Superstud: Or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin
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Superstud: Or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin

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Lost in love and don't know much? Paul Feig knew even less...

Like any other red-blooded, straight young man, Paul Feig spent much of his teenage years trying to solve the mystery of women. Unlike most red-blooded, straight teenage boys, however, Paul Feig was sadly at a considerable disadvantage. He was tall and gangly. He had a love for musical theater. And, perhaps the d...more
Paperback, 304 pages
Published June 28th 2005 by Three Rivers Press (first published January 1st 2005)
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I didn't much care for this book. It sat in my gym bag for 3 months and became my desperation book. Like, if I couldn't get a treadmill with a TV or I'd run out of magazines or something.

There were 2 amazing passages that I need to share:

The surrounding tables were filled with large older men who looked like they had all served in some arm of the military during World War II, and i could feel their eyes burning into me as they wondered who the faggy nineteen-year-old guy having dinner with his...more
When I said I wanted to read more non-fiction this year, an account of the sexual failures of some guy I've never really heard of before wasn't exactly what I had in mind. However, I'm glad I read this one (thanks Julie!) because it's really fucking hilarious.

Paul Feig takes us through his adolescent love life, from first discovering how to masturbate up to losing his virginity at age 24. Most of the stuff in here is so horrifying and embarrassing that most people would never even admit to it, m...more
I am not a fan of Freaks and Geeks (I think I came to it too old, sort of like reading Catcher in the Rye at 30: it's good, but doesn't resonate quite the same), but I like what Paul Feig has done, so I was expecting this book to be a rip-roaring tale of midwest teenagerdom. And it was, except there's no real rip-roaring part. The stories when related are funny, but on the page they're pretty flat. Way too verbose to set up a good punchline delivery, they just sort of meander for 30 pages to ult...more
Having spent a hell of a lot of money on books and exhausted my credits (join that, BTW), I turned to the library for the first time since I moved here and picked this up on my way out. Basically, always having something to read on the subway is of utmost importance to me, even moreso than having batteries for my headphones.

Anyway -- holy shit. More than once on the subway while reading this, I:

a) gasped for air from laughing so hard
b) inadvertently cried out things like "oh N...more
After reading Feig's first work, I was eager for more;however, after reading the first few essays, my enthusiasm was drastically dampened.In fact, I found this book so un-enjoyable that I'm hesitant to read anything else he may write.

The major problem with this book is that it's masturbatory. Feig's memoir about his adolescent dating experiences does not invite the reader to commiserate with the author, and unlike it's predecessor it does not make any particularly witty or funny observations abo...more
good if you like nerds, leisure suits, and being disappointed by books you think are going to be hilarious.
Sara Schraeder
It is hard to believe a human being could survive so many horrifyingly embarrassing moments. And then share them with the world. I am one of the original hardcore Freaks and Geeks fans, and you will recognize some of those stories in these two books (I am including Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence in this review because they are in the same vein, and I don't have a clear favorite.)
Unflinching, however you will flinch repeatedly whilst reading. I don't know why these books aren't bestsellers. I...more
Superstud is super entertaining. Loved it. Summary: Lost in love and don't know much? Paul Feig knew even less...

Like any other red-blooded, straight young man, Paul Feig spent much of his teenage years trying to solve the mystery of women. Unlike most red-blooded, straight teenage boys, however, Paul Feig was sadly at a considerable disadvantage. He was tall and gangly. He had a love for musical theater. And, perhaps the death knell for his burgeoning sex life, Paul was a tap dance student. (An...more
So if you've read the first one then you know just how funny Paul Feig is as a writer. He can make you laugh with the most embarrassing situations around. If you thought the first book was hilarious then you will love his second book. It does have a few of the same stories from the first but now copied and pasted into this one, just written with more information and detail.

I'm not sure if I could have handled living the life he did growing up. I mean he experienced it all that most people don't...more
Superstud by Paul Feig, is a painful book to read. Much like the series he created, "Freaks and Geeks", there were a lot of thigns that resonated with me. But they won't resonate with a lot of people, so I realize this book isn't for everyone.
The story is mainly about the dating life, or lack thereof, of a geek. It's a nonfiction book, so Feig tells the story from his point of view, from his own painful (sometimes literally so) experience. It's really hard to describe the book any more than tha...more
Sarah B.
I wanted to love this book! I consider Freaks and Geeks to be one of the best things that ever happened on television. And yet this book was so problematic for me. How, you might wonder, could you mess up a book about how awkward you were as a horny teenager?

