Gli eredi di Shannara (Gli eredi di Shannara, #1)
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Gli eredi di Shannara (Heritage of Shannara #1)

3.92 of 5 stars 3.92  ·  rating details  ·  16,416 ratings  ·  152 reviews
A trecento anni dalla morte di Allanon, il leggendario Druido protettore delle razze, le Quattro Terre sono teatro di tristi cambiamenti: gli Elfi sono scomparsi e i Nani ridotti in schiavitù, mentre le Terre del Sud sono cadute sotto il malvagio governo della Federazione, che ha rigorosamente bandito ogni forma di magia. Ma Par Ohmsford, discendente del mitico Shannara, h...more
Paperback, Oscar Bestsellers #436, 488 pages
Published January 1st 1994 by Mondadori (first published March 1990)
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Mike (the Paladin)
I need a way to rate the book and then a way to separately rate the edition I got. I have the audio I got from OverDrive and the gain is so low that with the recording turned up all the way, my speakers turned up all the way and going into my computers audio controls and jacking them up all the way I could barely hear it. Recording value -1 star.

The book is a return to the world of the original Shannara trilogy though much later. magic is outlawed and practically gone (funny how often that seems...more
my first terry brooks novel, and purely by chance. since then, i was hooked. don't care if people say that brooks was a hack compared to tolkien. i like both authors--they have their own writing styles, and both are very good in their art.

what is great about brooks and his shannara series is that every chapter is riveting. there were times when i really couldn't put the book down--i just wanted to gobble up every scene, every confrontation, every revelation. besides having fantastical character...more
I've been a fan of the various Shannara series' for a number of years but the Heritage series is probably my favourite. The brotherly bond with struggle and love is so well written that I really relate to Par and Coll. This is, in some ways, your standard sort of "epic fantasy" with elves, dwarves, humans, etc. but the personal stories carry it so much further than just any "standard" fantasy. I've read this series before, and I'll read it again! Love it.
Timothy Stone
For The Sword of Shannara Trilogy, author Terry Brooks wrote three separate, but loosely-connected tales. In The Heritage of Shannara, he tells one large, epic tale over the space of four books. It was quite a departure from the pattern of the previous stories, and, if the first book is any indication, this seems to have worked quite well for Brooks.

As the first book, The Scions of Shannara, opens, the world is a radically different place from the world that Brin and Jair Ohmsford inhabited at t...more
This is the first book in the second series of Shannara books. 300 years have passed since Brin destroyed the Ildatch, but the Four Lands are in turmoil. The Federation have begun to take over, enslaving the dwarves, fighting the trolls and banning magic. The elves have disappeared and dark Shadowen take over the bodies of the people they destroy. The shade of Allanon sends dreams to the three Ohmsford chidlren. Par has the power of the wishsong and is ordered to seek out the legendary Sword of...more
I first read this book about 3-4 years ago, but it was apparently so forgettable that I couldn't remember a thing about it apart from the very bare bones of the plot. Even when I started skimming through it to remind myself of more details (so that I could read its sequels), I had almost no memory of most of the scenes or even important characters, so I finally decided to reread the whole damn thing. Perhaps it's an exercise in masochism to reread something that my mind didn't think was worth ho...more
Jeffery Moulton
I am a longtime Terry Brooks fan but have primarily focused on his Magic Kingdom and Word and the Void stories. So I haven't yet completed all of the Shannara books and decided it was time to do so. This book is the first I've read since Wishsong. Wishsong wasn't my favorite Brooks book, so I wasn't sure how much I would like this one. I am happy to report that I really enjoyed this story and the characters. It was interesting to see what Brooks had done with the world and the battle sequences w...more
I'm not sure I fully knew what I was getting into when I started. The book is a no-debate offspring of Tolkien's work. I discovered that very quickly and read it under that lens.

Overall, I don't think it was amazing. There are some serious flaws - notably the lack of originality, the lack of character development, and the predictable story. But if you approach it as good pulp Tolkienesque fantasy then it ain't so bad. And it had some good qualities too.

