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Dark Tide I: Onslaught (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, #2; Dark Tide, #1)
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Dark Tide I: Onslaught (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order #2)

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  6,087 ratings  ·  70 reviews
Twenty-one years after the destruction of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the Star Wars galaxy has been hit by a threat more deadly than anything that has gone before. In VECTOR PRIME, aliens invaded from outside the galaxy and were routed. . . at great cost to our heroes. Now, in a climate of mistrust - especially of the Jedi - Leia cannot convince the New Republic that the ...more
Published February 3rd 2000 by Arrow (first published 1999)
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Jiří Budinský
While Vector prime was merely an introduction of new Yuuzhan Vong era of Star Wars univere (altough left many of readers scared by certain death), Onslaught unleashes te full potential of NJO describing new arch enemies as something completely different than what readers have been used to.

As a Star Wars space tech enthusiast I really apreciated Stackpole's focus on Rogue Squadron. Some might miss the "classic" star wars character, but I consider it as a good thing, because the book is set about
Crystal Starr Light
"Easy isn't for Jedi"

The Yuuzhan Vong have entered the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Leia is attempting to garner support from the New Republic; Luke and Jacen head off to Belkadan to get further developments; Corran and Ganner head to Bimmiel to check up on some missing academics; Mara and Anakin head to Dantooine to attempt some R&R for Mara.

NOTE: Based on audiobook and novel.

I thought Vector Prime was a great entry into this most recent, more gritty series. But Onslaught is amazing. It is a p
Greg of A2
This is the first Stackpole book I've read and he's a decent hammer and nails kind of writer. He doesn't get flowery with his prose but he is willing to ask some deeper questions about the role of the Jedi in the universe. This series "The New Jedi Order" is very interesting in that the younger generation (Skywalker and Solo children) are trying to find themselves while living in the tall shadows cast by their parents. They ask questions about the force that Luke and Leia didn't have the luxury ...more
Rick MacDonnell
Although Michael Stackpole is to blame for many of the problems that weigh down Dark Tide I: Onslaught (which I'll get to in a moment), I'm pointing my finger at the entire New Jedi Order editorial team. The decision to publish Onslaught directly after the cataclysmic Vector Prime is the novel's true undoing. Don't get me wrong, this is far from what I consider to be a good read, but its failures are compounded by its ill-conceived timing.

The events of Vector Prime had introduced a drastically d
Michael A. Stackpole is back, so of course Corran Horn's present as well. But as has been discussed previously, I like Corran, even for all his Mary Sue-ness, so that's fine.

Myriad groups are engaged in trying to figure out just who these Yuuzhan Vong are. Meanwhile, the Vong are invading, like, everywhere in the Outer Rim, including poor Lando's latest mining operation. This is another thing that distinguishes the Vong more than just about any EU antagonist since Thrawn. The conflict is galacti
As I was looking through the timeline of books before I started reading the New Jedi Order series I was a bit disappointed that Michael Stackpole wrote the #2 and #3 books. The only Stackpole book I've read previously was I,Jedi and I was not a fan of that one at all. I considered skipping these books all together. I'm glad I didn't. The book read very quickly and was full of action and some good political drama as well. I think the book may suffer a bit because it's so early in the New Jedi Ord ...more
I appreciated the fact that Stackpole had so many issues to deal with here as he tried valiantly, and with great success, to portray what each one of the main characters was dealing with as the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion. Anakin was still dealing with Chewie's death, Jaina's wish to fly with the Rogues, Jacen's exploration of the Force, Mara Jade's illness, Leia's confrontation with Fey'lya, etc. He added a Corran Horn and a Gavin Darklighter storyline too, and still pulled off an impress ...more
Very good book.More about the Yuuzhan Vong invasion was revealed.All three of Han and Leias children play big roles in this book and Mara Jade Skywalker continues her battle against a undiagnosed life threatening illness.When master Jedi Luke Skywalker shows worry everyone should be afraid.Very afraid.
The new Jedi order completely outpaces anything in the Starwars genre. This series was Dark, exciting, fast paced, and inspired. The writing was fantastic and the level of philosophy and force history was unparalleled. If your a fan at any level of the Starwars Universe than this series is a must read. It is on my top 5 of all time for a series and I treasured every moment I spent in that time. But beware, this isn't your typical Starwars book, be ready for a level of intensity that you've never ...more
Jim Corbiere
Finished reading Star Wars: Dark Tide: Onslaught. Very good. Michael Stackpole has written more than a few Star Wars novels and every one of them has been great.