First of all, it's really hard to sell an antihero. Adult Feig is aware of just how much of a loser teenage Feig was, and he still has to write a whole book about him that people will want to read. For me, he fell short of this goal. The boo...more
Emily Ann Meyer
My brother gave this to me for my birthday a few years ago, because I'm such a fan of Freaks & Geeks which was co-created by this author. Grabbed it off the shelf at random the other night to have something to read in the tub. Was a relatively quick read -- all personal recollections of the type of thing that seems monumentally horrendous at the time and only with the eye of distance and maturity can become funny.

Don't know if it was a generational thing (he's about 10 or so years older tha...more
I love "Freaks and Geeks", own the series, and it's the reason I picked up this book. (I haven't read his other one.) Awkward teenage memoirs are awesome--who can't relate? I've ALWAYS been a geek. I had a hard time relating to ol' Paul here, though. I don't know what it was exactly. He had an amazingly sheltered life, for one. (I had a hard time believing he visualized his golden wedding anniversary party with every girl who gave him a boner. It was just bizarre. I was friends with more guys th...more
I've liked Paul Feig for a long time. Embarrassingly enough, he hooked me with his mid 90's 1-2 punch of appearing on Joel Hodgeson's TV Wheel and his thrilling turn as Mr.Pool on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Now who's the geek, Mr. Feig?
Anyway, this is a pretty funny book. I laughed out loud a couple times, I think I read it in only a few days, and I roommate asked to borrow it. My favorite part of the book is when he feels duped by God and says "How could He do that to me? What an Asshole."
Nat Niemi
This is a real-life coming-of-age memoir by one of my favorite TV writer/directors, Paul Feig of (most notably) "Freaks and Geeks"/"Arrested Development"/"The Office" fame.

This tale kept me genuinely mesmerized with this poor kid's trials and tribulations he was faced with growing up a horny geek with religious parents, which he retold in an amusing, yet genuinely sympathy-envoking, self-deprecating way.

You've gotta give the man credit, for not only writing a hilarious account of blossoming se...more
Oh the innocence of children! Paul Feig once again invites us to share in his development as a human as he shares his moments from the 70's (a time of magic, disco, and awkward clothes) to the 80's ( a time of boom boxes, video games and awkward clothes). In his teens he puts women on a pedestal until he just "gives in" to sex after knowing he's either put too much importance on it, or to stop obsessing about it. Naive is the word here, but innocent and humorously touching.
Sep 14, 2008 Emily rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Freaks and Geeks fans, those who enjoy the Mortified books and the like
Shelves: read-in-2008, memoir
This book was painful at times, sometimes because of the awful situations young Paul Feig finds himself in, other times because of the writing. It's not that Feig is a terrible writer (obviously he's a genius, he wrote Freaks and Geeks!) he just spends way to much of the book over-explaining the embarrassing events of his young adulthood and verbally cringing at them. The stories speak for themselves Paul! But at the same time, he is sharing some humiliating stuff, I'm pretty sure most people wo...more
Sep 08, 2008 Christina rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who like neurotic and funny
Shelves: read-it-loved-it
This is a bathroom book. Leave it in there and open it randomly to any chapter and be amused.

Paul Feig knows how to tell a mortifying story, whether it's about almost breaking his neck trying to pleasure himself, moving out of state to escape his clingy girlfriend or distancing himself from a date who just said the word "nigger" in a huge crowd of black people. Paul knows embarrassment.

This is my favorite of his two books. You will spend the whole book anxiously rooting for Paul to finally los...more
Samantha Glasser
I knew of Paul Feig through his role as Mr. Poole in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and then later as a writer for Freaks and Geeks. When I discovered that many of the situations in Freaks and Geeks were based on Feig's life experiences, I wanted to read this book.

While he mentioned a few things that conjure memories of the show, this book is a bit racier, filled with sex anecdotes (many of them involving only Feig). His sense of humor permeates the stories, and his penchant for self-humiliation kno...more
Aug 07, 2008 HeavyReader rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people think they are/were sexually awkward
I recently watched all 18 episodes of Freaks and Geeks and enjoyed the series a lot. I was awfully excited when I stumbled across this book by the creator of Freaks and Geeks while looking for an ILL book on sex and love later in life.

Now, I would not say that Paul Feig is the straight David Sedaris. He's not even Augusten Burroughs. But I did enjoy this book. It made me laugh out loud, especially the chapter the author begs the reader not to read.

