Blood of the Wicked (Dark Mission, #1)
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Blood of the Wicked (Dark Mission #1)

3.44 of 5 stars 3.44  ·  rating details  ·  657 ratings  ·  113 reviews
When the world went straight to hell, humanity needed a scapegoat to judge, to blame . . . to burn.

As an independent witch living off the grid, Jessie Leigh has spent her life running, trying to blend in among the faceless drudges in the rebuilt city. She thought she was finally safe, but now she's been found in a New Seattle strip club—by a hard-eyed man on a mission to d...more
Paperback, 348 pages
Published May 31st 2011 by Avon
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(2.5 stars) I can be a sap sometimes, and I confess that a good love story can move me to tears. Blood of the Wicked, however, made me cry for all the wrong reasons.

Blood of the Wicked is the first in the Dark Mission paranormal romance series by debut author Karina Cooper. It appears that each installment will be self-contained and focus on a different couple. The setting is an alternate future: witches existed and were known to exist in the story’s past, and then when disasters struck the worl...more
Can't say as I can really articulate how I felt about this one, so this review is going to come in dribbles as I refine my thoughts ...

The setup is good, but and there were a few places where I was confused about what was going on.

One of the things that I still don't get, and I read the prequel short, is why are the witches blamed for the destruction that reshaped the world - in the short it was an earthquake and volcano eruption - we also don't get any idea of what it was like for witches befor...more
Jen (Red Hot Books)
I really wanted to love this book. The prequel Before the Witches: An Original Novella was awesome. It left me wanting more. I thought Blood of the Wicked would be cut from the same cloth, but it had a very different feel. Don't misunderstand... the book isn't bad. I liked it. But I didn't love it.

The story is set about 50 years after a series of cataclysmic events changed the face of the world. Many blame witches for the near-armageddon. And they are persecuted relentlessly. Jessie is a witch...more
I am really sad that I wasted $8.00 on this book. I hate... HATE the instant attraction thing! It's just a cop out! "Oh! You are part of the group that has hunted my kind for years and killed my mother! ... Well you are quite a hunk. Oh! You are also out to murder my little brother! ... Well I just can't seem to keep my hands off you... I guess I will have to just look pass all that nonsense, it doesnt matter anyway, let's have sex!" BLECH!
Whitley Birks
I was attracted to this book because of the setting, and wow this book delivered. I have an unabashed love for out-in-the-open urban fantasies, and this book mixed it with a kind of dystopia/quasi-apocalypse feel. Everything was dirty and gritty and dangerous and falling apart, but the book toed the line of making it hard without going so overboard that it went into melodramatic. I loved a lot of the details in here, and their society makes sense.

Our two main leads were fun, as we got to watch t...more
Paranormal Haven
3.5 Stars

Jessie Leigh is a witch in New Seattle. She has lived place to place, hiding from the Holy Order. Silas Smith, an agent of the Holy Order, is charged with finding Jessie’s witch brother and killing him. Silas finds Jessie, and together they set out to try and find her brother. He doesn’t know that she is a witch, and she doesn’t know he means to kill her brother.

You know how this story goes almost at once. Big burly man sees leggy woman. Leggy woman is hot and burly man is hot, but they...more
Oh Silas how I wanted to smack you upside your pig head, narrow minded head! Who cares that you are hot! You were an ass! Since Jessie didn't see fit to let you have it at the end of this book , I will!! You were mean and cruel and sooooo very very stupid! I don't know that I forgive you since you never said you were sorry for hurting my girl Jessie. I don't know if I even like you. You are nice to look at, soooooooooo I guess I just ..ugh!! ok ok ...

Here's the thing love the drama. Love that he...more
Oct 31, 2011 Maria rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: magic
That was a hot book!! “Blood of the Wicked” by Karina Cooper is the first book in the Dark Mission series and it has everything a good paranormal romance book need to be a success: an alpha male leading character, a brave young woman with rough life, a lot of magic and some very hot and steamy erotic scenes!

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, when the witches have been accused of destroying the world with a series of earthquakes, tsunamis and all types of natural disaster. Now,...more

Jessie Leigh has spent her whole life on the run, living life one day at a time, trying to blend in amongst the havoc and despair among the drudges in the rebuilt city.

