The Lady of the Storm (The Elven Lords, #2)
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The Lady of the Storm (The Elven Lords #2)

3.51 of 5 stars 3.51  ·  rating details  ·  494 ratings  ·  73 reviews
She controls the sea and sky, and obeys no man...

There's a thin line between duty and desire...

Giles Beaumont is stuck in a role he never wanted, trying to safeguard a woman of incendiary powers who doesn't think she needs a protector.

Cecily Sutton has no idea of the enormity of her true task and no inkling of the effect she's having on Giles. But somewhere along their per...more
Mass Market Paperback, 406 pages
Published August 2nd 2011 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published August 1st 2011)
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3.5 stars
“…you are not alone. You will never be alone, as long as I draw breath

Cecily Sutton has lived a fairly simple life, one she wouldn’t trade for the world that is until her small village is attacked by the Imperial Lord Breden. Her adopted father who is on a mission for what seems like forever has not returned and left her in the care of Gile’s, the elven blacksmith. Not one to sit around and do nothing, she calls upon her powers, the very one she swore to never use for she fears the t...more
This was such a unique concept with the mix of historical romance and fantasy. I thought there was an evenly balanced mix of both genres.

Sometimes the fantasy element was a little too involved for my liking, but there was a lot of romance as well. I would just have a lot of romance and a little bit of fantasy. The romance was very sweet and heartfelt though, so I was happy with what there was of the romantic story.

Cecily was a great character, she had a nice inner strength, not to mention her su...more
Kathryne Kennedy definitely keeps me guessing. When I first read The Fire Lord's Lover I was blown away. The world building was amazing, I loved the characters and the story was intriguing. Then I read Beneath the Thirteen Moons which was painful. So I wasn't sure what to expect from this one but had high hopes since it was a sequel to The Fire Lord's Lover and while I knew it would focus on new characters I hoped it would contain the same level of world building and character development that t...more
Yet another good book in this series, I absolutely LOVED it. This series is historical but what make's it so good is that the paranormal elements are fantastic. The heat level also was good for me and the love scenes while not erotic where still hot enough to make me happy.

I have to mark February 2012 for the next book, Lord Of Illusion will be a must read book for me and I look forwards to seeing just what Kathryne Kennedy has in store for us next.
The Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy
Paranormal Romance- August 1st, 2011
4 stars

The Lady of the Storm is the second book in Kathryne Kennedy’s Elven series. This series has wonderful world building and features dark terrifying elves that use humans as their playthings. It is the humans and part humans who make up the Rebellion to free themselves from the Elven tyranny who drive this fascinating series.

Cecily Sutton is a half-breed - the daughter of the Imperial Lord Breden and a human woman....more
Sandy M
Kathryne Kennedy is one of those authors whose books I anxiously await to hit the shelves. She builds the most exciting, unusual, and alluring worlds for her stories. Her characters also exude the same qualities, and then some, with such emotional pull surrounding them, all because of their circumstances and, ultimately, their unconditional measure to love. She weaves a spell around her readers just as her characters cast their spells of magic in and around a London that will surprise you at eve...more
Sia McKye

There's a thin line between duty and desire...
Giles Beaumont is stuck in a role he never wanted, trying to safeguard a woman of incendiary powers who doesn't think she needs a protector.
Cecily Sutton has no idea of the enormity of her true task and no inkling of the effect she's having on Giles. But somewhere along their perilous journey together, they'll have no choice but to uncover the deep, dark connection that binds them one to the other...

MY THOU...more
In the past I've liked everything I'd read by Kathryne Kennedy, some more than others. But for the most part I've always at least been interested enough to finish all of them so far.
Unfortunately that streak ended for The Lady of the Storm. And funny thing is that the world building is still good in here for a fantasy romance series. What sort of let me down here is the characters. They weren't bad people or make stupid decisions.... they were mostly just booooring. I tried and tried to make it...more
Kathryne Kennedy creates a complete and imaginative world that pushes the boundaries of the world we know. Although it was a little too much fantasy for me, I still enjoyed it. The characters were very well developed, and the attraction between Giles and Cecily was noticeable from the very start. I enjoyed that there was a consistency in the relationship. Overall, I liked this book although it wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea.
Amy Keeley
(If you haven't read the first book yet, don't read this one. I tried reading it out of order and got very lost, very fast.)

Not quite as good as the first book, The Fire Lord's Lover, but it's still a good read and continues some of the bits from the previous book (e.g. Is there really a door to Elfhame?).

