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Sin City Vol. 1
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Sin City Vol. 1 (Sin City #1)

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  33,269 ratings  ·  542 reviews
Basin City è una città basata sul vizio, tanto che tutti ormai la chiamano Sin City, la Città del Peccato. E in una tale città non è importante essere positivi o negativi, l'importante è essere vivi. Con la proprioa testa, con il proprio corpo, con i propri muscoli... con qualunque cosa si abbia, l'importante è sopravvivere. Fino a qiando la propria vita non è importante q ...more
Paperback, 212 pages
Published 2004 by Magic Press (first published June 1992)
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RESOLVED: The Sin City movie was superior to the graphic novel*.

*Note: This debate covers only the first 45 Minutes of the Sin City movie which encompassed the adaptation of this graphic novel.


Assumption 1: Sin City: the Hard Goodbye was a ground-breaking graphic novel and worthy of its critical and commercial success.

Assumption 2: Sin City: the Hard Goodbye should be read by fans of the graphic novel format and those interested in a grittier, edgier read.

Hannah  Messler
If only boobs really looked like Frank Miller thinks they do . . . I would love boobs SO MUCH.
Aug 30, 2014 Carmen rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Carmen by: Book Store

The writing. It was excellent.

The drawings.

Marv's distinctive dialogue. I've read enough Miller to know that he doesn't make all his main characters the same. This is much to his credit. Examples:

By way of a for instance...

...I probably would have had to paste you one...

Just give with the scoop.

The fact that Marv is almost impossible to kill.

Marv sleeps during the day and hates the sun. Like a vampire.

Lucille is a lesbian. She is strong physically and mentally but is not a
About ten pages into this, I commented to Erica that "I forgot Frank Miller used to know how to draw." That's my first and most lasting impression of this trade, the fact that before he lost his anatomy books and gave way to caricatures-as-commentary, Miller was a damned good writer and artist of comic books that were dark without being oppressive.

Sin City is a really bad place, filled with really bad characters that do really bad things. And yet, none of it--save perhaps the jarring disfigureme
This is technically a 3.5. The story merits a 4. The art only 3.
I know Miller's style is supposed to convey a frenetic edginess, and yeah, the boobs are all nice and round and gravity-defying...
But, I grew up on Vampirella, Eerie and Creepy. To me, the artwork just looks sloppy.
Felisberto Barros
Crime, Mistério, Violência e Paixão: Sin City!

Sendo este volume uma leitura poderosa, relembra-nos constantemente que “O seu nome era Goldie”, o nome da mulher de ouro que serve de alavanca a um trabalho de ouro de Frank Miller.

Para quem não conhece, “Sin City é uma mulher enorme e sacana, implorando por ser possuída” (in Sin City, pp. 69). Não é uma cidade de heróis como podemos pensar à primeira vista, pois os “heróis não ficam com as pernas bambas e com vontade de vomitar, chorar e se encolh
Eh. I really wanted to like this one, since it's Frank Miller and Sin City and all, but I didn't, really. I will admit that I found the art stunning. The black and white was gorgeous, and the fact that the movie version followed the visuals of the graphic novel so closely is probably why I found the movie intriguing. I do also like the idea Sin City, of a place that merely exists and prospers due to it's prostitution trade, which has interesting effects, such as the paradox of a town with a thri ...more
Having already seen the movie, the plot didn't impress me. One small but important detail: the big screen work kept most of the original lines from the comic book, which is really nice because it really gives an authentic edge to it.

A bit of an edgy drawing style, but it helps for the end effect.

Starting the second volume in 2 mins!
I bought and read the 7 Sin City books when the first movie came out, and, low and behold, the second movie is (finally) coming out and I'm rereading them! The downside to this plan is that I'm on vacation at the moment and only brought 3 of the books with me, but I finished this volume in a matter of hours. This vacation is gonna be hard, man.

