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Through My Eyes
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Through My Eyes

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  6,762 ratings  ·  755 reviews
Over the course of the last five years, Tim Tebow established himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of college football and a top prospect in the NFL. During that time he amassed an unparalleled resume—winning two BCS national championships, becoming the first sophomore in NCAA history to win the Heisman trophy, and in the face of massive public scruti...more
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published May 31st 2011 by Harper (first published May 24th 2011)
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Wendell Adams
Through My Eyes is an old-fashioned, inspirational, sports story. It is about the larger than life University of Florida and NFL football player Tim Tebow. Like all celebrities, there are Tebow lovers and Tebow haters. Not too many people have ever seemed neutral about Tim Tebow, especially when he was playing in the NFL. Whether he intended to or not, Tim Tebow became a polarizing figure in the American sports world and gave many late night comedians and Rex Ryan lots of fodder for their comedy...more
Jun 06, 2011 Aaron rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Jason Elam
Picking up this book from the library, I noticed that it seemed more slight than its page count would suggest -- it had the big font I had last seen in The Truth About Diamonds. I wondered if it could be a tacit acknowledgment that a 23-year-old might not be the best person to write an autobiography. However, given his defiant preface that "undertaking this project was the right thing to do, regardless of what the world thinks is the 'right time' to write a memoir," I gathered that Tebow really...more
This book is great. It is clearly written for Gators fans, by a Gators fan. One of the reasons I think the Gator Nation so embraced Tim is because he was as much a fan of the school as we are. He was passionate and we could relate to that, despite the fact that he has talent that most of us could only dream of.

There are many facets that make this book work. As a fan, the chapters recounting the football seasons were the most fun. A rush of adrenaline ripped through me just as it had during the g...more
Brenda Gail
I thought highly of Tim Tebow before reading his story. Now that I have finished his book I definitely believe that he is using his status as an NFL player to inspire and help others! What a great role model. Keep up the great work, Tim! I will continue to root for you on the sidelines.
Lee Harmon
Well, it’s Sunday, and there’s no football. The Superbowl is over. Desperately clinging to another passion (NFL football) and hoping to excuse it as religious reading, I picked up Tim Tebow’s book. Tim, the latest God-fearing sports sensation.

