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La guardiana (Keeper's Chronicles, #1)
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La guardiana (Keeper Chronicles #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  3,272 ratings  ·  189 reviews
El gato
Austin era un viejo gato blanco y negro. Pero no cualquier gato, porque era el gato de una guardiana, un felino muy franco y con unas opiniones sumamente firmes que siempre está dispuesto a pronunciar. Después de todo, ¿quién mejor que Austin sabe lo que es mejor para el bienestar de Claire... para el resto del universo? Aunque esto último no sea tan importante, cla
Paperback, 448 pages
Published 2008 by Nabla (first published May 1st 1998)
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Wendy Welch
Bubble gum for the brain, with some GREAT snarky one-liners and some scathing pop culture references thrown in - sorta like when you bite through the sucker and hit the gum, these little gems keep popping up.

One of the characters is from Newfoundland, though, and the author has his linguistics wrong. Lots of people have trouble with "he's after getting tall" which is something Irish people or Newfoundlanders would say quite normally. It means he has become tall. The Newf character in the story s
Mar 04, 2007 Leesa rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone, especially people with a weird sense of humor
Shelves: readrepeatedly
This is one of my favorite series by Tanya Huff. I laugh all the way through every time. Hell talking to itself, multi-colored mice, talking cat, Retired Olympians (not atheletes) and much more!
Lois Bujold
May 31, 2013 Lois Bujold rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone looking for a light contemporary fantasy. Or Canadian humor.
I enjoyed this... mm, not quite urban fantasy. Call it contemporary Canadian fantasy, although 1998 isn't so contemporary any more; a few more years and we can probably call it historical. It had a good sense of place, and a lot of dry Canadian jokes and humor.

Claire Hansen (the same name as my street, ha! Minnesota is close to Canada in more ways than one) is a Keeper, a sort of witch whose job it is to patch tears in the fabric of reality where evil leaks through. But she's a Canadian witch, s
I laughed until I cried, then I used quotes for my sig, then I went out and bought everything else I found by Tanya Huff, then I chuckled to myself recalling various bits for the next several months. :)
Bark's Book Nonsense
This is a fantasy with two romantic love interests, a hunky handyman and an impossible to resist lusty ghost, that came highly recommended to me and I wasn't at all disappointed.

Claire is what they call a "keeper", a person with supernatural powers who keeps order in the universe and the evilness of hell under wraps. Her latest assignment has her ticked off. She's been summoned to a bed and breakfast where hell resides in the basement and she fears she may be stuck there for the rest of her lif
Title in German:
Die Chroniken der Hüter: Hotel Elysium

A Keeper is a person whose task is to repair holes in the fabric of the universe caused by bad deeds or magic and where evil is able to find its way into our world. Claire Hansen is such a Keeper who was summoned along with her talking cat Austin to Kingston to take care of a hotel where hell resides in the basement and a bad Keeper is put to sleep by other Keepers and not to be aroused in any circumstances.
Arriving there she meets her employ
NewMoonGirl (Hazel)
2 ½ stars
Summon The Keeper I found to be an ok read but frustrating right from the start!
Claire's the keeper who has been summoned to the guest house to take care of afew things.
Number 1 : the pit of Hell in the basement which talks to itself (random I know, lol)
Number 2 : Sara in room 6, who's been put to sleep using magic. She was one of the previous keepers who got caught trying to use the pit of hell for her own gain.

The other characters along for the ride is her talking cat Austin, Dean, J
This book was a fun, delightful read. It was chock full of great characters. Claire, the Keeper, finds herself the caretaker of the Bed and Breakfast from Hell. She inherits a sexy ghost, a guest in room six who has been asleep for 40 years, a hunky caretaker who happens to be the most trustworthy person in the world ("Total strangers probably handed him their packages while they bent to tie shoelaces"), and a gateway to Hell in the basement. With the help of her smarter-than-you-or-me cat, Aust ...more
I really like that this is set in Canada and features Canadian characters. Dean is the best thing about the book, because he's a Newfie and because he's just all-around adorable. I don't agree with all of Claire's decisions, but she's an interesting character. I like the concept of Keepers and Cousins. I like Huff's "kitchen sink" approach to magic and mythology; there's a little bit of everything blended together for fun, including a couple of references to Star Wars and Star Trek that had me g ...more
I've read a lot of Tanya Huff's books: the Valor series,(military sf) all of the four Quaters books, (high fantasy) all of the Blood books, all of the Smoke books (so far, I hope,)(both of these series are contemporary fantasy with vampire as a central character) and I recently read and loved The Enchantment Emporium, of which this is in the same universe.

