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With a Little Luck
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With a Little Luck

3.46 of 5 stars 3.46  ·  rating details  ·  989 ratings  ·  108 reviews
If love is in the cards, then somebody stacked the deck.

Los Angeles radio DJ Beryl “Berry” Lambert, whose name means luck, doesn’t much believe in it—although, thanks to her dear old gambling dad, she’s a bit superstitious, certain that everything happens for a reason. She keeps a four-leaf clover in her wallet, never takes off her horseshoe necklace, and won’t tempt fate
Paperback, 303 pages
Published July 26th 2011 by Bantam
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My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This is the first Caprice Crane novel that I’ve read so I didn’t know what to expect; however, I follow her on twitter and she’s constantly cracking me up. I was hoping for the same humor in novel form but it didn’t hit the mark for me. For the first third of the book there was no apparent plot and I had no clue what the point of the book even was. At times I had to stop, shake myself, and continue reading when the words had turned into Charlie Brown's teacher.

The heroin
Caprice Crane is a writer I’ve wanted to read for ages. Her books sound totally amazing, with plots no other writer has ever written about, and her books have appealed to me for ages. I finally(!) got to read Forget About It earlier this year and although it wasn’t perfect, it was still a great read. So after reading it I quickly pre-ordered Caprice’s new book With A Little Luck. Because it sounded awesome and because Caprice is a genuinely funny writer (and, yes, I feel qualified to say that ev ...more
i loved this book from the start. seriously, i always say that, but really truly loved it. when i came to it in my pile, i was a little eh about reading it because caprice crane is an author i have never read before. sometimes that causes me a little hesitation, since i'm unsure if it's going to be horrible.. another amazon recommendation. but wow, i was completely blown away. i was so into this book that when we were watching a movie this morning, my boyfriend got up to use the little boy's roo ...more
Aug 29, 2011 Laura rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: adults
Recommended to Laura by: Goodreads newsletter
Shelves: 2011
I can't really appreciate the love and angst travails of an aggravating heroine. Also, the first third of the book was basically a monologue, stand-up comedy style, about how superstitious and neurotic the narrator is. At first it was clever, but by page twenty, it became redundant and gratuitous. It was like the author got so caught up in her cleverness that she forgot about her audience who was very ready to move on. I recommend for adults because of worldly lifestyles and language.
Beverly J.
Thank you Goodreads for an advance copy! This is a very fun read, and I identified with so many of the character Berry Lambert's foibles. Her life is a roller coaster ride of superstition, bad boyfriends and a needy dad. A LOL read that will keep you turning the pages to find out what's going to happen next!
First off, I think the back copy gets Berry all wrong. The copy says she doesn’t believe in luck, which may be technically true, but she puts a lot more than a “bit” of stock in any and every superstition that’s out there. From an aversion to even numbers, to getting caught by too many yellow lights being a harbinger of a bad day, Berry has got a superstition for everything in the world. This neurosis stems from the fact that her father is a gamble-holic and thinks she’s his lucky charm. Despite ...more
This was a cute story, and I was intrigued by the voice. It did take me a while to get into it though, because it was such a monologue, and there were also a few other things that bothered me. First, the fact that her visit to her brother was a wake-up call is all well and good, but I don't get how making a guess on a hudge fund purchase made her wake up and smell the coffee and stop being so "quirky." Also, spolier alert, saying "I love whats between us" is not the same as saying "I love you," ...more

After reading and loving The First Husband so much, I really wanted another chick-lit novel, and as this is the only one I had around, I picked it up, though I didn’t expect it to live up to the one I’d just finished. Also, I’d read one of Caprice Crane’s books before and remember liking it, but it wasn’t something that I loved to death. Well, this book, I loved to death.

Beryl Lambert, Berry for short, is a DJ at KKCR playing classic rock from seven to midnight during the week. Her parents divor
Danella Shea
I am a huge Caprice Crane fan. All too often I find myself reading her books and genuinely laughing out loud. With a Little Luck definitely didn't disappoint in that department. Things I enjoyed most include: The main character is completely neurotic about her superstitions that she seems to have developed her own unique brand of OCD, but she wasn't annoying about it. Her best friend was also one of the best secondary characters I've read in a long time. She had spunk and personality and her own ...more
This is a great, very funny, summer read!

