La dama di picche e altri racconti
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La dama di picche e altri racconti

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  5,096 ratings  ·  127 reviews
«La camera era piena di morti. La luna illuminava per le finestre i loro visi gialli e violacei, le bocche cavernose, gli occhi foschi e semichiusi, i nasi sporgenti ... le morte in cuffie e gale, i morti maschi, se funzionari, in uniforme ... i mercanti col caffettano della festa»: il fabbricante di bare ha invitato a cena i suoi clienti e Puškin può serrare in una morsa...more
Paperback, Piccola Biblioteca Adelphi #413, 104 pages
Published 1998 by Adelphi (first published 1834)
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Mar 08, 2014 Florencia rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Florencia by: Dostoyevsky
Shelves: russian
Avarice. The insatiable desire for wealth. That thing that tears family and friends apart. That moves the world in different directions. That creates in people the worst feelings and intentions. And a huge void that nothing can fill: “Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything”.
You can't have everything.

This short story, written by Pushkin in 1833, describes avarice with a brilliant writing and a witty plot. A little fella named Hermann enjoyed watching other people play cards. He never played...more
So I was refused entry on the bus home because I had a cup of coffee with me, "Get rid of the coffee or you're not getting on." It wasn't a case of No Food Consumed On Vehicle either, this guy was just a wanker. Apparently I've not reached the age where I have sufficient motor skills to hold something which essentially is a grown-up sippy cup without dropping it. God forbid my caffeinated drink would ruin the pristine condition of skanky buses with no air con or heating, chewing gum from 2005 st...more
brinson leigh
Timeless and accessible writing. I thoroughly appreciated Pushkin`s stories infused with seeds of historical trivia and perspective. I also enjoyed his use of humor and irony to mock comedic, sentimental, or ironic writing. As was I impressed with his successful addresses to the audience... in fact, he pulls off many things I`m traditionally not a fan of ... kudos! An aside, the translation is brilliant... it`s hard to seperate authors really, but amazing word choices and phrasing.
I'm not the type who can focus my attention solely on one book--at least not when that book is well over a thousand pages, which is the case with War and Peace, which I'm currently reading. My wandering mind requires little interludes here and there to break things up. That's why I decided to read The Queen of Spades. It's nice and short and therefore will distract me just long enough without diverting my attention from Tolstoy too long.

Shamefully, I have to admit this is my first Pushkin. For s...more
Ahmed Rashed
In The Queen of Spades, Pushkin uses unconventional plot developments and humor to ridicule the sentimental romance writing of his day. For example, after he leads the reader to believe that Lizaveta and Hermann will fall in love and marry, he reveals that Hermann is merely using Lizaveta to gain access to the countess and her card secret. Hermann will do almost anything to learn the secret, even woo the old woman: "I must get introduced to her," he says to himself, "and win her favour--become h...more
Julia Boechat Machado
Um livro bem selecionado e bem traduzido (Boris Schnaiderman e Nelson Ascher), que mostra o virtuosismo de Púchkin em contos e poemas. Dá ao leitor a oportunidade de conhecer o Púchkin da melancolia de Árion, da ironia amarga de O Semeador, da mordacidade dos poemas dirigidos aos tsares, do lirismo dos poemas de amor, da mistura eficiente de tudo isso nos contos.
Prêmio Jabuti de tradução em 2000.
Alexandr Pushkin is a wonderful storyteller. He is insightful and my opinion Russia's greatest poet (followed closely by Anna Akhmatova).
If you're looking for other stories from Russian authors I would also recommend Gogol, Bulgokov, and the lesser appreciated Turgenev (I loved Fathers and Sons). I mean really you just can't go wrong.
Ira Bespalova
I first read this book about three months ago during the university Russian literature course. Being a short story, it contains a lot of wisdom, witty parts and subtle psychological power. This work is just another evidence of Pushkin't great talent.
This is the first book I've read by this author and I really loved it. MORE please.
A Dama de Espadas é um conto do escritor russo Alexander Pushkin, considerado por muitos o nome maior da poesia russa e fundador da literatura russa moderna. Nunca tinha lido nada de sua autoria e o meu conhecimento em relação a literatura russo é bastante parco, portanto pareceu-me interessante pegar neste pequeno livro, que já tinha por ler há bastante tempo.