Claire is a Keeper who is summoned to a Kingston, ON ramshackle rooming house that is staffed by the handsome, capable, Newfie, young, and vir
Alex Hammel
For October's WOGF review, I decided to get my random read out of the way. Nerd that I am, I actually went to the trouble of writing a shell script to select an author randomly, and wound up with Tanya Huff. I was thinking of picking up one of her military science fiction works, but Summon the Keeper seemed like a good pick for Halloween. It, uh, wasn't.

The protagonist is hoodwinked into taking care of a B&B with a portal to hell in the basement which, as a vaguely magical Keeper, it is her
I've been a fan of Tanya Huff's book since my high school days, but I started with her Fantasy series first, ( Fifth Quarter et al, Wizard of the Grove, Of Darkness, Light, and Fire ). You see some of her snarky humour in those stories, but nothing in them prepared me for the smiles and laughs I got out of Summon the Keeper. Huff always has amazingly real characters and she can have them fighting racist talking lizard people without missing a beat. Every character has their comedic moments and n ...more
This is one of those books I picked up at a used book store a few years ago and let sit on the shelf. I've read other books by Tanya Huff and enjoyed them so I'm not sure why I was hesitant to start this one. Glad I finally decided to give a try. Though it had a tendency to drift a bit (in an entertaining way), I really enjoyed this book. For paranormal lovers it has a little of everything - magic, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, mischievous imps and retired Greek gods. Austin the talking cat is h ...more
Die Rezension findet ihr auch auf meinem Blog:

Hotel Elysium hat sich seinen Stammplatz im Regal wirklich verdient, nur weiß ich nicht mehr wieso. Sicherlich hat diese Hölle, die schizophren ist und in Großbuchstaben spricht, eine ganze Menge damit zu tun, aber das kann doch sicherlich nicht der einzige Grund gewesen sein oder? Da musste ich doch mal nach lesen und will mal sehen, ob ich in dieser Rezension alles abdecken kann.

„Alles abdecken willst du? Le
Olga Godim
This is a reread, but after a dozen years, it reads like new.


Claire – a cranky twenty-seven-year-old Keeper. People of her lineage keep the world from sliding into Hell – literally. Wherever holes into the darkness open, Claire hears the Summons and travels, sometimes around the world, to close those holes. Able to manipulate the fabric of the universe, she is ready to sacrifice her life for the good of the ordinary citizens. She thinks she knows best what is good for everyone. Often
Huff, Tanya - 1st of two Summoner books

Being one of the Earth's protectors is never easy, but when Claire the Keeper and Austin the cat find themselves in charge of the Elysian Fields Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast, all Hell breaks loose in the form of a gateway residing in the basement!

Of all the books I've read, there are two that truly made me laugh; "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and "Summon the Keeper."

This books was a hoot! Claire's conversation with He
From the very first page, I was drawn into Summon the Keeper, a novel of magic and the paranormal. This particular series was recommended by one of the MSN reading groups I belong to and I thought I would give it a try. Tanya Huff is not a new author to me, having previously read one of her more traditional fantasy series. In the first book of this particular series, the reader is introduced to a Keeper, Claire Hansen, whose job it is to help keep the universe in one piece, sealing off the evil ...more
Summon the Keeper is the first book in the Keeper trilogy (you can find all three books packaged together in The Complete Keeper Chronicles). In some ways it’s reminiscent of Tanya Huff’s The Enchantment Emporium, but I didn't come away feeling like I’d read the same story twice. They’re variations on a theme but each is quite unique. While Emporium is certainly funny, it isn’t the same focused hilarity that I found in Keeper. I genuinely chuckled, snorted, or cackled up to several times per pag ...more
Claire and her sister are Keepers. It’s their job to maintain the balance, in the cloasing holes to hell sense.