I admired Cecily's strength, both of character and magic. There were times I wanted to bang my head against my desk because of her "oh I shouldn't use my magic whoops I just did" nonsense, but...more
Syahira Sharif
The only reason why I'm reading this book was wanting to know what happen in Fireham and so that i could associate physical pain of wisdom tooth with this book. Review later.
Blodeuedd Finland
This book can be read as a stand alone, since it does take place 9 years after book 1. But still it is a series and the plot to overthrown the elves continue.

What I enjoy most about this series is the worldbuilding. Kennedy has this way of creating such fantastic worlds that you can almost not imagine them in your head. The book takes place in England but it is a changed England as Elves came from their dimension and took over the country. Now Eleven Lords and Ladies rule with an ironfist. Human...more
*Le Sigh* and the magic is gone

I came into this story already expecting that I would not to enjoy it as much as its predecessor, The Fire Lord's Lover, and unfortunately it didn't exceed my expectations. Kathryne Kennedy's Lady of the Storm has all of the pieces, but I was honestly left wanting to simply go read The Fire Lord's Lover all over again.

We have a new hero and heroine in this tale, both elf/human half-breeds. The story centers around Cecily, who we meet as a child in the first book,...more
SOS Aloha
The product description provides little information about this fantasy series in Georgian England. The Elven Lords employed their magic to suppress the humans, divide the kingdom among themselves, and keep the island isolated from Europe. The Elven Lords are evil rulers of their individual lands, killing humans for their own amusement. The Elven Lords even breed with humans - the resulting child inherits a magical gift. In THE LADY OF THE STORM, Lord Dewhame seeks to destroy his daughter, Cecily...more
Linda Banche
Kathryne Kennedy's THE LADY OF THE STORM, the second installment of her Georgian fantasy, THE ELVEN LORDS, is a rousing story of adventure and the coming of age interspersed with magical marvels galore.

Half-human Cecily, bastard daughter of the elven lord of Dewhame, never wanted the powers over storm and stream she inherited from her father. And for years, thanks to her stepfather's magical safeguards and the watchful eye of Giles, whom her stepfather appointed as her protector, she lived as an...more
My 4.5 JEWEL review can be found at One Book Shy of a Full Shelf

If you read my review of the first book in this series The Fire Lord's Lover, you will know that I am a new rabid fan of the amazing Kathryne Kennedy. She is a master at building a world or altering the one we're in, to take her readers on an amazing and magical journey. This world is set in England's 1700s, but an England ruled by Elven lords who have divided the country into seven realms. The enslaved humans have finally started t...more
75 pages in... Ten years have passed since The Fire Lord's Lover. Cecily's character was briefly introduced in The Fire Lord's Lover, not enough for us to get a feel for her character.

Although the scene did explain in its vague way where the minor character Thomas went in the scope of the world and spent the majority of his time. For those that don't remember he was a friend and instuctor to the heroine in TFLL.

Slowly, bit by bit we are learning about both Cecily and Giles' personalities. The...more
I love the world that Kathryne Kennedy has created here. In this second installment in her Elven Lords series, it is 9 years after the first book. We meet Cecily who is a half breed daughter of the Lord of Dewhame. She is being watched by Gideon, who has been assigned the task of guarding her for the rebellion. As her village is burned by soldiers sent by her father, she is forced to turn to the rebellion in order to find her foster father. I love adventure stories and stories of hero/heroine tr...more
Actually 4.5

Cecily Sutton, who is half-elf and half-human, has lived a fairly uneventful life in a small village in England. Around the time of William the Conqueror, England was invaded by seven elven lords, who each took a portion of England as their own. The elven lords are cruel and have subjugated the humans. Because of this, there is an active rebellion. When Cecily's village is attacked, she uses great powers, which she has kept hidden, to save the village. Unfortunately, that use of powe...more
This is the second book in the Eleven Series by Kathryne Kennedy. It features Cecily Sutton, the half-breed daughter of the Elven lord of Dewhame(water), and Giles Beaumont, a human with some Elven blood in him. Giles has been cast in the role of Cecily's protector, and while he desires her and craves adventure, he fulfills his duty religiously, even when put into close quarters with her. Cecily has to leave her quiet home and village when her presence is detected and travel to find her missing...more
Stephanie (Once Upon a Chapter)
Originally posted at Once Upon a Chapter

Cecily Sutton is not like her neighbors. While the small village off the ocean is her home, it’s also her hiding place. Cecily commands a great deal of water magic. She can also control the skies. Her true power has only revealed itself once and cost the lives of hundreds of men. Cecily vowed not to use her magic after that. Not using her magic can only help. Being so powerful in 1734 England could cost her her life, especially if her elven lord father kne...more
I made it to page 20. I consider this an accomplishment.

