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The Pro

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She curses, she smokes, she breast-feeds and she blows away the competition. Just when you think Garth Ennis has gone too far, just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets, just when you thought no one would go near the idea of the world's first superhero comes The Pro! Reintroducing the outrageous story of The Pro in a deluxe oversized hardcover...more
Hardcover, Oversized, 72 pages
Published November 23rd 2004 by Image Comics (first published May 1st 2003)
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I don't know why I continue to punish myself by reading Garth Ennis material. I should just face the facts and admit that his, er... style is not for me and move on with my life. Thing is, I'm still curious just what it is the kids see in Ennis. Surely there can be no appeal found in his storytelling abilities, which are at best a lame Alan Moore pastiche. Is it just the violence? The coarse language? The anti-God, fuck-the-world, we're-all-gonna-die messages? Or maybe it's just the T&A? Hor...more
A back-alley prostitute gets zapped into superpowerdom by a voyeuristic alien and drafted by the Ennis version of the Avengers or Justice League or whatever; it's comprised of The Saint (Superman), The Lady (Wonder Woman), the appropriately-clad Speedo (Flash), The Knight and The Squire (Batman and Robin), and Lime (Green Lantern). And now, The Pro.

She swears and smokes, has rashes, pops out of her spandex and maims bad guys and basically upsets everyone's delicate sensibilities. Like when she...more
'La profesional' es un cómic del siempre polémico Garth Ennis. En él convierte a una prostituta en la superheroína del momento para demostrar que cualquiera, sea la que sea su situación, puede convertirse en un ejemplo a seguir. Para ello, Ennis crea un espejo desfigurado en el que refleja a los componentes de la JLA de DC y se ríe abiertamente de los tópicos de lo cómics de superhéroes.

Tanto el dibujo como los diálogos reflejan totalmente lo que esta historia es: 50 páginas de humor vulgar y za...more
Alejandro Mujica
A prostitute gains super powers and joins a group of superheroes. A comic for anyone that feels superheroes--people parading in tights--take themselves too seriously (also for anyone that's not easily offended, like Larry Flynt). All the sexual humor, the profanity, the nudity, and the violence makes for a fun and surprising book. The strong statements about vigilantism and being holier- than-thou are overshadowed by the crassness, though, so even the protagonist and thematic points fall short o...more
The premise is simple: the titular character, a member of the world's oldest profession, is given superpowers by an alien who's made a bet basically saying that anyone can be a hero.

Even a woman who just got stiffed by a john, had a minor argument with the babysitter, and is now bottlefeeding her young son on the toilet with her panties down.

This is some pretty sharp satire. By which I mean, the critique of tropes in superhero comics pulls no punches—especially once we get to the fairly transpar...more
Rod Hilton
A book like this is teflon from a critical standpoint. If I say I didn't like it because of the way it used comic book tropes, you'll accuse me of not understanding that it's a satire of those tropes. If I say I didn't find it funny, you'll say it's because I was to offended by it's edgy content.

But I did understand the satire, and I wasn't offended in the slightest. And yet, I intensely disliked The Pro, not because it was satire, but because it was lazy satire. And I didn't find it funny, not...more
The Pro! La superprostituta con superpoderes. Hace unos años lo leí y me gustó porque era una historia fuera de lo común en el mundo "pijamero" (no confundir con "pajillero"... Aunque por la temática del comic no lo descartaría) Hoy he decidido refrescar la memoria releyéndolo gracias a la reedición de Aleta hace unos meses. Qué grande es Amanda Conner! Fue lo primero que caté de ella y me enamoró su dibujo.
De qué va The Pro? Una madre prostituta sin pelos en la lengua (bueno, puede que en algú...more
Heather V
What the hell did I just read?

I probably should've waited to take my long hot shower until after I finished...whatever this was. Even this review is gonna get gross. Sorry.

