Hades (Halo, #2)
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Hades (Halo #2)

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Heaven Help Her.

Bethany Church is an angel sent to Earth to keep dark forces at bay. Falling in love was never part of her mission, but the bond between Beth and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier Woods, is undeniably strong. But even Xavier’s love, and the care of her archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, can’t keep Beth from being tricked into a motorcycle ride that ends up in...more
Hardcover, 424 pages
Published August 30th 2011 by Feiwel & Friends
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I'm going to start of this review with.....

Story time!

Warning: do not try this at home. You may or may not get injured and some very severe scolding will follow. I also begrudgingly give this book 1.5 stars as a rating.

One day, when I was about 8 or so, my family and I made our yearly trip up to Mackinac Island, Michigan. This island is different in the way that no cars or any kind of automobiles whatsoever are allowed, so everyone rides on their bikes around the 1 1/2 mile island in order...more
Circus Princess

Circus Princess: Hello there, and welcome to another episode of What the Hell Were You Thinking?! Tonight's guests are a few of the people from the best selling Halo series. They're second installment, Hades, just recently came out. Come on out, Xavier Woods! Bethany Church! And Jake Thorn!

Xavier/Bethany/Jake: [sit down in the three chairs and wave awkwardly at the audience]

Circus Princess: What a pleasure it is to have you on the show this evening. Would you like some tea, Mr. Thorn?...more
John Egbert
Oct 14, 2011 John Egbert rated it 1 of 5 stars Recommends it for: *starts to cry* I-I wouldn't recommend this book to the person that SLAUGHTERED MY FAMILY
Recommended to John by: ...this was my own fault...
Before reading Hades

How can you trick someone into getting on a motorcycle? Either they get on, or they don't get on. Motorcycles aren't like cars. And what does angel Bethany want with a motorcycle anyway? SHE CAN FLY. Or, I'm assuming she can. Who knows, maybe Halo angels are just so lame they can't even use their wings to fly. *shudders from pure lameness*

Perhaps the conversation went something like this:

Jake: Hey Bethany. Why don't you get in my van on my motorcycle? I'll give you a lift...
Oh come on girls it is a book about romance and that is why we buy them. If you want to good read, non-fiction is the way to go. Stop complaining about how the writer did this or didn't do that. You brought these books because it is a girl meets boy with a bit of action with it end of story.
*Goes around whistling*


Do you know what Hades is?

Let me wikipedia you:

Hades (English pronunciation: /ˈheɪdiːz/; from Greek ᾍδης (older form Ἀϝίδης}, Hadēs, originally Ἅιδης, Haidēs or Άΐδης, Aidēs (Doric Ἀΐδας Aidas), meaning "the unseen"[1]) refers both to the ancient Greek underworld, the abode of Hades, and to the god of the underworld.

So.What does it have to do with Christianity?
The previous book was an insult to believers all over the world for sure, because we read...more
Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*
Um. I might just have to read this because it sounds so dang ridiculous. When I read the words "tricked into a motorcycle ride to Hell" ... I had a hysterical laughing fit. And I enjoyed writing my ranting review for Halo. So, maybe it's worth it just to read it and ... well ... do what I do to ridiculous books.

*Edit* Okay, the description of the plot is now more detailed. Soooo, they accidentally summon Jake through a seánce? And then he tricks Bethany into taking a motorcycle ride ... ? What?...more
This is my first review as a member of goodreads, so bear with me! I obviously had to make my first review on a book that I hate. What kind of enthusiastic internet troll would I be otherwise? I'm not an extremely eloquent speaker like some others on here, but I do my best.

Anyways! Back to the task on-hand. These books. Ohhh man these books. Reading some of the other reviews can pretty much sum up my hatred for them, but I feel that it's necessary to make my own. Let's sum up my feelings on the...more
Aug 22, 2011 Anila marked it as not-with-a-ten-foot-pole
I don't have to read the book to know what a disaster it must be, especially considering what preceded it.

But just for kicks, let's break down this synopsis, shall we?

"Bethany and Xavier are even closer since battling Jake Thorn and his evil influence (in Halo) and Beth and her angel siblings must still protect Venus Cove from the Dark Forces.

When a party game – a séance – inadvertently releases Jake from the Underworld, he disguises himself and tricks Beth into taking a ride on his motorcycle.
So I wonder if I've ever told you people how much I love making lists. Yep. I spend hours on my things to do and other random lists.

Here's one I'm sharing with you.

Things I'd probably do while trying to read HADES

Leaf through the pagesdescription
Endure description
Shake head in disbelief description
Raise my blood pressure description
Grind my molars to dust description
Be stupefied beyond belief description
Kill my brain cells description
Go to sleep description
Watch tv description
Read another book description
Laugh hysterically description
Scream in my pillow description
Have a good time
Enjoy reading

Now that almost all of these...more
I... I ah... I can't even... What am I supposed to say here? This is just one of these books you knew, going into it, that you were never going to like it, and yet, after you finish it, you remain with a sour taste in your mouth.

Of course, that begs the question as to why I bothered reading it in the first place (in fact, I expect that question soon), and I will adress it... later on. Let me tell you, pure masochism has little to do with it.

On the positive side, Hades is better than its predece...more
WHAT!? She is tricked in riding a motorcycle? How?

I am sorry, but it ticks me off how stupid and childish she made what's-her-face. I understand she is a angel just "born", but seriously? Can you at least make her a little bad ass? I like bad ass heriones. Not the little crying whinny girls. I understand that there are moments where that it is called for, but through out the whole series of books?

What the hell are you thinking Andornetto? Why don't you grow up a bit before publishing what you...more
Mar 23, 2011 Torzilla marked it as to-read
Wishing people would stop rating books before they become available.