It has been 25 years since the first Death Star was destroyed. The New Republic has been working. There have been minor threats and battles. The New Republic even has a peace treaty with the remnants of the Empire. Leia has retired from the Senate, Wedge, Tycho, and many of Rogue Squadron have retired. Luke has been working at the Jedi
Ren the Unclean
Aug 19, 2007 Ren the Unclean rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans
Shelves: sci-fi
This book does a lot of housekeeping for the New Jedi Order series, which makes it interesting, but not incredible. Most of the characters settle into their roles in this new series and there is a lot of character development that fleshes out the personalities of the major players, especially the solo children.
William Ristau
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Cian Beirdd
Bringing in familiar characters brought the book a familiarity it needed to deal with the unique species of the Yuuzhan Vong. It also clashes nicely, bringing out exactly how different they are. Stackpole was probably a good choice to author this book, in which the technology of the invaders focuses on their love of pain and use of torture, action that Stackpole is good at. And by bringing in the familiar faces of Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and Han he didn't need to worry much about characterizing t ...more
Better than Stackpole's usual, though the hokey ending sort of ruins the whole thing.
Michael Minutillo
Mar 16, 2011 Michael Minutillo rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans
Shelves: star-wars
Fun book that almost seems to reintroduce the Yuuzhan Vong threat after the events of Vector Prime. They were driven back previously but that was just the first wave. Now the bulk to the invasion fleet is starting to arrive and with them are numerous new horrors.

At just under 300 pages it is an easy read and brings Rogue Squadron and the New Republic government back into the picture. At the same time there is some good exploration of the various ways one can be a Jedi which foreshadow many of th
An enjoyable read overall, but there's a bit too much repetition about the Yuuzhan Vong technology (yes, we are already aware that the coralskippers have volcano-like projectile weapons!), and all of Stackpole's male protagonists sound (in terms of what they say and how) pretty much exactly like Corran Horn. Females like Mirax Terrik. Including Luke and Mara. It was very out of character and jarring at times. I nearly vomited when Mara referred to Luke as "husband" about 8 times in 2 sentences ( ...more
If you've read any of my reviews or heard me talk about Star Wars books, you'll know I'm not a big fan of Michael Stackpole's writing. He's decent at writing action, and did create the X-Wing series, but his pacing and dialog is usually off.

Usually. Because this time, I felt like Stackpole did a really good job.

Sure, some of the dialog is still pretty stilted or cheesy or cringe-worthy. And some of their actions as they're speaking is very touchy-feely... Luke in particular. He's always touching
The best thing this book has going for it: it wasn't awful, and it was a quick read (I got through it in a day).

I used to be a big Michael Stackpole fan back when I was a teenager. His X-Wing series (with Aaron Allston) are still some of my favorite bits of Star Wars fiction, but now that I'm older it's so much easier to see through his poor characterization. There's nothing really wrong with his writing at all -- dialogues are natural, scenes are good, plots are interesting -- but Corran Horn i
"Well, it is only Star Wars," I tell myself as I review my complaints with Dark Tide 1 & 2. Half of me views Star Wars as something extra-literary, a thing of high mythology, but also trivial as bubble gum. To that half, it makes no more sense to critique Star Wars than it does to critique Homer's Illiad or a Saturday morning cartoon. What would be the point? Somewhere between irrelevancy and pure silliness lies any serious critique of Star Wars.

