The Perfect Shot
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The Perfect Shot

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  340 ratings  ·  94 reviews
Someone murdered Brian's girfriend, Amanda. The police think it was her father. Brian isn't so sure. But everyone he knows is telling him to move on, get over it, focus on the present. Focus on basketball. Focus on hitting the perfect shot. Brian hopes that the system will work for Amanda and her father. An innocent man couldn't be wrongly convicted, could he?
But then Bri...more
Hardcover, 360 pages
Published 2006 by Carolrhoda Books (first published January 1st 2005)
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Kevion Alexander yes i liked the book because it was talking about sports and a whole bunch of stuff and one dude get arrested and stuff so yea i liked the it just…moreyes i liked the book because it was talking about sports and a whole bunch of stuff and one dude get arrested and stuff so yea i liked the it just haave a whole bunch of stuff (less)

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This was a very intriguing book - lots of excellent basketball scenes that helped tell a story which was part mystery, part identity search, and part commentary on justice. The teenage protagonist must research a real-life murder case from the early 20th century that parallels a murder case ongoing in his life, and he must make a decision about how much of a part he will play in the current one.
Much is said about differences between people and how we make assumptions that shut off acceptance of...more
Deanthony Curry
The book the perfect shot was a good book it just took a long time to really tell what brian did after his girlfriend got killed. This book was much too long the story could have been told in half the length. There was also a point in the book were i forgot what i was reading about because they went kind off the subject. But other than that the book was very good they told deep details when they talked about something or described something.

It was also a book of thoughts in life because u can re...more
Patrick McNally
this book was about a high school basketball player who's girlfriend's family was killed (including herself) by an unknown murder. they suspect that the father was the killer but Brian doesnt agree. he has guilt that is building up in his chest because he thinks that he could have saved her from being killed. and on top of all of this tragedy brian has to deal with school work and most of all basketball. i learned from this book that to never let guilt build up on you because it can ruin your li...more
Danielle Babcock
Brian's girlfriend was shot. The murderer was not found but the police has a long investigation to find him. Some people may say that the book was good but I say that the book was down right BORING. It take a long while for the book to get up and going and even when the book get started it still never gets interesting. The murder was never solved so i mean why read it if you never find out who it is unless there is a second book where they find the killer and end the mystery. Even the book was q...more
John Arrowsmith
It was a pretty good book. It is one of those books that switches back and forth between past and present so if you like that sort of thing than you should read this. It is about a young boy who is a basketball star. His girlfriend gets murdered and he is torn between the case and his basketball career. Unable to focus on basketball with the thought of the murder on his mind. He attempts to find out who murdered her and her family.
Michael Wheaton
It was a really good book it had mystery, and it also had violence. I love books about mystery and violence and it had both. This book was very resplendent. At first when I was reading the book I thought this is going to be boring, but then in the middle of chapter twelve it started to get really good. Finally at chapter thirteen Brian, and the basket ball team where playing the warriors and the won 83 to 78. In the middle of the book Brian is trying to find out who killed his girls friend Amand...more
I was laughing to myself as I read the previous reviews on this book. Why? They all recommended it for teenage GUYS. Not that that's not probably the case most of the time, us girls like it too! It did switch back and forth between the past and present a bit though, but it's a really great book, especially if you like basketball. Brings up a few good points too.
This book was a very interesting and thrilling book. I liked it because it has a lot of suspense leading up to the present. It has a lot of moments that reminds me of moments of my life. Julius is my favorite character he reminds me of myself in someways. This book has a lot of potential to inspire teenager. People sometimes judge books by there cover but for this book its cover even looks great. This book really interests me how it has chapters that basically describe the basketball games. I li...more
Tommy Mann
The book to me was okay it was slow to get into for me. It had a lot of the same thing all of them would say it all the time that was weird to me. It was okay at the parts where it got really good but then it would slow down to me like a lot. I would not read it again if I had to I have had better books then this one in my old schools. The words were really big so it was a easy to read for me. And it was kind of long for how the story was going to me it should have been maybe 200 or 250 pages no...more
i didnt care much for the book myself mainly becouse i dont like sports that much but i found it interesting and easy to read although i did learn some new vocabulary words. my favourit part was probably when brian came in contact with the killer. The whole morall i got out of it was that working as a team will be more efficent and effective than hogging the work/ball. to kinda sum it all up i would say that brian lost his girlfriend and tries to focus on ball to get over the loss but finds out...more
Derian Rumph
This book is really amazing! It was a really good book to read. When I read this book I was surprised about happened then when that happened I just kept reading the book. One thing that kept me reading this book was that what happened in the middle of the book. In the book something happens to this boy girlfriend. This book in some chapters leaves a cliffhanger so I had to keep reading. All you going to do is just think about the book. Its just gonna keep being in your mind until you find out wh...more
Charity Steen
someone gunned down Brian`s girlfriend. The police think it was her father, but Brian isn't so sure. everyone keeps telling him to forget the past, move on. Focus on basketball. Getting that one perfect shot. He tries but then he has to do a school project on Leo Frank. A Jewish man killed for killing a teenage girl- a murder he didn't commit. Brian ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found something that could break the case. if he brings it to the public will the killer come after...more
Matthew Jackson
High school basketball star Brian loves Amanda, his neighbor and girlfriend. When she and her family are murdered, the police say her dad did it. Brian saw a mysterious jogger run by around the time of the murders, but his Dad says to not get involved. At school, Brian is given an assignment to look through the Leo Frank case from 1913 Atlanta. Brian finds out that a young witness saw the real murderer, but stayed quiet for years, afraid to say something. You find out early in the story that Bra...more
The book The Perfect Shot is about this boy named Brian his and he is trying to figer out how kill his girlfriend Amanda and Amanda's mother and brother.Brian try's to think of who all came by his house that day.The police told him that they found gray fabric on Amanda's clothing.So while Brian thinks about who passed by his house and remember a man that jog by that he almost hit with the basketball.
If you ask me I think this book is not a very good book. I would not recommend this book to anyon...more
Jamie 8-22
Sep 18, 2008 Jamie 8-22 rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people that like sports and mystries mixed together
I LOVED this book, it is amazing.

