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Bottled Up

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Pip's desperate to escape his life?he's been skipping classes, drinking, getting high. Anything and everything to avoid his smug teachers, his sweet but needy little brother, his difficult home life. Now he's been busted by Principal Giraldi and given an ultimatum: either he shows up for all his classes and sees a counselor after school, or he's expelled. Pip's freaked out...more
ebook, 224 pages
Published November 1st 2004 by Speak (first published June 23rd 2003)
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Stephanie Michelle
A read aloud book for Ms. Rogal.
This book is so good.
As I listened to her [Ms. Rogal] read, the more I wanted her to keep reading.
I like the way the author [Jaye Murray] wrote the book: with all-of-a-sudden flashbacks and key parts that let us examine Pips life and surroundings, his constant struggle over drugs, the complex relationship with the school staff, the way he cares for his brother even if he shows resentment for him, just the way he chooses to handle these situations. I really like t...more
Kate Stone
Dec 17, 2008 Kate Stone rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: high school students, or anyone interested in the "hard knock life" stories
Shelves: fiction, young-adult
So Pip is a guy with a lot of problems.

1. His dad's a jerk...and an alcoholic.
2. His mother's a pill popper.
3. He smokes way too much pot.
4. His friends are losers.
5. He has to take care of his brother.
6. When I say his dad's a jerk, I mean, he's an abusive, horrible, alcoholic.

I really like the voice in this book. Pip seems like one of my high school students. Not a specific one, mind you, but he sounds like he could be sitting in my classroom, these thoughts running through his head.

Pip's head...more
Mike Frost
I read the book Bottled Up By Jaye Murray. This book is about your typical rebel teenage chid "Pip" being raised in a poor environment. His little brother Mikey didn't understand the whole concept of life yet and was in an abusive household. Pip has an alcohol and drug addiction which I think is from looking for the easy way out in life, but he rarely goes to school and when he goes to school he tends to either get into some trouble or just skips.Overall I thought that this book was pretty good...more
Nov 24, 2008 Juan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Every one
Recommended to Juan by: Wyatt
This book is about a troubled teenager that has problems keepping his life together. He has problems at home and it passes on to his school life. All he does is smoke and smoke wiht his friends, he starets selling drugs because his friend told him its an easy way to make money. He was going to get expeld by his principal for slacking and bad behavior, But his principal made a deal with him, instead he told Pip the teenager that he could stay in school if he gets family counsling
i can really relate how pip's homelife is compared to my own. dont get me wrong but alot of misunderstandings shown in the book i have personally came across in my own life. i'm glad my parents dont drink and i'm happy i'm as well off as i am.
Shirley :]
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Jaye Murray- Bottled Up (Speak 2004) 4.25 Stars

Pip lives in an abusive alcoholic family and takes care of his little brother. He lives to skip class, drink, and get high, but now his principal has had enough. He must attend all his classes, stop doing drugs, and see a counsellor or his dad will get a phone call, which will lead to more trouble than Pip wishes to see.

I enjoyed the first two sentences, they made me chuckle. The book took a bit to get into, but it really was a touching book. It tu...more
David McLaughry
This book is a about a teenager (Pip) who is having problems in his life ranging from a alcoholic father and unhelpful mother to his own heavy drug addiction. He reaches his all time high and is told that he needs to start putting his life together or he will be expelled from school . His life is falling apart and the only thing he thinks will make him feel better is if he smokes or drinks. He learns throughout the story about what drugs can really do to you when he leaves his younger brother an...more
Briea Harrison
Just started this book a couple weeks ago and im on page 111. This book consists of a teenage boy who has been into hard drugs and alcohol for a portion of his life. Right now in the part of the book im reading he is into the drugs and is just dicovering the common effects of drugs and alcohol. when he was nine his father gave him a budweiser cap the first off the beer that the nine year old had drank thats where it all began. the obssesion of a nine year old and drinking.

I am now on page 152...more
I absolutely LOVED this book!!! Bottled Up is relate-able to readers that are going through the same troubled life like the main character Pip, a sixteen year old that has a lot of animosity towards people around him. He is living a hard-knock life with a father that lives a destructive path and a drug addiction that gets in the way of having a normal, trouble-free lifestyle. This bottled up teenager has to either go down the same road as his alcoholic father or make a new path to a better life...more
"Bottled up" is the story of a modern teenagers struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. Pip, the main character, struggles with an alcoholic and abusive father while failing almost every class he is taking in high school. His younger brother, nicknamed bugs, and the fear of his father is the only thing that is keeping him from completely giving up. The principal at his high school is so fed up with his ditching classes and getting into trouble that he forces Pip to go to therapy to become sobe...more
Phillip (or "Pip) Downs is a drinking, pot-smoking, delinquent of a 16 year old. He's constantly high on weed, he is all his brother, 6 year old Mikey (or "Bugs") can count on. Sad enough situation? Well how about a violent alcoholic father and neglectful (view spoiler) mother? Narrated first person by Pip, we can see that he hates his life, and getting high is the only good part of it (he believes). He thinks that he can't stand his little brother, which is prob...more
My book Bottled Up is about a kid named Pip with a story to tell. He is a teenage kid with a whole lot of problems going on in his life. He has an abusive dad and a pill popping mom. His dad is always beating on Pip and his mom. Pip is usually the one that takes care of his little brother Mickey since his parents can’t. Pip had a hard life growing up always abused by his dad. Pip later on start to do drug and drink. Pip started to abusive the drugs and alcohol. He didn't even care about life any...more
Bianca P
Bottled up is about a teenage boy named Pip who struggles at home with an alcoholic father, a pill-popping mother, and an annoying younger brother. Pip, who dabbles in drugs, is given an ultimatum by his principal to go to counseling sessions in exchange for not being expelled from school due to his reckless behavior. Pip takes the deal in order to not have to deal with his father's anger knowing about his reckless behavior.