But so what if it's "just" Star Wars? The othe
Shane Amazon
After the events that introduced the Yuuzhan Vong in Vector Prime, written by R.A. Salvatore, Micheal A. Stackpole was charged with the second installment of The New Jedi Order. As the Vong continue quest to the core worlds the leaders of the New Republic scramble to organize a resistance force. As Leia struggles to convey the danger presented by the invaders she is met with deaf ears as the political leaders work to insure their power. Meanwhile, the leaders of the newly reconstructed Jedi Orde ...more
M Hamed
the first book was a a bad book written brilliantly
thanks to Salvatore abilities and his desire to write a tight book with no need for a sequel and all the shit that comes with that

on the other hand
this is a good book with good characters and good plot with a very very bad writing full of cliches and bad dialog

(at one point a jedi threatened another jedi of killing him )

in conclusion the writer had good ideas with no tools to execute them
Sean Thursby
Stackpole clearly knows his stuff better than Salvatore. Jacen Solo begins his descent into whiny bitchitude in this story, while Jaina begins to find her footing and we begin to see roots of greatness in Anakin.

I'm re-reading the NJO series, just for fun. It's been years since I read them last. I figure, if I'm lucky, I'll be done just in time for Episode VII.
While it certainly was an exciting read, this book was somewhat lacking in terms of finesse. Despite the fact that the dialogue is often clunky and obvious, the writer still feels to the need to fill in details by including statements in italics. These apparently are supposed to be the characters' thoughts; however, the clumsiness with which they are worded just make them seem like notes to the reader, from an author who is clearly struggling with telling such a detailed story in the third perso ...more
MuffinManNick Lemp
Oct 19, 2007 MuffinManNick Lemp rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Any one wanting to read the series
Shelves: star-wars
It is a perilouse time for the New Republic. Just when unity is needed most, mistrust is on the rise. Even the Jedi feel the strain as rogue elements rebel against Luke Skywalker's leadership. When alien invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong strike without warning, the New Republic is thrown on the defensive.
Luke must wield all the awesome powers of a Jedi Master to defeat the gravest threat since Emperor Palpatine. A Leia Organa Solo and Gavin Darklighter lead desperate refugees in a fighting ret
Avec Vector Prime, on a découvert les Yuuzhan Vongs, un race d'extra-terrestre venu d'une autre galaxie qui est venu dans celle de nos héros pour la conquérir en entier et pour réduire la population qui survivra à l'esclavage. Deux Jedi, Corran Horn et Ganner Rhysode sont envoyé en mission de reconnaissance sur la planète Bimmiel pour mieux comprendre les envahisseurs. Luke et son neveu Jacen eux vont sur Belkadan. Les deux groupes feront des découvertes terrifiantes sur ces envahisseurs.

C'est u
Matthew Ashby
Once again, a dull plot is saved by a good writer. Stackpole provides good characterization of the EU characters, exciting space battles, and Jaina Solo is awesome. One question, where the eff is Tenel Ka during all this?
Maryann Fanning
Read this on a plane after finishing vector prime - book is continuing to set the scene where the first book left off. Definitely a fun casual read, and I want to continue the series.
This is a good book and good set-up for the NJO series. I like the emphasis on Corran Horn but am beginning to realize just how whiny Jacen was back then. The battle sequence at the end is a bit hard to follow but was fine. Jaina is one of my favorite Jedi and I like her certainty and sureness compared to Jacen's wishy-washiness. It was interesting reading about the time before the Jedi Council was reformed. With the Legacy of the Force/Fate of the Jedi series and the prequels, I forgot there wa ...more
Still finding these Star Wars novels a bit of a chore to read. They are not very exciting. There's no depth to them. I find my eye constantly sliding away as I try to read these books. They are not the worst books I have ever read but it is highly doubtful I shall read too many more of them.
Ken Reed
I'd like to go on record and say it isn't the authors fault I didn't like this book. It was the story material. Being a huge Star Wars fan, i felt as if this story arc was humiliating. It seemed, and still does, seem to be Lucas going after money with a half-assed idea.

The whole series could have been much better. As it was, the writers, all of them talented when doing their own stories, did fantastic jobs with the material they were given. also the new threat is an interesting concept....but i
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