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The Lies That Bind: A Bibliophile Mystery
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The Lies That Bind: A Bibliophile Mystery (Bibliophile Mystery #3)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  1,864 ratings  ·  154 reviews
Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright returns home to San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class. Unfortunately, the program director Layla Fontaine is a horrendous host who pitches fits and lords over her subordinates. But when Layla is found shot dead, Brooklyn is bound and determined to investigate-even as the killer tries to close the book on her for good.
ebook, 304 pages
Published November 1st 2010 by New American Library
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I’m a Kate Carlisle fan despite her series not containing the atmosphere I interpreted from covers: cats and enchanting libraries. Complexity of mysteries and pace gallop ahead of contemporaries. Kate doesn’t write cute subjects into popular backdrops that might pass for mystery. She owns this craft. Her character is likeable, readers know her family well, and there is uniqueness in them and her career; with humour that is uplifting.

One aspect I dislike is coveting a group that doesn’t fit a sto
Neal Kristopher
Reviews Of Unusual Size -

Re: Brooklyn Wainwright is teaching a bookbinding class and having lots of internal monologues about her feelings when a co-worker drops dead, another is assaulted and two dreamy men from her past appear. Are any of them connected? Will there be more murders? Did the people in her class pay to take it? Cause if they did, they've gotta be feeling ripped off.

Outstanding: The art of bookbinding and repair is vividly detailed and more interesting that I would have guessed. T
The Lies that Bind is the third book in Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile Mysteries featuring book conserver Brooklyn Wainwright. Almost immediately Carlisle deals with the absurd element of all stories involving amateur sleuths, the ridiculous death toll that surrounds these individuals. In this case it is Brooklyn herself who ponders whether she is a magnet for murder and mayhem when she find her nemesis Minka LaBoeuf bleeding in the hall at the Book Center where they both teach a class. Soon other ...more
I really have enjoyed this series of cozy mysteries. The 4th in the series won't be out until May 2011 but I'll be ready. I love all the great information about bookbinding, but more than that, I love the main character, Brooklyn, who is at once a force to be reckoned with and an absolute hoot at other times. I enjoy her rather unorthodox family and friends. Even her enemy, Minka is entertaining. A really great cozy read in a series I hope to continue following.
I was prepared to love this series about a bookbinder who seems to attract murder, because I'm an amateur bookbinder myself. However, the characters are pretty one-dimensional and everyone is categorized by how beautiful or attractive they are. Seemed pretty shallow to me, so even though the crime story was mildly interesting, I'm walking away from this series.
I knew who the "bad guy" was in this one from the minute they showed up, but it detract from my enjoyment of this book. The characters are what pull me in with these books and that held true with this one, too. Here's wishing Brooklyn & Derek a long, happy & hot sex life!
I liked the plot progression in this one, but I have to say our main character Brooklyn really isn't growing very much. Hard to admire a character who keeps her mouth shut about a fake First edition Oliver Twist. Meh.
I am tracking down this series book by book. This is #3 and one of my local libraries has #4, but I may actually have to buy #5 as neither of my local libraries has it. Gasp. Anyway, this is a cute read and I like all the main characters. Brooklyn is a book binder and there is lots of info about it, which I, a retired librarian really enjoy. She is based in SF and I lived in the Bay Area for 10 years so I enjoy that also. The murder plots are sort of silly, and I usually figure them out, but thi ...more
Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright returns home to San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class. Unfortunately, the program director Layla Fontaine is a horrendous host who pitches fits and lords over her subordinates. But when Layla is found shot dead, Brooklyn is bound and determined to investigate-even as the killer tries to close the book on her for good.

I enjoyed this book though I did figure out who "done it" about half way through the book - which, I must admit, rarely happens.

A murder mystery that blends a little romance with restoring books and bookbinding. It was interesting to have the bookbinding a part of the story but it felt a tiny bit contrived, a little too many segments of facts-for-facts-sake. Still I enjoyed the author trying to convey to the reader the art of bookbinding. For me, by far the best part of the book was reading about various unique locations in and around San Francisco.

