Patchwork Dreams (Amish of Seymour County, #1)
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Patchwork Dreams (Amish of Seymour County #1)

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Ever since returning from her rumspringa pregnant and unwed, Becky Troyer has been a pariah in her Amish community in Missouri. Even after the young mother confesses her sin and rejoins the church, her peers continue to shun her, and she despairs the unlikelihood of marrying for love. It seems that her only hope is to eventually marry a widower with a family of his own.

Paperback, 301 pages
Published April 5th 2010 by Whitaker Distribution (first published April 2010)
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This is the first book of Laura’s that I have had the privilege of reading. I was interested to read Patchwork Dreams, because one of the Amish characters has a child out of wedlock. I have read many books about the Amish and their rumspringa, but I don’t recall any of them dealing with such a sensitive topic. I was curious to see how this storyline would play out considering the Amish ban and their strict religious rules.

The story begins with Jacob Miller angry at his father for sending him aw...more
Becky Troyer is sure that she will never find love or be anyone's frau, ever. Branded as used goods, after an incident during her rumspringa leaves her pregnant, and the Englischer who did saying it is not his baby and spreading horrible rumors about her. When a distant relative arrives from Pennsylvania to help out around their home, Becky finds that the attraction to Jacob Miller is distracting.
When Jacob tells Becky he has a girl in Pennsylvania that he wants to marry, Becky tries desperatel...more
Kaity-Jane Culbertson
Patchwork Dreams is a sweet story that takes place in the Amish county of Seymour. I've always enjoyed reading Amish novels and this one was no exception. The lives of the Amish have always held great interest for me and I love reading about them. Patchwork Dreams allowed me to dive right into the Amish lifestyle.

Becky's character was easy to like. Her sinful past leaving lasting scars made her seem very practical and believable. She knew she had made bad decisions in the past and only wanted to...more
Becky Troyer faces a life of raising her child alone without a husband. Who would want her after the mistake she made during her rumschpringe? She is an outcast in her own community. People talk and snicker about her behind her back.

Jacob Miller arrives at the Troyer farm sent there by his father. Jacob is there with the understanding that he is to help Cousin Daniel with chores for the summer. Jacob soon learns that his father wasn’t truthful with him and he was sent away to separate him from h...more
I found a new favourite Amish author! I think this is her debut Amish story and there's a sneak preview of the next in the series which has me really excited. I'd been experiencing a bit of an Amish drought lately and was just so excited to get into one again.

Hilton reeled me in from the very first page and there was enough emotional tension to keep me turning pages until the very end. The developing friendship between Becky and Jacob defines the story and I loved how Hilton drew them together a...more
I recently read Patchwork Dreams (Amish of Seymour County, #1) written by Laura V. Hilton. Another enjoyable read. I really connected with her characters. I felt the emotion, the frustration, the shame and the love of Becky or rather "Bex".
She had endured so much in her very young life and felt she did not deserve anything better. I think we all feel that way at times.
However, it took this young man who came to stay with her family~~a distant cousin ~~to help her realize that she was worthy of...more
This was the 'incurable romantic's' first venture into Amish romances and I expected stereotyped drivel. Instead I found a captivating story, solid believeable characters, and quaint respectful references to the Amish way of life. The dialogue is replete with the peculiar Amish language and I was fascinated with the detailed descriptions of an old-fashioned black smith shop. This won't be my last Amish romance, if other authors approach Laura Hilton's style and competence. Highly recommended for...more
J.C. Morrows
For anyone who enjoys Amish fiction, this is not the book or the series for you. I was unable to finish the entire book. I did skip through and read bits here and there - enough to get an accurate picture and the book is just not for me.

The writing is not at all realistic of the way the Amish speak or behave or interact. It's more like someone wrote a "Christian" novel and threw in a few Amish words and phrases to make it work. The writing itself is not bad and I probably would have enjoyed it s...more
Lisa C.
The relationship between single mom Becky and newcomer to the area, Jakub slowly developed right before the eyes of the family and community.

As a long time reader of Amish fiction and non-fiction, numerous questions arose as to the accuracy. Would Becky's parents really have accepted her so willingly after discovering her pregnancy? Would Jakub have so easily wanted to take time off from his girl back home? Nothing earth shattering, just things that came up as I read.

It was a pleasant book that...more
Becky Troyer, through no fault of her own was attacked by her "Englisher" boyfriend and ends up with child. In the midst of her close knit Amish community she becomes something of an outcast, not fitting in among her single girlfriends or the young married women. She has all but given up on finding the love and acceptance of a good Amish man.

