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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality
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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality

1.32 of 5 stars 1.32  ·  rating details  ·  218 ratings  ·  118 reviews
Homosexuality: is it learned, biological or both?

The answer to this question deeply concerns parents. They want to know how they can best raise their children. A common belief today is that nothing can be done to foster the development of healthy heterosexual orientation in children. But the clinical experience and professional research of Dr. Nicolosi and others indicates
Paperback, 254 pages
Published September 30th 2002 by IVP Books
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Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
May 20, 2014 Heather K (dentist in my spare time) marked it as will-never-ever-read
You are so right, Joseph Nicolosi! Boys shouldn't play with dolls or play dress up if they want to be straight! They should only do incredibly heterosexual things, like play sports!





Because titling it 'A Parent's Guide to making their children commit suicide' is too harsh

Even if you don't agree with homosexuality, your love for your child should over come that.

Do not stand before me and say that God does not approve of homosexuals. They were born gay, which means God made them that way. To say that God disapproves of that which He Himself made is to say that God is not perfect. If God is not perfect, then he is not God.

-user alkuna
mark monday
Mar 28, 2015 mark monday marked it as unread-forever
Joseph Nicolosi is an American clinical psychologist, founder and director of the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, California, and a founder and former president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. He is also clearly a

 photo professional_zps0079e186.png
May 19, 2014 julio rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: the fireplace
Shelves: bantha-pudu, no

a highly-efficient source of heating fuel.

nicolosi has been discredited for his barbarism all over the internet, up to and including by one stephen fry, who visited him at his offices to ask him, for instance, why finding patients of his who have been 'cured' of their homosexuality is so difficult, when finding patients who 'did not respond to treatment' is so easy.

in other news, fundamentalists discover 'hungary' is a noun and onanism has no effect on presidential elections whatsoever—news at
No, I have not read this book and not planning on doing so. The title alone speaks volumes. It's an insult to me and everything I believe in.
This is my first 1-star rating for the book I haven't read and not planning on reading, but for some weird reason it feels soooo good.

According to GR I'm not allowed to say anything about the author any longer, only about the book. I'm in a pickle here, I haven't read the book, but there is a lot I want to say about the "author", who, in my opinion, is ig
god, I hate stupid people. I hate it even more when they write books.

I told her, "Mom, you saw me play with Barbie dolls. You allowed me to use makeup and to fix my hair in front of the mirror for hours. My brothers never did any of this. Why didn't you stop me? What were you thinking?"

well, clearly the reason why I'm attracted to both genders is because I played with Barbies and Lego's as a kid, amirite?

Furthermore, civilization has shown us that the natural human family (father, mother and chi
Lisa Henry
I will not read this book for personal reasons. However, I will thoroughly review the portion I have read: the title.

The title seems to indicate that homosexuality, as something that should be prevented, is negative and something that parents ought to be concerned about, like your child riding their bike off a cliff, or catching rabies from a dog bite.

Reckless bike stunts and rabid dogs are certainly something I would warn my children to avoid. However, I will not read this book because not on
Jul 14, 2014 Kaethe marked it as stricken
Oh, hell no.

I'm frankly horrified that there are people who have read this book and believe that it offers anything other than bigotry and hate.

1. Sexual orientation is in not correlated with gender identity

2. Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity can be caused, nor prevented, they can only be accepted or denied

3. Parents who cannot accept their children for who they are should not have children

4. Sexual orientation is not correlated with having a kind, generous, and loving relationship
Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
This piece of crap deserves a one star rating even though I haven't read it. On the other hand, I would rate it with one star if I had read it. Either way...the subject matter is craptastic. One star it is. :)

 photo tumblr_mbia4j9oU91r8w0joo1_400_zps69c8f609.gif

Why anyone would feel the need to write about THAT is beyond me. Will never read such a book. Hell to the no.

Camila, the opinionated Catruler
ex-homosexual men and women

ex-homosexual men and women

ex-homosexual men and women

ex-homosexual men and women


UPDATE: Tried scrolling through the book and reading it on Amazon.

Scary stuff that reeks of dark ages.

Homosexuality doesn't need preventing. Homophobia does.


This book is POISON!!
It reads like a parents guide to child abuse, in which moms and dads are told to never let their children play with gender-inappropriate toys, never let them dress any which way they want or express themselves as individuals. If in doubt, surely you can beat the homo out of your kid, right?

It's books like this one that perpetuate the myth of 'healing' or 'redirecting' homosexuality. People do not choose to be LGBTQ. Nobody with even a lick of sense would choose to be persecu
1. I'm not gay.
2. I'm not lying to you, or to myself. I'm actually not gay.
3. I have never had such a visceral, negative reaction to a book. I wanted to cry before I'd even opened it.