this book was amazing
Mar 18, 2009 Matt added it
It is about some kids that get involved with a murder. I thought that the author did a nice job with a lot of description and dialouge. Overall I would give it 9/10 because the author gets you to the point where you can feel all joy, excitement, and fear the characters feel. I decided on reading another book by this author. Overall i would highly recommened this book to anyone because it is a GREAT read!

A tanalizing tidbit i found was: Amanda stared straight ahead, refusing to look through the S...more
This book was about a young boy named Brian Hammett whose girlfriend, Amanda Daines, was shot and killed along with her brother Cory and mother last summer. Brian loses himself in his basketball, choosing to block out grades and thoughts of Amanda because they are too painful and remind him of her. But it's not easy, because the murder trial is all over the news, and what's worse, the police are targeting Amanda's father, a policeman. Brian isn't sure of the real killer until the end, but he kno...more
I thought this book was very interesting because it showed how keeping balance between things like sports and schoolwork or just sports and life in general is very important. In this book, the main character Brian only focuses on basketball after his girlfriend, her brother, and her mom are murdered. Then when a history project comes up about what we can learn from history he actually tries to do it to be able to stay on the basketball team and during that time he realizes how unfair the justice...more
May 08, 2012 Aaron added it
"Bullets, Bullets, Bullets Bounce, Bounce Bounce",while reading this book I noticed that its important to pay attention to the small things sometimes. Alphin really cares for doing the right thing. the character in the book, Brian had to make a decision that would affeect someones life. to keep quiet or say something. all in all while trying to make this decision he has to deal with playoffs and a project at school.