Berry Lambert is a DJ in Los Angeles who is very superstitious and that's an understatement!

I never knew there where so many things to be superstitious of but apparently there are! Example: Have you ever heard of the split seven? Apparently, it's worse than a triple four or a reverse nine descending but not as bad as a quadruple duple (four twos) or a runzie- five zeros in a row in the middle of a number (no I'm not kidding!). Berry gets this notorious s
3 stars - Berry Lambert is a DJ at a classic rock station on the 7 to midnight shift. She’s just had really bad luck with two guys she met, and she’s sure that the next guy will be Mr. Write Off, not Mr. Right. Why does she think that? Because bad things happen in threes. You see, thanks to her gambling addicted father, who thinks she’s his good luck charm and his personal ATM, Berry’s also ridiculously superstitious. To the point that I’m pretty sure it would qualify as OCD. To the point that i ...more
Caprice Crane does it again! I really enjoyed this book! We all have our idiosyncrasies and it was nice to read about Beryl whose life was ruled by them. We rarely read about heros or heroines whose lives aren't picture perfect. One or the other is always "perfect" which we all know doesn't exist. She was so adamant about bad things coming in threes that when fellow radio host Ryan Riley comes onto the picture, she's looking for the anvil that's about to drop, instead of enjoying what she has. S ...more
Laura Kay Bolin
Berry Lambert is a late night DJ who is as superstitious as they come. She has rules upon rules of does and do nots when it comes to her life. And anyone who is superstitious knows bad things happen in threes, so when guy one and two are disastrous she is ready for guy number three to be a failure. Against her better judgment she falls for guy number three anyway. When out of the blue she meets a guy who seems absolutely ‘right’ for her, heck he even sports a tattoo of a four leaf clover! Berry ...more
KB Wayne
My library, probably all of them, really, shows "suggested readings" at the bottom of a book's page. I'd been looking up ... can't remember, and this was one of the "suggested." I liked its description so wrote myself a note to pick it up next time I was at the library. I'd forgotten everything about the book (if I'd known much to begin with) so read it with a truly unjaundiced eye.

And I liked it.

I liked that the main character, Berry (a Los Angeles classic rock DJ), is slightly snarky but has d
Rori Rischak
Caprice Crane is one of my favorite authors, so I have to say I was disappointed with her latest offering. She's great at presenting believable characters who clearly have faults but are still fun and easy to relate to. This book fell short. The main character was so quirky that you feel like you're being hit over the head with all her different good luck charms and rituals, and it gets tiresome.

Crane writes romantic comedies, and her humor tends to be fun and clever, but in this one, it felt li
This book fit some of the typical chick lit genre formula...average girl has bad luck with guys, meets decent guy, a misunderstanding makes them break up, they get back together. I have a hard time relating to these books because I never was the type of awkward, self doubting girl the genre seems to be in love with. This book was also a tad unrealistic with a girl who had such a high level of OCD and at the end she beats it just with one nasty confrontation with a guy she was barely dating. Whil ...more
I wasn't really a fan of this one honestly. The superstition things were to much. Her dad never learned or grew up and I just really didnt care for this. The romance was cute. Almost worth the boring stuff but not really. I loved the whole radio show idea though. It was pretty adorable. Not gonna lie. Not a fan of this author.
Berry is a radio DJ who believes in every superstition in the book. She wears a horseshoe necklace, avoids cracks in the sidewalk, only buys things in threes and the list goes on and on. She inherited this mania from her father - a compulsive gambler who calls at all hours of the day and night to borrow money from his 'lucky charm'. [return][return]After two promising relationships turn out very poorly she meets Ryan, a fellow DJ. Their relationship originates over the radio and their chemistry ...more
Alicia Prevost
This book is yet another reason Caprice Crane is one of my fave romance writers. Honestly, the plot isn't anything to get excited about, it's rather pretty typical romance genre fair...certainly good and a good story but nothing special. Her characters are always quirkier than what you'd typically see, the men aren't as above the board perfect or anything like that but...still all rather typical.

