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Chris Van Allsburg
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Zathura (Jumanji #2)

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On the last page of the Caldecott-winning book Jumanji, young Danny Budwing is seen running after his brother, Walter, with a game tucked under his arm. Now after twenty years, Chris Van Allsburg is ready to reveal what happens when Danny and Walter roll the dice. This time the name of the game is Zathura and the battling Budwing boys are in for the ride of their lives.

Published November 7th 2003 by Socadis (first published October 28th 2002)
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Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
I didn't even know there was a book. Same with Jumanji. Saw the movie first and it was alright.
Interesting but alright.
This one was good.
This... This was so much better than the first one, guys. So much better. There was character development and bonding. And a neat little plot and (view spoiler) that didn't actually feel like a cop out. It was quite lovely.

My memory of Zathura is of a dumb movie that has a younger Kristen Stewart in it and we own it and my siblings and I thought it was really stupid. Granted, this was years ago, so at the time we probably thought everything was dumb. (Because being c
Courtney Ennis
This picture book is a fantasy and science fiction book. It is the sequel to the book Jumanji, which is also written by the author Chris Van Allsburg. This book starts out where the other one left off which is when the two boys run outside to the park and find the board game. They take it back to their house and younger brother opens it up. He finds the game but thinks it looks boring but then he sees underneath there is another game. It’s a board game called Zathura. The boy rolls the dice, tak ...more
Victoria Leininger-halpern
Following the same plot structure as Jumanji, this story is about two brothers who find a board game that launches their house into space, and the only way to defeat the things that come out of the game and get back home is to win. I really liked this story because the relationship between the brothers is very realistic, as many younger siblings don't get along and constantly fight. I also like it for the sci-fi aspect, as the drawings and descriptions of space are very interesting and captivati ...more
This book evidently is the "sequel" to Chris Van Allsburg's much loved Jumanji. At the end of the earlier book, brothers Walter and Danny Budwing find the discarded Jumanji game in the local park and take it home. The older brother, Walter, is stuck babysitting his annoying younger brother, Danny, and ignores the "little fungus" as he begins to play the newly discovered game. Bored by the jungle theme, Danny searches the box and finds a second game with a different board. Instead of a continuati ...more
Zathura is the continuation of the book Jumanji. The Budwig boys didn't always get along. Walter loved to torment his younger brother Danny. They found one thing in common: to play a game called Jumanji. As the boys begin to play they discover the game comes to life when a meteor falls through the ceiling and crashes into their television. The boys open their front door to find their home is in outer space. "You don't want to play this," he said. "Trust me, I tried it once." The book continues t ...more
Tiffany Pennington
Chris Van Allsburg is for all time one of my favorite children authors and illustrators. He does amazing work in black and white illustrations that are true master pieces to the imagination. Zathura is just another great addition to his work. Just like Jumanji, another board game comes to life for two children who happen upon it in their front yard next to a tree. The two children being Walter and Danny Budwing, brothers, who don't always get along but who are seemingly left at home by their par ...more
Danie Plott
The story begins with a situation many of us can relate to: having an annoying little brother who just can’t keep his hands off your stuff. During one of their usual fights, the two brothers come across a discarded board game- Jamanji. Only this time there is a different board hidden underneath: a space-themed trail leading to the planet Zathura. Once the game is set in motion, the boys’ house is lifted to space, pelted with comets, raided by malfunctioning robots and aliens, and other such tria ...more
Lindsay Fischer
This is an adventurous story of a boy and his brother that get whisked into space by a board game. The younger brother Danny is determined to play with his older brother Walter. He begs and pleads, but his brother won't budge. This sparks a fight and Danny ends up playing a board game by himself. Little did he know that this game would bring them into space and force them to finish playing. Together they fight off aliens, robots and the other dangers of space. During the game, they are transport ...more
Martiah Rall
Zathura was written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg in 2002. Two boys find a game board in the park while wrestling and the game takes them on an adventure into outer space. In order to get back to Earth they have to play out each card. The game cards contain challenges that they need to overcome using teamwork. The brothers grow closer through the experience and what seemed to them to be near death experiences.

