Sins of the House of Borgia
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Sins of the House of Borgia

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Esther Sarfati, known as Violante, becomes a lady-in-waiting to the illegitimate daughter of the Pope, Lucrezia Borgia, and falls in love with Lucrezia's brother, Cesare, as she finds herself drawn into the rivalry between the Borgia and Ferrara families.
Title: Sins of the House of Borgia
Author: Bower, Sarah
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc
Publication Date: 2011/03/01
Number of Pa...more
Paperback, 544 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Landmark (first published April 1st 2008)
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Lolly's Library
If I had to use only one word to describe this book, that word would be 'laborious'. That word doesn't refer to the effort which went into writing this tome, which I'm sure was laborious on Sarah Bower's part. No, laborious refers to the effort which I went through in order to slog through the book. Reading it was like pedaling a bicycle in low gear on a flat road: you work and work and work, spinning your feet furiously, only to find you've moved five feet. I would read and read and read and fi...more
Tea Jovanović
Wonderful historical novel about Borgias... Many would say, oh, enough of them! But this is really very well written historical fiction for all fans of such books... Don't miss it! :) One of those you read in one go :)
Another impulse buy via the grocery store book aisle. Sometimes they work & sometimes they don't.

I don't think this is a terrible book, per se. But it's not my style. While I enjoy the occasional verbose historical literary fic, this one is just too herky-jerky. There's nothing wrong with the writing from a grammatical standpoint, but I can't get invested in anything on the page. The dialogue is too opaque, the scene gaps skip over too much time, & the characters are too bland -- it's th...more
Rio (Lynne)
I had a feeling when I saw this book was re-released with a new sexy cover and new title that it might be a trap. Boy, was I right. Can I review a book that I skipped part of? Everyone writes about the author's great writing style, well to me it just didn't flow. You have this "relationship" if you call it with Cesare and Violante that seemed very out of place for me. It started off interesting but ****small spoiler alert**** Cesare took her to this festival and he was seducing her, but then he...more
Marie Z. Johansen
I am always glad for the chance to read a new historical novel about the infamous Borgia clan. For a family that is reviled by history for their poisons,excesses,immorality and greed, there seems to be a dearth of books written about them. Books about the Borgias are certainly nowhere near as popular as the Tudors for instance.

"...I was so young then and confused lust with love as the young do ...."

"Sins Of The House of Borgia" follows the life of young Jewish woman, Esther Safarti. Her story be...more
Just want to note first of all, for the benefit of fellow readers, that this book has also been published under the title "The Book of Love".

I’m in quite a jam about how to review this book, because there were certain elements that I really liked a lot, but there were other elements that didn’t make much sense to me at all. A friend described the writing in this book as “well crafted” and that’s something I would agree with wholeheartedly. It was obvious that the author is fluent, in terms of la...more
In 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expel the Jews from Spain, and Esther Sarfati is forced to flee to Rome with her mother. Nine years later, she converts to Christianity and enters the household of Lucrezia Borgia as a lady-in-waiting. There, she gets to know the real woman behind the infamous duchess, and...

I can't tell you - that would ruin it.

According to the author biography, Ms. Bower holds an MA in Creative Writing, and it definitely shows. The writing is beautiful. It's the "ever...more
Jewels ♥ My Devastating Reads
Another reader has the right word to describe this book: labourious. It's been quite a while since I was this disappointed in a novel. I was expecting something entirely different, and I was disappointed in what I got. Our main character leads us through her life--and it's not that interesting an life story. You'd think being the lover of Cesare Borgia and his sister's lady in waiting would be interesting, but the story dragged and honestly, I wonder why I bothered finishing the book at all. I d...more
Colleen Turner
I reviewed this book initially for and am so glad I did!

“All my life I had been obedient to the men who exercised authority over me. Staying behind in Toledo at my father’s insistence, until it was too late to travel safely and I was forced to witness my mother’s lonely, unnecessary death on the beach at Nettuno. Renouncing my own faith and family in favour of these Borgias with their dangerous charm, their plausible lies and their inhumane religion. Even taking my vicious nick...more
Sins of the House of Borgia is a story of a young girl who gets embroiled in a game of politics that opens her eyes to the seedy side of religion and costs her more than she can afford to lose. Her mother's dead. Her father sends her to serve as lady-in-waiting to the Pope's illegitimate daughter. She is baptized, renamed, and nicknamed. All that she has ever known, from her prayers to her meals, have changed.

