what it is about these psychical ability mysteries, but I just enjoy the heck out of them. In this one, Fallon Jones meets his match in Isabella Valdez. She can find things and he can see patterns and solve mysteries. Together, they manage to track down some dangerous artifacts, find the folks behind the conspiracy, avoid death on more than one occasion, and break open a new line of investigation on the deadly Nightshade group. Conspiracies galore!
Susanne Leist

The story was interesting at the beginning. First, Fallon, head of J&J, was almost killed by a special light but ended up killing his enemy. Then, Isabella, a paranormal with special powers, was introduced. She was running from paranormal investigators who supposedly killed her grandmother and were framing her for illegally selling paranormal weapons. The story continued this way with disjointed events that didn't make immediate sense. Paranormal phenomena, weapons, and powers were explaine...more
I hate the cover. A blue man with a 6 pack chest? Oh, please! Krentz writes a pretty good yarn though. Apparently no one in this particular 'world' is normal; every single character has a talent of some kind of psi. I'm afraid the sex is just a distraction from the plot for me, but that isn't Krentz's fault. I'm sure most of her readers like a little 'pash', as my 101 year old cousin refers to it.
So my original review of this book was too snarky. I must have been having a bad day. I'm still disappointed. I still think the paranormal stuff has gotten too complicated and that this book had too many plot lines that really only sort of resolved at the end. But I don't feel as hostile the second time through.
Will Mcclinton
Jayne Ann Krentz spins another good mystery with murder and intrigue with In Too Deep, from the Arcane Society series. This is certainly not your typical paranormal adventure for the reader. Her story gives depth to the characters pulling your interest in quickly. I liked the use of her characters having different talents, (intuitive,psychic or clairvoyant) making for an interesting story. While Isabella a victim of corporate espionage escapes danger like an onion different groups and people are...more
Lucy Monroe
Once again Jayne has done an amazing job with her characters and plots. Always a GREAT read!
I loved this story of how Fallon and Isabella fall in love! She just keeps working her way in deeper and deeper until he can't possibly not love her! She understands his powers and what makes him tick; and she and her powers complement him. The ArcaneMatch couldn't do a better job! This story is written in the present time, the second book is written historically, and the third is futuristic. A little weird, but I really enjoyed the series and would definitely consider reading more along these l...more
Pat aka Tygyr
This is the 10th in the Arcane Series. In the start of this trilogy, Fallon Jones is the head of J & J Detective Agency in Scarville Cove, CA. It's a small town, but Fallon isn't the sociable type.
Isabella Valdez has spent her life hiding, running. She was born off grid - no hospital or record. When she needs to work, she puts a back story out on the internet for whatever name she decides to use next. She had been working at a detective agency, but felt the need to leave them quickly. Someho...more
Enjoyed this book despite the paranormal aspect of it, which I wasn't expecting, but it wasn't obnoxious so I was ok with it. Liked Fallon's gruffness and protectiveness, enjoyed Isabella's wit and pluck. Lots of mysteries, most were resolved, some still ongoing, and there were allusions to some plot that I had no recollection of and the book didn't touch on therefore I assumed it was in previous books I have not read yet. That was mildly irksome. But overall enjoyable, not hard to read, great d...more
Isabella Valdez was raised around conspiracy nuts, but with her talent for ferreting out secrets, Isabella stumbles on a real conspiracy and is now on the run from those who would kill to keep those secrets. But during her flight, Isabella finally finds the perfect place to make her stand, Scargill Cove. Scargill Cove, a place with a special energy of its own - and a dangerous secret - also is home to Jones and Jones parnormal detective agency and its owner chaos talent Fallon Jones, descendant...more
Fallon Jones is the latest in the long line of Jones men to be considered a "conspiracy theorist" just because he can connect dots and sees patterns where others don't. His talent is part of the reason that most of the Arcane Society (an elite group of paranormal families) and even some of his family think that he is cracking up.
Luckily, he has lately acquired an assistant, Isabella Valdez whose smile lights up his life and who doesn't seem to be afraid of him or believe that he is going crazy....more
Shay Williams
This book has all the potential for a great paranormal romantic suspense with a master villain pulling strings behind the scenes, the Arcane Society policing the Talents and the Jones family. Unfortunately it has one major downfall which is a heroine that is just too stupid to live. It really pushes the bounds of creditability when Isabella Valdez, who was raised by a conspiracy theorist, would be as naïve as she is in this book.

Even so, the rest of the characters and the plot line kept me list...more
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The author of over 40 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic-suspense, often with a psychic and paranormal twist, in three different worlds: Contemporary (as Jayne Ann Krentz), historical (as Amanda Quick) and futuristic (as Jayne Castle). There are over 30 million copies of her books in print.

She earned a B.A. in History from the University of California at Sant...more
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