Some things I found to be common in all of Chris Van Allsburg books are simil
Melanie Abril
Zathura is a story that begins with bickering siblings that are home alone. As their activities bring them to the park, they discover a box leaning against a tree. The younger of the two Danny, begins to play the game in the box but when he discovers his brother Walter was right about it being a childish game he puts it away. But just as he begins to do so he discovers another game board at the bottom of the box, as he begins to play this game he realizes its rather different than other games an ...more
Edward Creter
This book was made recently into a movie which didn't quite make it in the box office, but has a legion of cult fans, and this book version is actually a sequel to Jumanji, also from Chris Van Allsburg and also made into a film, which may be different from Jumanji which has the late and legendary Robin Williams and therefore made more money than the Zathura film. But you can still read the book and maybe catch up with the Jumanji book as I may have to since I saw Jumanji the film before I read t ...more
Maria Andrade
The story proceeds from Jumanji, as Walter and Danny are the next individuals to take the game board home. Just like Peter and Judy who entered into the world of Jumanji, Danny and Walter are instead taken to a space adventure up in space and must keep on playing the game until a clear winner is decided. To begin, Walter and Danny are brothers who see different views from one another; this leads these two to clash heads many times. However, as they play the game, they realize they must stop figh ...more
Gina Pecoraro
Format: Picture Book
Interest Level: Grades 3-5

After twenty years, we find out what happens after Danny finds a game at the end of Jumanji. Danny and his brother Walter end of playing a game called Zathura and our taken on an out of this world journey.

I would read this book in the classroom only after reading Jumanji first. It would be neat to get the students' reactions from both books. They could compare the books and discuss what game they would rather play.
I loved Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg! I saw a movie with the same title a while ago and wondered if it was based on this book and it was! I loved the movie as a kid and I loved the book just as much! I absolutely love the fact that Chris Van Allsburg included Jumanji in this book in a very clever way. I loved how he gave the experience of playing the game to only the older brother who thought his younger brother was so annoying and didn’t want anything to do with him. But after his experience h ...more
Zathura is another book about a board gaming coming to life. It is a sequel to Jumanji. In this story, two brothers, Danny and Walter, play a board game called Zathura, and like the game Jumanji, this board game manifests itself in real life. The only way to stop it is to finish the game. Things get deadly when a killer robot comes out of the game. Will they be able to stop the game before something happens?
This book is illustrated in black and white with clear outlines on all of the objects. A
Sandra Ayala
Another book I choose to read was Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg. This is the story of a two young brothers who find a board game that transports them into outer space and forces them to deal with different adventures. The boys have to face problem solving and survival with robots, aliens, black holes, and much more. This exciting adventure forces the kids to get along and work together to get back to earth. The illustrations in this book are black and white but are incredibly detailed. The illus ...more
Gerron Butchcoe
A sequel to the Caldecott winner “Jumanji”, the story of “Zathura” is very similar. The two boys that find the game decide that Jumanji looked too boring but find Zathura right under it. With the first roll, the two boys are sent into space and have to survive events such as meteor showers or zero gravity. The only way for them to end the madness is to win the game.
I found this book to be just as enjoyable as “Jumanji” because they are very similar. Van Allsburg’s illustrations spare no detail
Matthew Hunter
My 4-year-old daughter Siggy and I are on a Chris Van Allsburg kick. He's good! It's become redundant to say how much we like his illustrations. Zathura certainly doesn't disappoint on that front. But there's something about the story that bugs me. Maybe it's Walter's decision to pull and wrench on younger brother Danny's nose to show his displeasure. Maybe it's that Zathura's a sequel to Jumanji, and I've neither read nor watched Jumanji. Maybe the wordiness made the book a tiresome father-daug ...more
Selene Vasquez
This book is a sequel to the book Jumanji. its about two brothers who are at the park and find a board game, under the original one they find that there is another game. It’s a board game called Zathura. The boy rolls the dice, takes the card and reads it. Then a meteor shower hits right through the ceiling of their house. They open up the door and see that they are now in outer space. They roll again and the next thing that happens is the loss of gravity. They keep playing the game until the la ...more
Jessica Navarrete
Zathura is story about two buys and a board game. Danny, the youngest boy opens a box of the game Jumani and finds another game inside the box call Zathura. Danny’s older brother had said it was just a kid’s game but Danny knew it was more than that. He was brave to open it. He could see into outer space from his living room because of the game. They thought they had lost of track of time but in reality they were in space! The boys made a fun experience out if it.