Don’t let me fool you: This is a football book, not a book about religion. More than anything else, you’ll be reading about Tebow’s football experiences, including his remarkable college career. Tebow’s success in football boils down to one thing: an obsess...more
I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
What a great story of inspiration - of course, I knew to expect that, but it is refreshing to see a star live life as a somewhat grounded person. It really goes to show that faith in *something*, hard work and determination along with a background firmly rooted in a solid family life really *can* define a person's future. Of-course, some may argue that Tim Tebow was just that kind of person all along, but I choose to believe that how a person handles challenges and success directly correlates to...more
I love Tim Tebow. I hope I have a son like Tim Tebow. He appears to the be the rarest of humans - someone who practices what he preaches. I'm not religious, but I respect the man to the utmost for his impeccable character and his willingness to help those less fortunate. While other players spend their money on jewelry and cars, while carousing with women of questionable repute, Tebow funds hospitals in the Philippines and meets with terminally ill and disabled children after games. He is a natu...more
Iam one who does not like to read non-fiction, or biographies or autobiographies. I just do not find them interesting, but I knew I had to read Tebow's book because he is my role model. Tebow is such a great person to look up to, you never hear him doing anything wrong, he is never seen with a bunch of women, never seen drinking, etc. In a time that athletes and celebrities are constantly partying and making fools of themselves, you have a young man who takes care of himself and leads by example...more
Anyone part of "Gator-nation" or those with ties to the University of Florida will likely rate this book 5 stars before reading it - and wish there were 6 stars following completion of the book. My decision to read this book did not stem from being a Florida fan, or a true follower of Tim Tebow. In fact, when he played for UF I couldn't stand to watch the Gators play football. I chose to read this book because I enjoy autobiographies, especially when they are faith-based and include athletes. I...more
Others have complained that this was football-heavy. Well, yeah, was. It was like reading a wiki page or something with stats from EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. But this book was not just football-heavy. It was DETAIL-heavy, just generally. One particular instance he tells the reader not only that he went to Cracker Barrel, but the intersection where that Cracker Barrel could be found. Did anything life-shattering happen at that breakfast? Nope, just thought we should know, I guess. There were...more
Lizzie Edwards
In Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow goes through his life story. Sounds boring, right? It’s the exact opposite. Even though it may be an autobiography, Tim Tebow describes and explains what has happened throughout his life in and out of football, including the meaning behind the signature “Tebow” pose and the John 3:16 eye blacks. I would, without a doubt, give this book 5 stars.
One reason I would rate this book 5 stars is because of the plot of the story. The book starts out at Tebow’s second Heisma...more
This is a difficult book for me to rate. I am not a die hard football fan so of course it had too much football in it! I wanted to read more about Tebow and his personal life. The book dealt with football, religion and then his personal life [which is mostly religion and football!] As far as the book reveals he has never had a date, drank a beer, or had a bad thought. The worst thing he revealed is a game he played on the sidewalks of NYC when he purposely walked in a direction toward couples ho...more
Sean Cramer
Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow has changed my life. I'd like to start off with saying I have watched him since his senior year in high school. He was always an extraordinary athlete and football player. I'll never forget when he made the decision to go to my favorite school, The University of Florida he was right off the bat a big help to our team and won the Florida Gators two National Championships. The reason I read his book was so that I could learn more about him and his background. He is by...more
Folks, I am not a fan of autobiographies, mostly I like to read what others thought of the person. But my son got Tim Tebow’s book for me for Christmas. Who could refuse their son and not read a gifted book? If your son asked for a fish would you give him a snake? I love that my son was so thoughtful and got me this book. Tim Tebow has lived a very dear and special life, one that makes me think of all the fun and joy I had as a kid, playing football and baseball, playing with my brothers and jus...more
Sam Mrstik
The book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow is a fairly new Autobiography that he has come out with. I am not quite finished with this book yet but it so far so good. It starts off by giving some background info like about how Tim almost died at birth. It then moves on to his childhood and how he grew up. Tim really stresses his faith in God in this book by not giving the credit of his success to himself. He always talks about how much his family has been blessed.I was able to relate to his childhood...more
LOVED. This book was so interesting and inspirational. I have loved Tim Tebow and his ability to stand up for what he believes in and continuing to spread God's word through every twist and turn of his football career. To me, he has changed the face of college football and now has the ability to do that in the NFL and this book explains why he has such a passion for Jesus and why he is so verbal and comfortable with talking about it every chance he gets. It is also inspirational on an atheltic l...more
Janie Boyd
Through My Eyes is an honest insight into Tebow's life. His competitive spirit and love for God shine throughout the telling of his lifestory. I am not a Gators fan, but Tebow impressed me with his presence both on and off the field so I was curious about his "take" on his rise to sports stardom. I was not disappointed! He is the "real deal!" An authentic and honest young man who focuses on making use of his God-given talent while giving the glory to God. He's an excellent role model and I look...more
Tom Hames
I found the book uplifting and encouraging. I enjoyed reading about his upbringing and family life and, as a Christian myself, especially appreciated the references to his faith. To be honest, I even enjoyed reading about the football games. Of course, I am a big Tebow fan so the book had significance for me. In fact, my son and I stood in line for over four hours on Thursday, June 9th in Gainesville, Florida so he could sign my book.
I thought that this book was a very interesting book about Tim Tebow's life. The book made me feel like I was seeing his life through his eyes. Reading this book made me realize how hard it is to make it into a professional sport. Tim Tebow never gave up and worked hard every day to build his muscles. Reading this book made me a better person by helping me realize that life is not always fun and games.
Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow is such an inspiring and a taught lesson book. In the begining of this book it starts when Tim Tebow almost died during birth and then in the middle of the book its about its childood and in the end its about him as a young adult.This book has a lot of background about Tim and his family and the book also talks about what Tim Tebow belief in and his religion. This book takes you into Tim Tebow point of view which I found very intertaining. Tim Tebow is a athlete and...more
Kylie Crucifixion
Wow. This was a PHENOMENAL read. I already had so much respect for Tim Tebow, and after reading this I can truly say he is a fantastic role model and one of the rare genuine people in this world.

I normally don't read memoirs and autobiographies. But Tim Tebow fascinated me from the get-go (plus I am a football FANATIC), so I thought, why not. And I am SO glad I read this!