Then she meets her mistress' brother Cesare, and loses her heart. And in doing so she d...more
Lisa Wilson
I decided to read this book because of the upcoming Showtime series, The Borgias. Unfortunately, I think titling this novel Sins of the House of Borgia was a grave error. The story focuses far less on the Borgia family itself in lieu of telling the story of Esther Sarfati, a Jewish girl who converts to Christianity when she becomes a lady-in-waiting for Lucrezia Borgia. The story has a waxing and waning quality to it, and by that I mean that there are interesting, exciting points in the novel fo...more
Althea Ann
This story follows a young Jewish conversa who becomes a trusted handmaiden of Lucrezia Borgia. There's a lot of fun stuff here, though it's not quite as trashy as the cover might seem to indicate.
However, although it's an enjoyable read, I also found it a frustrating one at times. We're talking about a time period and cast of characters dominated by political intrigue, and the POV character is not a main player in any of that. On the contrary, she's a naive young woman who spends the majority o...more
Andreea Daia
******Full Disclosure**** This was an ARC copy, that was received through the GoodReads Advance program. I am grateful for the chance to have read this novel, which I might not have purchased otherwise.


So far I was mind-blown by Sarah Bower's literary style. I read some of the reviews before I started the novel, but nothing prepared me for such an amazing writing. This is not prose - it is poetry disguised as prose. Very powerful visual images and exquisite descriptions make this the...more
Started pretty good then went downhill. The story dragged too much so was boring to read at times. I also found the names confusing and hard to remember, although that may be because of the length of time I took to read this book. It was interesting to learn a bit about the Borgias, but the book could have benefitted from a proper plot. I'm not too sure what the point of the story really was...
Beautifully written but story itself not that interesting (gave it an extra star for the writing).
It's official. The Borgias are the new Tudors. Not just in the TV world, but in the historical fiction world as well. The promise of Borgia gold led publishers to bring Sarah Bower's novel of the Borgias to the U.S. Originally published last year in the U.K. as The Book of Love, the title was changed (more obvious connection to the Borgias) and the cover was given a makeover (way more scandalous) prior to localization. Frankly, I wasn't too interested in this title at first, mostly for the flesh...more
Really good book. One of very few I read without losing interest, lately. Sent me off on several historical information journeys.
I finished reading this book last night, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

On one hand, there was enough intriguing information in this book that I had to do further research, which is a great quality for a book of historical fiction. On the other hand, reading this book was WORK. The characters in this book never really moved past the pages of a history book and were therefore not nearly as interesting as they could have been. And the pace of this novel was plodding. This author, who does w...more
Smith Barney
Sucker for anything Cesare Borgia....
Ero un pò prevenuta verso questo romanzo, in quanto temevo che sarebbe stato l'ennesimo che avrebbe sfruttato la "leggenda" degli amori incestuosi di Lucrezia Borgia; una volta cominciata la lettura, tuttavia, ho davvero pensato di dovermi ricredere... fino a trenta pagine dalla fine, ahimè!
Ma andiamo con ordine.
La storia prende le mosse dalla cacciata degli ebrei dalla Spagna, a causa della quale la piccola Ester, narratrice del romanzo, arriverà a Roma, e diventerà poi la dama di compagnia fav...more
Sins of the House of Borgia is the story of a young Jewish girl who, after fleeing prosecution in Spain, becomes a handmaiden for Lucrezia Borgia. Originally named Esther, she is eventually renamed Violante and falls in love with Cesare Borgia.

For the most part, I liked the book. It was really interesting to read about the Borgias, especially Lucrezia. While the author took some artistic license, there were a lot of historical details, and it seemed well-researched. The writing was very good; h...more
Despite Violante's naivete in regards to her surroundings and her unfailing love for Cesare, I enjoyed this book and it's characters. I found the development of the characters and their surroundings to be very well done and throughout the entire book I was able to picture everything as well as feel the events which took place throughout. Bower did a wonderful job of bringing together the known historical facts with her own creative license in extrapolating the the life of Violante as she came to...more
First of all, I agree with most of the things Lily's has pointed out in her review of this novel. I will try to be a little bit more succinct in my own, but I will not repeat the same ideas from her's.