Let's start with a "Not For the Easily Offended" warning, though if you're reading something by Garth Ennis you really ought to have known that much already. Now, let us expand by me saying that I'm famously difficult to horrify, and yet there are things in this book that achieved just that in me. Yay.

So. Uh. This was tough to...more
Sep 01, 2013 Terri added it
Read the graphic novel " The Pro" by Garth Ennis". While I did not like this book (and (was expecting to-awesome butt-kicking heroine), I totally get and appreciate what the author/illustrator were going for. The main character is a Denny's waitress by day, hooker by night. Just trying to make a living and provide for her forever crying, snotty baby. Meanwhile, a couple of aliens make a bet that even a person such as her-lost, violent, crude-could become good if given the circumstances. They beq...more
João  Cardeira Jorge
Jul 24, 2013 João Cardeira Jorge rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Garth Ennis or Amanda Conner´s fans or someone with a grudge against mainstream super-heroes!
“The Pro” is a funny and clever comic that loses a bit of its charm by a persistent bitterness that flows in every page. The plot follows a prostitute, raising a baby on her own and basically living a pretty crappy existence. An alien, who watches and studies earth decides to grant her super-powers after betting that she can be as honorable and brave as any of earth´s super-heroes. After getting these powers she joins a sort of “League of Justice” with a bunch of super-heroes that are obviously...more
Well, it's not the worst Garth Ennis I've read... Oh boy. The more of this guy's stuff I read, the more I think maybe I need to take another look at Preacher, that maybe I was wrong and it's not that good, but I sure liked it a ton. My guess is that Preacher's strengths overwhelm its flaws, i.e., it has a compelling plot. I really wanted to like The Pro, and the punches it throws at the entire Justice League are occasionally amusing, but they become less so as it moves along. I love profanity. B...more
Parody books like this are a dime a dozen and the gimmick of using Justice League-like archetypes as the punchline for raunchy humor is way overused in comics. (An ambiguously gay Batman and Robin! What'll they think of next?)
But Garth Ennis is a better writer than most. Here, the filthy humor isn't the primary goal, but a device for him to actually say something about the industry. It's the same thing he always says (mainly: "grow up") but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. I'm not eas...more
So what would happen if a low-rent prostitute suddenly acquired superpowers and, instead of using them to right wrongs and save souls, used them to boost her income? And what would happen when the local, incredibly upright, clean, square-jawed and stupid superheroes discovered what she was doing? And which out of this lot actually does show grace under fire?

Yes, Garth Ennis is attacking superheroes again, only this time he's being openly satirical. The Pro just wants a nice sit down and not to b...more
Eric England
Before I begin my negative critiques, I want to say that the art by Amanda Connor is amazing in every way. The panel layouts, the expressive and varied facial acting exhibited by the characters, the rich background detail, the interesting character designs, and the subtle, almost Mad Magazine style, humor were all sublime and top-notch. However, Garth Ennis did not really deliver on his writing. I am not generally a huge fan of Garth Ennis' style because I find it so "grim and gritty" that his w...more
Paul Eric
Fueron treinta minutos de diversión. La antiheroína, The Pro, se roba la película. Me parece raro la poca cantidad de users de Goodreads que no le hayan regalado sus, merecidas, cinco estrellas. Quizás, un motivo sea que no se sintieron cómodos con tanta burla a DC Comics y, en especial, a la Liga de la Justicia. En fin, los típicos defensores que no aceptan un poco de humor.

Cátedra de cómo, en un trabajo corto, se pueden hacer enormes cosas, ideas frescas (aunque el cómic en sí tiene más de una...more
Robert Morganbesser
Only from the warped mind of Garth Ennis, writer of Preacher, could a comic about a single mother prostitute who becomes a super hero (unwittingly) then still turns tricks by night, be created. This is one of the funniest comics ever written and Amanda Conner's art work is perfect. Note: this version also contains a second story where the Pro meets the Ho. Hysterical!
Jason K Dach
Balls deep hilarity!!!