Some things I enjoyed was that is was prett...more
John Taylor
This is the book that started it all for me, the one that got me reading, that got me into fantasy, and introduced me to a lifelong fansession with Terry Brooks. And although I've read and enjoy Sword of Shannara more, this was the one that started it all for me. If Mr. Brooks ever happens upon this review, thank you for a life made more fantastic through your stories.
Exciting and enthralling. It kept me turning pages the entire time. The first two chapters were a little slow, but the rest of it was good. I would highly recommend this book to others!
I liked the way the author developed the characters, although I thought it was a little overdone. They resist being manipulated and figure out, sort of for themselves, that their part in protecting the four lands is necessary. Sometimes Brooks seems to be waffling between "pre-destination" and "free-will". Granted, it's a difficult question and he's not the first and won't be the last to waffle....we all are. That said, the soul-searching is, as I said, satisfying, but sometimes over-wrought for...more
Dull and unimaginative. Gave up after about 70 pages when I lost the will to read any more.
The Scions of Shannara introduces the main characters (that will continue to appear in the next three books). There is Par and Coll Ohmsford, Walker Boh, Wren, and the former druid Cogline. It also introduces the world that the Four Lands has become. Magic is now forbidden, the dwarves have been driven almost to extinction (the ones who aren't forced to live in the mines as slaves live in poverty) and the elves have disappeared. The Federation has taken control of the South through manipulation...more
Gareth Otton
Set about 300 years after the events of The Wishsong of Shannara, the Scions of Shannara is the first book in a series of four that continue the story of the descendants of Jerle Shannara.

This book marks a break in format from the previous novels which were all self contained stories that were single volumes in a larger series. This book is the first part of a four book series and in my opinion this new format has done wonders for Terry Brooks' writing. As much of a fan as I am of his earlier n...more
Il primo capitolo della seconda saga di Shannara. Per me è una rilettura, in realtà, perchè essendomi appena stato regalato il quarto libro, I Talismani di Shannara, molto tempo dopo aver letto i primi tre, avevo bisogno di rinfrescarmi la memoria.

Sono passati più di trecento anni, ormai, e generazioni e generazioni di Ohmsford, dai tempi leggendari in cui mostri, elfi e magia erano la realtà del mondo.
Adesso sulle Quattro Terre incombe l’ombra della Federazione, che ha riunito le terre del Sud...more
Scions was where I really started to get into Terry Brooks's writing style as a kid, and it did not disappoint the second time through either. After the original trilogy was more or less written in a very standard (read: "safe") fantasy style of writing, Brooks really went out on a limb with a four part series with several protagonists, huge overarching plots, and a truly amped up adventure. The characters are more memorable, the journey more interesting, and yet, Brooks manages to connect just...more
Brian Schiebout
The Scions of Shannara by Terry Brooks is the first book in the Heritage of Shannara series set in the Shannara universe. In many ways this book finally treats Shannara as it always should have been treated. The first three books written about Shannara were in many ways to short to really get a true feel for what was going wrong with the land but after reading this one which is a true series book I feel like the world and the characters came more to life. Of course as such it is a bit darker tha...more
Anneliese Stehwien
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Meh. The reason to read this book is Walker Boh, whose character is being pissed off at the druid-ex-machina in earlier Brooks plots. This is fair enough, and pretty neat, and makes Allanon's meddling far more interesting. On the downside, Par and Coll are rather eh (though the true depths of Par's failure are saved for Talismans), and they're the main characters. At least Morgan Leah was kind of amusing (though did his line murder the real line? He claims to be descended from the Elfstones' Lea...more
Review written after 2nd reading

Although I'm keeping my 3 of 5 stars rating from the first time I read The Scions of Shannara, I'm mentally giving it another 1/2 star this time around. As with the main characters in The Wishsong of Shannara, the characters presented here are well-defined and given room to grow. There is steadily more diversity of character-type in the series, and I am appreciating that on my second time through. That's not to say I like or sympathize with all of the main charact...more
3.5 stars, but rounding up because I liked it much better than the Inheritance cycle by Paolini, which is the fantasy series Scott and I read together just prior to this. Brooks' prose is quite good, and though this book bogged down in the middle (we get that Par is disposed to take decisive action and Coll has reservations; we get that Walker Boh doesn't trust Allanon and wants nothing to do with his charge... so there is really no need to rehash it for the fifty-second time), it picks up in th...more
The story was ok, but I didn't quite like the writing.