Until- Silas Smith finds her in a New Seattle strip club. Silas is a solider of the Holy order- A missionary on a mission to destroy Jessie’s kind, she is a witch. Silas has believed his whole life, that witches must die, and that they are all bad news, him being a witch Hunter who travels society for murderous witches...more
Beth ♥Addicted to HEA♥
Wow, was a bummer. I really wanted to like this book.

This story takes place in an alternate world where earthquakes killed millions of people. Who's fault are the earthquakes? Naturally... witches.

wha? photo tumblr_lzmi4lmxcm1rn95k2o1_500.gif

Okay, I'll accept that. The solution to the problem:

[image error]

Enter Silas, a witch hunter. He's looking for Jessie, the sister of a known witch Caleb, involved with a deadly coven. But, guess what....

[image error]

More stuff happens, but ultimately most of it is forgettable. I love dystopia. I lo...more
It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't great either. The biggest problem with this book was that I was pretty annoyed with the female heroine by the end of the book. She supposedly has all of this power that the church and coven want her for, but she doesn't use it to help herself out of the dangerous situations that she finds herself in. She just accepts whatever is thrown at her and hopes for the best. ARGH- this was an extremely frustrating book to read!
I’ve had this book on my TBR pile forever. I won a copy from the author in a contest last year when the book was released and I kept looking at it, and looking at it. Until finally, I just couldn’t look at it any longer. And man I am mad that I waited so long to read it. I loved this book. The world was exactly the type of dark and gritty world that I usually enjoy and the characters were exactly the dark and twisty and secret-ridden type of characters that I love.

I liked Jessie. She was feisty...more

I was initially drawn to Blood of the Wicked from the cover – gorgeous!

Jessica Leigh is a witch in hiding, living off the grid and working in a strip club as a bartender; she has spent her life on the run or in hiding from the Holy Order, a group of Mercenaries who hunt witches. Her first instinct when she sees Silas sitting in the bar is to change her disguise and run!

Silas Smith is a witch hunter and has been ordered to find and exterminate Caleb Leigh, wh...more
Vanessa theJeepDiva
So much of Blood of the Wicked caught me by complete surprise. Nothing was as I assumed it would be. Motives were far different from what I imagined. There were characters I never figured out if they were good, evil, in it for their own gain, or perhaps they just don’t know which they are themselves. Cooper has created a gritty dark, bordering on violent world and I like it. I love dark and twisted tales. The Dark Mission series seems promising in the delivery of plenty more dark and twisted.

Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews)
You may also read my review here:

Silas Smith, and agent of the Holy Order, is looking for Jessie Leigh’s brother Caleb, who is at the top of the Witches to Be Executed for Crimes Against Humanity list. Not a list I’d want to be on. I’m just sayin’. Jessie’s on the run and has no intentions of being captured by the Order. Caleb vanished a year before, leaving everything and everyone behind, and Jessie hasn’t seen him since. When Agent Smith eventually trac...more
Ali Hougland
Blood of the Wicked is a post-apocalyptic romance that showcases a very possible scenario of how the remnants of human race would react after facing Armageddon. Fear and bitterness drive the persecuted witches, while righteousness and vengeance drive the followers of the Holy Order. This story showcases the extremes of primal human emotion when faced with dire circumstances and a bleak setting. I’d put this a few shades darker than JR Ward or KMM’s later “Fever” books – if those were too dark fo...more
I'm not sure how to go about rating this one.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, but the story itself had some problems that required a lot of complicity from me as a reader to be so ready to suspend my disbelief. I loved her prequel novella hoping that the small problems in there would be addressed in the novel. Unfortunately this is not the case. Same problems, just on a bigger scale.

The world building is fractured at best and there's only a very nebulous connection between witches and the post-apocal...more
Jennifer M
One earthquake. One disaster changed the world, and created a divide not only in Seattle, but in society itself. The gritty, decaying underground city plays as big a role as the people who dare to venture through it’s dark streets. The danger and desperation found in layer after layer of the forsaken remnants of the sunken Seattle make it an incredible, tangible background for this story.

“Normal” citizens blamed the witch population for the near-apocalyptic natural disaster that swallowed up the...more
This one hooked me when I read the blurb and decided to give it a whirl. I am a sucker for unique backdrops and world-building which is what drew me to the genres who specialize in this. This book did not disappoint in that area. But there was also the additional draws of romance, intrigue dystopian, and paranormal elements.