Also in another book titled "Snakehead" the character was presented with the sam...more
Feb 06, 2013 Cara is currently reading it
When I first picked up the book, The Perfect Shot, by Elaine Marie Alphin, I expected it to be a decent book mainly about basketball, which I don’t care much for. Boy was I wrong! Alphin blew my expectations out of the water with this novel. Not only was it action packed and kept me guessing until the end, I actually enjoyed the basketball part of the book! The Perfect Shot would mainly be for young adult audiences who enjoy sports and crime/thriller books. Now, let’s explore more of the plot.
I think this is a book that most people would like because even though it looks like it's about sports it just kind of a backdrop on the whole story and it teaches you a life lesson on if someone threatens you you have two choices take the safe way out and live or do what's right and take a risk that's something that I really learned from this book. And they also teached you that the justice system doesn't always work right cause at the biginning Amanda "Brian's Girlfriend" and her family are mu...more
Tj Long
The author's purpose in writing this book is to expose issues in civil rights and in the judicial system while showing the impact that the death of a friend has on a high school kid. Brian's girlfriend Amanda, her little sister, and her mother were all murdered in their garage and Amanda's father was instantly accused for the murders. Brians friend Julius, who is the star of the basketball team, gets arrested for the crime of "Driving While Black" in a white neighborhood.

I think that one of the...more
The story The Perfect Shot by Elaine Marie Alphin has to be one of the best books I’ve read so far in my lifetime. This book had me hooked from the very beginning. I really enjoyed how Alphin keeps her readers guessing throughout most of the book. The basketball playing, high school characters of the story especially grabbed my attention because of how much I enjoy basketball. The fact that this book was also a mystery was just a plus for me. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading...more
Mallory Hanson
I picked this book because our librarian gave us a Book Talk and this was one of the books. I've always liked sports themed books and mysteries so this grabbed my attention right away. This story takes place in a small town, where Brian is a basketball legend. Brian has many conflicts throughout the book, but the main one is when his best friend and eventually girlfriend gets murdered in her garage along with her mother and younger brother. This is the main conflict because Brian is so in love w...more
Katie S
I read the novel, The Perfect Shot, by Elaine Marie Alphin, and really enjoyed its mystery. This book is about Brian Hammett, the basketball captain of his team who is supposed to lead them to States. Brian is trying to get justice for his murdered girlfriend, Amanda Daine, her six year old little brother, Cory, and their mother. “I won’t let you down, I promise Amanda” (p 278.) Amanda’s father, former police officer, Michael Daine, has been accused of this murder and been put on trial. Everyon...more
Mar 19, 2014 Tucker rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: nobody
The book The Perfect Shot by Elaine Marie Alphin tells the story of Brian the team captain of the high school team, The Warriors. After her girlfriend Amanda and her family are murdered Brian sinks into a deep depression, that he covers up with basketball. Soon it looks like Amanda's father was the killer. During all of this Brian is doing a school project on Leo Frank, a Yankee accused of murdering a little girl. Soon Brian begins to doubt that the father would have bern able to do anything lik...more
Shelley Daugherty
The only problem I had with this book was the constant basketball references which did not work for me but I am sure would make it a great read for boys. Brian's girlfriend is murdered along with her mom and brother while Brian is out shooting hoops just down the street. Brian thinks he sees someone go by in a gray sweatshirt but he can't be sure that he has seen anything of importance.

Eight months later they are working on a class project and Brian somehow draws one about a murder. This brings...more
Erin Sterling
Maybe 3.5, but I started reading this last night and had a really hard time putting it down--in fact, such a tough time that I finished it this morning! Brian, a star basketball player, is trying to deal with the brutal murder of his girlfriend (and her mom and brother) from the previous spring while her dad is undergoing trial. Between that, a school project that has him working with an initially unwanted partner, and his best friend getting put wrongly in jail just for being black, Brian is in...more
Kibrom Fesseha
I had no idea on who the killer was,I thought it was going to be Brian's dad by the time I found out.Talk about a red herring!I thought that the story was nice.Confrontations in the plot seemed to go faster than other moments in the story. Or was that me just reading faster.The only downside was that I read this story in a group, and therefore had to go at a slower pace than how I usually read.That and the fact that I had classwork that I had to do while reading.

If your the kind of person who ha...more
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I was born on 30 October 1955 in San Francisco, California, and attended Lafayette Elementary School in San Francisco. Then my family moved to New York City, where I attended William H. Carr Junior High School. This is a school picture of me from my junior high school days. After that we moved to Houston, and I went to Westchester High School and on to Rice University.
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