However...the humor she puts in her stories, the sarcasm and the jokes the fill the books make them f
Classic Rock DJ Berry Lambert has a thing about superstitions. And not just in a "heads up penny means good luck kind of way." It goes way beyond that so when she has just found herself finished with two dud guys, she's not expecting much from supposed guy # 3, fellow DJ Ryan Riley aka Dr. Love.

I am a big fan of Caprice Crane. She has this wonderful ability to create these crazy, quirky characters that are still grounded in the real world. And the plots are equally as unique. I laughed out loud
Radio DJ Berry Lambert lives her life shrouded with superstition in the novel With A Little Luck by Caprice Crane. She avoids black cats and cracks in the sidewalk, her father is a professional gambler who considersBerry to be his best good luck charm, and after two failed relationships she’s sure her next one will surely disappoint her cause after all things happen in threes. When she meets fellow DJ Ryan Riley, their on-air battle turns romantic, but the last thing Berry wants is to fall for R ...more
Berry, a classic-rock DJ in LA, has lived her entire life according to the superstitious teachings of her gambling-addicted father. When she meets Ryan, she's just finished her second bad relationship in a row... and bad things always happen in threes. So their love is doomed. But as their relationship progresses, Berry begins to question her philosophies and her screwed-up, if loving, family dynamics. This novel is classic Caprice Crane, which means it's funny, blunt, touching, and true all at ...more
Things markedly improved when she met Ryan. The chemistry was bitingly funny
*3.5 stars*

This was cute and quirky but at times was over the top even for me. I was expecting a romance but this more like chick-lit which I am not as much of a fan of so that's why I rounded up to 4 stars. It was breezy and light although I think the book was trying to be a little deeper.

But, it was nice fluff that I enjoyed reading. this would be the perfect book to take on vacation and read while lounging by the pool or at the beach. It made me laugh, made me roll my eyes, but I didn't have
I'm debating between a 3 and a 4 because I did not love this book. I absolutely loved "Forget About It" so I was unbelievably excited to read "With a Little Luck." However I was just a bit disappointed. Of course this is a very funny read, what Caprice Crane book isn't. But it was no where near as hysterical as "Forget About It." For me the book was slow till the Berry and Ryan started the morning show together. I wish there were more things going on in the story before hand.
I'm not really sure
I won this book from a contest so here goes!
I definitely had my doubts within the first few pages...those doubts were abruptly demolished after I fell in love with Berry. I don't usually go for funny books, but this one literally had me laughing out loud. There honestly wasn't a dull moment in the entire book which resulted in me finishing it in one day. I am so thrilled that I won this book and discovered Caprice Crane as an awesome writer and comedian! I'm going to read all of her other books
I picked up this book because of the recommendation of one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster. I've never read any of the authors previous works, but after reading this, I intend to!

This is story made me smile, laugh and kept my attention and interest the entire time. I was pulled into this book as I rallied for a happy ending. And the ending, was not what I expected, but was perfect for this storyline.

There are a few F-bombs, which I could have done without, but other than that it was clean
My expectations for Caprice Crane were set from her first book -- Stupid and Contagious... and I'm sorry to say that since the first, she hasn't done as well with the next 3 books. With a Little Luck was a fun read, but felt like everything was rushed. If this were the first book I read by her, I'd probably say t was okay and I'd give her another shot as an author -- but I'm beginning to wonder if book one was just an oddity and that she is a funny woman (follow her on twitter and you'll see) bu ...more
I enjoy the way Caprice Crane writes because she's so witty and I wish I could be witty like that, but this book was a little tough to get through. I honestly do not think it has anything to do with the writing, it's the plot and the characters. Berry and Ryan got on my nerves the entire book. The only person I kind of liked was the best friend, Natalie. I think this book would be better as a movie, which makes sense because I think Crane has written more screenplays and tv shows then books.
Katrina the Bookworm
It drove me crazy to read about overly superstitious and luck-obsessive Berry Lambert. Her fears of bad luck had brought her thinking that she caused the death of a person, the downfall of her lovelife, even business problems. And worse, it made her think that The One wasn't the one for her. It was a light read, and I recommend it for easy reading. I loved the ending, and I'm sure you will, too.
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Caprice Crane is a screenwriter and novelist who'll be making her way into your movie theaters, bookshelves, and hearts in the very near future!"
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