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Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters, #1)
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Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters #1)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  4,485 ratings  ·  395 reviews
A secret government unit, a group of renegade paranormal investigators... and a murder no one else can crack.

Though haunted by the recent deaths of two teammates, Jackson Crow knows that the living commit the most heinous crimes.

A police officer utilizing her paranormal intuition, Angela Hawkins already has her hands full of mystery and bloodshed.

But one assignment calls t
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published March 29th 2011 by Mira (first published March 27th 2011)
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I knew if I kept giving HG enough changes that eventually I would find one of her books that I liked. She writes paranormal with romance and that is a winning combination for me. Unfortunately in the past it didn't always work out. Really liked Krewe of Hunters and thought Jackson was a good fit. He came off as arrogant sometimes, but for an alpha male that isn't all bad. I think him and Angela jumped into bed a little quick, but I thought this Krewe was going to span several books, but it looks ...more
This is primarily a romance novel. When the two main characters fall into bed within 48 hours of meeting and there are two explicit sex scenes it is easy to see what the focus is on. I wish I had realized Mira is an imprint of Harlequin before I bought it.

I picked this book up for the paranormal mystery that the blurb promises, in post Katrina New Orleans no less. There is upfront an emphasis on the Senator's wife being in a locked and security alarmed house when she supposedly jumps from her ba
So I saw this in the library under the "Hot Picks/New for May!" banner. And I picked it up. Man am I sorry I did!

Ok, so the prologue really creeped me out. Like that was just plain SCARY! And I am not one for the horror genre at all!

This kind of reminded me a little of The Shining and The Haunting, you know that moviewith Catherine Zeta-Jones? Yeah, totally cheesy, right?

So what actually drew me in was the fact that the federal government sets up this investigation team, like an advanced tech-sa
The Book Maven
I wanted to like this book, I truly did. It has some great potential: a crew of ghost hunters! Set in New Orleans! But somehow, the author's matter-of-fact rendering of NOLA makes you feel as though you may as well be reading about Peoria, Illinois. Descriptions of scenery and local color are sterile, rather than evocative. The story goes too fast to build up an effective feeling of suspense. And two of the main characters hop into bed pretty quick, when frankly there was very little believable ...more
Originally published at Reading Reality

After reading The Hexed last week, and loving it, I couldn’t resist going back to the beginning of this series and trying to figure out how the author got here from there.

Besides, I’m a terrible completist and it was driving me a bit nuts that I had so much fun with book 13 in a series and hadn’t gotten around to books 1-12. Now that I’ve read book 1, I can see that this series is going to be my “treat” reading for a while.

Phantom Evil is the first book in

The Heather Graham who writes bestsellers may be "The Original Heather Graham," but I am willing to bet that Heather Graham the actress could toast generic white bread with more style and engagement than this sorry excuse for a thriller.

Graham has churned out an average of five novels every years for the past thirty years. How much originality is left? Imagine a high school junior staggering down Bourbon Street. "Gee whiz, I shouldn't have drank those six hand gernades. And all those sh
3.5 stars

Phantom Evil is the first in a new series by Heather Graham; the Krewe of Hunters.

The Storyline
When the Louisiana state Senator’s wife is found dead after an apparent suicide, her husband requests a closer investigation of sorts when he suspects that ghosts were involved in her death. Jackson Crow heads the paranormal investigation team which consists of him and 6 other members who each have their own psychic abilities. The investigation seems to show that the Senators wife didn’t in fa
Carol Storm
I really tried to like this book. But I just couldn't get into it! Basically it's like a very slow and long and boring episode of SCOOBY DOO, without the humor and the Scooby Snacks.

The Nicest Ghostbusters in the World go to New Orleans, where there's a house full of Evil. The head ghost is named Melvin C. Neutron, or Milton B. Marshmallow, or something. He murdered a bunch of little kids with an axe back in the 1870's. And over the years, dozens of people have wandered into the house, slipped
Melbourne on my mind
When I got this home from the library, I noticed that it's published by a division of Harlequin. Oh dear... I read the blurb and was all "Huh. Secret government agency hunting ghosts. Could be interesting." The minute I saw who the publisher was, my estimations went downhill.