Este conto, que se lê num par de horas, centra-se num segredo detido por uma velha condessa, que promete fazer com que quem o conheça enr...more
Tre brevi incantevoli racconti, di cui La dama di picchè è il più famoso. Forse anche il più bello, non saprei fare una graduatoria. Posso dire che il racconto, che narra dell’irrefrenabile ambizione di un giovane con pochi mezzi economici che lo condurrà alla follia, è un perfetto equilibrio di stili, dal romantico al fantastico al gotico, tenuti insieme da una scrittura brillante e da una sottile ironia. Vorrei parlare di uno degli altri due racconti, Il mastro di posta. Mi è piaciuto molto. Q...more
Fantastic stories, although 2 are unfortunately incomplete. Pushkin's writing is so fantastic that I feel like I could actually relate to and immerse myself in 18th century Russia amidst rebels and Robin Hood like figures and land squabbles. The most bizarre thing to me was that there are several references, in various stories to "gingers." I'm naive (and happily so) to things like that, but I totally thought South Park made 'ginger' into a ridiculous taunt to people with beautiful red hair. Evi...more
I've lately developed quite an interest in the fabulous Russian literature. And Pushkin, well, he's supposedly one of the most fabulous Russians. I've been quite afraid of him - I somehow had an image of monstrous romantic poetry.
How very wrong I was.
Pushkin combines wonderous Russian fairytales, historical fiction and makes it all so interesting that you're feeling as if you were watching an 18th century soap opera. And Dubrovsky. By Jove what a man.
And did I mention that Alexander is a fantas...more
Let's put it this way...Pushkin is one of my new favorite authors! I am embarassed to say that I have never read anything from Pushkin before this, and I'm craving for more...lots more. He is such a phenomenal story teller. As you read, you just become more and more interested in the characters and development. I have lots more to read from this genius. (I only gave it four stars because I was afraid this collection and translation doesn't do Pushkin justice...and I've yet to read more...)
A wise friend once mentioned that he hadn't met one of the Russian writers that he hadn't liked. Pushkin is certainly no exception, though his style is interestingly different from the others of the classic Russian canon. It's reminds me of Hemingway, though these particular stories don't seem to reach as high. Though not stories I would die without being able to read, they are still very good.
What a man Pushkin was.

What's most startling about Pushkin and this collection is how modern and relatable the stories are -both in theme and language- ... you wouldn't think in this day and age of silly technology that a guy from 19th century Russia would be so open to connection.
«Пиковая дама» - это хороший пример того как помешательство может стать наградой тем людям, которые, переступая через допустимые пределы, до последнего ищут лёгких путей.
Reread all but Peter the Great's Blackamoor

Much more enjoyable than I remember it being. The Captain's Daughter is a masterpiece. The Belkin Tales are fun.
Satyabrat Mishra
The queen of spades is a tale about greed; sociopathy and revenge. And as usual with Pushkin's tales, a big twist in the end.
Pushkin is amazingly readable, and many of the stories are charming. VERY good read.
first written for a discussion forum:

perhaps what is most intriguing about this story is not the true nature of hermann's relationship to liz, but rather the strange metamorphosis of his motivations as the story progresses. he begins the story a man resolute in his financial prudence and refusal to gamble-- though "a gambler at heart". but what is it that causes him to so impetuously discard his convictions-- that is to say, "sacrifice the necessary in the hope of gaining the superfluous"? preci...more
These 6 atmospheric short stories by Russia's Shakespeare, Alexander Pushkin, would not be the works I would judge him by--as I would not judge a master chef by his sandwiches--yet they're wonderful sandwiches. Written in the early 19thC, they're full of twists and turns, domineering old ladies and pious young girls and Hussars, and always end startlingly. Charming.