So, I start of with what I liked. I am usually enjoying most historical fictions as I am passionate of history, I like to learn more about the past and I believe a little bit or more fiction inter-weaved with history will usually make a novel to be in my favorite list. I knew little about Borgia's...more
Kathleen Kelly
Lucrezia Borgia, in this fictional account of the Borgias, a very real family in the history of Italy, is the illegitimate daughter to Pope Alexander VI. Along with her father and brothers, Cesare Borgia, Giovanni Borgia, and Jofre Borgia, Lucrezia is the political pawn as they arrange marriages for her with rich and influential men.
Violante, previously Esther Sarfati, a young jewish woman who is sent to the household of Donna Lucrezia by her father. Donna Lucrezia is to be married again into t...more
Quando diciamo di avere perso ogni speranza, ciò che realmente facciamo è sfidare la signora Fortuna a dimostrarci che abbiamo torto.

I peccati dei Borgia, devo ammetterlo, mi ha conquistata.

Non è un libro fenomenale ed è pieno di difetti (sia narrativi che linguistici, anche se questi sono forse in parte colpa di una traduzione non perfetta), ma è, credo, un libro onesto. Onesto con se stesso e che non si lascia a facili scorciatoie, a facili qualunquismi, a banale felicità.

E' un libro profondam...more
Everything about Esthers's life has changed from the moment the Jews were expelled from Spain. On a boat ride to Italy, to rejoin her father and brothers, Esther's mother died and then begins the moment she changes. Her father uses her to gain power. Esther is forced to become Catholic in order to be Lucrezia Borgia's lady-in-waiting. Esther is baptized and renamed to be Violante.
Lucrezia Borgia is the Pope's illegitimite daughter. She is also Violante's godmother. Lucrezia has a brother named...more
Despite the trashy cover, it is actually a pretty good book...if you can wade your way through it. Let me explain. The story is about a young Spanish girl named Esther, whose family is Jewish and trying to escape Spain right before the Inquisition, when Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand gave the Jews a few months to get out of the country. Her mother dies along the way and the girl grows up in Rome. Her father works for the Borgia pope, Alexander VI, and has managed to get Esther a place in the...more
“The Sins of the House of Borgia” is a historical fiction novel based on the infamous Borgia family who rose to power in 15th century Italy. The story is narrated by a young Jewish convert Esther who is forced to leave Spain during the Inquisition and settles in Italy with her father. Esther is later used by her father for political advancement and is baptised as a Catholic and sent to live with Lucrezia Borgia. Esther then falls in love with Lucrezia’s brother Cesare, who renames her Violante....more
The title is misleading. I didn't get very many sins that the Borgias commit. Does the author think the Borgias' actions are so common-knowledge that she can fly over/eliminate them?

*a few spoilers, but I honestly don't think anything is worth spoiling in this book*

Violante fled the Inquisition in Spain to go to Italy. From page one, people praise her rare golden hair and pretty face, which she uses later to assimilate into Catholic life after her conversion. She joins the court of the infamous...more
Quando diciamo di avere perso ogni speranza, ciò che realmente facciamo è sfidare la signora Fortuna a dimostrarci che abbiamo torto.

Inizio la recensione dichiarandomi indecisa sull'inquadramento di questo romanzo in un genere. Non perché sia importante, ma perché mi è impossibile comprendere se è il caso di considerarlo un romanzo storico fortemente sentimentale, o un sentimental-erotico (volgarmente detto harmony) a sfondo storico: nella narrazione prevale ora il primo, ora il secondo aspetto,...more
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Sarah was born and brought up in Yorkshire but now lives in Suffolk with her husband and two grown-up sons, not to mention the two golden retrievers, three chickens and an elderly, obese cat. She works for Creative Arts East, an arts development agency in Norfolk, managing projects to promote reading and creative writing. She also teaches creative writing at the University of East Anglia, where sh...more
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