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Louca por Compras no Estrangeiro(Shopaholic, #2)
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Louca por Compras no Estrangeiro (Shopaholic #2)

3.75 of 5 stars 3.75  ·  rating details  ·  89,795 ratings  ·  2,436 reviews
Rebecca Bloomwood, a delirante gastadora compulsiva de Louca por Compras, está de volta. A vida corre-lhe sobre rodas. O seu gerente de conta tem sido simpático com ela e foi-lhe oferecida a oportunidade de trabalhar em Nova Iorque.
Nova Iorque! O Museu de Arte Moderna! O Guggenheim! A Metropolitan Opera House! E Becky tenciona mesmo visitá-los a todos. Mas não é um pouco i
Paperback, 348 pages
Published 2003 by Dom Quixote (first published 2001)
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Love her or hate her, Rebecca Bloomwood is possibly one of the most memorable characters in current fiction. She's so over the top and fabulous even though the poor thing really does have an addiction as bad as any other addiction-she's a shopaholic. I read the first Shopaholic book and absolutely loved how fun and fanciful the whole idea was, and Becky's romance with Luke was unexpected and sweet. However, reading the sequel, I often felt like I was reading the exact same book over again, but w ...more
Zoë (readbyzoe)
Book 10/100 for 2015!
I loved this book! Rebecca really grew as a character and I am in LOVE with her and Luke. I really enjoyed the change in location from London to NYC as well! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!
I tried, I really did... but I couldn't get past the first chapter... and knowing that there are, what, 3? 4? more books in the series after this... I just couldn't make myself finish it.

It's probably because I get very irritated by people who are stupid when it comes to managing their money and being irresponsible... so the fact that this dim-wit is now giving others financial advice left a bad taste in my mouth... and the fact that she had dug herself into debt again just made me mad.

I looke
Off the bat, I'm yet to warm up to Rebecca Bloomwood.

I didn't connect with her in Shopaholic, or in Shopaholic & Sister (I read it before Manhattan).

You would think that with the second book, Rebecca has at least grown some or gained depth. Instead, she's the same Becky we met in Shopaholic: a pathological liar, a trait that makes her look insecure rather than someone to be pitied

She's still dumb, daft, dense, shallow, whiny and a hypocrite who dishes out what she can't take.

Rebecca is a
I am (slowly) working my way through this series and re-reading it before the movie premiers. I laughed my way through the books the first time and really got a kick out of it. And I am laughing again the second time 'round too; however, I am starting to realize that Becky is - to put it quite frankly - DUMB! Who does the things that she does? And then gets by with it? Pure dumb luck is the only thing that pulls her out of the strange and contradictory situations that this girl gets herself into ...more
I know I know - I hated the first one, why read the second? I actually really TRIED to like these since my friend just LOVED them and raved about them and continuously wanted to discuss them. *sigh* I wouldn't have finished if I didn't have this obsessive tendency to HAVE to finish a book I start. Our favorite whiny, self-destructive, vacuous character on a rampage in Manhatten - despite finding the "job of her dreams" she manages to be miserable. Bah. I don't think I disliked it because of the ...more
Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
Rebecca's life seems to be in order now, what with the thriving TV show she's part of and her finally getting rid of all those debts. And then her boyfriend announces he's going to open his business in the USA. What else does a woman in love to do? Follow her boyfriend, of course!

And soon, Becky Bloomwood strikes again! This time, her crazy antics reached Manhattan, and Carrie Bradshaw was right to steer clear of her while she's in town. Becky accompanies boyfriend Luke Brandon in NYC and before
Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
At A Glance

Chick lit
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: nope.
Cliff Hanger: nope.
Rating: 4.5 stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 7
Plot: 8
Characters: 8
World Building: 7
Flow: 8
Series Congruity: 8
Writing: 8
Ending: 8

Total: 8

In Dept

Best Part:
New York!
Worst Part: Again, too clean an ending.
Thoughts Had: yay new york!; that witch!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yah

Short Review: I think that the fact that i read two of Sophie's books in just 1 day should be reason enough for others

Once again, Sophie Kinsella does it: she creates a funny, romantic and original novel.

