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4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  237,538 ratings  ·  3,723 reviews
Paul Sheldon, un celebre scrittore, viene sequestrato in una casa isolata del Colorado da una sua fanatica ammiratrice, affetta da gravi turbe psichiche. La donna non gli perdona di aver "eliminato" Misery, il suo personaggio preferito, e gli impone tra terribili sevizie di "resuscitarla" in un nuovo romanzo. Paul non ha scelta, pur rendendosi conto che in certi casi la sa ...more
Paperback, 383 pages
Published 2010 by Sperling & Kupfer (first published January 1st 1987)
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'Misery' is a gruesome story of torture with blood, guts, and a psychopath. It's a well told tale, the characters are well developed and the fact that there are only two of them never gets boring. It's a real page turner, in fact I finished it tonight after getting off the subway on the platform before I walked home. But, this book is more than just a thriller, just like King is more than just a pulp writer.

I read an article by the ever optimistic and cheerful Harold Bloom in college about how d

I've been re-visiting some of my King All-star Team this year as audiobooks and am reminded yet again that Uncle Steve is The Man. No matter what asshats and embittered douchebags like "literary critic" Harold Bloom say, King is one of the greatest storytellers in any language of all time, full stop. Is everything he's written pure gold? Of course not. Given the sheer size of the man's canon, that's to be expected. But even when I think King has put up something less than stellar, I always feel
Mary JL
Jun 20, 2010 Mary JL rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any horror OR mystery fan
Recommended to Mary JL by: Fan of author
Shelves: mystery-horror
You may have seen the movie or you at least know the story. So, you think, why read it? Well, first the book differs somewhat from the move and goes into more depth. Since there are only really two major characers, Anne Wilkes and Paul Sheldon, her captive writer, King can delve into their characters at length--and he does.

I personally feel this is one of Stepehn King's strongest books. I particulary find it horrifying because it is a bit more possible that some of his books. I don't really beli
Acclaimed novelist Paul Sheldon, badly injured in a car accident, is held captive by deranged super-fan Annie Wilkes. A former RN, she vows to aid him back to health until he’s well enough to make the trek to a hospital. However, it’s on one condition; he write a new novel featuring his signature character Misery Chastain - just for her.

Outside of the legendary Randall Flagg, Annie Wilkes has to be the most terrifying villain King created. Mentally unbalanced and completely unpredictable, she’s
بخصوص التقييم
أعطى للرواية الأصلية لستيفن كينج خمسة نجوم
وللمترجم أربعة نجوم
ولدار النشر فيما يختص بالطباعة ثلاث نجوم فقط
و سوف أفرد تفصيليا أسباب تقييمى هذا إن شاء الله



أما عن ستيفن كينج فحدث و لا حرج
روائى بارع هو و استطاع ان يحبس أنفاسي حقا ... بل و يشعرنى بجميع آلام بول النفسية و الجسدية فى كل مرحلة عاشها خلال الرواية
الرواية ممتعة إلى أقصى حد
و كما قلت فى أثناء تقييمى خلال القراءة
أنا أعشق الفيلم حقا و كاثى بيتس فى دور آنى كانت أكثر من رائعة
مخيفة إلى أبعد حد و صادقة
و ما توقع
Alice Lee
My first time ever picking up Stephen King, it was this book. And ever since then, my entire reading list was everything he's ever written, and I hailed Stephen King as my favorite author for years. Of course by now, having read most of his works, I wouldn't still say he's "the best writer ever". He's definitely produced some trash along with a few treasures. Misery is, without a question, one of the treasures.

Before Misery I had no idea that it was possible to sit at the edge of my seat, litera
Update: I haven't been here for a while (writing reviews, that is) so I didn't realize this required a (view spoiler). Also, I haven't been receiving updates until recently, so my apologies for not doing this sooner. And ~ I have a feeling I haven't used the correct format, re: spoiler alert, but I hope it will serve as sufficient warning.

No doubt there are many Stephen King fans who loved this book, but personally I am not into reading about chopping off a foot, and the
Of course, I've seen the movie. Many, many times. Kathy Bates is uh-mazing, and always freaks my shit out in that movie.
The book is even freakier.

Misery is now the one and only Stephen King book I've read, and I didn't want to like it as much as I did. I always imagined King's writing to be simplistic, and even terse; such writing would make for great screenplays (and great movies (Kathy Bates!)), but not necessarily high art. I mean, how can an author THAT major actually be worth reading? #sn
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Quando pegamos num livro, abrimos a porta para o cérebro de um escritor e, lemos a sua vívida imaginação... mas... nesse entretanto, não será também essa a realidade do mesmo?

Ao percorrer galopantemente as páginas deste magnífico, terrífico, thriller, conhecendo os recantos mais obscuros duma vilã sem defeitos, chego ao fim e só uma pergunta continua insistente no meu próprio cérebro... uma dúvida que me assolou quase desde o início, principalmente por causa das duas simples frases com que o liv
Where I got the book: well, I was staying in my niece's old room while I was in England, my sister and her husband being happy empty nesters, and there it was on the shelf. A tattered mmpb with exactly the schlocky cover shown above, its pages yellowed like the teeth of a 100-year-old smoker, smelling faintly of mildew even though the room was dry and pleasant. A used bookstore buy, or a borrow?