Anyway, I'm not going to bother writing up my own synopsis, since whoever is reading this can just scroll up and get the idea from that. I will say that I
مصطفي سليمان
الجزء الاول من سلسلة
sin city

انا من مريدين فرانك ميللر , ومن مريدين خطوطه وأفكاره

اعتمد هنا تماما علي الظلال والابيض والاسود
ك خط موازي من حيث الرسم

علشان يواكب الاجواء القوطية , لا قوطية ايه شديدة القوطية
ف الحدوته

الجزء دا هو قصة "مارف " لو شوفت الفيلم ف الغالب هتكون قولت عليه رجل المستحيل

الراجل اصلا مجنون وبياخد ادوية , بيقع ف غرام عاهرة مش عارف انها عاهرة
بتتقتل وهي معاه

بس ف بيقرر الانتقام ليها بيعمل سلسلة من الانتقامات القصيرة الي ان يصل للعقل المدبر

كيفين والقديس باتريك
طبعا بيشوف كوارث

I don't know what it is about this story, but it's my favorite so far. The author managed to make me feel so bad for Marv, it might be because of the simplistic way he refers to his mental disorder ex. "i get confused" or the fact that he really isn't a bad guy just a little off. Who knows, maybe it's because i'm a romantic and the idea of a guy tracking down his girls murderer and killing anyone involved is...kinda romantic to me. Don't let that scare you away though, the book is a bunch of vio ...more
Noir isn't for everyone, I've learned over the years. Not everyone gets as excited as I do about gritty stories about those who slip through the shadows of the city, the ones that humanity supposedly forgot about. People think it's cheap for violence, punny narrative, old slang and standard mystery skeletons all mixing about on the streets of a dark city where no one seems happy.

But I love that shit.

I seriously do.

And the opening installment had all that: lone anti-hero on a war path to the top
Back when this came out, not a lot of comic writers were doing noir and gritty realism had not choked the industry, so it was cool and different.

Now, it tends to get lost in the flood and in the fact that this is the only work Miller seems capable of doing anymore.

Knee breaker and possible psychotic, Marv falls in love with a girl named Goldie. When she is murdered and he's framed for the crime, Marv decides to play PI and catch the real killer.

Unfortunately, Marv is no PI and his methods involv
Bryce Holt
This is an amalgam of contradictory themes, but they meld so well together. Lust, love, violence, self-hatred, redemption...all in one chapbook of a graphic novel (it's roughly 200'll chop through it in an hour, no more). The overwhelming violence and abundance of beautifully-rendered naked women borders on hilarity at times, and yet the story is pretty compact and takes a muted but still constantly serious tone. If you're like me, you saw the movie "Sin City" first, and so you're a ...more
This was another one of those formative, mind-blowing comics I read as a kid. I distinctly remember the guy at Sarge's Comics in Old Saybrook, CT eyeing me suspiciously and then warning me it was pretty adult stuff for 14-year-old (or whatever I was at the time). And yeah, there's all sorts of sex and blood and guts (often in the same scenes!), which is fun in a lurid way, but as with the rest of Miller's work, what's really amazing is the artwork, and this first volume of Sin City represents Mi ...more
Jul 11, 2010 Lindsay rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Frank Miller fans, film noir fans, graphic novel fans
Shelves: graphic-novels
"Sin City" is over-the-top, but not in a good way. I like the art style, but that was about it.
Now, I know that the town is called "Sin City" for a reason, but come on, no place is that crummy. The villain is a pedophile whose father is a public official, which makes him automatically immune to any sort of law enforcement or punishment. Look, if it's one thing the world unanimously hates, it's pedophiles. It doesn't matter whose son you are, if you molest a little kid - and then brutally kill t
Marv is awesome.
The Hard Goodbye is the story of Marv, an underworld thug with a heart of gold. Marv's life is hard, seemingly by his choosing. He loves to fight, to drink; he's got a condition. But he's also got principles. He's loyal to the end, has respect for women, and he'll follow through on a task once he knows it's right. He's got morals.
Looking for protection, a whore named Goldie finds Marv and gives him the best night of his life. During that night, Goldie is murdered and Marv is
Summary: Marv lives in Sin City, a city that is run by murderers, rapists and the corrupt. He has one amazing night with a woman called Goldie, but when he wakes up she is dead. He swears revenge and goes after her killer.