This story was interesting in that the background introductory information was left until after the story got into full swing and then the information was trickled as needed...more
This book is another one where the premise sounded good, the cover really drew me in, but didn't come through in the story. I made it as far as page 70. It was at that point that I realized that I was bored while reading it. Jessie was on the run, apparently being a witch could get you killed. Silas was after her, not sure why yet, but had to do with her brother. Silas seemed to get roped into helping more than he wanted and Jessie found out through her powers. This is where I gave up. Like I sa...more
Ummm, am I missing something here? Most series don't require you to read the novellas to understand what is going on....but in this case I recommend you read "before the witches" BEFORE you read book one of this series. I will let you know how book 2 goes, after I track down the "pre-quil" novella. Not everyone has a NOOK or Kindle, and I really don't want a bunch of novella anthologies of crap I don't want to read on my shelf. But book 1 was good enough to make me want to find the pre-quil. So...more
I Loved this bk, I think its a great start 4 a new series. Karina has made a world that pulls u in and u can see everything she's describing and feel everything the main characters are feeling.This bk is so different fom anything I've read from this genre in awhile. It's set in the future of New Seattle bcuz Mother Nature finally claimed the west coast (otherplaces have been affected 2 but they dnt really go into detail, maybe later in the series they will). Jessie,our female lead/heroine, is a...more
I've seen this book cover quite a few times over the years- and drooled, of course. However, I never actually bought the book. Well, I was at Half Price Books a few weeks ago (there was a huge sale) so I saw this and thought - what the hey, I'll give it a try.

After finishing the book, I'm still kind of scratching my head. I don't really like books where I can't decide who the 'good guy' is or who the 'bad guy' is. This is one of those books that the good guy may just be an ass (Silas), while the...more
Nichole ~Bookaholic~
maybe I am just not in the mood for this type of much as I wanted to like it I found my self skimming I made it to about 37% and gave up...this one is just not for me
Melissa ownsbey
i so enjoyedthis book i love anything you write i have read this book but i did not win it from good reads
La La
This series seemed to me to be a more modernized take on the Salem witch trials. 50 years ago the earth was destroyed by extreme earthquakes and other natural disasters and the witches stand accused of throwing the earth off balance with their spell casting. The church is now the governing body and anyone thought to be witch is immediately hunted and brought forth to the church to be executed. The hunters are called missionaries, brought up and trained by the church to hunt witches whether they'...more
Blood of the Wicked is the first book in the Dark Mission series by Karina Cooper and a Paranormal Romance from Avon.

Book Blurb:

When the world went straight to hell, humanity needed a scapegoat to judge, to burn.

As an independent witch living off the grid, Jessie Leigh has spent her life running, trying to blend in among the faceless drudges in the rebuilt city. She thought she was finally safe, but now she’s been found in a New Seattle strip club - by a hard-eyed man on a mission to...more
Beth Dawkins
Jessie Leigh is a witch in New Seattle. She has lived place to place, hiding from the Holy Order. Silas Smith, an agent of the Holy Order, is charged with finding Jessie’s witch brother and killing him. Silas finds Jessie, and together they set out to try and find her brother. He doesn’t know that she is a witch, and she doesn’t know he means to kill her brother.

You know how this story goes almost at once. Big burly man sees leggy woman. Leggy woman is hot and burly man is hot, but they are...more
3 1\2

-A very intriguing idea. After a natural apocalypse the world has gone back to a "middle age - like" witch hunt.
-An incredible setting: a Seattle after an apocalypse that collapsed the San Andrea rift and it's now divided in upper and lower city, kind of a human heaven and hell.
-Plot, good enough
-The writing, I loved it, it captured me even with the cons.

-A WTF romance. I never understood why the two were attracted. She knows he is lying to her to the teeth. He plans to use her to f...more
Robin Priddy
Fifty years ago the world as we know it ended due to natural disasters. People worked hard to rebuild what they could. But they needed someone or something to blame. When the church and the goverment team up, they find the perfect scapegoat, witches. The church starts recruiting people to become soldiers of the Holy Order. The goverment even developes a bolld test that will tell if someone is a witch. The job of the soldiers it to hunt and kill witches.
Jessie Leigh is a witch. She has lived her...more
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After writing happily ever afters for all of her friends in school, Karina Cooper eventually grew up (sort of), went to work in the real world (kind of), where she decided that making stuff up was way more fun (true!). She is the author of dark and sexy paranormal romance, steampunk urban fantasy, and writes across multiple genres with mad glee.

One part glamour, one part dork and all imagination,...more
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