The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic
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The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic

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Ten-year-old Persimmony Smudge lives a boring life on the Island in the Middle of Everything, but she longs for adventure. And she soon gets it when she overhears a life-altering secret and suddenly finds herself in the middle of an amazing journey. It turns out that Mount Majestic, the rising and falling mountain in the center of the island, is not really a mountain - it'...more
ebook, 189 pages
Published December 1st 2010 by Puffin (first published October 25th 2010)
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Persimmony Smudge can't help but march to a different saxophone.. er... accordion... Well, you get the idea. To the rote and unimaginative, she's an odd little girl with the vexing inclinations of an explorer or even (gasp) an artist. Yet her unwillingness to conform to the mundane ultimately leads her on a grand journey of redemption.

Trafton's writing voice is vibrant. She brings the levity and wit of Lemony Snicket into a story less dolorous but equally rousing. Her craftsmanship is creative a...more
I'm seriously going to name a kid Persimmony... Such a pleasant change of pace from the sour and gloomy fantasy books that seem so available these days. I like a good dystopia too, but it's harder to find something this light and comical that still carries insight about human nature and difficult choices. The book is a physical delight as well - kudos to publishers who make a book worth having on the shelf for years.
I'm always on the lookout for a fun, lighthearted book. I knew I wanted to read The Rise and Fall of Mt. Majestic when I first heard about it on Andrew Peterson's Rabbit Room website. The recommendations at The Rabbit Room have always panned out for me and resulted in some very enjoyable reads and new favorite authors. To my surprise I won a copy on a Good Reads' contest that Jennifer Trafton (the author) was holding. The book arrived a few days later and I dug right in.

I'll start by saying that...more
The Winter Rose
This was just what I was lookig for - lighthearted, cute and whimsical. It reminded me alot of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and not just because it featured the same illustrator, but the tone and Voice was very similar. Perhaps a little too similar. In a way, I almost felt like the author was trying a little too hard to write like Lemony Snickett. But it is something I can look past because it was a fun story and I enjoyed reading it (and I happen to be a fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events...more
As posted on Outside of a Dog:

Heroic adventures can start in so many different ways. They can start with prophesies and magical destinies, or they can start with something as simple as the wind blowing away your hat while you trek through the forest. This is how the adventures of Persimmony Smudge begin in The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton. They begin with such a simple act of losing her hat, but they continue on, leading her into a face-off with a poison-tongued jumping to...more
Brittany Perry
Excellent for a first novel of a new and promising career. The book reminds me of the world of Foo by Obert Skye. I would love to see a book two by this new author. It was an excellent book to share with your little ones but I found it to be a funny and humorous read as well. Perhaps a new Rowling is about to appear for the novel certainly has its own world and its own rules. I do hope that this author writes another book. I really want to know if the main character's father returns.
Loved it! A perfect mix of silly and delightful with excellent gems of wisdom thrown in. Plus the illustrations are oh-so-lovely. A highlight for me was the first chapter. I love it when, after just those first few pages, you feel so comfortable with the narrator and are just excited to snuggle in and keep going. This one joins my list of "Awesome First Chapters That Make Me Want to Read More." (That's an elite group.)
The story rides on a tidal wave of whimsy. At times, the narration is too cute by far, but the story is so brisk and delightful that it's hard to resist.
Just the right amount of nonsense with sense, adventure and reconciliation (it is an island, after all!)
My front runner for the newbery this year. Great adventure, love the art work, I highly recommend.
Bluerose's  Heart
4.5 stars

I didn't know a thing about The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic when I started reading it, so I was a bit surprised at what the story ends up being about(in a good way). Persimmony Smudge has broken her family's Giving Pot(a pot that provides what you NEED, not want), so she heads to the woods to get another one. Little did she know that this would be the start of quite an adventure in trying to save her entire island! I'm also a bit surprised that Persimmony wasn't my favorite characte...more
Very solid kid-lit and also entirely wacked. If I didn't know better, I would assume that Trafton was imbibing something hallucinatory. It's got a bit of that Alice in Wonderland quality to it where everything is just slightly . . . off. But unlike Alice in Wonderland there's actually a plot.

The plot goes something like this: There's this island that's called "The Island at the Center of Everything," and an obnoxious boy king who, because he lives at the center of the Island of the Center of Eve...more
This was such a fun, whimsical little book! I bought it mostly for the gorgeous illustrations by Brett Helquist, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tend to get overwhelmed going in books if there are too many characters or, in this case, types of creatures. I started to feel that way at the very beginning, but things quickly smoothed out and unlike other books, here it's very easy to keep track of the Leafeaters, the Rumblebumps, etc. The writing style and tone of the book was lovely...sort of re...more
Michael Jones
this book is fiction, but it's not a fairytale! What I mean by that is that the main character, Persimmony, goes through many difficulties and doesn't end up in a perfect world either. This book was very inspiring for my 4, 7 and 11-year-olds as we read it together.

It was great for them to imagine a giant under the mountain and the pencil sketches are wonderful! My four-year-old wanted to keep going back and look at the drawings and they added immensely to his understanding of the story!