This is just plain horrifying.

This book attempts to justify prejudice and discrimination. It encourages closed-mindedness and intolerance. The institution this book came from has to be stopped.

"Reparative therapy" for homosexuality has never been shown to work empirically, despite all of the fancy studies this boo
DNF at 0%. I threw up in my mouth just looking at the title.

Oct 18, 2013 Bev added it
Never in a million years...complete crap...the author is an idiot...and that's being polite...there are some other extremely rude words I could use but I'm too much of a lady...No, I'm not, you scum bag and piece of s**t!! You're obviously not that much of a parent at all if you assume kids can be 'trained' not to be's in their genetic make up you moron, so it's down to the parents NOT the kids....throws hands up in the air!!

Edit dated 18/10/13. Have just been watching the good d
I think they named this book "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality", because "A Parent's Guide to Causing Your Homosexual Child to Kill H/herself" would seem too creepy.

As for Nicolosi: I would love to say two certain words to you that have a finger gesture to go with it.

And this one is for every homosexual, bisexual, and transexual out there: You ARE beautiful and amazing. And don't you ever, EVER let anyone tell you you're not.
Trisha Harrington
Oct 26, 2014 Trisha Harrington marked it as not-if-you-paid-me

I have very little time for these books, which is why I could never read one. As a person, I believe we should love someone for who they are. Books like this one make me sad. I don't believe someone should force someone to accept something they don't want to accept. But I do believe you should let people get on with their own lives.

Never in my life did I think I would be saying I would rather re-read Fifty Shades of Grey. Unfortunately, the day has come where I can say that. Books like these are
Here's just a few facts about NARTH -- National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality -- which Mr. Nicolosi cofounded:

1. NARTH's founders believed that homosexuality was caused by “smothering mothers and abdicating fathers.” -- even though homosexuals are born into ALL types of homes

2. They are virulently homophobic -- Founder Socarides called homosexuality "a purple menace that is threatening the proper design of gender distinctions and society”.

Founder Nicolosi was previously
Jan 07, 2013 Jessica rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: use as toilet paper


I am so lucky to have awesome parents.
Oct 27, 2014 Navessa marked it as nuke-it-from-the-orbit
Breanna Backstrom
There isn't a way to PREVENT homosexuality. I really think they should name it "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Your Kid From Having Their Own Life."
What the actual freaking flying fuck is this? D:

Aug 17, 2012 Kai marked it as nope
Of all the things I'd like to prevent as a parent, my child being loved and loving someone isn't one of them. But growing up not thinking books like this one are okay is pretty high on the list.
Mandy*reads obsessively*
Sep 24, 2013 Mandy*reads obsessively* marked it as nope-never
Recommends it for: Nobody, ever.
The title of this book alone goes against everything I think, feel, know and hold dear about parenting.
I want my children to be who they are, who they are meant to be and most of all I want them healthy and happy.
If they are straight, I wouldn't dream of trying to prevent that !
Why on earth would it even enter my mind to try and change them if they are gay?

There are so many things that really matter in childhood. But this? This isn't even near the radar, let alone on it.

And on that note, just because I can...
Macky ~ Sinfully...Addicted To All Male Romance
Sep 24, 2013 Macky ~ Sinfully...Addicted To All Male Romance marked it as would-make-wonderful-toilet-paper
Woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks! Oh dear me.... Now this is a book I would gladly burn!
Patricia BookExhibitionism
I'm not sure yet if I should read this book to be able to say why it sucks or if pointing out that the title is "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality" does the job.

I mean, for all I know it could be a joke, right? Please, God, let it be a joke.
Shelby *wants some flying monkeys*
I wouldn't even use this book as toilet paper.
Anna Matsuyama
Mar 29, 2014 Anna Matsuyama marked it as how-about-no
A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality aka How Not To Raise a Happy and Healthy Individual.

Teach them that love is conditional.

Teach them that guilt, hate (self-hate included), ignorance and shame is what makes a good person.

And teach your sons and daughters that,

this is more acceptable

than this

Ignore that non-sense about homosexuality being normal like heterosexuality and not being possible prevent something that is completely natural, Mr Nicolosi knows best! /sarcasm

Kirsten Dillard
disgusting - are they going to have a school to make you non-gay also? I understand freedom of speech - but really? You are advocating parents changing your children - being homosexual is not a choice, you are born that way. This makes me sick
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Joseph Nicolosi is an American clinical psychologist, founder and director of the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, California, and a founder and former president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.
More about Joseph Nicolosi...
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