But it wasn't as bad as I expected. Sure, there was the obligatory "I've only known you 24 hours but I feel like we're soulmates, let's boff" side to it, which did very little to advance the plot. Also, there's not enough mo
I read this book but because I had previously read Heather Graham's "Flynn Brothers Triolgy" A series that I truly enjoyed. (Until the very end of the last book. Where it appeared to me that Ms. Graham smoked a fat one and wrote the ending. Not a true story... just a theory.) That part aside, it was fun to read.

Te plot was not interesting at all. The characters are constantly over explaining everything. And the ending was just really terrible.

When I was reading this book, I swear with my right h
Jeff Barber
I hate to not like a piece of art, whether it be a book, a painting, or music. But sometimes, the art just doesn't touch me. Or worse, the piece will feel contrived, or mundane, or even feel like the artist didn't put a lot of effort into it.
I'm not going to blame Heather Graham of not putting effort into this book, but I will say that it didn't really ever grab me. From the start we get some interesting characters, but sadly, the more we learn about them the less interesting they become.
We hav
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read a book that I didn’t want to put down, and then thought about when I couldn’t read it. “Phantom Evil” is that kind of book. It called to me, tempting me to stop doing those things I must and instead sit and read. I read late into the night and resented the fatigue that finally caused me to set the book aside. I was simply intrigued by this book, both by the premise and by the characters.

Ms. Graham first and foremost did a great job with her group of s
Pass the beignets and latte please.

This a light hearted book about a grim topic…..murder. Jackson Crow heads a team of uniquely talented paranormal investigators. They head to New Orleans to solve the murder of a local senator’s wife. The local police have ruled her tumble from the upstairs balcony of their reportedly ghost infested mansion a suicide sighting her grief over the recent death of her young son. There is also a love story between Jackson and his co-worker Angela.

The book is enterta
Rated 4.6 "Haunting" Stars

While I've read a couple of other Heather Graham books, this is my first series of hers I've begun. I have to say that I feel I'm off to a good start. Hopefully, the next few will be terrific too. Just like J.D. Robb's, In Death series, I'm getting a late start. Only 4 years, that's not too bad. I've also read quite a few of her books written as Shannon Drake and thoroughly enjoyed them.

After reading Ceremony of Death by Ms. Robb, which is all about white & black ma
I think this is the first "romantic suspense" (or the like) I ended up liking. As I often complain, the problem with this sub-genre is that you (I) expect mysteries, crime and thrillers and you (I) get a contemp romance. Often without any serious study of the other half of the equation.

Here at least the focus of the story is really a murder (and the serial killer is basically absent!), and the romantic thread is just a part of it. I'm not saying that the investigation and the setup are problem-f
I tried, I really did. There were parts of this I liked a lot! The treatment of voodoo was surprisingly sensitive, and the racial/ethnic mix of characters was commendable. The women were uniformly badass and there was some light discussion of cults and unhealthy relationships.

But boy oh boy was this stilted and contrived. Super quick read, though, so it's not like I minded.
**Written for my blog, Bookworming 101**

I will begin by saying that even though this book is completely different from my usual reads I really enjoyed it, so it should be even more thrilling for the fans of the genre.

The book description does a very good job in saying what’s needed without revealing too much. A team of individuals who have somehow exprerienced the paranormal, was put together to investigate what most believed to be a suicide, but others the result of a haunting. A rather typical
I am looking forward to more books with this new team, as I do enjoy the paranormal investigator series, though I hope that the rest of the titles in the series are more like her previous works and perhaps more polished editorially.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Heather Graham, but this book had some issues. I felt like it needed one or two more visits from the copy editor before it went out to publication to make it equal to her other works. There was a major slip up midway into the book wh
Ashley Dawn
After his last case, Jack Crow expects to get a desk job with mainly paperwork pushing responsibilities. Instead, Adam Harrison gives him the task of heading a new unit, with six unique members who are to solve the murder or suicide of a senator’s wife. Jack is a skeptic and yet he has had several unexplainable experiences that have saved him and others.
The senator is convinced his wife didn’t commit suicide as the police have determined, though they recently suffered the loss of their young son
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
⊱ Irena ⊰

Adam Harrison, an investigator who worked for "the government where the government could not act officially", gathered a group of special individuals and formed a team whose task would be to investigate strange cases.
Angela Hawkins, Whitney Tremont, Jake Mallory, Jenna Duffy and Will Chan are part of that team and he called Jackson Crow to lead them. Crow doesn't refuse to believe in supernatural, but he would rather carefully check everything else first. Adam knows that Jackson Crow
A spooky Ghostbusters meets FBI crime thriller.