I have not read Stephen King (except for On Writing) since some time in the 80s when something in The
Natalie Monroe
Misery was my first ever Stephen King novel.

There I was, an impressionable 14-year-old girl drunk on romances with none-fade-into-black sex scenes. Then my favorite English teacher recommended I read Misery. "Your life will never be the same," he said.

He was right.

Misery is about the kind of fan that loves their chosen celebrity a little too much. Like the man who shot John Lennon. Or stalkers that drive to Miley Cyrus's house with a bouquet of roses and a foam finger. The odd buttons that spoil
I have checked, unchecked and checked again the Horror box for my book shelves on this one. I've always interpreted the term horror to refer to a genre of books where there is some kind of supernatural entity causing people to be, well, horrified. Like a creepy clown who comes out of the storm drains. Or a hotel that's possessed by evil spirits. Or a young girl who can move objects with the power of her mind.

In "Misery," the object of fear is a dumpy ex-nurse named Annie, living alone in the Ro
This has vaulted over almost every other Stephen King book I've read to my top spot, tied with Salems' Lot. I'll have to read Salems' Lot again to see if it really as as good as I remember. Misery is great, completely engrossing.
This book reminded me of something King said in "On Writing", about the writing process. He said to him sometimes, writing was like excavating a dinosaur skeleton. You find just a rib at first, that's like the initial idea. But the whole story is there, it's just buried
Muuuuuuuuuuuuuy buen libro, no podía soltarlo.
Hacía mucho que no sufría TANTO con una historia, soñé dos noches seguidas que intentaba rescatar a Paul.

Sarah ( Paris )

تمر أحداث هذه الرواية أمامك كـ أحداث فيلم سينمائي
سريعة وتخطف الأنفاس ..
مفاجأة في كل سطر ورعب في كل صفحة ..

الرواية عن الروائي ( بول شيلدون ) الذي يجد نفسه محتجزاً في منزل امرأة مجنونة ( آني ويلوكس - الممرضة التي تحتجز الكاتب في منزلها و هي أيضاً معجبة بكتاباته )
وذلكَ بعد تعرضه لحادث سيارة في منطقة شبه معزولة ..

اقتبس البطل من إحدى الروايات : " كانَ من الممكن أن يأتي شخْصٌ ما ، ويخفف من روع الصبي ، ولكن لم يأْتِ أحد ........ لأَنه لا يوجَد أحد "

هذا الإقتباس يلخص كلَ رعبه وعجزه ، والوضع الغريب
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
I believe this is one of King's best-written stories I've read, and it's my least favorite kind of horror: the psychotic killer. But King really brought me into this world and made me a co-participant in the nightmare that one frustrated writer is experiencing. It has its in your face, gory moments, but it's very character driven in that the main protagonist spends quite a while alone initially. He has to come to terms with his situation and deal with the intense pain he is in, as well as his fe ...more
Stefan Yates
Misery is one of those rare novels that I feel a sense of relief to be finished with. Not to be misconstrued as any sort of dislike for the novel, on the contrary, King did such a good job of making me feel uncomfortable with his character's predicament that I experienced an actual physical feeling of relief to be done with it.

Overall, Misery is a very well-written novel that is not a horror in the traditional sense (no supernatural creatures or spooky things to give you the creepy-crawlies or m
There are lots of guys out there who write a better prose line than I do and who have a better understanding of what people are really like and what humanity is supposed to mean - hell, I know that. But when the counsellor asks Did he [write a gripping, effective plot] about those guys, sometimes only a few people raise their hands. But they raise their hands for me...Can I? Yeah. You bet I can.
Misery is terrifically effective metafiction - a great, archetypal plot, brilliant in its simplicity.
Marko Rančić

Jedna od najboljih knjiga Stivena Kinga koju sam procitao!!! Groteskna prica o ljudskoj patnji i nepobedivosti ljudskog duha... samo neko kao King moze ovako nesto da napise!!!!

Prava steta je sto knjiga nikada nije prevedena kod nas..

Pa da krenemo...

Stephen King - Misery
Stiven King - Mizeri (Patnja)

Pol Seldon je svetski poznati pisac ljubavnih romana. Tokom boravka u svojoj vikendici u Koloradu, on na zavejanom planinskom putu dozivljava tesku saobracajnu nesrecu...

