Fake ID (Hunted, #1)
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Fake ID (Hunted #1)

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  771 ratings  ·  98 reviews
On the night of Chastity's 16th birthday, her mother disappears. Police find blood matching her mother's DNA, but Chass doesn't believe her mother is dead. If Chass can't find her mother in six days, she'll be placed in foster care--or murdered first.
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published June 2nd 2005 by Dutton Juvenile
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This book has a fairly high 3.5 but its just not quite a 4 for me. Heres why: I couldn't like the main girl, Chass, as much as I wanted to. Its not that she is a bad character, I like it that she seems to be above all the peer pressure and high school dramas but still she has some things that just bothered me. Chass isn't mean, just inconsiderate of others. She didn't think twice about how her actions would effect the people around her. She takes people for granted and she realizes that eventual...more
Fake ID
By: Walter Sorrells

In Fake ID by Walter Sorrells, when her mom goes missing, Chastity Pureheart has a week to find out the truth about who she is and who her mother is. Chastity has moved around all her life and taken new identities in every place they go. Throughout the book, more information about her mother’s life presents itself to Chass, and she discovers that her mother was just trying to protect her all these years. I think the message of the book is that true identity is not your...more
Jessica Hinde
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Julia Robert
Feb 13, 2014 Julia Robert rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: teenagers who like mystery
Recommended to Julia by: picked in the library
Chasity Pureheart is that even her real name? Every town she has moved to, she changes her name.She has been through thick and thin. Chasity Pureheart mom ran away, on her 16 birthday, but she did it for a reason, she did it to protect her. Ben, Chasity best friend and only friend helped her the best he can. Chasity is a inconsiderate person in the beginning, but later in the story she starts changing and understanding that not everything is fair and she has to appreciate people around her.

I wou...more
Jared R
I am reviewing the book Fake ID and the believability of situations and characters. The overall plot of this story was written somewhat well. I dont know why, but the way they describe things in this book, like the people, kind of bothers me. The main thing I do like is how it takes a while for the main characters to find out what happens to Chass's mom. I thought those people that were going after Chass’s mom would have given up after 15 years of searching but they didn’t. I like the ending of...more
LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.

The only book I stayed up til 3 in the morning reading.

Fake ID by Walter Sorrells is 313 pages long. A young girl with a new name in every new town and her mother are running from something the girl does not know of, yet she thinks it is just normal. Once arriving into a new town the girl and her mother go to a library and pick up books, the first names they come upon will be their names until they move again. The young girl got the name of chastity, but prefers Chass. Chass has her 16th birthday and receives a guitar from a close friend named Ben;...more
The book that i just finished reading is called Fake ID. What really attracted me to this book was that it was a mysterious novel. There were so many questions with little answers and throughout the whole book, there became more questions followed by answers. The dilemma was very shocking and astonishing which hooked me onto the book. The plot was very dramatic and very detailed which was what i really liked about it.
The book is about a teenage girl named Chasity who didn't know who she was in...more
Joshua Keezer
This book does little to break away from the YA trend I seem to be stuck on. Troubled teen in a bad home situation fumbles around for most of the book. I might have gone three stars if not for the unremorseful confession of Ben's father. I saw no guilt in his words and turning himself in failed to convince me he was truly trying to fix the problem. Chass' mom is two-dimensional. Also, the book has a serious lack of emotional reaction to events. Ben is only briefly upset at hitting and nearly kil...more
I came across this book as i was trying to find a new book to read. Fake Id caught my attention because of the title, by looking at the cover it seemed very suspenseful. I'm very open minded when it comes to reading new books or different genres. Fake Id, isn't the best book I've read when it came to mysteries but it does catch your attention through out the book for the most part. Fake Id is a compelling suspense story for teens. Chastity Pureheart, newly settled in High Hopes, Alabama, is abso...more
It was pretty good. It kept my interest for the most part, but I probably wouldn't read it again.

A little Nancy-Drew-ish at times with the unrealistic action scenes and amateur sleuthing. Like there was one point where she was trying to steal some fake IDs from the sheriff's office and it took her all of 2 seconds to conveniently "find" the key to the desk in the first place she looked. Then there are some scenes where Chass somehow defeats these thug-type guys that are twice her size, even tack...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.com

Chastity Pureheart is a girl without a past. Everything about her is a fabrication, including her name. Along with her mother, Chass has spent as long as she can remember moving from one place to another with only a moments notice. She has her routine down pat--suitcase packed and ready to go at the front door at all times, hop in the quiet car and drive to where her mother has pointed to with her eyes closed on the map, stop at a library to draw a book of the...more
I really enjoyed this book! It is about a young girl, Chastity (aka Chas) and everything she goes through. For as long as she can remember, her and her mother were always moving, changing their names and ID's. Chas was never allowed or told why. However, on Chas's birthday, her mother disappears. Chas knows that this is not normal and that something is wrong. The cops find blood that matches her mother's DNA, a pocketbook, and 6 different ID cards. Chas is facing having to go into foster care, a...more
Fake I.d. is about this mother and daughter and they have been on the run since the daughter, Chasity, was 2. On Chasity's 16th birthday her mother goes missing and then there are some pretty scary people after them because they have something that they want. And while the moms absence Chasity finds more and more about herself like her real name and who her father is, and comes into contact with some people that have been there for her mom since the beginning. The police get involved then the F....more
Two of my students read this and told me it was the best book they ever read, so I had to try it! It really was pretty good. The author has won many awards for his mysteries, and I also found out that there is a whole series like this called The Hunted Series. Try it out!