Also, mildly interested in reading about the potential train wreck... how do you get tricked into a motorcycle ride? Roofies?
Hayden Casey
Dear World,
Please do not question my sanity. I promise I have not lost it. I am reading this for the freaking lulz AND THAT'S IT.
Sincerely, Me.

While I'm writing my review, you may entertain yourselves by reading my 46 status updates below. Thank you, come again.

Also, notice the addition of three stars. That means my review is coming
REAL SOON, I promise!

Review: 1.5 stars
First impressions are deceiving.
I have fourteen years’ worth of anecdotal proof that this theory is true, but the one example...more
Have you ever read a book, or watched a movie/TV series, where you just didn't understand why anybody would like this (in your own opinion) utter dreck? You then voice this opinion, only to be shot down by fans who tell you either to stick your head where the sun doesn't shine, or: “Oh, episode/book 1 was terrible. But I persevered and fell in love with it.”

Generally it seems that's what happens with a lot of media. Catching Fire was, in my opinion, better than The Hunger Games. Every series has...more
Feb 03, 2011 Mark marked it as to-read
I don't think people should give a book stars before it comes out.
Hades by Alexandra Adornetto is the sequel to Halo that’s riding the angel train for all its worth. Although I felt Halo was lacking in so many ways, there was some enjoyable moments to it that made me want to pick up Hades. What a big mistake on my end. I feel the only reason Alexandra got published is because of her age. Publishing is giddy when they can find authors under a certain age. They must think they’re sensations, much like pop singers, if the author who’s not of legal age writes a bo...more
Okay, what in the world is this cover about?

Is that Bethany on a motorcycle?


The absurdity... it burns.

Oh, well. It's a good think she's not an angel or that would have been really stupid. Phew!
OMG this book is AMAZING!!!!
Taneika (Flipping Through The Pages...)
More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!

Let me begin by saying that this book will be given 1.5 stars instead of 1. The only reason for this is the fact that whilst I still hated it with a passion, stuff happened (not necessarily a plot), but things apart from "I love Xavier's hair" happened.

I don't even know where to start. There is a countless number of contradictions and inconsistencies in this instalment... The first one I noticed occured in the first three pages...
Feb 09, 2012 Lisa marked it as to-read-for-the-lulz
The cover certainly looks better than the original awkwardly coloured one, but you know what they say. Polish a turd... it's still a turd.
Howdy YAL

To See full review with pictures, videos, and Colonel Sanders click here: http://yalbookbriefs.blogspot.com/201...

This piece of sanctimonious shit doesn't even deserve a star.

Let's start off by being nice. Because it's always good to be nice right? Unlike Halo. Hades actually had a plot. Sort of. Things actually happen in Hades. Grant it, the plot is still pretty flimsy but it's there.

Okay, now that's the only good thing I have to say about this piece of shit. I have read a lot of awful books i...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Yee gods, what a fine mess we have here.

I did not know that Hell could possibly be so lame. Here we have the place where the wicked are punished for there sins, where the face and light of God has never and will never be seen, where there is nothing but pain and suffering and agony and sin, burning, inescapable sin, and Alexandra Adornetto reduces it all to...

A shady nightclub.

Something's missing here. Like, I don't know, some element of terror, something that would drive people away, somethi...more
2 stars,
Book was entertaining, in all kinda of wrong ways. It was so bad that couldn't put it down.

So predictable, I mean my little cousins would even figure out the ending.

The amount of cliché's used in this book is amazing. Just imagine all the clichés in the world were copy-pasted into this book.

2 stars, for making me laugh you silly book.
Arrggh! What do I write about this book? Being a religious person it was so hard to read about a heaven and a hell that are so completely not what I believe. I am so glad that this world does not exist and is only trapped in this story. The violence in this book and the references to sex and a couple of almost rape scene had my reeling. In one breath you are reading about God and his goodness and the next about a demon orgee!!! The love story is soooo sappy and over the top,but it does fit in wi...more
Apr 20, 2011 Linna marked it as curious-about
Shelves: paranormal
I feel kind of bad for lol'ing at the cover...
This book was painful to get through, with all the infodumps and not-so-obvious-but-still-kinda-obvious racism (all the angels are perfectly white while Hell is largely populated by people with dark skin...and Asia? Seriously? As an Asian I would find that offensive, but she has some of the best lines in the series). Not to mention the whole 'damsel in distress' thing where the damsel is an ANGEL while her prince is a HUMAN...does no one see a problem with that? Then there's the fact that Bethan...more
Katie (Books and Katie)
On My Blog: Books and Katie

Rating: ★★★★


Bethany and Xavier managed to keep their love strong against the struggles they faced in the first book. However, will it be strong enough to survive the depths of Hell?

Can their love survive against all odds?


So, to begin my review I will say that again, I was very very very happy with this book and this trilogy so far.

I do not know if the author herself is a Christian, but I have never read a book quite like this. It is a religious story, I...more
Ok, this book was wayyy better than Halo. For all you guys who wonder how she got tricked into riding a bicycle, here's a reality check: Jake's a demon. He can do whatever the hell (pun intended) he wants. (view spoiler)
Hades had a LOT more action than Halo, so it went by much faster. I think this book a...more
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Who do you think Beth should date, Xavier Woods or Jake Thorn 14 29 Aug 17, 2013 10:35AM  
sorry, but HADES SUCKS 68 114 Jul 15, 2013 07:48AM  
Hades by Alexandra Adornetto 8 20 Oct 03, 2012 01:40PM  
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Alexandra Emily Adornetto was born on 18 April 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is the daughter of an English teacher and a Drama teacher and attended, in her own words, "many" schools including MacRobertson Girls' High School, Ruyton Girls' School, Korowa Anglican Girls' School and Eltham College. She says she was 13 years old and on school holidays when she decided to become a recluse...more
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