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3.88  ·  Rating Details ·  417 Ratings  ·  143 Reviews
Anna is the child of Mennonites from Mexico, who have come north to harvest fruit and vegetables. Sometimes she feels like a bird, flying north in the spring and south in the fall, sometimes like a jackrabbit in an abandoned burrow, since her family occupies an empty farmhouse near the fields, sometimes like a kitten, as she shares a bed with her sisters . . . But above al ...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Groundwood Books
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I think that Migrant is beautifully told. It is so poetic and touching; I loved how the girl likened herself to various animals they encounter and how the hardships of their life were touched upon but that there was also some coziness to the family working so closely together.

I do feel that, as a stand-alone, the story fails in fully conveying the story of these farm workers, though. If one knew absolutely nothing about it going into the story (as, I suppose, most children would) it leaves many
Jun 01, 2014 Miriam rated it liked it
Shelves: picture
"Low German-speaking Mennonites from Mexico are a unique group of migrants who moved from Canada to Mexico in the 1920s"

Lookit that, I haven't even read the book yet, and already I learned something! And I was only choosing it because of loving the artist's work in Virginia Wolf.

******* After reading

Unfortunately, that's basically all the info about Low German-speaking Mennonites who moved from Canada to Mexico in the 1920s that you get. In fact, that's just the blurb, it isn't in the text itsel
Karen Witzler
May 05, 2015 Karen Witzler rated it really liked it
Shelves: children-s-books
Migrant is written by Maxine Trottier and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault. It is a children's book based upon the seasonal migration of Mennonites living in Mexico to perform agricultural work in Canada. I actually like this book a lot. Back in my homeschooling days, this would have been one of those books sitting in the center of an informational web. I'm thinking of children ages 4 - 6, but older children and adults can move with the book as well. First, I would point out Mexico, the US, Can ...more
Nov 24, 2011 David rated it it was amazing
Migrant by Maxine Trottier, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault is a story told by Anna, the youngest child of Mennonites from Mexico, who have come north to harvest fruit and vegetables.

Anna, the youngest child of low German speaking Mennonite migrant workers from Mexico, often compares her life to animals. At times, Anna feels like a bird, flying north in the Spring and south in the Fall, or like a jackrabbit in an abandoned burrow, since her family occupies an empty farmhouse near the fields, o
Mary Birky Collier
TEXT-TO-SELF CONNECTION: I chose this book because my own relatives descend from Mennonites. Although we are not strongly connected to the Mennonites who have migrated to and from Mexico every spring/fall, we still have some similarities. My grandmother’s first language was Low-German, Anna’s first language, and my mom understands the language (although she doesn’t speak it). My Mennonite relatives talk about feeling cultural difference in some ways similar to Anna: difference in language, large ...more
Sarah Wheeland
“The title of the book we are about to read by Maxine Trottier is "Migrant." We have talked about migrants in our story “In the Fields” this week. Who can tell me what a migrant worker is?”

Pause for student response.

“That’s right! Migrants are people who move from place to place to find work as the seasons change. Based on the title of this book and the picture on the cover, what do you think this story is going to be about?”

Pause for student responses.

“As I read this story, I want you to notice
Jan 10, 2012 Huda rated it really liked it
Shelves: en-pic-books
فاز كتاب الأطفال هذا بجائزة أفضل الرسومات ولهذا السبب ابتعته لدكتورتي.
غير أنني الآن، وبعد التفكير في النص وصوت الطفلة آنا، تتبادر إلى ذهني صورٌ لأبناء المقيمين في بلادنا وهم كثرة! هل فكرنا فيهم ياترى؟ هل يعلم أطفالنا بوجودهم؟؟
May 22, 2015 Barbara rated it really liked it
Shelves: ncbla, nbgs2012
I knew nothing about the fact that Mennonites moved from Canada to Mexico in the 1920s, and often return to Canada as migrant workers each year. In this picture book Anna imagines herself as various creatures: a bird, a rabbit, a bee, and a kitten, and as the geese fly by, she wonders what it might be like to remain in one place. Some of the language is quite evocative and describes the disorientation experienced by someone whose ears are assaulted by unfamiliar languages. My favorite phrase des ...more
Doyeon Kim
Aug 09, 2016 Doyeon Kim rated it liked it
“Migrant” is a book that introduces a young girl who has migrant workers as her parents. It is a very touching yet very cute book with beautiful illustrations and great word choices.