What I liked:
- This graphic novel is incredibly atmospheric; the erratic black and white pen-like drawings set the scene perfectly
- The stark contrast of black and white without even the aid of greys makes the already harsh environment seem even more harsh
- Though I wasn't expe
Michael Benavidez
While I loved it enough for a five stars, I give it four because it felt lighter than I expected. By lighter I mean that the movie ruined this for me. Had I read this before the movie, the characters would have been full strong creations of my own head. Instead I had the movie version in my mind while I read it. Not a bad thing, i'd just have liked have the characters come to life on their own. Guess it's my fault really, and should give it a 5stars. I probably should but i'm stubborn on that. I ...more
Jesse Athey
Very good. Looking forward to continuing these.
David Schaafsma
I read this first a couple years ago, and reread it because of the second Sin City movie, to see if my initial ideas about it held true. When I first read it, I think I knew some people hated Miller, though knew his Sin City/Batman/ Daredevil work made him one of the very top most influential writers in comic history. Based on the range of his work, there is a lot of bitterness and anger in it. Rage. Maybe this is true. Many people seem him as sexist, racist, and there may be some evidence for t ...more
Willem van den Oever
Comic book artist Frank Miller has added entries to the great Batman-saga and told ancient Greek history in his own particular way with “300”; but his best known work to date remains the “Sin City” series, of which “The Hard Goodbye” is the first part.
Originally conceived as a 48-page short story, the project quickly got out of hand when Miller discovered this was something so special and revolutionary that he could not stop working on it. Rightfully so, as this first chapter was followed up by
It is not very often that I say this but, in the case of Sin City, I am glad I saw the film first. I think the film gave a depth and a soul to this graphic novel that it struggles with on its own. Saying that, it is a fantastic comic and took an imagination of the highest, and rather demented, calibre to realise the murky underworld of Sin City.

Marv is an awesome character in every sense of the word; memorable, unapologetically and ecstatically violent, and huge in stature and presence. A tank o
I thought the Sin City movie was great, when I watched it on DVD in 2007... Since then, the wait for Sin City 2 has been a bit of a pain. (OK, I don't agonise about it every second, but it would be nice to see.) I've flirted with reading the graphic novels on several occasions, until I finally got a hold of the first in the series. I'm going to take a leap here and call it the best.

As has been said, the story in this graphic novel was one of three plotlines in the movie. As has not been said, i
I couldn't have started this month better. My brother lend this book to me and when I started reading, I had to continue. Off course I saw the movie and this first story is featured in it. "The Hard Goodbye" is sort of a noir detective story, but with Marv as the 'detective'. He's the protagonist of the story. He's not superpowered, but takes an unrealistic amount of injury without dying, and does a few impossible things through sheer brute force and blind determination. And all for one reason: ...more
Viewers of the Sin City movie will recognize almost every bit of this graphic novel (myself included, of course). I'd been meaning to pick this up for a while because I absolutely loved the movie for it's wonderful noir and style, and I definitely wasn't disappointed in reading the graphic novel.

Frank Miller's art is fascinating. He does everything in pure blacks and whites, none of the normal grey shading or color that most comic book artists use. It works great for the story

One thing that I en
What could I say? It's the first episode of this series, and doubtlessly the one that I've enjoyed the most. Don't know whether for the fact that it was the first I got to read, or its lack of corniness found in later episodes, but I am 100% certainly that Marv's character weighed a lot. He is just perfect in the role of the villain with a heart of gold... considering that he is 100% villain with bad guys and 100% heart of gold with helpless chicks. The narration is that type of big-nutted, clum ...more
William Redd
Frank Miller writes the darkness that weighs on men's souls. He takes hard-boiled to another dimension, really. There is no hope in this world. Sin City is just a jungle where everyone is fighting to survive as long as possible.

Here we have the first Sin City tale, The Hard Goodbye. Marv, a monster of a man that would make Frankenstein proud, spends a night with a beautiful woman named Goldie only to wake up and find her dead, with the cops practically at the door ready to charge him with her de
I've been a fan of graphic novels for a long time, but never really got around to reading Sin City, mainly because of the drastic overpricing of comics/graphic novels these days. After having some time to kill in the bookstore one day, I sat down and opened The Hard Goodbye. An hour later, I finished the book, still sitting crosslegged in the comic book aisle of Barnes & Noble. I quickly bought this, and the movie, which has grown to be one of my favorite films of the past 10 years.

This nove
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Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories. He is one of the most widely-recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation. His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the
More about Frank Miller...

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