عمرو الجندى

من البداية حتى الصفحة 104

الرواية حتى الآن ممتعة .. تداخلات الخيوط المختلفة ودمجها أكثر من رائع .. أعتقد ان بول سيعانى كثيرا .. كثيرا جدا من ص 40 حتى 105 كما توقعت تزايد معاناة بول .. الوصف النفسى الرائع لستيفين وتغلغله فى الهوية والاحساس النفسى مع مشاهد الفلاش باك وايضا ربطها بالاحداث الحالية رائع جدا اقرا الرواية على مهل وهناك بعض الصفحات التى اقراها اكثر من 10 مرات ان جاز التعبير مما يدل على تفوق ستيفين .. ا. يتبع

من صفحة 105 حتى 230

ما قبل الوصول الى ذكريات انى وليكس
تزداد المعاناة مع ا
الحقيقة أنا منبهرة لأقصى درجة
لقد قرأت النسخة المترجمة الكاملة عن الرواية الأصلية و لقد استمتعت بنسخة د. أحمد أكثر
رغم أنها مترجمة بتصرف كما تفضل د. أحمد بالذكر فى مقدمة العدد
إنه لأمر هام للغاية أن يترجم العمل الأدبى بواسطة أديب
روح مختلفة تمسك حين القراءة و تشعر أنك بصدد عمل أدبى ممتع بالفعل و ليس مجرد نقل خاوى أجوف لرواية مبدعة
الخمس نجمات كان لابد منها تقديرا للأديب المترجم الذى مسح عنى عذابات الترجمة الأصلية للرواية
أما عن ستيفن كينج فلا يحتاج منى تقييما آخر
رائع و مبدع و فذ بلا مزيد
A super intense thriller where I could just envision Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes inflicting her horrors on Paul Sheldon; but as scary as the movie was, the book is much more terrifying! Poor Paul endures more than one (view spoiler) that completely surprised me. One of the scariest and best Stephen King novels I've read thus far!
Primera novela que leo de Stephen y me ha dejado con ganas de más. Había visto la película de este libro, es decir, que más o menos sabía donde me metía, pero una vez dentro me he quedado alucinando. Es muy béstia en algunos momentos, así que si no te gusta el gore, te recomiendo que te lo pienses dos veces antes de leerlo, pero si decides hacerlo, serás capaz de sentir la paranoia de Paul, la manera de pensar de Annie, la impoténcia de la situación y la frustración de no saber como solucionarlo ...more
Esistono essenzialmente tre tipologie di libri: quelli buoni, quelli mediocri, e quelli che non si sfangano (da questi parte un'ulteriore diramazione, quelli che tireremmo contro il muro).
La prima tipologia ha il vantaggio di farsi riconoscere subito: sappiamo immediatamente quando abbiamo tra le mani un buon libro. Quando procediamo senza accorgercene, quando non dobbiamo contare le pagine che mancano per finire il capitolo, quando non ci soffermiamo con aria di profondo interesse su un simpat
Only one word. Fantastic!
Chiara Pagliochini

Misera me, misery tutti

Comincerò col dire che questo libro è stata una delle letture più stimolanti di tutto l’anno. E questo a dispetto della didascalia in copertina, secondo la quale avrei dovuto leggere “un capolavoro dell’horror, un incubo raccapricciante etc”. Non credo che mi sarei sentita stimolata o anche solo interessata se il buon King mi avesse propinato una roba simile.

Tutto ha inizio quando Paul Sheldon, scrittore celebre per aver dato vita alla saga di Misery, rimane coinvolto in
This book was INSANE! It was my first real introduction to King (besides the Gunslinger books, which are in a whole other category) and I have to say I absolutely loved it! I couldn't put it down. I have always loved the movie, but it's nothing compared to this. The character development was excellent, the pacing was fantastic, and it was so intense. THIS is how you write a suspense novel, Dean Koontz!

In particular, I loved the character of Annie and how she developed over the course of the book
Heba Gharabwy
رواية ميزرى "بؤس" للكاتب ستيفن كينج هى من الروايات الرعب النفسى المعروف بها .
تدور أحداثها حول بطالين وهما الكاتب "بول شيلدون" والممرضة آنى ويليكس" ،و تدور حول حادث يقع للكاتب المشهور "بول شيلدون" فى أحدى الطرق فى الولايات المتحدة الامريكية وتجده السيدة آنى ويليكس –ممرضة- وهى أحد معجباته وتأخذه الى منزلها البعيد فى أحدى المناطق المتطرفة عن السكان ،ثم تتطورالاحداث بشكل مقزز ومرعب للغاية عن طريق معاملة" آنى" " لبول شيلدون" بسبب انها معجبة بأعماله الادبية والتى من اشهرها "ميزرى" فميزرى شخصية فى أحد
I'd never read "Misery" before, and one a whim one night I picked it up from the bookshelf (this is why we have used book sales, folks, always have books to fall back on!) and I was glad I did.

Most of us are familiar with the story by now - Best-selling author Paul Sheldon wrecks his car in Colorado, only to be "rescued" by his Number One Fan, Annie Wilkes. But Annie is more like Number One Psycho, the one fan that every famous hopes they never meet, and begins to torture Paul and forces him to
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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut. When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, M ...more
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The Shining (The Shining #1) The Stand It Carrie The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1)

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Art consists of the persistence of memory.”
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