I read this book while I was in immense pain fro...more
Chris Aylott
More evidence that Paul Feig and I have far too much in common -- in particular, the part about growing up geeky, sexually insecure, and overcompensating. Reading his memories and remembering my own should be depressing, but the book comforts me on several levels:

a. It's funny.
b. It was worse for him. (Never underestimate the solace of schadenfreude.)
c. I bet all those confident-looking other guys were clueless and neurotic too.
d. As he says in the end, "I am now married. I am now happy. I have...more
Paul Feig is one of the people behind Freaks and Geeks, and if you've seen the show, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you're in for in his books. They're funny and lighthearted memoirs from the author's adolescence, and a lot of the anecdotes were actually turned more or less verbatim into scenes or plot lines in Freaks and Geeks. I think Kick Me is superior to Superstud, but they both have plenty of funny moments; Superstud just loses points because it gets a little too melodramatic and...more
Jul 25, 2008 Jennifer rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Freaks and Geeks fans
Recommended to Jennifer by: David Rosenstein
Paul Feig is incredibly honest about all the amazingly embarrassing things he's done in his life in the pursuit of love and sexual gratification. His memoir is very funny, sweet, and should probably be mandatory reading for all lonely teenage boys who masturbate too much so they can know they are not alone. It's also a fun read for fans of the show Freaks and Geeks , which Feig created. Some moments from the show were clearly lifted straight from his life, and he knows how to turn his adolescent...more
It's an account of his sexual history, or lack there of. He writes well and the humor comes easily; it seems like you're having a conversation with a grade school friend you haven't seen for years. There is a chapter titled something along the lines of "Don't Read This Chapter" and I have to say, he is correct. I read it, of course, but was disturbed... and humored at the same time. Read it if you're not squeamish.
It's an easy read, you can put down and pick-up a week later without any trouble....more
Nov 16, 2008 K rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: lonely onanists
I picked up this memoir of romantic and sexual failure because it was written by Paul Feig, creator of Freaks & Geeks and director of episodes of the Office, Mad Men, and 30 Rock. The humor turned out to be much more broad and neurotically obsessive than any of those TV shows. And less laugh-inducing. Kind of like Portnoy's Complaint, with even MORE discussion of masturbation, if you can believe it. Also, Paul Feig grew up a Christian Scientist in Michigan vs. a Jewish boy in New Jersey.
Leslie Jem
I enjoyed Kick Me, Paul Feig's first memoir, and loved this installment. His description of trying to find true love and have sex with his dream girl are absolutely authentic, painfully candid, and roll-around-on-the-floor hysterical. Just describing this book again makes me want to drop everything and reread it. His little homily at the end perfectly summed up how the desire to experience sex can cloud the judgement of any reasonably healthy and/or imaginative young person.
Another funny book that set the groundwork for Freaks and Geeks. Sometimes I wonder why Paul Feig would want to revisit some of these situations and especially let others know about them. Well, I say thanks for doing it. There are many stories in this book and his first collection, Kick me, that would have found their way into a Freaks and Geeks episode if the show had run for more than one season. Thanks Paul, for continuing your awesome show in a small way...
Nov 17, 2008 Vix rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Adolescents especially awkward teen boys, anyone who's been in junior high
This book is soooooo insanely embarassing that you feel embarassed FOR the writer as you're reading. Its funny, its awkward, it brings you through the ridiculous rationalizations of a junior high male......champagne snowball LoL. I was dying laughing. Having been an awkward pre-teen, lived with my brother when he was an awkward teen and just plain known awkwardness in its truest form I truly appreciated this book. If you need to laugh - this is it.
Superstud is amusing at times, but I often felt that Feig went on too long in a very self indulgent way. Still, I have to give him props for putting it all out there, as some of the experiences he describes are excruciating. I think many comedians might have handled this material very crudely, so I do appreciate Feig's gentle, good-hearted style. I also like the fact that he didn't shy away from assigning the blame in most of these situations his own ineptitude.
Lynn Hart
Maybe it's because I'm not a man, or because I wasn't raised in a religious household, but I was not amused. I loved, loved, loved Freaks and Geeks and I couldn't wait to read this. My fault, I assumed this would be more of a general biography, rather than focusing solely on his (uninteresting, to me) sexuality. I didn't cringe or feel embarrassed, it just reinforced my opinions of the damage too much organized religion and not enough sex ed can do.
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Paul S. Feig (born September 17, 1962) is an American director, actor and author. Feig directed the Oscar nominated 2011 film Bridesmaids featuring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Feig directed The Heat, also starring McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.

He created the critically acclaimed show Freaks and Geeks and has directed several episodes of The Office and Arrested Development; plus select episode...more
More about Paul Feig...
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