Tebow's book is so uplifting and inspirational. I would recommend at least some knowledge of football before reading; the part...more
Natalie Wickham
In our post-homeschool conference discussions, my mom and dad kept suggesting that we invite Tim Tebow to come be one of our teachers at Adventures In Character next year. Both of them had read his biography and knew that he loved working with children, so they were sure he would jump at the offer. :-) I’ve been wanting to read his book for a while, so with my curiosity sufficiently piqued, I gave myself a half a day off and sequestered myself on the couch to spend the afternoon reading. The wri...more
Evenn though I don't really follow football, I loved reading this book first reviewed here http://belovedgraceful-carissasbooksh...

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Title: Through my Eyes
Author: Tim Tebow
Chapters: 21
Rating: 5 STARS 10/10
Through my Eyes is Tim Tebow’s story from his point of view. You get his story from his own lips; not any spin the media wants to put in.
Even though I am not really a huge football fan, I really enjoyed this book. I...more
Wendy Hall
I read the digital version of this book because my son was reading it. I liked to see how humble Tim Tebow truly is, even given the opportunity to boast in a book of his own. I read a few chapters about his high school football career and it never got very detailed about his accomplishments. I was thinking the whole time that he must have gotten good in college, then in one of the last chapters about high school he casually mentions an ESPN special about him! I was stunned - then he goes on to m...more
Through my eyes by Tim Tebow is a really good book about the life, struggles and achievements of Tim Tebow. Tim was a football player the University of Florida and became a very famous football player. After he left University of Florida he became a football player for the NFL and is very successful. Tim Tebow is a very huge Christen and loves his family. The story on his life is very inspiring.

Warning: Plot Spoilers and Discussion Follow Below.

Setting: Makati City, Philippines

Protagonist: The p...more
Dallan Sweebe
Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

A life-story about Tim Tebow may sound boring, but Through My Eyes is anything but that. In Through My Eyes, the football star tells about growing up in Jacksonville, trying find a high school to play football at, and playing football at the University of Florida.
Tim's father, siblings and coaches have helped him to become an outstanding athlete. His mother deserves credit for homeschooling him and helping him through tough times. Tebow shares family stories, suc...more
Tim Tebow grew up in a family a lot like my own. I wasn't born in the Philippines and my parents weren't missionaries--BUT, reading his book, I noticed the similarities of life with a really awesome family, and of being grade school age and learning about who Jesus is. And ultimately, wanting to be His too.

Tebow writes that he knew from early on he wasn't going to have a normal life. I have felt that I wasn't made for 'normal' either. That God does big things, especially if we are willing. Its k...more
Evan Leach
I am a huge college football fan (although not a Gator fan), and when I saw this book I knew it was only a matter of time until I succumbed. This is pretty much exactly what you would expect: Tim Tebow narrating his life story, from his birth in the Philippines to the time he was drafted by the Denver Broncos (so, none of his 2011 heroics).

It's a pretty light book; quick readers will be able to digest it in one sitting. For college football fans, there's some good inside information from his da...more
Aaron White
I wasn't sure what to expect when reading this. I didn't know whether it would be more life story, football play-by-play or sermon. What the book is lies somewhere in a perfectly balanced middle.

There is no shying away from his faith for Tim Tebow, and for that I truly admire him. As a football fan, I enjoyed watching his passionate style of play on the football field, but I was never a Gator fan so he was often just an afterthought. What he has used his fame to generate, however, is what I resp...more
Jake L
Book Title: Through My eyes

Author: Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker

# of pages: 272

Genre: Auto Biography

Through my Eyes by Tim Tebow is an auto biography about Tim Tebows life. It starts with his childhood and ends with him as a quarterback in the NFL. Tim tebow came early as a baby. He came unexpected when their family was on a mission trip in the Phillipenes. Tim Tebow played other sports than football in his childhood including baseball. A Big moment in his life is when his Uncle Dick died. He...more
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Tim Tebow is one of the most accomplished players in college football history. A two-time winner of the NCAA National Football Championship with the University of Florida, Tim is also the first-ever sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. He then went on to become a two-time winner of the Maxwell Award for the nation’s top football player, while also winning the Davey O’Brien Award for the nation’s b...more
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Through My Eyes: A Quarterback's Journey, Young Reader's Edition Through My Eyes: A Quarterback's Journey, Young Readers Edition Through My Eyes: A Quarterback's Journey

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