Throughout the book, readers can expect to see different situations wher...more
Emily Werner
Bottled up is a novel about a 16 year old boy 'Pip' who was brought up into a dysfunctional family. With a pill-popping mother, an alcoholic father, and a naive younger brother. His abusive lifestyle shows through his actions. From smoking weed all the time and skipping class daily, the school finally got tired of playing his games and hearing his excuses. The principal had "black mailed" Pip into counseling by giving him the option of being expelled or going through counseling. Pip may have see...more
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This book is about a 16-yr old troublemaker named Pip who was given one last chance to prove himself to his principal; either go to school and see an official that can help him or get expelled from school. The protagonist has not had a bright past, he skips school and does drugs to escape from his family problems but his little brother, Mikey was left behind by him to go through the abusive relationship that he has with the father. He faced the dilemma of what path should he take and he, for onc...more
Bottled Up:

a book that was hard to put down. It's a book about a kid doing weed who is being "blackmailed" into counselling by his principal. If he didn't go to couselling he would be expeled!

His dad is basically psychotic and beets on his wife, oldest son, and if that's not enough he beets on his youngest son. He is an alcoholic but that's no excuse. In counselling, he has to join a "group" or I would call it "D.A" or drug users annonomis program where they test you to see if your clean. He fi...more
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I liked this because it talks about the life of a stressful teenager. The main character is Phillip down otherwise known as Pip. Pip has to deal with a lot in this book: his grades slip, dealing with an alcoholic family and His little brothers actions. I also liked the book because it talked about the positive and negative ways to handle stress. It also talks about the disadvantages of drug use.

This book is good for All teenagers. Even if you don't go through all the things pip goes through, I t...more
Pip used to spend his days getting high and sleeping in class. Now, he has to stop smoking pot and sit through counseling so that Principal Giraldi won't call his dad. Pip does not want to deal with his drunken, raging father, or his selfish, helpless, pill-popping mother. Pip will do anything to save his little brother, Mikey, from the world around him and his crumbling family. Mikey wants to be just like his older brother, but what happens when Pip is pushed past his breaking point?
Bottled U...more
Amber Eck
I think that this book dealt with some pretty strong issues such as abuse, underage drinking/drug using, and dealing with alcoholics. In the book, Phillip, Pip, deals with an abusive father at home and having to be a parent to his little brother. In my opinion, his parents care way more about his little brother than Pip himself. One of the bad things about this book is the ending. I think it was a little weak. I mean, it didn't make any sense to me why his father was all of a sudden viewed as an...more
This book is absolutly incredible. I've read it twice, and each time i've read it, it's continued to amaze me. Jaye Murray did an excellent job giving such great and powerful meaning to such simple sarcasm. This book has touched me in a way no other has. It made me cry, and laugh. Smile, and blush. It's such a great book, and Murray uses such great writing techniques. Although flashbacks seem to be the most frequently used technique. He makes it where the main charachter Pip, lives his life goin...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Eleen Babloyan
Bottled Up is a book about a young boy, Pip, who does drugs and drinks alcohol. His dad is an alcoholic and his parents are always fighting. One day his principal tells him to go to counseling or else he will contact his father and Pip will do anything to avoid his father. I think this book was excellent. I would defiantly recommend this book to others. Even though there is hardly any action in this book, I still wanted to keep reading and not stop. The authors style is a bit different because e...more
This book was a very harsh reality from the fiction I usually read, which is in no means fluffy... but this book was just very dark and honest. It's about a sixteen year old boy's escape from a bad family life into drugs and alcohol. He's following in the footsteps of his abusive father, yet he doesn't want his six year old brother to follow him, so he has to find a balance. I felt like the whole thing was realistic - each step taken seemed logical for a sixteen year old to choose, and the endin...more
Bottled Up is a short story told from the point of view of a troubled teenager named Pip. Along with Pip's alcohol and drug problem he has an abusive father, a zonked out mother, and a little brother named Mikey who sees Pip as some sort of super hero. Pip's attitude towards life, friends, and authority figures truly represents the essence of a rebellious teenager who has lost his identity due to drug abuse. I enjoyed how the ending didn't exactly resolve all the issues but instead just like dea...more
I love books like this one. They're so real and full of emotion. Bottled Up is definitely a good read for teenagers who enjoyed The Catcher in the Rye and Looking for Alaska.
Mike Benliyan
Pip's desperate to escape his life—he's been skipping classes, drinking, getting high. Anything and everything to avoid his smug teachers, his sweet but needy little brother, his difficult home life. Now he's been busted by Principal Giraldi and given an ultimatum: either he shows up for all his classes and sees a counselor after school, or he's expelled. Pip's freaked out; not because he might get kicked out of school, but by the thought that Giraldi might call his father. Because Pip will do a...more
This is an amazing book. It is from an interesting perspective. Most books about drug related issues are looking down at the drug addict while this is from the perspective of one and it is kind of cool to see what they might be thinking. I enjoyed this read because it was very different from any other book I have read in this way. You realize that kids that are drug addicts are totally normal except that their life is effected by needing drugs and that one need totally messes up everything else...more
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First-time novelist Jaye Murray is a social worker who lives in New Rochelle, New York.
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