Note: this is the newsprintish Dover edition, which does not contain the Captain's Daughter, Tales of Belkin etc. I would generally...more
Miss Kodok
Berkisah tentang seorang tentara bernama Hermann.
Hermann tidak mempunyai banyak uang meskipun ia sangat ingin bisa bermain kartu (judi maksudnya). Ia tidak ingin uangnya habis sia-sia di meja judi sampai suatu malam Hermann berkenalan dengan Tomsky yang menceritakan tentang neneknya (seorang Countess) yang mempunyai sebuah rahasia tentang permainan kartu yang telah membuatnya kaya raya.

Berpura-pura jatuh cinta pada Lizavyeta, seorang gadis yang tinggal di rumah sang Countess, Hermann berhasil me...more
Kitap 2 öykü barındırıyor.Bunlardan ilki "Maça Kızı". Ortalama 50 sayfalık hikaye Puşkin eserlerini okumayı sevenlerin alışageldiği üzere bir çok dipnot barındırıyor. Puşkin'in yaşadığı dönemde yenilikçi bir akımın parçası olduğu için eserlerinde eski alışkanlıklara karşı ağır eleştiriler bulmak mümkün. Bu da öykülerde bir takım ek açıklamalara ihtiyaç duyulmasına neden olabiliyor. Bu maça kızı için de geçerli.

Bir kumarbazın hikayesi anlatılır gibi görünse de aslında Puşkin dönemin alışılan ge...more
Rachel Jackson
In a whirlwind of a story, Alexander Pushkin combines everything horrid and ironic about love, greed, fate and death all into one with this tale of a man too greedy for love and too set on making his fortune, no matter the cost.

The Queen of Spades is the tale of Herman, a young man who tries to beguile an old lady out of her never-fail gambling tricks. He deceives many along the way, and it's his own mistake that causes his downfall in the end.

I'd never read Pushkin before, but he seems like a p...more
“Los escritores pasan con su época. Sólo unos cuantos resisten la erosión del tiempo y aun estos clásicos atraviesan por temporadas de silencio y olvido. Pushkin no. Pushkin se ha salvado de todos los cambios en los gustos y en las modas e incluso ha sobrevivido ileso a los cataclismos históricos. Pushkin nace de nuevo con cada generación que se acerca a él por vez primera. Es Rusia y la lengua rusa”. Así expone José Emilio Pacheco, en su ensayo “Pushkin o el rayo que no cesa”, su visión del que...more
Maan Kawas
A wonderful short story about human avarice and obsession with money and wealth that displays the mastery of the great Russian poet Pushkin in drawing a beautiful and deep picture using language. It is painful how a person may use love as a means to achieve his or her goals, playing with people’s emotions as well as confidence. Hermann was ready to do whatever it demands just to know the secret of the play cards that can guarantee him a huge wealth, so he played with Lizavetta’s emotions, trying...more
La edición que tengo yo en realidad se llama "Azar en el juego" y contiene tres cuentos: "Azar en el juego", "La hidalga campesina" y "El desafío". El primero, a pesar de que le han puesto este título, es "La dama de picas", en el que me encanta el personaje de la joven dama de compañía de la vieja condesa, que es pobre y se siente frustrada y atrapada en una vida gris y triste, pero el final es demasiado moralista y el elemento sobrenatural me parece metido con calzador, aún así tiene de vez en...more
Pushkin is considered the soul of Russian literature mainly because of his poetry which some say does not translate easily into English. An interesting fact about him is that one of his great grandfathers came from Africa as a slave and rose to become a Russian aristocrat. Pushkin was proud of his African heritage and brought it up often.

Having never read anything by Pushkin I decided that the short story "The Queen of Spades" would be a good place to start. This is a story about various kinds o...more
Hamid Hasanzadeh
پوشکین جدا یکی از بهترین هاست.. داستایوسکی می گوید : ادبیات اروپایی نابغه هایی چون شکسپیر و سروانتس و شیلر را به جهان داده است. اما در میان این نوابغ یک نفر را به من نشان بدهید که به اندازه پوشکین ادراک جهانی داشته باشد
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In Cyrillic: Александр Пушкин
Александр Пушкин
Alexandre Pouchkine
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a Russian Romantic author who is considered to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature Pushkin pioneered the use of vernacular speech in his poems and plays, creating a style of storytelling—mixing drama, romance, and satire—associated with Russian literature ever sinc...more
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