BAYA Librarian
It is not very unusual to become lost in the woods on a stormy night, but for a young girl named Persimmony Smudge, it is these very circumstances that lift her out of an ordinary life and set her on a path to adventure. Life on the Island at the Center of Everything is as predictable as the daily rise and fall of the prominent Mount Majestic, so the revelation that there may be a sleeping giant underneath the island - a giant whose awakening would mean certain destruction - calls for Persimmony...more
What a fantastical tale! There is much silliness surrounding the nut of the story... being kind to others, obeying and knowing when to disobey, trust, learning to accept each others differences, learning to face ones fears, overcoming self doubt, greed will only bring you harm, rising above and let sleeping giants lay. Several times I snickered and thought - oh my niece will love this story! A fun light read which is geared I think toward the 10 - 12 year old ages.
Persimmony Smudge, a plucky young girl, head-strong though she is, leads her friends, Worvil the worrier, and Guafnoggle, the Rumblebump on an adventure to warn the inhabitants of Mount Majestic (especially clueless King Lucas, the Lofty) that their mountain isn't really a mountain at all, but a giant sleeping peacefully, who must not, under any circumstances, be woken. Waking the giant would surely mean the end of their peaceful little island and all that they know and love. Persimmony, upon he...more
In The Rise And Fall Of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton 10 year old Persimmony Smudge dreams of adventures and a life bigger than her daily drudgery of sweeping the house. Lucky for her she just so happens to over hear a secret that will lead to her having adventures! The safe and wonderful Island At The Center Of Everything is not so safe and wonderful. In fact, Mount Majestic, where boy king Lucas The Lofty lives in his castle is right on top of a sleeping giant! Oh noes!! It’s on Persimmon...more
Carin Meerdink
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, especially since I was surprised how much I disliked two books by the author's husband. This book could not be much more different than Fiddler's Gun (see review) and Fiddler's Green. This is a lovely book for children, a very imaginative tale with nothing that made me squirm when I thought about my daughter reading it. The illustrations are dazzling in their detail, and Jennifer Trafton has a wonderful gift of stringing together words in a whimsi...more
Molly Westerman
Another great find from our family's hectic scan-the-library's-shelves-and-grab-books routine. This one is a quirky fantasy adventure with a spunky girl hero, various mythical races with strange group characteristics (the childlike, romping Rumblebumps, the somber, ceremony-bound Leafeaters), and lots of silly wordplay and prophecy in verse. However, it has real depth and avoids feeling clichéd, in part by having some fairly unusual and interesting characters--including a loving mother who's qui...more
Persimmony Smudge has learned an earth-shaking secret--literally. Their peaceful little island has a sleeping giant underneath it. A giant who must not be woken up--because what will happen if he tries to sit up or something? Unfortunately, hardly anyone is willing to believe her--just an annoying girl--and various excavations and other giant-waking projects are moving forward. With the help of Worvil the Worrier, a wise potter, and perhaps some very good luck, she sets out to prove the truth......more
Favorite bits:
"And the poor overburdened donkey, evidently knowing that the benefits of obeying her master far outweighed the risk of a bruised rear end, used good business sense and trotted as quickly as her wobbly legs would carry her..." (accompanied by a wonderful illustration of said poor donkey)

"Guafnoggle answered through his sobs, overwhelmed with grief and completely choked up with punctuation. 'Wouldn't, you? Be dead...if! you were; torn (in) half?' he said. 'Everything is so: fragile....more
Feb 12, 2011 Francine rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Ingrid Law
Wow. This was one refreshing book. The new concept was nothing I've ever read before but it still had a Gulliver's Travels feel to it. The writing over all was great, it kept me hooked.

What I most liked about this book was the character development. The main characters particularly Persimmony, Lucas, and Worvil really grew into even more special people at the end. I love how Persimmony matured more, how Lucas became a better ruler, and how Worvil started believing in himself and found his coura...more
J.E. Rogers
So far I am loving this adorable book. It's lively voice is entrancing, and it's imaginative story line keeps you reading. This is definetly a middle-grade read, but I feel that it's going to be worth my time.
I was very excited about this book. The characters were very imaginative,funny and definitely out of the ordinary. However, I was disappointed in the ending. The author did not, in my opinion, tie all the lose ends together and I was left wondering about many unresolved issues. Nevertheles...more
Fantastically fun read about an unlikely heroine, courageously named Persimmony Smudge, on a most mysterious mystical island which rises and falls with the breath of a sleeping giant. I've waited years to get my hands on a copy, and found it at the library just when I needed a bit of levity and intelligence in my young adult fantasy fiction. This is sure to become a new classic family favorite, full of quotable quotes and delightful read-aloud moments. Do not overlook the hard copy -- the illust...more
I knew I would like this one as soon as I saw the cover. It just captured me. And try as I did, I could not walk away from it. I had to have it, and I'm glad I did. It's magical. It's funny. Persimmony is one courageous girl who is determined to save her island and find more about her father. She makes very special friends along the way and learns more about herself in the process. The pictures are amazing and follow the story very closely. Great read!!

Persimmony, though a creative, wonderful character, did take some time to grow on me. However, I'm glad I stuck with her.

By the end I was so glad for her adventures and that she was able to have them! A great, fun, innocent read. Recommend for young girls, and those young at heart who just love a good new fictional world every once and a while.

I thought the end "wrapped" up a little too much and lingered a little too long, however Trafton created characters that were fun and unique and worth st...more
When Persimmony Smudge breaks the Giving Pot accidentally in a fit of anger at her sister, she leaves the house to find Theodore the potter and get a new one. But on her way she gets lost, nearly eaten by a poison-tongued jumping tortoise, and begins the adventure of her life. This is an intelligent, sweet little fantasy but it doesn't really stand out from other recent books. The art by Brett Helquist is also nothing novel, since his style is so recognizable. Fun but forgettable. 4th grade and...more
A fun little fantasy read. I picked it up off a display at the library.
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I am a writer, editor, art lover, daughter of teachers, sister of musicians & actors, adoring dog owner, and incurable chocolate addict. My first novel for children, The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, will be published in December 2010.
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