Jackson Crow is recruited by a powerful Gov't agent to head up an elite FBI unit. Jackson and his team are hand selected because they all have a touch of extra-sensory perception of the ghostly sort.

We meet Jackson the leader who is a skeptic even while he's had his own ghostly encounters. There is also Angela, a cop and the lone survivor or a plane crash when she was a child. She actually is a ghost magnet and also acts as a conduit to release res
Heather Graham is a solid author, who writes entertaining, exciting books with a supernatural twist. They are dependable interesting stories with good characters and decent suspense.

This was the first in a new series by Graham about an eclectic band of ghost-hunters formed into a team by shadowy paranormal expert Adam Harrison. The team will go wherever they are needed to investigate situations that may involve paranormal happenings.

In this case, the wife of a U.S. senator, distraught over the r
Bought for Myself
Book Club Pick
Overall Rating 4.00
Story Rating 4.25
Character Rating 3.75

NOTE: Phantom Evil is classified I think as a Romantic Suspense. I would classify it more as a Mystery/Thriller with some paranormal leanings. There is some romance but it is not the main focus of the story.

What I Loved: This was one fantastically twisty tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was never quite sure if it was the ghosts or real-live evil people that committed the murder that the "Krewe of H
Jennifer Eckel
Seriously, I've read better from Heather Graham. This was about a new group of Harrison investigators, but it read much like the other Harrison Investigation novels, complete with obligatory shower sex scene.
I did not feel there was any character development. I couldn't see how this team got to know each other, or where they came from. Or why they were put together. The plot was sketchy, and disjointed. Eventually it came together, but it was very weak, and full of what ifs and maybes.
The New O
Diane T.
Intriguing tale, the first in the Krewe of Hunters series and I give it 3.5 stars. I enjoyed watching the team come together and meld into a unit. The basic question, was the guilty party human or a ghost, was not unusual. However, Heather Graham straddled a fine line and did it with a master's touch. The team made their own beliefs in ghost apparant but kept an open mind as to whether it was a ghost in this case. I really like the character of Angela and seeing her come into her own. I found Ja ...more
*3.5 Stars*

I enjoyed this much more than I was expecting to. I had not read anything by this author before, although I had tried to start one of her books several years ago and couldn't get into it That could have been because of real life interfering, but it did influence my expectations. This wasn't a great book, but it was quite good. I liked the characters and the story, though there wasn't much romance. The paranormal aspects were well done, with the bad guys still just being bad guys. I li
After I read Heather Graham's The Betrayed last month, I went back to the beginning of Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters series. The books stand alone, but I wanted to see the beginning of the teams. Naturally, a Krewe would begin in New Orleans, the setting for Phantom Evil, the first in the series.

Even though Jackson Crow had lost members of his previous team, it was his actions in saving the remaining group that attracted the attention of Adam Harrison. Harrison is bringing together six inves
Albert Riehle
I really like it when an author gets it right. It's the little things that show a writer cares about her audience. Heather Graham gets it right and she cares about her audience. She does the little things.

For instance: This is a book--and series--about this special team that gets put together to investigate special cases. Most writers would introduce the members of the team in rapid fire succession and, of course, they'd all get mixed together, making it impossible to tell which is which until l
Phantom Evil is book 1 of Krewe of Hunters series by Heather Graham. This was my first HG book and will not be my last. I like suspense, paranormal, and crime fighting mystery stories. The whodunit in me was delighted in how this seemingly rag-tag group of investigators pulled together to solve the crimes.

I love going to Nalins, (New Orleans) especially on Fat Tuesday, and could relate to the levels of noise, fine foods and restaurants, unusual smells, scantily clad folks beckoning from balconi
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Also published as Heather Graham Pozzessere and Shannon Drake.

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Heather Graham majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back-up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home after the birth of her third child and began to write, working on short horror stories and romances. After some tria
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