Two major detractions:
1-The author refers repeatedly to things that hap
The Bibliophile series is by far one of my favorites-I'm always excited to read about Brooklyn's adventures and I love all the weird situations she finds herself in.This one was no exception; unlike "If Books Could Kill", which takes place in Edinburgh, we now return to San Francisco ( one of my favorite U.S. cities, I cannot seem to stress this fact enough! ) and the Bay Area Book Arts Center ( BABA ), where Layla Fontaine's body is found by ( who else ? ) Brooklyn, who is teaching bookbinding ...more
This is the third book in the Bibliophile mystery series. Brooklyn has returned to San Francisco after her previous escapades in Edinburgh at the book festival. She is preparing to teach a class at the Bay Area Center for Book Arts. She has also finished restoring a book for the center's director, Layla. Brooklyn is uncomfortable with the fact that Layla plans to present the book as a first edition Dickens for the Twist festival auction, for even though it is an old edition, it does not contain ...more
Judy  at Musings and Ramblings
In this third book in the Bibliophile Mysteries by Kate Carlisle, Brooklyn Wainwright has returned from the Book Fair in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is getting ready to do a series of book binding classes at the Bay Area Book Arts Center, or BABA, and has just completed a restoration of a nineteenth century illustrated edition of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens that is going to be used in a 2 week long celebration of the 175th anniversary of the publishing of Oliver Twist. There is some tension bet ...more
The Executive Artistic Director of the Bay Area Books Arts Center (BABA), a bitch on wheels; thinks so highly of book binder Brooklyn Wainwright, she has her teach a class on the subject and restoring the BABA collection. No one likes Layla Fontaine, who stepped on bodies on her way to the top using lies, intimidation, and cheating as her means to success.

Somebody loathed Layla enough to kill her; no one, not even her niece Naomi, in BABA misses her though Layla brought in millions. Brooklyn wan
Good lord, it’s been a while since I read If Books Could Kill, but I don’t remember Brooklyn being such a horn dog. I mean, yeah, I’d be frustrated if I was with a hot British guy and we couldn’t get five minutes alone together, but damn girl, drag him into a closet already so the pining can be over! (view spoiler)

This go around, Brooklyn’s been hired by
Okay, I'm extremely happy that more bookbinding information made it into this book. It was scarce enough in If Books Could Kill that I really missed it. That was one of the most interesting things about this book.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book didn't quite live up to the first two. The cutesy, we-can-never-get-a-moment-alone problems of Derek and Brooklyn were just that, cutesy. It quickly lost any charm or humor, becoming a tired joke instead.

A lot of new characters were thrown at us, wh
Brooklyn Wainwright is back in her beloved San Francisco and is teaching a class on book binding at Bay Area Book Arts. The head of the BABA, Layla Fontaine, is good for the organization but is a royal pain to Brooklyn and really just about everyone else who has to work with her. When Brooklyn finds out that Layla intends to sell an Oliver Twist that Brooklyn just restored as a first edition, Brooklyn is determined to stop her but can't quite figure out how to convince Layla. Before she can do a ...more
I really enjoyed The Lies That Bind. Brooklyn and her motley crew of friends made the stuffy world of book collecting fun and entertaining. Of course her friends aren't book collector's. There are a pair of lesbian chain saw sculptors, an entire commune from the 60's led by Guru Bob, a mysterious hottie in black ready to save the day and steal from you at the same time, one bookbinder with a mouth like a sailor and dresses like a tramp, and a guy that lives in the basement of the museum and only ...more
Brooklyn Wainwright has an enviable life, having grown up in a loving and supportive, if eccentric, family. She is also financially secure, thanks to an inheritance received from her mentor Abraham Kartovsky (whose violent and untimely death was the subject of Homicide in Hardcover, the first of the Bibliophile mysteries).

In The Lies That Bind, the third in the series, Brooklyn is freelancing as a rare book expert. She's looking forward to teaching bookbinding classes at Bay Area Book Arts, even

The strength of lead character Brooklyn Wainwright carries what could have been a case of the "swooning damsel" and this lends itself nicely to learning how to balance her steadfast independence with her situational dependence on others.

The secrets of the dark "stranger," what connections there could possibly be between the victims and the seemingly innocent, and what the romantic interest's true intent could be really do keep the pages turning. The conversations and situations are realistic an
Suspense Magazine
Brooklyn Wainwright really knows her stuff. Restoring rare books is her specialty, so when she’s hired by San Francisco’s prestigious Bay Area Book Arts to teach a class on bookbinding, she leaps at the chance. Perhaps a little too quickly.