I loved the first book in this series. Its idea is so original, so well-thought and so addicting that I know that, no matter how long it takes me, I'm going to read this series to its end, because it's really amazing. The continuation of the story in this book is just great. Becky is more aware of her tendencies, even though that doesn't mean she doesn't make mistakes again ('cause she makes A LOT of them
This was a terrific, funny book. Book two of the Shopaholic series sees Becky and her boyfriend Luke moving to New York so he can set up a new office there. As expected, Becky's shopping gets out of hand again, creating disaster. It's not a complicated book at all. But that's not a bad thing -- this is a terrific book to curl up in bed with, or to take to the beach with you.

I found myself laughing out loud a great deal more than I did with the first book. Becky's attempts to sneak in her purcha
Another fantasy story where all works out in the end. Easy to read and lighthearted. Pretty predictable ending. The plot in this book is virtually the same like Confessions of a Shopaholic but with a different setting. Becky has learned nothing about managing her money since Confessions of a Shopaholic. Again, she gets into money trouble, is completely unaware that she is spending too much, and she lies to all of her friends and Luke until it's too late. Again, everything blows up in her face an ...more
Cara and Ashley
Just when I thought I would be disappointed in a sequel, Ms. Kinsella proves me wrong! This Shopaholic book is a fantastic read, and amazingly it’s even better than the first!!!
The first book introduced us, with vivacious clarity, to the funny and quite endearing protagonist Becky Bloomwood. But in this second novel, although the reader will receive more exposure to her hilarious shopping exploits, the author has narrated a completely different perspective by placing Becky in the fashion capital
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Hippo dari Hongkong
First of all... I'M NOT A CHICKLIT READER!
get that?

OK. *Most* Women love to shop.
I get that.
Why women love to shop and tend to buy something they don't actually need (useless?)
I don't get that.
Well, it's a "girl stuff" I guess and I don't wanna know :D

You see, dear, it is not true that woman was made from man's rib; she was really made from his funny bone. ~James Matthew Barrie~

That's how I felt about Becky's character, in another word; I like her. I know that some reader (girls) really, I mea
This is not the kind of book I usually read, but my father, fully aware of my handbag addiction, had given me one of the sequels for my birthday once, and since I recently visited Manhattan for the first time, I thought "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" could be fun. But I found that in this book, Shopaholics shopping addiction is a bit over the top even for her, seeing that she almost becomes bankrupt twice because of it, and then sells everything she owns. I had also been hoping for more Manhattan, ...more
It's been around six months since Rebecca Bloomwood successfully paid off her credit card bills but things are getting out of hand again. Her manager Derek Smeath at Endwich Bank has retired and a stricter manager has replaced him. Even though Becky's salary has increased with her job at Morning Coffee, her spending has also increased dramatically. When Luke heads to New York for business, Rebecca follows him and there she discovers a shopping paradise which empties her pockets in no time! It go ...more
Love Fool
How could you not be excited for Becky Bloomwood and her traveling to New York City with her hot new man. New love is so much fun and I love reading about the ins and outs of it. Plus, the best shopaholic is in NYC, one of the best cities for fashion lovers. If you loved part 1 like I did you will not be disappointed by part 2.
Now this was more like it! All the Kinsella books I've read lately have made me cringe with embarrassment at the cheesiness, as well as the general awfulness of the plot. I loved Kinsella when I was younger, and I wondered after reading her newer work in my 20's whether I had just lost some of the love I had for her as I aged, or whether it was her writing getting worse and worse. Well...turns out it was the latter. Although Becky did do a lot of things in story that had me rolling my eyes and t ...more
Justine Wach
I hate this book.