I enjoyed this book and I could
Stefani Sloma
Zathura is a continuation of Chris Van Allburg’s Jumanji (which I’m sad to say I haven’t read). Instead of a board game set in the jungle, this one is set in space, and it includes robots, brother-swallowing black holes, and space travel. This book was so much fun! I would definitely say that it is for older kids though.

The illustrations in Zathura were crazy good – ridiculously detailed. The story itself is very imaginative. I think this book could be a gateway book into sci-fi for younger kids
Heather Brownlee
Picked this book up when I was looking for a Sci-Fi picture book. I have read many books by Chris Van Allsburg and he is becoming one of my favorite authors. This is the sequel to Jumanji. The story starts of with two brothers home alone. The younger brother wants to play with his brother, and they end up stumbling upon a game called Jumanji. Well underneath that game is another called Zathura and the young boy Danny starts to play. I really enjoyed the relationship between the two brothers in t ...more
Christine Watson
Science Fiction:
This beautifully illustrated book is the sequel to Jumanji. In this story, two brothers who constantly bicker and fight play a board game that takes them to outer space. The brothers have to learn to work together to survive the game. The themes in this book are sibling relationships, the value of cooperation, and conflict resolution. I have used this book to teach making, confirming and revising predictions. I have also had children write stories of times they have had conflicts
Zathura, picks up where we left off, with Walter and Danny Budwing opening the long thin mysterious game box containing the amazing and dangerous game called Jumanji. Much to our surprise the box contains more than just the Jumanji game. Danny and Walter are the kind of kids who don't finish their puzzles and don't read the directions before starting a new game. Just like its predecessor, Zathura takes us on a wild ride at break-neck speed and the boys are just one step away from disaster in eve ...more
Catherine  Mustread
Similar to Jumanji in that a board game comes to life, this time in outer space. Read this shortly after hearing an interview with Chris Van Allsburg in which he talked about Jumanji being a book for kids who didn't have any imagination when playing a board game. Hope to read and re-read more Van Allsburg as time and availability allow.
Austin G
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Once again, two siblings become ensnared in the dark, frightening world of the diabolical board game once known as Jumanji. This time, though, the unwilling participants are brothers Walter and Danny, and the rules have changed: It is now a game of ultimate survival in outer space, a game called Zathura, and the brothers will need to call upon all of their reservoirs of luck and family cohesion to make it through the experience in one piece.

As always, the drawings done by author/illustrator Ch
Laura Rumohr
Zathura was intended for children in grades 1-5. This picture book was written in a similar format to Jumanji. On the last page of Jumanji, young Danny Budwing walks away with a board game under his arm. Zuthara picks up right there. Danny and his brother Walter were left alone as their parents were out. The two boys decided to go to the park to play and while they were there Danny picked up the game. When they got home Danny picked up the game and realized that there was a "boring" jung
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Chris was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 18, 1949, the second child of Doris Christiansen Van Allsburg and Richard Van Allsburg. His sister Karen was born in 1947.

Chris’s paternal grandfather, Peter, owned and operated a creamery, a place where milk was turned into butter, cream, cottage cheese, and ice cream. It was named East End Creamery and after they bottled the milk (and made the ot
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