I picked up this book because I liked the world/characters from its predecessor, but frankly The Lady of the Storm failed from the first sentence.

Giles comes off as an inept jerk. He's more interested in Cecily's curves than making sure there weren't any soldiers sneaking up on the beach, or finding out what's going on with the sounds of battle. He also dreams of Cecily's curves while bedding other girls (which he ponders instead of findin...more
Frances McNeal
3.5 stars overall.

This was the 2nd book in the series focused on Cicely the half breed of the evil elvin Lord Breden. She has been wanted by the Lord because of her powers. Giles has been assigned to protect her since she went into hiding as a child but now 10years later she is no longer a child but a beautiful young women. Gile knows he's not of her rank in society and can never have her so he's always pretended to have no feels for her. Cicely is forced out of hiding when the Lord Breden's ar...more
THE LADY OF THE STORM by Kathryne Kennedy is an interesting romantic fantasy set in 1734 England. It is the second in THE ELVEN LORDS. See “The Fire Lord’s Lover”,but can be read as a stand alone. It is written with depth and details.The characters are easy to follow,enchanting,well developed and will capture your heart. This author’s imagination is shown from the beginning to the end of this romantic fantasy. It has romance,love,magic,fantasy,adventure,drama,passion, an alternate England, confl...more
Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
In the prologue, we learn that long ago seven elves opened the gate between Elfhame and the human world, divided England into seven sovereign territories, and treated the humans as their personal slaves. They mated with humans, creating hybrid humans with magical powers; however if a child showed any potential magic that could be used to defeat one of the elven lords, the child was destroyed. This brings us to our heroine, Cecily.

Cecily is the half-human daughter of Lord Breden of Dewhame, one o...more
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

If a reader appreciates a book filled with pictures painted with words, and details that animate a world within your mind, then look no further than the amazing book by the talented Ms. Kennedy.

The Lady of the Storm is a book worth spending the time with. I was first introduced to this alternate and fantastical England with The Fire Lord’s Lover. The world building astounded me then and I couldn’t imagine how much more could be added...more
Amanda Ryan
Redonk Nutshell: Bodyguard falls for his magically inclined client and reluctantly agrees to help her cross enemy territory to find her adoptive father

Kathryne Kennedy is an author who's books eventually end up on my shelves come hell or high water. I anxiously await her latest releases, especially this one in particular. The Fire Lord's Lover is the first book in her Elven Races series, and it remains a fall back favorite of mine. You can only imagine how anxious I was to get my hands on numero...more
It's been a while now since I've read this book, and I honestly do not remember details of the plot. I only remember that I liked it —though I don't know how much I liked it. If I read blurbs or other people's summary of the story, it's enough to jog my memory somewhat. I remember the world, though; it's the same one in book one, of course, which is an alternate history where elves have come into our world and taken over in some places. They are the titled, and in fact anyone with a bit of elven...more
A year ago I read and loved The Fire Lord's Lover. I thought it was a little bit more focused on the romance, but it still was set in interesting alternative version of Earth.

Honestly, I don't know why I haven't read The Lady of the Storm sooner, I was definitely looking forward to it. But The Lady of the Storm was one big disappointment for me. It felt like completely different person wrote this book. The Lady of the Storm is similar mostly to old bodice-ripper historical romance novels. I hope...more
This is the second of the Elven lords (or whatever) romance series by Kathryne Kennedy. And it's not quite as good as the first book (Fire Lord's Lover), but still pretty solid.

There are cameos by characters from the first book. The world building is still pretty solid and interesting. England is ruled by 7 different elven lords from a different dimension, so it's a bit of alternate history as well.

My biggest issue is with the characters. They're not horrible, they just aren't very interesting....more
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As a college grad, business owner, and writer, Kathryne has published nearly a dozen short stories in the SFF/Romance genre, receiving Honorable Mention twice in the 'Writers of the Future' contest. Being a self-proclaimed "Air Force brat," Kathryne has traveled a great deal, and over the years has lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the U.S

She currently resides in Arizona with her husba...more
More about Kathryne Kennedy...
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