Jacob Miller, "new blood" from Pennsylvania was led to believe he was sent to Seymour, Missouri, to help out a distant cousin for the summer. Little does he...more
I loved this book, it's short and a quick read, but very enjoyable. I started it later in the evening on Friday night and finished it in the early hours of Saturday morning (and I usually don't stay up that late). I just could not put it down. I had to find out what would happen between Becky and Jacob.

I'll start with the characters. I like how Becky was introduced and how different she seemed from Jacob who was a little more spirited. But as the book goes on, more and more is revealed about Bec...more
This was my first time reading a book by Laura V. Hilton.
I really loved this story, for I did not want the story to end. I cant wait for the next book to come out in September. This is a must read of the summer.

Becky Troyer returned from her 'rumchpringe' pregnant and unwed. She confessed her sin and rejoined the church to still have her peers shun her. A distraught Becky wonders if she will ever marry for love.
Jacob Miller arrives at the Troyer family farm. He's under the assumption that he i...more
Patchwork Dreams
The Amish of Seymour
By Laura V. Hilton

In Jacob’s parents eyes, he is flirting with danger when it comes to his relationship with Susie, Amish, but becoming more and more worldly. Jacob is sent to a distant cousin’s house in Missouri, his parents tell him it is to help out his cousin for a time. Really his parents have sent him there to forget about Susie and bring new Amish blood to the area.
Jacob meets distant cousin Becky and is instantly drawn to her, and takes it upon himsel...more
Jun 06, 2011 ReviewsByMolly rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Amish lovers
Recommended to ReviewsByMolly by: Kathy Carlton Willis Communications
Simply awesome! Laura Hilton is a wonderfully talented author and she really dived deep into the Amish faith and ways and turned out a story for her Amish fans! Her characters are life-like, and her story line is certainly gripping.

Those of you who know me and my reviews, know that I don't giveaway spoilers of the story. I really want to say so many things about this sweet and tender Amish novel, but if I go on too long, I will surely spoil it! So, I will say that Jacob and Becky are amazing ch...more
Patchwork Dreams by Laura V. Hilton is a delightful novel on the power of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

When Becky Troyer returned from her rumspringa pregnant she instantly became an outcast in her Amish community. Even though she confessed her sins and rejoined her church, she was still shunned by her peers. She begins to wonder if she will ever be married, or instead be forever scorned.

Enter Jacob Miller, who arrives at Becky's farm to work for her dad. For some reason, he ta...more
Michelle Rayburn
This is a story of hope for two young people who had assumed their futures were all figured out for them, whether they liked it or not. But when they met each other, hope rekindled when each realized they didn’t have to be confined to what they had assumed their future might be.

Becky has a fondness for McDonald’s “fancy” coffee, a.k.a. cappuccino. She and Jacob looked for any opportunity to take the buggy to McDonalds for a coffee. The plot has a few twists and turns, misunderstandings that almo...more
Trinity Rose
Patchwork Dreams is such an excellent book. I enjoyed it from the first page to the last.
Becky is paying for her past mistakes in a big way. During her running around time (rumspringa) in the Amish culture Becky has a baby and her peers keep shunning her, even after she has asked for forgiveness.
Then Jacob comes along. Jacob is sent to their farm(he thinks to only help out for the summer) but the others think he is sent here to bring new blood into the community. Only problem Jacob is already go...more
Debra Ullrick
Ever since the TV series - Aaron's Way - I have loved Amish stories. Patchwork Dreams by Laura V. Hilton tops them all. There were definitely no `fillers' in this book. (What I mean by a filler is - scenes thrown in that add no real quality to the story and are only used to raise the word count.) In, Patchwork Dreams, each scene propels the story forward at a fast pace. And Jacob Miller, the hero, well that boy just doesn't give up. Wait, did I say boy? I meant man. That man refuses to give up....more
This is a good story. The story is about Jacob who has been sent to work with his cousin and is under the impression he will be returning to his home and to marry his girlfriend who his father doesn't think is good enough. When he gets to his cousins place in Missouri he finds his father lied to him and sent him there to find a wife. Becky is an unwed mother after her rumspringa and although she has repented of her sin she feels shunned. Jacob is determined to help her and make her smile and get...more

About The Author
Laura Hilton graduated with a business degree from Ozarka Technical College in Melbourne, Arkansas. A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, she is a professional book reviewer for the Christian market, with more than a thousand reviews published on the Web. Prior to Patchwork Dreams and A Harvest of Hearts, books one and two in her Amish of Seymour series with Whitaker House, she published two novels with Treble Heart Books, Hot Chocolate and Shadows of the Past, as w...more
Diane U
Jacob Miller thought that he was sent to Missouri help out a distant cousin, Daniel. When he arrived, he discovers that he was sent because Missouri was looking for some new Amish men to enter into their community. He was furious since he was planning on marrying Susie this December. Susie is an Amish girl who was still in her running around times that is dabbling in the English ways a little more than Jacob's family would like.