I like this book at the beginning, like the first 30%, I guess. and after that I am annoyed with Becky. i mean, she has debt, $10k in the first book, she managed to pay it all. but then she just keep repeating the same mistake. i mean, do you have enough time in your short life to make the same mistake? come on.


she is clumsy. she forgot her red bill, that is basically her life saver. if people knew about it, she is completely a mess. she is a shopaholic but she is also a
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan By Sophie Kinsella is about a shopaholic Rebeca (becky) who just dissuaded to get rid of her debt. she works as a finical guru on tv so when her boyfriend luke asked her to move to new york she couldn't resist. She just got her debt in her grasp she starts spending bunches of money on new york fashions. soon then becomes a celerity, but rediscovers her debt in new york.

text to text connection to the first book but i think its pretty much the same although becky kind of
I'm still confused about this series. I wrote this review for "Confessions of a Shopaholic", and I'm feeling a very similar one for this book.

I just don't like this girl's spending problems! They actually make my stomach hurt! It just seems like such an odd topic to write so lightly about, and I'm still disturbed by her lies! I was relieved that she was able to pay everything off in the end (just like in book 1), but still -- I don't think I like these books the way I expected to.

Oddly, the "f"
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
Things seem to be going so well for Rebecca Bloomwood: her slot handing out financial advice to housewives on Morning Coffee is doing great; she's going out with one of Britain's most handsome and eligible bachelors, Luke Brandon; and she has a new excuse to buy lots of clothes and shoes: "investing in her career".

But those pesky bills keep coming in the mail and her bank manager, Derek Smeath, has decided to retire - with a warning that his replacement won't be so flexible about her overdraft.
Kayla Finley
Oddly enough, I actually liked this sequel better than the original Shopaholic book! Of course, I was annoyed that Becky didn't seem to understand that she was slipping back into old habits. I don't understand how she can pay attention to the tiniest details of certain things that she really cares about, but doesn't pick up on the sketchy people that are trying to get information from her. Suze is even more of an airhead than Becky is, unbelievably at times.

So, yes. The whole series is about cra
Ok, so I finished the series, mostly because I don't like to leave things unfinished rather than I was hooked. The thing is the characters are very underdeveloped and you have a hard time caring what happens to them. Even the main character, all you really know about her is she has a spending addiction and she can spin a tale. Almost all the characters are in all the books, yet we really don't know anything about them. Luke, works a lot, has a need to impress his mother and keeps upcoming major ...more

Encore un coup de coeur pour ce tome 2 qui m’a fait rire aux éclats à chaque page tournée. Une Becky différente, avec une situation nouvelle, mais toujours cette addiction au shopping qui rythme à merveille ce second tome. Vivement la suite !

Ma chronique :
I don't know why I waited so long to continue this series. It's fabulous! In this second novel of the Shopaholic series, Rebecca finds herself in the shopping capitol of the world : New York City.

She is a really unforgettable character, this one. I adore her. She is amazingly funny and has many dumb blond moments that you just can't help but laugh and roll your eyes at. She's unique, that's for sure.

This is not a book you will read and be touched or mesmerized by, it's a book to read, laugh wi
I liked this one better than the first.. I really laughed out loud. This series is so addictive..
Sharon Mariampillai
This is a good, fun, quick read. I think Becky needs to control her spending so that she doesn't get into too much trouble with debt.
The ending was my favourite part because it was so unexpected. I think that throughout this book, Becky become more mature and understanding and it made happy. I loved the movie, so when I found out that half of the movie was this book and the previous book, I was impressed because they made a good movie from two books and took only the best parts of each book. Re
Elizabeth Ray
Don't take these books too seriously. Becky Bloomwood lacks common sense but there is a sweet innocence about her that draws others to her and inevitably, in all of the books, that is what gets her out of trouble. She truly has a good heart. I love Sophie Kinsella's writing! The things Becky does are absolutely hilarious. Sophie's books are some of the few that make me laugh out loud while reading them and want to read the funny parts aloud to other people. Sophie Kinsella is probably my favorit ...more
Oh Becky Bloomwood, when will you learn? (Apparently not anytime soon since there are at least 7 books so far in this series, and I'm A-okay with that...for now.) Normally I enjoy books set in the U.S. since I live in the U.S. and can better relate. With this book, however, Becky spends most of her time in Manhattan, and I was surprised to find myself missing Becky's London haunts, along with her friends and family. I loved every scene with Becky's parents, her parent's neighbors, or her best fr ...more
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Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her ...more
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