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Chastity and her mother have been on the run since Chass was a baby, assuming new identities in every town. She doesn’t know why they are running, who her father is, or even her real name. But then on t...more
This is an awesome book. I found this book in the library and I was worried if this book was too violent. Thankfully, it was perfect. Sure there was some murder involved but it didn't describe that much of it... ( the book Lovely Bones described it so much it gave me nightmares). The idea of a person having fake ID interested me. I like other books with fake IDs like in Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix, or the book i read in class, I Am the Cheese. I definitely recommend this book to...more
Kierstan Gill
If readers are looking for a book that is full of suspense and emotion, they should read Fake ID (Hunted) by Walter Sorrells. This novel is about a high school student named Chastity Pureheart, that moves around the country with no true identity. When her mother comes up missing she has to use clues and help from the little amount of friends she has to find her mother. Most high school students can connect to this book due to Sorrells play on love for ones parent and the obstacles that will be c...more
Marci T
The book, Fake I.D. was a very mysterious story about a girl and her mother who traveled around a lot, skipping cities and always on the go. She didn't know who she was, and changed her name in every new city she moved to. One day, her mother went missing, and people were suddenly after her. Her life was beginning to fall apart right before her eyes, and there was nothing she could even do about it. What I thought was effective about this book was that at the end of each chapter, there was a cli...more
Another fun, fast mystery that would be a lot more fun if it was a lot less predictable and unbelievable. It’s difficult to be both predictable and unbelievable at the same time, but this thriller manages to pull it off.

To be fair, there were a few times when I wanted to race through the pages to confirm my guesses. Chastity Pureheart is the 16-year-old heroine, and there are times when it seems her ridiculous name is the most believable thing about her. She has only one friend, Ben, who – ‘sur...more
Kylie Scullion
I really loved this book! I couldn't put it down and it really kept me on my toes at all times. The book was definitely a mystery and thriller. There was much detail that mad the book even better. I would recommend this book to any friend.
May Jaru
I love this series : Hunted! It's awesome and it has great suspense! It's about a girl and her mother who was currently on a run from Kyle Van Epps. They change their identity every time they moved from town to town. This time, her name is Chastity Pureheart. But this town is different. Her mother just disappeared and Chass knew that her mother was on a run again. Chass has only 6 days to figure out where her mother is or she would be placed on orphanage. During the time she tried to figure out...more
I thought that Fake ID was an amazing novel. At first I was piecing things together quickly and I thought it was going to be another typical mystery with a cookie-cutter happy perfect ending at the end but all my predictions were wrong and the ending was really good.

I like how the author developed the nameless character of Chastity throughout the entire novel and show her growing up from an ignorant person to a self-reliant person. She was the best character in the novel and I love the twists wi...more
Jul 24, 2014 Erryn added it
even though the book was a little short for my taste, it was full of action ,romance ,and adventure.it was a thrill to the very end.
Mr. Baad
Sorrells' novel held my interest enough to keep me reading. The book starts with a girl - Chass - and her mother moving to a small town in Alabama, choosing new names, and starting a new life. But why? And why do they do this again and again? Chass knows nothing about why her mother constantly is on the run, and when she disappears one night, Chass tries to unravel the mystery of their past. The action is good, and I was very intrigued to find out the answers to all of the book's loose ends, but...more
I've now read two different high-velocity thrillers by Sorrells and I'm always pleasantly shocked at how much I enjoy his writing style, characters, and mystery plot. In this one, there's a small town death from 20 years ago that Chastity Pureheart has brought back to light when investigating the disappearance of her mother. While very adult (a teen having sex with one of the boys' father is beat to death, but all three boys are too drunk to know what really happened, so they bury her in a basem...more
There are very few PURE mysteries for this age group, and this one was a doozy. "Chass" and her Mom are constantly on the run, moving cities and naming themselves after characters in library books. In their newest town of High Hopes, Alabama, Chass's mom disappears and Chass needs to not only find her, but also her true identity.

OK, its totally far-fetched, but so fast paced and suspenseful. An older Nancy Drew, or a younger forensic mystery, set in a high school starring high school students, a...more
Ok, I'm not a detective/mystery/crime solving book nut, but this book was surprisingly good. I would recommend this to Brynn and Carol's niece Allison. It's quick-moving and—amazingly—believable. This is especially amazing since the main character doesn't know her own real name, birthplace, father, etc. AND she is offered a million dollar recording contract by the end. (No worries, that's not really a spoiler. If you read it, you'll see why.) How did Sorrells accomplish a believable Miley Cyrus/...more
Walter Sorrells, who is the author of Fake ID, creates a tenacious character who finds herself tangled in a web of lies and fake identities. Chastity Pureheart, who doesn't even know her real name, finds herself in a quandary when her mother disappears and she is left to figure out who she is. Taking place in the rural town of High Hopes, Alabama, Chastity is left to fend for herself as all of her friends desert her. I'm currently enjoying this read due to the ludicrous actions of this determin...more
Fake ID by Walter Sorrels is 312 pages long. It is a really good book. The main character is named (in this town) Chastity. She's spent her entire life on the run with her mom. They've gone through 6 new identities each. Chass has no idea who she is or who she's running from. After living in their new town for three years, Chass' mom disappears on the night of her 16th birthday. Chass has 6 days to find her mom but there are certain people who want her dead. It's a really thrilling book and I re...more
I expected a very cliche plot - something like a mom and her daughter running from an abusive guy or something. It turned out to be nothing like that. In fact, the mystery was fascinating and despite the rather average writing, I couldn't put it down. The characters were interesting, and entirely realistic. I liked that Ben didn't forgive her everything. I liked that Brittany wasn't just an instant BFF. Chass was a hard character to write, I think - it's a lot of growth in such a short book, but...more
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