Jacob meets Daniel's daughter, Becky, he is instantly attracted to h...more
Rachel Brand
This book was such a pleasant surprise! I wasn't at all sure what to expect as it was shorter than the usual Amish novels and I'd heard some mixed reviews, but I can definitely say that I'm now a fan of Laura Hilton. Although the storyline may be one that's been tried a hundred times before, Laura made me really care about Becky and Jacob and had me rooting for their relationship to work out. I especially liked how supportive Becky's parents were with their daughter - unlike some people in their...more
I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started this one, but I definitely hadn't planned to pick up a Christian Romance book. I'm an atheist, and not a fan of romance, and I find the fetishization and exoticization of minority cultures, like the Amish, really uncomfortable, and the appropriation of same even more so. And this book did all that. I don't tend to read romance novels, and this is a particularly navel-gazey one. Every thought that flitted through Becky or Jacob's head was put down...more
I probably liked this more than 3 stars but not 4 stars worth.

Jacob was sent from Pennsylvania to help out distant amish relatives for the summer, or was it part of a bigger plan?
Right from the beginning you could 'feel' the chemistry between Jacob and Becky. Of course there were many (too many?) obstacles that had to be overcome. I loved how many times they went to Mcdonalds though.

I also felt there were a few things that went unanswered - now I know there is another book in but I am not sure...more
Maureen Timerman
This was a delightful Amish story. A real insight into the Amish Culture. Jacob Miller is set to live with his distant cousin Daniel, where he learns the blacksmith trade. He comes from PA to Seymour, Missouri he thinks to appease his father. He is dating Suzie and has every intention to return in a few months and marry her.
At the door to Daniel's place he meets Becky. Does he believe in Love at first sight? Can't be there is Suzie? The Amish in PA are trading some young men with MO, in order to...more
Amada Chavez
My mom found this book in a catalog and asked if I would be interested in reading it. After reading the first 9 words of the back cover I was SOLD! And I was very happy with the read! This is a FABULOUS book! Patchwork Dreams takes you on a journey of forgiveness, self worth, and finding out God's plans are far better than our own! Wonderful characters; you will fall in love with Jacob right along with Becky! But can Jacob let go of Susie to follow God's plans for him? Read Patchwork Dreams to f...more
When Jacob arrives in Seymour he discovers that his father has lied to him about the reason for his visit. Then he discovers that the girl he is attracted to is an unwed mother, something that is definitely not common in an Amish community. The characters of Jacob and Becky are well written. Becky's angst so understandable and old fashioned like stepping back into the 1950's moral dilemmas. Every time I read an Amish book I learn new things about their habits and lifestyles and the conflict betw...more
A happy little romance. I would have given it 4 stars except for a few big holes: Jacob willingness to give up Susie is a little too fast. We later see the holes in their relationship (really in her) so it makes it feel better, but really, for a man so sure he's going home to marry a woman, he's awfully flirty. The other big issue for me is that toward the end the effort to keep Jacob and Becky apart by numerous misunderstandings and bad timing gets a little silly. Cutting this down to 200 pages...more
Gail Starr
I usually like Amish life stories, but this one was only "OK" The main characters are Becky and Jacob. The twists and turns the two take trying to declare their interest in each other in the Amish custom got to be a little 'over the top.' Becky is an unwed mom, but repented and so did not get a complete shunning, just for a period of time to prove she was sincere. Jacob tries to win her affection when he arrives to her Amish community, but he keeps saying and doing the wrong things and she retre...more
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Award winning author, Laura Hilton, her husband, Steve, and their five children make their home in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. She is a pastor’s wife, a stay-at-home mom and home-schools three of her children. Her two oldest children are homeschool graduates and are in college. Laura is also a breast cancer survivor.

Her publishing credits include three books in the Amish of Seymour series from Whita...more
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