Brooklyn is recovering from a recent brush with death and a recent almost love affair with international security expert Derek Stone. So one can’t blame Brooklyn if her nerves are a little frayed. And when she realizes she’s signed on to work for the boss fro
I enjoyed Carlisle's other books in this series and looked forward to the new title. Although the insight into book restoration is interesting, I found the basic mystery too cliched. The main character was raised in a commune that discovered wine making in CA before it was the"rage" and now it is a very wealthy former commune with a picture perfect tourist town (named Dharma) with quaint little shops all run by her family. Her mother is a dabbler in Wicca, excells at healing and mind reading and ...more
I love this series! The characters are fun and funny, the stories are cheeky and interesting and the mysteries are good.

Brooklyn is back at home in San Francisco and trying to get back to normal. She's teaching a class at the Book Arts Centre, where the meany director Layla, is running a special event in honour of the anniversary of Dickens' Oliver Twist.

But there's nefarious stuff afoot! First, Brooklyn's nemesis, Minka LaBoeuf is attacked and Brookly is the one to find her and call 911 [for w
Patrice Fischer
I was looking forward to reading this book. The book itself was OK, but I hadn't realized it was #3 in the series.

However, the audio narrator was just awful. She butchered the English dialect of one of the main characters, and failed to follow the author's intonation cues, i.e. fail to sound puzzled when the actual word used in the text was "puzzled", for just one example. Where was the producer of this audiobook that allowed such an insufficient job by the reader??
Julie P
Somehow I always pictured Brooklyn Wainwright, bookbinder extraordinaire, as a brunette. No, she shouldn't be a blonde because I'm a brunette, and so I pictured her as one too. I also pictured myself co-mingling with her dead-sexy beau, security expert Derek Stone, and yet he belongs to Brooklyn. That's what I get for mixing fiction with fantasy. Yet even after being reminded again that I can never be Brooklyn, I have to admit that Kate Carlisle's third book in her bibliophile series, _The Lies ...more
Diane ~Firefly~
It had been a bit since I read the last book in the series, but this brought me up to speed quickly. I like Brooklyn, she is pretty down to earth and has some good friends and an interesting family (she was raised in a commune). I also like Derek, he doesn't seem to want a relationship, but keeps getting drawn to Brooklyn and the bodies she finds.

I don't like Minka, which I know I'm not supposed to, but she is too over the top and I have a hard time believing she could hold a job, much less stay
Ok, I realize that it is my own fault for even purchasing this book but it is far and away one of the WORST books I have ever read. Had I even opened the book and just looked at the names of some of the characters, I would have never bothered to bring it home. I thought I would try a new genre just for fun and so I picked this up. The writing was so incredibly simplistic it was painful, it was tacky, ridiculous and childish. The "murderer" was obvious and the main character was a twit. I am floo ...more
I find this series to be witty and fun . . . and I like each one just a little better than the last. Maybe that's because I continue to get to know the characters a little better with each story or maybe Carlisle just keeps getting better and better. Whatever it is . . . I'm thrilled that I found this series and I can't wait to move on to the next one!
This series is lighthearted and amusing but with characters that are intriguing and full of wit. Brooklyn Wainright is a master at book restoration living and working in the Bay Area. She was raised in a commune in northern California that has evolved into a small town with a top notch winery, good restaurants, high-end clothing shops and a small luxury spa and hotel. The town of Dharma and its residents , especially Guru Bob provide a retreat for Brooklyn when the latest crisis becomes too inte ...more
Silver James
This third installment of Kate Carlisle's Brooklyn Wainwright books reintroduces the reader to familiar characters. Poor Brooklyn. She's gotten quite the reputation as a "murder magnet" and with every new dead body, there arrives the chance to get reacquainted with the very sexy Derek Stone. They both have designs on the other but circumstances keep intervening to the point that the reader is groaning along with the characters. Ms. Carlisle also gives teasing views of the other sexy man in Brook ...more
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Golden Heart and Daphne du Maurier Award winning author Kate Carlisle spent over twenty years working in television production as an Associate Director for game and variety shows, including The Midnight Special, Solid Gold and The Gong Show. She traveled the world as a Dating Game chaperone and performed strange acts of silliness on The Gong Show. She also studied acting and singing, toiled in vin ...more
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