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Kitty's Greatest Hits (Kitty Norville)
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Kitty's Greatest Hits (Kitty Norville short stories)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  1,899 ratings  ·  165 reviews
The first-ever story collection from the New York Times bestselling author, including two all-new works!

Kitty Norville, star of a New York Times bestselling series, is everybody’s favorite werewolf DJ and out-of-the-closet supernatural creature. Over the course of eight books she’s fought evil vampires, were-creatures, and some serious black magic. She’s done it all with a
Hardcover, 318 pages
Published August 16th 2011 by Tor Books
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I really love the Kitty Norville series. Kitty is a terrific character and she gets into some interesting situations. So, when I saw that this book was coming out, I had to have a copy. I was pretty disappointed. First, being more expensive than the typical Kitty Norville novel, I expected it to be bigger. Well, it is trade paperback, so it is bigger, but only in physical size, not in content. I read it in three days using only break time and my 1/2 hour lunch. Second, it didn't really have much ...more
This was a fun collection, some of them having to do with the origin stories of several recurring Kitty-verse characters like Rick and T.J., and the relationship of Ben and Cormac. Others are directly about Kitty and some of her adventures. One of the best was the novella about what exactly happened to Cormac while he was in jail and how he ended up with such a 'split personality' afterwards.
Highly recommend for all Kitty fans!
Wickedshizuku (and her 7 Black cats)
Oct 01, 2015 Wickedshizuku (and her 7 Black cats) rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Paranormal Romance fans,Urban Fantasy fans, Kim Harrison fans
Recommended to Wickedshizuku by: previous books
It has been quite a while since I've read any Kitty Norville books, but I'm wanting to catch up where I was without having to read the entire series again. So this seems like a good place to start. I've read some of these stories in various anthologies.

"A Princess of Spain"
I really enjoyed this story to the nth degree. I'll probably read again, just for the hell of it!

Conquistador de la Noche
Yes!Yes!Yes!(what is this an Herbal Essence commercial?){NO!} This is Rick's story, and he just so happen
A nice mix of stories, many of them not involving Kitty at all. We get several stories from Cormac's POV and both his and Rick's origin stories.
Since Kitty's Greatest Hits is all Vaughn all the time, the anthology has a better flow to it even with a mix of different types of stories than typical multi-author collections do. A lot of these stories have been previously published, but even though Vaughn promised a few new ones - including a brand new Cormac story - and some hard to find ones originally appeared in magazines, I was still surprised to find there were actually a few more new-to-me-ones here than I'd expected. I was also surpr ...more
First, the title, as some reviews have pointed out, is slightly misleading. Yet, the back of the book makes it clear that the stories take place in the Kitty universe, so it's not really false advertising.

Kitty does appear in some of the stories, yet those stories (with one exception) are the weakest ones in this collection. In fact, one of them "Winnowing the Herd", shows a Kitty who isn't a Kitty from the novels, in particular considering the story takes place before the first book in series.

Jen (Red Hot Books)
This is an eclectic collection of short stories that are supposed to take place in the Kitty Norville world. Some are better than others. A few... I'm not sure what they're doing in this book at all. Here's a breakdown.

"Il Est Ne" - Being a werewolf is new to David. He can't control his changes; he has no pack. He thinks he'll never lead a normal life again. Then, he meets Kitty at a Waffle House on Christmas. She recognizes what he is and tries to guide him. As they talk, news reports come in,
Michelle Tempted By Books
Here's Kitty's Hit List:

Il Est Ne (in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe) - Facing a lonely Christmas in a diner, Kitty helps another werewolf recapture his humanity. Quite gorey, you can really feel Vaughn's imagery. YIKES

A Princess of Spain (in The Secret History of Vampires) An unrelated vampires story, I really didn't feel this fit the Kitty series, nonetheless it was OK.

Conquistador de la Noche- Vampire Rick's backstory.

Book of Daniel - The story of Daniel and the lions.

Temptation of Robin Greene (in
All Things Urban Fantasy
Under normal circumstances I'm not a huge short story fan, I miss the deeper character development arc that a long story offers. I turn to short stories as a last resort on vacations, or seek them out to tide me over until a favorite author’s next full length book is available. KITTY'S GREATEST HITS turned this paradigm on it’s head. Rather than tiding me over until the next book, these stories deepened my appreciation for the rest of the series and made it more likely that I’ll bump the next Ki ...more
I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the regular Kitty books.

