Elvis and Me
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Elvis and Me

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Elvis and Me is the unforgettable memoir of Elvis Presley. This New York Times bestseller reveals the intimate story that could only be written by the woman who lived it. It serves as a tribute to the man as well as the King of Rock n' Roll.
Published August 1st 1986 by Berkley (first published 1985)
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I read this book after my visit to Graceland on September 10th 2001. (Yeah - I will never forget that date.)I found Graceland much more interesting than I would have ever thought and decided reading Priscilla's take on it would be good. Plus the book was cheap.
It was interesting. You got to see "the King" through the eyes of his wife and it made him seem much more real and really kind of sad. And honestly - you have to admire how such a young woman was able to pick herself up and move on with h...more
Priscilla met Elvis when she was an innocent and naive 14 year old, but did not marry him until she was 21. The whole relationship (not just the age) seemed weird to me. One - I question the Beaulieu’s parenting and judgment or maybe they were really just gold diggers looking to marry their daughter off to someone who had money. It didn’t seem fitting that her parents would let her go to another country when she was 16 years old to “live” with a rock and roll legend. When they were in Germany th...more
Kelsey Stewart
This is actually a very good autobiography. It is truly through the eyes of Priscilla Presley, and I don't think there's a duck in the free world that doesn't wish they could've been a fly on the wall to witness this relationship.

With that being said, I also read this when I was about 14. So the thought of some hot twenty-year old rock star picking me out of a crowd turned this book into my very own fantasy bible. I think I read it in the span of two days. Thank you, Nicole (fellow horny teenage...more
I was never someone who revered Elvis. I like some of his songs enough.

However after reading this book I have to say I have little respect for the man. Good singer or no, he had the morals of a hyena.

At 24 he met a 14 year old girl who he would eventually marry. His emotional manipulation of Priscilla is pretty sickening. Of the myriad of things that pissed me off, the following were the biggest offenders:

* Plys a teenaged Priscilla with prescription drugs including dexedrine.
* After leaving th...more
Kerry Connelly
I bought this book in the gift shop at GRACELAND -only a week ago, and I devoured it. I loved it.
Graceland is a place that for any pop-culture enthusiast, music lover, history lover and of course Elvis lover- completely takes your breathe away. You can FEEL the energy of that beautiful place and it was truly an experience for me.

Pricilla's account of her life with the one and only Elvis Presley, from a 14 year old child who knew Elvis as a musician (Like the rest of the world and who even joined...more
Jeff Schrembs
As an Elvis Presley Expert, and Collector with OVER 100,000 photos/items since the late 1960's, I know all of the "resentment" about Priscilla (and the Estate).
The fact remains that Elvis loved her...until the day he died.
Priscilla did NOT have to write this book. She shared many aspects of her life that were, prior to this book, only "implied" and/or talked about behind her back. I APPLAUD her for her honesty and for sharing her insight into the man and their relationship.
Priscilla LOVED Elvis...more
Courtney E. Smith
This book is insane. The stories Priscilla Presley tells, including how they met when Elvis was stationed in Germany and she was all of 14, are absolutely mesmerizing. I spent the whole book wondering why no one pointed out to this woman that 80% of the things that happened to her were seriously messed up. I wish there were more exposition from Presley about what raised her consciousness enough to leave Elvis in the '70s, but I get the feeling she was on too many drugs to remember.
Dec 01, 2012 Melody rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
Years ago, I'd seen the movie that is based on this book, and I loved it! And in some ways this book went along with the movie, but I felt like, it was more detailed than the movie. Wonderfully told by the woman who lived it, Priscilla Presley, it is a depicted account of her life with Elvis.

It told all about Elvis' strange and unusal habits and how I thought controling he was of her,telling her how to dress, and act and wear her hair. I think that Pricilla is a woman to be admired.
Becca Becca
Can someone please tell me why I read this as a 9-year-old? I am struggling to figure this out myself and am worried that the reading of this book at such a young age has caused permanent and irreversible brain damage.

Therefore, in the event that I go mad and commit some crazy crime, will some fine member of the goodreads community please point out to the proper authorities that I was exposed to the writings and Priscilla Presley at an impressionable age.
Mar 24, 2014 Edie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Edie by: Elvis Gift Store at Graceland
I was never a big Elvis fan. Yes, I had a few of his songs on my iPod and I remember watching his movies on a saturday afternoon, but I was never really all that interested in him.

