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Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All
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Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  368 ratings  ·  46 reviews
Why would anyone think Jesus never existed? Isn't it perfectly reasonable to accept that he was a real first century figure? As it turns out, no. NAILED sheds light on ten beloved Christian myths, and, with evidence gathered from historians across the theological spectrum, shows how they point to a Jesus Christ created solely through allegorical alchemy of hope and imagina ...more
Paperback, 248 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by (first published September 30th 2010)
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Tim O'Neill
This is one of a number of self-published books along these lines that have appeared in recent years and one of several that has been written by a hobbyist who is also an atheist activist. While the idea that Jesus may not have existed is a perfectly valid one, there is a reason this position does not have any serious academic traction - it is very difficult to sustain without resorting to a lot of supposition and some highly contrived arguments. Unfortunately this writer's anti-religious agenda ...more
As other have said, the title overstates the case and some of the so called myths are only held by non scholars, but the book is an excellent summary of the mythicist argument that should leaves anyone who goes into it with an open mind, not already convinced that there must have been a historical Jesus, but that is not the case.
1) The idea that Jesus was a myth is ridiculous
This is a pretty brief introduction, though it briefly refutes the claim that there is more evidence for Jesus than Juliu
Jim Whitefield
I have got to know David Fitzgerald a little as a friend and agreed to review his work. I had been looking for a one-stop review of the evidence concerning the very existence of Jesus Christ and have to say that this volume more than exceeded my expectations. Meticulously researched and developed over a ten year period, this book is the result of a huge amount of painstaking analysis. There is no argument not considered and no stone left unturned in an effort to discover any evidence that actual ...more
NAILED takes a serious look at the inconsistencies and problems with the Jesus myth, offering a rational take on it all while delving into the actual history behind current beliefs. This book is a must-read for skeptics and non-skeptics alike.
I’m pretty much on board with Fitzgerald here. For me, whether or not Jesus ever existed; he has become a fictional figure. As artifacts the bible stories come too late, are too contradictory and outlandish to be taken as primary sources. Without any primary sources to establish as a baseline around where, when, and who Jesus may have been to compare with the latter biblical accounts - then I regard the texts as fiction. The real basis for Jesus may have existed, but for practical inquiry he’s b ...more
Michael Wood Jr.
NailedNailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All
By: David Fitzgerald

Paperback: 248 pages

ISBN-10: 0557709911

ISBN-13: 978-0557709915

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

I first heard about Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All while listening to The Dogma Debate. The Dogma Debate is an absolutely outstanding Spreaker internet radio show hosted by David Smalley, the author of Baptized Atheist (and his partners in crime Daniel Moran and Shayrah Akers). The show explore
I picked this up at Skepticon 3 after David Fitzgerald gave a really good lecture on the historical Jesus, which ended way too soon, which means I really have to read this book!

This was a brief overview of the historical (or lack thereof) evidence for an actual guy named Jesus. The title is a bit over the top, but I did enjoy reading the book. It was a bit too brief in my opinion, I've read other historians on this period that are much more thorough.
Nailed: The Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All by David Fitzgerald

"Nailed: The Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All" is an interesting book that covers ten Christian myths regarding Jesus. Each chapter covers a myth. David Fitzgerald provides some food for thought and compelling arguments that support the position that Jesus Christ was invented driven by hope and imagination. He completes his thesis with how different things would be if there had been a
C. Derick Varn
While the title may slightly overstate the evidence, this is an excellent overview of the current state of problematic record for Jesus historicity. It being nearly impossible to prove a negative, I remain agnostic to a historical persona behind the gospels; however, Fitzgerald's--drawing on the arguments of Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty, and Robert Price--lays out the evidence based on the complete lack of non-problematic first century evidence. Furthermore, some of the issues in Paul are laid ...more
Heads-up Christians you're going to hate this book. So just go ahead and skip it.

But I found it fascinating and quite compelling. I will probably end up reading it again. It contains a wealth of information that really gives you things to contemplate. I found it truly interesting. Your mileage may vary.
Victor Manuel
Good concise review of reasons for doubting Jesus historicity. But you will need to fill in any gaps with more scholarly books. The books reads easily in 1-2 days
Good book, solid argumentation.
This book argues that Jesus Christ is a myth. I think it's safe to say that most readers, Christians and non-Christians alike, are going to be skeptical of this claim. However, it makes a pretty persuasive case. There's no "smoking gun," but it was persuasive enough that it forced me to look twice at the history of Christianity. Some of what he presented was so surprising that I had to confirm his sources, and the facts checked out every time.

Actually, this book never argues that Jesus didn't ex
Alan Fusco
I'm not sure what to make of the "Jesus never existed" position. It seems extreme but Fitzgerald presents a lot of points to ponder, the strongest being the utter lack of any contemporary reference to Jesus. If indeed the Gospels reflect actual history (hint - they don't), the silence of all contemporary historians and the lack of any eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus is deafening. I wish the text of the book was more detailed. As it is, it is more of a summary account with most of the me ...more
I'm not a Christian. I've only read the so-called synoptic gospels. I have no expertise in this area, just some interest. The book seemed to be a well-argued and logical proposition, not some wacky tirade. I found the evidence presented fascinating, particularly the reminders to evaluate the bible keeping in mind when its parts were written and what the authors could have known about Jesus himself and what others had written about him (or, in the case of Paul, hadn't written about him yet).
Paul Mannering
With reference to a wide range of scholarly sources and the books of the bible itself (even the ones that didn't make it to the current edit) Fitzgerald analyses 10 key claims of Christianity for the existence of Jesus as a person.