I enjoyed having more background on Cormac and Rick. It would not work to have that information in one of the regular Kitty books because they are not stories they would share with other people. I would like to see more short stories of Cormac, especially his pre-jail times.

I did not get into Emma’s story or A.J.’s story as much because they are more minor characters and were not developed as much in the series. A.J. had the p
Collection of short stories. The regular books are first person. The short stories are deliberately third person, so the author can explore different parts of the universe she created.

Il Est Ne
A Princess of Spain
Conquistador de la Noche
The Book of Daniel
The Temptation of Robin Green
Looking After Family
God's Creatures
Wild Ride
Winnowing the Herd
Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned
Kitty's Zombie New Year
Life is the Teacher
You're on the Air
Long Time Waiting

Interesting mix of stories.

"Il Est Ne", "
Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship}
The best stories were:
"A Princess of Spain" -a vampiric twist to Catherine of Aragon's marriage to the sickly Prince Arthur.
"Conquistador de la Noche" -the tale of how Rick from the Kitty series became a vampire in the 1500s.
"The Book of Daniel" -a shapeshifting twist on the biblical story of Daniel being thrown to the lions.
"Looking After Family" -about what happened to Cormac from the Kitty series after he killed the thing that murdered his father when he went to live with his cousin Ben and
The Loopy Librarian
For some reason, when I requested this book, I thought it was written for young adults. I enjoy stories of the paranormal when they are written for YA, but I usually avoid them when they are written for adults. Adult paranormal books often slip into the realm of erotica and are more graphic in general. This book was no exception. I was interested in the stories that involved a bit of mystery, like when Cormac was trying to determine the identity of the werewolf in "God's Creatures." In fact, alt ...more
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

This book is a must for Kitty fans. A simple statement, but it really does apply because Ms. Vaughn presents a bunch of short stories that showed the development of what we now know and love about Radio D.J, and my favorite werewolf, Kitty Norville.

I included in the page count the explanations that the author included at the end of all the short stories because they read well, are entertaining by themselves and provided greater insig
Kris Sellgren
This short story collection is a fun read for any fan of Vaughn's series about Kitty the werewolf. Some tales I'd already read elsewhere, and some were new to me. Included are the origin stories for Rick the vampire and TJ the werewolf, plus a novella about how Cormac and Amelia met. There are secret government labs, intrigue at the court of Henry VII, and and a different take on how Daniel survived the lions' den. I really enjoyed this.
I normally don't like short stories, but this collection held my interest the entire way through. Most of the stories are related to the Kitty novels and I was happy to learn a bit more about the other characters that make appearances in the books.
Ms Vaughn was sneaky and gave us Rick the Vampire's beginnings without warning. It wasn't till the end that I realised whose story she was telling.

Ben & Cormac's early life together was as I'd imagined from the full books, but probably the most interesting was Cormac's life in prison and how Lady Amelia Parker ended up a ghost and bound to him.

There were a couple of other stories some relating to Kitty and some not, which were also good, King Henry VIII; zombie girlfriend; Jake the Vampire;
Luke Kendall
This is a collection of short stories (although the last one is tending towards a novella), set in the world of Kitty Norville, werewolf and late night radio talk show host. My main objection to short stories is that if I like the characters, I want a full novel's worth of them. So, having the stories all related to Kitty in some way greatly reduces my problem with short stories.

I didn't enjoy it as much as a full-length Kitty Norville novel, but I did enjoy it. Because the Kitty stories are all

Rachel- Goodbye Borders
14 short stories, all but 2 of them are Kitty or "Kitty-verse" stories. All but 2 had been previously published. That said, I had only read 4 of them. This is a nice collection for Kitty fans. It nice too read some back stories about Rick, Cormac, and T.J. I liked reading about what went on during Cormac's prison stay.
Sheldon Wiebe
Somehow, I missed this one when it first came out. Silly me.

Written in the same mater-of-fact way as Vaughn's Kitty Norville novels, this collection of short stories (and one novella) give us a look at other parts of Kitty's world - and different times - as it fills in some of the blanks about the stories of Kitty's supporting cast, but especially Cormac Bennett.