So when in 2011 I travelled to Memphis Tennessee, the Home of Elvis, I suddenly was struck with Elvis fever. They had the book 'Elvis and Me' on sale in the Graceland gift store (tacky I know!) and so I picked up a copy and began reading it. I could not put it down! I honestly didn't know much about him before our tri...more
Those that know me, know my love of the king... and I really loved this book. It's from Priscilla's viewpoint of the things that happened during her years with Elvis. It was sad especially seeing how much they loved each other but how his life was spiraling out of control, how their marriage broke up and their relationship after divorce, to his death.
Travis Albertson
I liked the book, I like any book I can look more in depth at Elvis.
It was very interesting side of Elvis' one time Wife but it seems either she or the co Author embellished a few things to sell the book I really don't think Elvis was a rapist matter of fact I worked with the guys she mentioned in the book & the said it never happened. Elvis never forced himself on anyone. True Elvis had his faults as we all do were only human & we all have our short comings no matter our statute's &...more
 PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
Priscilla and Elvis’ love story was a very romantic one. I loved this memoir because of all the vivid little details Priscilla shares about her special moments with Elvis. I was very much hooked to the book from the beginning in how the story was told. I didn’t know that Elvis was older than Priscilla and that she was just a teen when they first met. Her vivid descriptions on their first day together and how he had to come to her house to ask her father to date her were breath-taking. I could pi...more
Anna Ligtenberg
This is not, by even the most generous of standards, a great book. If I remember right - and I'm remembering the early/mid 1980s, not a time I've got crystalline memories of to begin with, so cut me some slack - this book was written and published hot on the heels of the Goldman book that trashed Elvis in ways that even people who hated the guy couldn't possibly have believed. So, in a way, Priscilla's book was a fast response to that and reads like it, for the most part.

To her credit, she made...more
This is Priscilla's own story about her relationship with Elvis and the life they lived together. It was interesting to get an insight into the mind of her husband, frustrated at having to do so many fluffy musicals, his fears over his comeback performances, the drugs he was taking just to get him through the day, and the constant circus that erupted everywhere he went. It was clear that he loved his music and his fans but hated not being in control of his own destiny and lacking privacy.

It's strange reading this immediately after Steven Weed's book about Patty Hearst. Elvis is another guy who fell in love with an underage girl. He moved Priscilla Beaulieu into his house when she was 16 hoping to mold her into the perfect wife - creepy. So much of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley's account of her husband made me think of another singer who died too young of substance abuse, Michael Jackson. The excesses: drugs, ego, yes-men, isolation, and fear of staying relevant with pop culture wer...more
Jackie Hilaire
A tale of two worlds.

After visiting Graceland in July 2013, I wanted to know more about the couple who made Graceland famous. At a gift shop on the way out, there were several books on Elvis for sale but only one about Priscilla. I read it on vacation in Tennessee.

Elvis hand picked Priscilla Beaulieu in 1959, she was 14, he was 24. Elvis was stationed in the Army in Germany and Priscilla's Dad was a Captain in the Air Force.

In 1962, after many letters and telephone calls, Priscilla met Elvis in...more
An absolute treat to get some insight into such a wonderful love story by one of the two people who lived it. Before reading this book I was an Elvis fan who realised that sometimes his personality could be a bit controlling and selfish, and I thought that Priscilla was a nice, long-suffering woman who put up with as much as she could. I still think that. Some people may feel that by Priscilla's writing this book she is tainting the memory that most people have of Elvis, but I felt that you coul...more
I've always been an Elvis fan, since childhood. My mother grew up loving his music, as he became famous when she was a child, and so I had heard many stories about Elvis, from her. I always found the relationship between Elvis and Priscilla interesting, and so when this book came out, I was excited to read it. My mother purchased it first and then shared it with me later (I think she was more excited than I haha). The book does not disappoint, but I wouldn't give it a 5 star, because there are s...more
Sometimes I am embarrassed by my choice of reading material. This is one of those times.