The main character, Anna is a member of a migrant family from Mexico which means she needs to move around all the time. This results many hardships for Anna such as having to move away from her friends or having to adapt to a new environment. This book is unique because of the way it compares Anna to an animal. For
May 25, 2015 Jenny rated it really liked it
I thought the language in this book was beautiful...the analogies that Anna uses to describe being a migrant seemed to perfectly depict her emotions. My children were especially interested in her describing her sisters and herself as kittens sharing the same bed. I loved her description of the tree: "What would it be like to be a tree with roots sunk deeply into the earth--to watch the seasons passing around you the same way the wind passes through your branches?" It must be so difficult to move ...more
Kayla Strand
Apr 25, 2015 Kayla Strand rated it really liked it
This is a picture book about a young girl Anna whose family is part of the Low German-speaking Mennonites from Mexico. These Mennonites are a special group of migrants who were able to keep their Canadian citizenship when they moved to Mexico in the 1920s. Anna’s family leaves their home in Mexico every Spring to work on farms in Canada. Throughout the book Anna is compared a bird flying north in the Spring, a jack rabbit living in abandoned burrows, and a kitten sleeping with her sisters. She o ...more
Lauren Brink
Apr 21, 2015 Lauren Brink rated it it was amazing
This is a picture book about a young girl Anna whose family is part of the Low German-speaking Mennonites from Mexico. These Mennonites are a special group of migrants who were able to keep their Canadian citizenship when they moved to Mexico in the 1920s. Anna’s family leaves their home in Mexico every Spring to work on farms in Canada. Throughout the book Anna is compared a bird flying north in the Spring, a jack rabbit living in abandoned burrows, and a kitten sleeping with her sisters. She o ...more
Oct 27, 2014 Chelsie rated it really liked it
This book is about a young girl who travels from Mexico each Spring to farm fruit and vegetables with her family. With each journey Anna feels like a different animal representing various features from the story. For example, she feels like a bird flying south in the Fall with each trip her family takes back home after the harvest season. In all, Anna also wonders what it would feel like to be rooted as a tree is in one, permanent location. This books focuses on the meaning of migrant workers an ...more
Text to world : Many of our students in my school district deal with high-mobility in their lives, and I see in some of them a desire to stay in one place. Moving around a lot can take a toll on a person. Students might connect with the little girl's desire to put down roots and with the way she uses her imagination to dream of it. Students who are new to the United States, also, might connect with the feeling of not understanding the language around them. While I imagine this is a cultural that ...more
Caitlin Schoessler
Migrant written by Maxine Trotter is a story about a young girl named Anna from Mexico that travels with her family to work in the fields. Anna and her family are Mennonites that moved from Canada to Mexico, but often return to Canada to work in the fields. I enjoyed reading this book because I did not know that Mennonites from Canada moved to Mexico. Another reason I enjoyed reading this book is because of the overall theme. This book does an excellent job of telling the story about a migrant f ...more
Tasha Gonzalez
Apr 22, 2016 Tasha Gonzalez rated it really liked it
The young girl in this tale often compares herself to animals because she is always on the move since she comes from a family of migrants. More specifically, Anna and her family travel from Mexico up north to Canada because they cannot make ends meet on only their farm in Mexico. Her family speaks Low-German and does not know English very well, which is difficult when traveling for work. Anna often compares herself to bees and birds and seems to long for a forever home, instead always gets a tem ...more
Jun 04, 2012 Mary rated it liked it
I thought this book was really good because I think that a lot of kids can relate to this story. The primary audience for this book would be 1-4 grades. I think this story would especially appeal to kids that are from a different country or their parents are from a different country. They may imagine their lives just as the main character in the book does.
Salina King
This is a story about a young girl named Anna and her family that travels to different locations depending on the season where they harvest fruits and vegetables to support their families. The author uses unique descriptions to help the readers understand what Anna is feeling and how her family lives their lives. This book can be used to help readers learn about a new culture and group of people that may not be the focus of many stories or lessons. Another thing that this book does well is provi ...more
Lin Lin
The author and the illustrator have their special way to explain to young children what a migrant worker's life is like. The migrant workers described in this book are a group known as "Mennonites", who kept their citizenship as Canadians as they moved back to Mexico in the 1920s.
in the 1920's, Canadian Mennonites moved to Mexico and became part of the farm communities there. Today, they must travel as migrant farm workers in order to survive. This delicate book follows the story of Anna, and her life as the child of migrant workers. Rich with figurative language.
Christian Espinoza
Oct 09, 2015 Christian Espinoza rated it it was amazing
"What would it be like to stay in one place- to have your own bed, to ride your own bicycle? Anna wonders. Now that would be something." This book was narrated by a young Mexican girl whose family migrates north to work on farms every harvesting season. The child longs to stay in one place and be able to call one place home. Throughout the story she talks about what it is like to go to a country where she can not understand what people are saying. The language of the book allows readers to relat ...more
Samantha Fate
Apr 17, 2016 Samantha Fate rated it liked it
This is an interesting book about a family who migrated a lot to work. This little girls family spoke German so I assume that is where they were from and they worked over here in North America. The story is told by the little girl who represents her life as feeling like different animals. She represented her self as a bird who flies south and north which means her family had to go North and South for jobs. She also sees her family as worker bees because they have to work so hard. This book is a ...more
Colby Sharp
Sep 20, 2011 Colby Sharp rated it really liked it
This book feels important. Not sure many kids understand the migrant working culture. Excited to read this book aloud to my fourth graders.
Aug 26, 2016 Eun rated it it was amazing
주인공 애나는 이주 노동자 가족의 막내 딸입니다. 철새처럼 때가 되면 가족과 함께 캐나다로 왔다가 또 다시 돌아가는 사이클을 반복하면서 겪는 아픔을 아이의 시각에서 표현했습니다. 긍정적인 결말을 기대했지만 애나의 이주 노동 사이클은 계속됩니다. 현실이 그렇습니다.