Because sometimes you just need books with a talking cat. And an adorable Canadian baby lesbian co-protagonist. And the texture of warm cotton candy, with no painfully misguided aspirations for more. Really, fluffy doesn’t even begin to cover it, and post flu of doom, that’s about all I could handle. I suggest waiting for similarly dire straits so as to avoid inadvertent diabetic coma.
I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I really liked the author's writing (she had some really great turns of phrase). On the other hand, I found Jacques obnoxious, not charming, so the whole love triangle plot line left me cold. But I loved sulky, talking to itself, Hell. He/it was probably my favorite character in the book.

(view spoiler)
I've read a number of Tanya Huff's books, and enjoyed all of them. This was no exception, hugely entertaining, funny, smart and filled with little Canadian references that I loved. One of few Canadian authors I really enjoy.

This is an unusual take on the "normal" paranormal fiction characters and story. I found it unique and clever. Clearly Tanya Huff has a very strong imagination, and that is lucky for the reader of paranormal fiction looking for something a little different, because this book
Summon the Keeper

Cosmic accidents require procedures to keep the world safe. Thus the role of the Keeper, a protector who keeps evil at bay.

Claire Hansen is the Keeper, who along with her familiar, a cat named Austin, is summoned to a B & B where an opening to hell exists in the basement. Claire is not a happy camper and is afraid that this particular assignment may require her presence... forever. Not what she had in mind for the rest of her life.

This is a light and funny book filled with
Never in my life has it taken me over 3 days to read a mass market paperback, and if it took me a whole 3 days, it's because I had no time to read. This thing took me 13 days. Two long, miserable weeks. Main character Claire is a condescending bitch to secondary character Adam or Bill or Cal, whatever the dude's name is that she's supposed to be interested in, who is also naive and dumb as a post - at least the way Claire tells it. Claire is a Keeper, a supernatural protector of the natural worl ...more
Enjoyable read; it wasn't great as far as speculative or fantasy fiction goes, and I like Huff's more serious sci-fi/fantasy works better for their subversive qualities, but I loved the humor and character interplay. I especially liked the sarcastic Austin (the cat), who could really put Claire in her place - and the fact that the mouth of Hell is in the basement of a Canadian B & B is just too good to pass up.
This was a difficult read but I persevered. I kept going because way back when I read Tanya Huff's vampire series and watched the tv show based on the books I enjoyed them. I'm glad I kept going because the ending was satisfying. The cat was the best part. The cat always is.
Rob Trans
This is the first of a series of 3 books about a Keeper whose job it is to fix problems such as holes between our existence and, in this case, hell. It incorporates a variety of supernatural characters such as vampires and the Greek gods. It is pleasant and the characters are developed and change. The dialogue isn't bad. The plot is a bit weak. It is something of a relationship book. I've never read a romance novel (unless Rafael Sabatini counts), but i suspect this borders on being one. I have ...more
A light horror/fantasy novel about a Keeper (member of a run-of-the-mill "secret organization that protects the universe!") who unwillingly inherits a bed-and-breakfast with a portal to Hell in the basement. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Hell is the best character in the book: it talks to itself in ALL CAPS and sulks whenever things aren't going its way. I loved Hell; Hell made the book for me. The other characters were a little less special -- Huff likes to give her characters one trait and one conflict
Eden Winters
Oh my! It's been awhile since I read this book, but it's a favorite. The characters are so engaging, and a new twist appears on nearly every page. Extremely entertaining.
I thought this book was OK - not bad, but not great. It was light, and I can see where it was supposed to be humorous, and there were several times that I caught myself wanting to get back to it when I wasn't reading it. But I also had issues with it. I was not a big fan of the main character: she was very prickly and not always likable, although I did enjoy some of the secondary characters(Dean, Austin, Hell) This wasn't character driven, but instead I think was more humor driven which, if the ...more
This book was a joy to find. Besides the excellent characterization of the cat Austin, the humor, magic and characters in this book were delightfull!
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"Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Although I haven't actually lived "down east" since just before my fourth birthday, I still consider myself a Maritimer. I think it's something to do with being born in sight of the ocean. Or possibly with the fact that almost no one admits to being from Ontario…

Raised, for the most part, in Kingston, Ontario. It was the late sixties, early to mid seventies. Enough s
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