If you want to know about what happened to the vampire Jake after he called in to Kitty's Midnight Hour in the first novel, or how Corm
I'm glad I read all the Kitty books, before I came across this one. In the story, Whittling the Herd, Kitty doesn't come across as a very nice person. Sure, Kitty has irked me in pass books, but in this story, she seem callous and her mindset display a lack of regard for, not only her coworkers, but lives. I don't think I would have searched out all of "Kitty's books," had I read this first.
However, the 4 stars rating represent my appreciation for back stories. Always a inquiring mind... I enjo
I'd read the teaser (Kitty's Zombie New Year) so now I had to read all the stories :D

"The Book of Daniel" 10/16/2014
"A Princess of Spain" 10/18/204
"Conquistador de la Noche" 10/21/2014
"The Temptation of Robin Green" 10/23/2014
"Looking After Family" 10/21/2014
"Wild Ride" 10/25/2014
"Il Est Né" (from Wolfsbane & Mistletoe) 10/30/2014
"God's Creatures" (Cormac!) 10/31/2014
"Winnowing the Herd" 10/31/2014
"Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned" 11/1/2014
"Kitty's Zombie New Year" 11/2/2014
"Life Is the
I really like her short stories. And they cleared up a lot of mysteries. Very good!
Deborah Darsie
RECOMMENDATION - Read a few of the Norville books first, I think it will help with the appreciation of this collection better.

Wonderful selection of short stories and a novella giving the readers of this book glimpses of history and backstory along with some foreshadowing?

A trail through the eras of King Henry VIII, Coronado, transition to 20th century, new venues in Denver and a few tidbits on TJ and Cormac's "origins".

Silly me, I thought I could just read one or three of the stories and go to
Carrie Vaughn's first love was the short story, having published more than 50 in various Sci Fi and Fantasy publications over the years. Today she's best known for her Kitty Norville series, but KITTY'S GREATEST HITS represents Vaughn's considerable talents with shorter fiction. This is a compilation of mostly previously published works, and a few new pieces.

The majority of the stories are Urban Fantasy, but three, "A Princess of Spain," "The Book of Daniel," and "Conquistador de la Noche" all f
Most of the stories are fine but too short and not particularly entertaining. Since they were written to have to stand alone as part of anthologies, they don't add anything to the series either, if you miss them you aren't missing anything vital to the series. They were fine, don't get me wrong, just not special, pretty boring really, just very basic. I thought the background on Rick would be interesting once I figured out from the author's notes at the end of the book (wish I'd seen that sooner ...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
We follow a series of short stories to catch up on various parts of Carrie Vaughn’s world here.

From ancient vampires in the court of Henry VII, as well as the parable of Daniel, through to Rick, the current master vampire of Denver’s long history both in the time of Coronado as well as his brushes with past attempts by the US government to study supernatural beings.

Kitty, of course, has an outing and we get to see how she dealt in all her solo time away from the pack and we fill in some much nee
This is a tough read for me. I love some of the stories, but am neutral on others. KITTY’S GREATEST HITS is a collection of Kitty Norville short stories written by Carrie Vaughn. Some of these stories are recent and occur around the same time as the Kitty Norvile Series, while other stories help shine a light on your favorite characters pasts. Did you ever wonder how Cormac and Amelia found each other in prison or how Rick became a vampire? These short stories shed a light on unknown stories fro ...more
Stephanie Jobe
Short stories, I promise not to take too long on each.

“Il Est Né”

It is a Christmas, the holiday that no one should spend alone, but Kitty is not the only one spending it this way. She finds another of her kind, even more alone and unsure of himself. He can’t control himself and he is dangerous.

“A Princess of Spain”

If the supernatural were real what points in history could it be credited with? Catherine of Aragorn began as queen to Arthur but he died and she became queen to his brother Henry. His
There are 14 short stories in the newest addition to the Kitty Universe, some have been previously published in other anthologies and some of brand new.

1) Il Es Ne - This is one of the stories that may be familiar to Kitty fans, it takes place early on in the Kitty time-line and looks at one of the Christmases that Kitty spent away from her family.

2) A Princess of Spain - This story goes back to 1501 in the royal court of England and looks at what may have happened had vampires been there to a
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Vaughn was born into a military family and has lived all over the U.S. She received a BA from Occidental College, after which she went on to work too many jobs to count until she went back to school to receive her MA from University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently lives in Boulder, CO.
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