아름다운 삽화는 자칫하면 아이의 공감을 얻기 어려울 수도 있는 무거운 주제의 이해를 돕습니다. 특히 ‘이주 노동자’하면 떠오르는 전형적인 얼굴이 아니라 옅은 색 피부를 가진 애나의 이야기를 통해, 1920년대에 일감을 찾으러 멕시코로 이주한 독일어권의 메노나이트 (Mennonite) 캐나다인들이 최근에는 다시 캐나다로 이주 노동을 오는 기이한 현상에 대한 논의로 이어나갈 수 있을 것입니다. 책 뒤편에 있는 저자 노트에 메노나이트 사람들에 대한 정보가 상세히 적혀져 있어 도움이 됩니다.

영구적인 집이 없는 여러 동물들에 자신을 빗대며 뿌리내린 나무처럼 한 곳에서 살면서 그곳에서 일어나는 계절의 변화를 모두 느낄 수 있다는 것은
Jun 06, 2014 Angela rated it it was amazing
This is an achingly good book. It conveys the wistfulness and longing of a child of migrant workers who would love to just stay somewhere and belong. The art work is fabulous,partly because it has patchwork in it. The flying geese design echoes the lives of the people.
It is about Mennonite people who migrated to Mexico many years ago .the work has since dried up but they feel it is their home so only go to Canada as seasonal workers. However the experience described could apply to many migrants
Anna is the youngest in a Canadian-Mennonite migrant family that travels from Mexico to Canada for work. She conveys their life through effective metaphors that give readers the warm fuzzies instead of feeling the poverty of it. For example Anna describes sleeping in a bed with all of her sisters as being like kittens all snuggled up together.

All in all a beautiful work of art and text that tells a story of a little known population. Historical references included with author's note on the subje
I enjoyed the way Trottier takes us into the day-dreams of a migrant girl and her use of metaphors to create empathy. It is subtle and not too heavy for K-5 children. The artwork is delightful! When the reader learns that the migrant girl speaks German...that was a little confusing. But the epilogue expains about "Mennonites from Mexico" and helps clear up that confusion. While I appreciated the information, I also understand that the story is meant to stand alone and not "teach" something. It i ...more
Billie Crane
Jun 05, 2014 Billie Crane rated it liked it
Shelves: ed-689
Trottier uses metaphors and similes to describe the life of a young migrant girl and her family as they move with the seasons and the crops. This is a great text not only for diversifying a library but also as a mentor text for similes and metaphors. The illustrations are done using watercolor, gouche, crayons, and collage. Unfortunately I found them to be lacking in realism and almost a distraction from the text. I would have preferred more realistic illustrations to accompany the description o ...more
May 05, 2015 Sam rated it liked it
At first I didn't like the illustrations, but after reading Karen's comments in message #35 I am re-thinking my opinion. I still wouldn't hang a framed picture of one of these illustrations in my kid's room, but after knowing about the Russian roots of Mexican Mennonites I can see the influences and they make more sense to me. I liked the concept of this story, the little girl and her struggles to fit in in an ever changing world is something that every kid can relate to - even if they aren't mi ...more
Migrant is the story of a young girl named Anna, whose Mennonite family migrates from Mexico to Canada to work as seasonal labourers. As the afterword explains, many Mennonites moved from Canada to Mexico in the 1920s in order to retreat from the world, work on farms, and practice their religion. When the farms became unfruitful, they were forced to journey back north to find work.

For Anna, this means an itinerate lifestyle, moving back and forth with her family "like a feather in the wind." Tr
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