I saw this book a few months ago when it passed through the ILL department. I thought it looked interesting in a cheesy sort of way, but didn't request it or anything that serious.

The other day I was pulling an different book and saw this one back on the shelf. I was in a bit of a bad mood and thought this book would be a good distraction from my own problems and worries. I was right about that.

Once I started...more
I have owned my copy of this book for quite a few years and this is the second time I have read it. I must say that I got a lot more out of reading it then second time round. It was almost like I'd not read it before! This is a very candid, intimate memoir. I think Priscilla was very brave for putting herself out there in this way, especially so close after Elvis had died, as I'm sure many fans would not have been ready to read and understand it. I have sen old interview footage of her talking a...more
I read this book in junior high and then again in high school or college (I don't often reread books). I used to be a little (okay, very) obsessed with Elivs. I am still in awe of him, I do love his music, and I get giddy about his movies. (None of which were masterpieces, but I used to imagine he was singing to me! Hmmm..maybe I shouldn't be admitting this!) Anyway, this book was fascinating to me! Elvis and Priscilla's love story is one of my favorites. His life was filled with great and amazi...more
Summer Lane
Priscilla Presley tells the story of her life-long romance to Elvis Presley. Priscilla met Elvis at the age of 14, at a time when he was at the peak of his career, but stationed in Germany in the military. From that point on, she was helplessly in love with the King of Rock and Roll - her world literally revolved around his every word, mood and wish. It's shocking, really, how much she depended on Elvis's approval to get along - to stay happy. And yet it's understandable: Elvis was her first lov...more
I am embarrassed to say that I am reading this book . . and liking it. . . and I am not even an Elvis fan!! It all came about because I was sent to Memphis last week for work. Since I was there and had a few free hours I thought I would spin by and check out Graceland (it is only 3.5 miles from the Memphis airport). I was so intrigued by Graceland and all of its tackiness that I wanted to learn more. I picked up this book at BN yesterday (which pains me because I am a Borders girl through and th...more
Jen Borders
Very interesting to hear things from Priscilla's side of the marriage. I think she holds a lot back in this book I'm sure to protect her daughter, but what mother wouldn't. I respect her for that, but as a reader and an Elvis fan I wanted dirt! I really already knew from other Elvis readings that he controlled every aspect of Priscilla's life from her clothes and make-up to the way she walked, but I wanted to know more. I wanted to know why she put up with it for 18 years, and how they managed t...more
Crystal Luberecki
I really enjoyed this. I want to visit Graceland now. I liked seeing Elvis through Priscilla's eyes and learn interesting facts. I had gotten this pretty cheap on amazon.com and it was worth it. The book was a good read and I recommend it.
Patricia Walker
I really enjoyed this book; but, it really seemed to have as well as others kind of just told one side of a story. In all ways though, this book was a wonderful book and I finished it in one day.
Christine Tulledge
I was surprised that this turned out to be such a page turner. I was fascinated that Priscilla at such a young age was thrown into a whirlwind of history. I am not sure if I would have handled it any differently. It was amazing how Priscilla stuck by Elvis' side as long as she did. Of course, we probably can all relate to wanting to save a person. I am not sure why I found this book so fascinating, but it is very well written, and despite the number of pages, a quick read. There are two sides to...more
I read this decades ago - I'm going to guess in the late eighties, or whenever it came out in paperback. I always liked Elvis movies, and then in the fall of '82 I happened to be driving through Memphis and saw a billboard advertising Graceland. I guess it's a bigger tourist destination now, but back then there was just a little trailer across the street from his home, selling a few trinkets. It was cool touring through his shag-carpeted Brady Bunch style home.

So then I read the book. I had this...more
I picked this up while at Graceland last week, and I honestly was not expecting much. I found the subject quite interesting but wasn't sure if I would be able to get into it. After the first few pages I was hooked! I was shocked at how much I liked it. Elvis's life was fascinating, and having it told by someone who knew him very well made for a captivating story. This book shows the hardships of being in the public eye, and the struggle of one man trying to please everyone but himself. If you li...more
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Priscilla Ann Beaulieu Presley is an American model, actress and author. She is the rock 'n' roll singer and musician Elvis Presley's ex-wife and the mother of singer Lisa Marie Presley.
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