Seemed like some failed attempts at imagery and even some overuse - everything is a cat and a pinprick.

Alot of repetition and explanation/re-explanation of history and relationships - I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the story telling had been more concise.

At the same time, there were times that it was enjoyable reading.

La Stamberga dei Lettori
La reputazione di Terry Brooks oscilla enormemente.
C'è chi lo colloca tra i classici del fantasy, c'è chi lo boccia con decisione relegandolo al ruolo di clone di Tolkien; e c'è da dire, in effetti, che Brooks pubblicò in tempi sospetti (La spada di Shannara fu pubblicata circa vent'anni dopo Il signore degli anelli, nel 1977), quando avvenne il rifiorire del genere.
Tuttavia, personalmente, non mi sento di bocciarlo: nonostante La Spada abbia numerosi (a volte sfacciati) richiami a Tolkien, i li...more
Honestly, if I could for more than five stars I most certainly would. The Scions of Shannara was definitely in my opinion, a fast paced and intriguingly new addition to the tales from the Four Lands and I thoroughly felt encompassed by the world and it's characters more so than in any of the previous books, Wishshong being the most potent before. I felt I was there alongside Par and Coll in the Pit, Nervously traipsing behind Walker Boh as he walked between the Sphinxes in the Hall of Kings, and...more
If you have ever wondered about Terry Brooks, I would recommend reading Sword of Shannara and then the Heritage of Shannara - this book being the first in that series. In these five books not only do you visit a wonderful world created by Mr. Brooks, but you also are introduced to the most intriguing characters and journey on grand adventures. Sword sets the stage and the Heritage series takes the story telling to a new level.

Scion begins 300 hundred years after the last novel (Wishsong of Shann...more
Sa'id Cortijo
It took me a while to get back to finishing reading the Terry Brooks stuff. I was trying to explore other things. I found the usual problems that I have with all of his books. The main characters are too young and ill equip to fight for themselves. As usual too the co star or companion or whatever you want to call it is always so whiny. Why haven't they learned the Druids help? Whatever, it was a very good book stretching on the same ideas. I always wonder how Terry Brooks is going to keep it fr...more
Neill Smith
While Par and Coll Ohmsford travel around Callahorn telling the legends of the past with Par's use of the Wishsong's magic, the Federation, now in charge, seeks them out to destroy them. As their danger increases Cogline finds them and encourages them to seek the shade of Allanon in order to discover what must be done to defeat the Shadowen, remnants of the evil that Shea and Flick Ohmsford had fought using the Sword of Shannara, Wil Ohmsford had fought with the Elfstones of Shannara, and Bryn O...more
Dee Renee  Chesnut
A current project of mine is to read the Shannara books in their chronological order; and while this is Book One of The Heritage of Shannara, it is the fifteenth book I read. It had been unread, on our household bookshelves, since Don purchased it when it was published in 1991. Don likes to own all the books in a series before he reads them. With yet another two books due to be published in 2013, I think he better finish the ones he owns before additional books have to be double-layered on the S...more
Chance Hayes
This whole 4 book set it amazing. I have read it multiple times and enjoyed it everytime. For those of you that enjoyed the original trilogy, you will love this new series. It builds on the wonderful world Terry Brooks has created, further drawing you into his magic.
Oct 30, 2011 Bee rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any Terry Brooks and Fantasy Fan
Well it is Terry Brooks Shannara what shall I say?

It was gripping, romantic, funny and you sympathise with all the characters maybe the most with Walker Boh who really does not like his task but goes for it anyway. Good for us because otherwise Shannara would fall at last.

Definitely worth reading!

Tja es ist Terry Brooks Shannara ~ was soll ich noch sagen?

Es war spannend, romantic, lustig und man identifiziert sich mit den Charakteren vielleicht am meisten mit Walker Boh, der seine Aufgabe wirkli...more
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Terry Brooks was born in Illinois in 1944, where he spent a great deal of his childhood and early adulthood dreaming up stories in and around Sinnissippi Park, the very same park that would eventually become the setting for his bestselling Word & Void trilogy. He went to college and received his undergraduate degree from Hamilton College, where he majored in English Literature, and he received...more
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