Obviously the evidence for his existence is lacking and the arguments against him ever being a real person are many and well documented from both contemporary and later sources. I found it fascinating that even the authors of the new testament and founders of the earl
Keith Swenson
This book is a fine introduction to the "mythesist" position that Jesus was a story, perhaps a parable or allegory, made up to illustrate the Christian ideals without actually being a historically true story.

I had heard about "mythesism" about a year ago, and every time I discuss it among friends, the immediate response is incredulous disbelief. Even to non-believers and members of other religions, the idea that the Jesus story could be a myth like Odysseus or King Arthur seems outrageous. It si
Chad Kettner
I'm agnostic in regards to whether or not Jesus existed, so I don't necessarily agree with the thesis of this book. But, the reason I gave it four stars is that it raised questions that I had never come across before and that essentially opened up the discussion in my mind - to where I later read more from both sides of the debate (Carrier, Price, Ehrman, Wright, etc.). While the latter get quite heavy, I thought this was a great introduction.
Cradg001 Craig
I've read a few books regarding the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth and this book is one of the best. It explains its claims using easily verifiable evidence. Whilst I was already convinced of the Christ myth theory, this book's chapters covered more than simply that: geological errors of the bible, the inconsistencies between the gospels etc that really drove the nail into the coffin of Christian religions for me. Excellent read.
More people need to read this. Most people would never question that Jesus existed, even those who are atheist. This book presents apparently well researched evidence that Jesus is a myth. Bravo to the author for the balls and the research. Religious balderdash needs this type of cannonball right through their lies and delusion, shake em to their rotten core, I say.
An excellent, excellent book. Funny, witty, interesting, and extremely accurate from what I've been able to research. If you are remotely interested in an honest take on history or if you have an interest in religion, you will like this book.
Rachael Booth
Highly interesting book. It never occurred to me that there were historians writing during the first century C.E. And when NONE of these historians ever wrote about Jesus or the "King of the Jews" or any strange, un-explainable meteorological events that were purported to have happened at Jesus' crucifixion, the red flags go up. And when you discover that the people in the Bible who claimed to have walked and talking with Jesus had actually not LIVED until at least 100 years after his death, thi ...more
As an atheist, I understand the urge to believe the 'Christ Myth Theory' but I'm afraid the evidence is against it. Fitzgerald's methodology seems to be to take down certain elements and stories of the New Testament (which he does in an elegant and well researched way) but then conclude from that, that that means that Jesus did not exist as a historical figure. Secular biblical scholars are fairly well agreed on the fact that Jesus did exist, "Did Jesus Exist?" by Bart D Ehrman is a fantasticall ...more
Excellent book. A clear dissection of the myths surrounding Jesus, well researched and very entertaining.
Excellent intro to debunking the common "historical Jesus" myths. Thankfully, not snarky at all.
Thanos Diacakis
I'm almost fully persuaded.
A must read for all who are interested in Jesus

A great book! If wanting to know more about The Jesus of the bible and his timeline this is a great read. While the thesis is demonstrating that Jesus never existed, and in the book much evidence is given, there is much to be learned by believer and non-believer alike.

This is a quick and easy read with references. In the end it appears that The author proves his point, and has made me want to learn more. With that I highly recommend the book
Some people who consider themselves Christians are not above dishonesty, even in a court of law, as evidenced by the 2005 trial that took place as a result of a conservative school board's attempt to have creationism ("intelligent design") taught in ninth grade biology class in a public school in Dover, Pennsylvania. (Kitzmiller v. Dover, 400 F.Supp.2d 707 (M.D. Pa. 2005).) They don't recognize separation of church and state. Perhaps they feel secular courts have no jurisdiction over them becaus ...more
Zachary R
I consider myself a historical Jesus agnostic with mythicist leanings. Not because of any mythicist argument in particular, but because of the fallacious methodology one must employ to extract a historical person from the mythological hero archetype that is the Jesus narrative. Jesus studies have utterly failed to gain any ground since Reimarus (1694-1768) initiated the search for the historical Jesus over 250 years ago. Any advancement in Jesus studies is merely in the first century context of ...more
This book suffered tremendously from a lack of an editor. It was scattered and unfocused. The myths are so much myths either. He just calls his chapters "Myths" for no good reason at all. The organization is attrocious.

More importantly, Fitzgerald frequently confuses Gospel Jesus with Historical Jesus, and makes a number of very novice mistakes such as the line about Jesus not knowing what a church is (except in the original Greek the word means something totally different then church), while at
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David Fitzgerald is a writer and historical researcher who has been actively investigating the Historical Jesus question for over ten years. He has a degree in History and was an associate member of CSER, the former Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion.

Incidentally, he is also on the board of San Francisco Atheists and Center for Inquiry - SF, and the founder/director of both Evol
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