Balls deep hilarity!!!

If you are aware of who Garth Ennis is then I need not say more. We are finally shown what super-semen can do. WTF!!! I'm still laughing!
If you like Ennis you will love this..if you don't then you will hate it probably..and I do say to bad. Yes it is vulgar and crude but there is a message in just have to know where to find it.
Krystl Louwagie
A quick and entertaining read, with some great fun and original artwork (done by a woman artist, no less!). A comical, but strangely occasionally endearing, story about a prostitute who gets super hero powers and the adventures that follow. There's nothing deep here, and maybe it's offensive in some way that I don't fully understand, but there were no cringe worthy moments for me at least (I love Ennis, but I do occasionally feel as though he goes a bit too far).
I enjoyed it, though I think it t...more
Amani Cooper
This book was hilarious. I downloaded it to my laptop, and I love reading it. I recommend it to others. Please, this is for mature audiences only.
Yeah, no. The art was kinda awesome, but the rest was just stupid (except for fake Superman's load ripping the wing off a plane - that was great).
Deshawn Vasquez
It'll take everything you love about heroic icons and distort it with prostitution and heresy, but... it's hilarious... so free pass.
Just read this today- really really warped (and dirty) humour.
Prostitute becomes a superhero, and has her old habits.
I make it a point to like everything Garth Ennis does on principle because he's an amazing writer. The Pro makes it very hard, though (Ha! "Hard." It's funny because it's a comic about a prostitute). It wasn't the obscenity that bothered me because you really can't be a Garth Ennis fan and be squeamish. It was the lazy, half-assed storytelling that bothered me. A lot. Whereas Preacher and The Boys have actual stories to tell and well thought out plots, The Pro was pure gimmick. I read it because...more
Elliot Drake
The guy (John? or Jon?) in the Graham Crackers comics store in Plainfield, IL gave me this for free; he said, for having good taste in comics. Told him I wasn't into all the cliched super-hero bullshit that's been droning out since the 50s.

I have to say, thanks man! This is everything I was looking for. Sex, debauchery and a clean-cut questioning of superficial morality. A hearty stab into a world of banality, with much humor.

Ruby-Mae Roberts
That was all a bit odd.

I didn't hate it, but it's really not my cup of tea.

It felt a bit desperate... Trying too hard to be shocking and make a point about superheroes being clueless fuckwits.

Not my kind of humour, not my kind of art style, not my kind of anything really.

I don't really know why I gave it three stars, that feels a bit too generous now I think about it... But, like I said, I didn't hate it, so what the hell - three stars it is.
Giuseppe Pizzimenti
L'autore di "Hellblazer" e "The preacher" si cimenta con la satira sui super-eroi ...che non sorprendentemente, si rivela volgare,dissacrante e politicamente scorretta... anche irresistibile per chi , come il sottoscritto, non ha mai sopportato l'aspetto da bravo ragazzo di Superman ..e per chi ha sempre pensato che ci fosse qualcosa di non scritto (o disegnato!) nel rapporto tra Batman e Robin...
I see the reviews are trashing this graphic novel, and I must disagree. Sure, it's a gimmick, and sure, it's by Garth Ennis, so it's not for the faint of heart. But that's what makes Ennis great! A prostitute gains superhero powers in a test by an alien being. Can any human become Great if they have the right tools? This is a quick, fun read, with a teeny tiny lesson in there... somewhere.
A ridiculous and very funny book by Ennis. Aliens bestow a surly prostitute with superpowers as a kind of test for human beings and watch as the carnage unfolds. A thinly veiled JLA asks her to join their league and predictable results ensue. The Pro is not the most well written or intectually stimulating read but you have to tip your cap to Ennis . . . he writes the atrocious oh so well.
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Ennis began his comic-writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls. Appearing in the short-lived but critically-acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish 'Troubles'. It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast-based comedy featuring two supporting ch...more
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